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My Birthday Surprise for Me

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Hi this is Cyndi and this is the story of my birthday surprise. My husband Patrick asked me what I wanted for my up coming birthday. He made it clear that I could have anything I wanted and had that sexy overtone in his voice each time he mentioned it. So I thought for some time on it and suggested that I tie him up and put on a sex show for him. He could watch and if we set up the video camera he got me for Christmas we would have it to watch again and again. He was receptive to the idea and we agreed to let me set it all up as all I wanted him to do is go along with the idea.

We were members of a swinging lifestyle web site and had found some nice couples to swing with over the past couple of years. I logged on and started a search for a single guy to be with as my husband watched and filmed. My friend Connie stopped by while I was on line and asked what I was up to. Since we had played with her and her hubby in the past, I let her in on my plan. She OOOHed and AAAHed and wanted to help pick out a stud for me. In the search we found several single black men with naked pictures, each one with a large cock was jotted by down by Connie as a candidate. I was apprehensive at the thought of having a black man for sex in front of my husband especially since I had only done anything with a black man once and that was a blow job back in high school. But as we looked at the pictures the idea became more erotic and exciting to me and Connie egged me on to go for some ?black meat?. She also mentioned that she might want to audition some of them for me?..we joked about it but I think she was half serious about meet a black man for sex.

Connie came up with four candidates and we giggled about how we could ever get one to join me for sex and let my husband watch. All we could do is try by sending an e-message with some details about what I was up to along with a sexy picture of me. Boy were we surprised as the three e-mails we sent out all came back with interest in fulfilling my fantasy within minutes. Connie suggested more than one which sounded like fun but?well maybe I could invite more than one?.after all it was my birthday.

We sent out two more emails suggesting that there might be more than on black man there to have a threesome with me while my husband watched and filmed the event. One came back with ?thanks but no thanks? because he wanted to be the only one playing with me if he was to be involved. The other two replied with interest and one offered to bring his friend if needed to make the search easy for me. We thought about that and decided to pick our own men for the evening. Connie came up with a planning session as a way to meet and see if the guys were real and if there was any sexual attraction. I agreed and when we invited them to meet one could meet the next night and the other could make it the following afternoon. We named a time and place to meet and flirt with the men, Connie insisted on coming along for safety sake.

We got there early, ordered a cocktail each and sat in a curved booth watching the door. Some men came in while we sat there and each time we scanned them up and down with lurid eyes and sex on our minds. David came in wearing blue jeans and a golf shirt. He was a tall, muscular black man bulging at both the chest and the crotch areas. He introduced himself saying he recognized my picture form the email. We invited him to sit and have a cocktail and he immediately had Connie stand so he could sit in between us, pulling Connie in close as he slid in close to me. ?So you ladies are both looking for some fun?? he said. We both spoke as I said ?no just me? and Connie told him ?maybe, if he played his cards right?.

We ordered David a drink and took turns flirting with him. I explained the plan I had for my birthday surprise and Connie mentioned that she was available as an added bonus if he was interested. David acted the gentleman except for some under the table soft touching and stroking of thighs first Connie?s then mine and back again. He was working both of us and we were receptive his advances. We gave him the details we had written out prior to meeting including the address for the birthday surprise and he agreed to be there on time and horny. We cashed out and headed for the parking lot where Connie offered walk him to his car. She looked at me and said to pull up to where he was parked to pick her up. I did so and could tell, even though it was dark outside she was giving him a blow job right there in the parking lot. Connie got in the car with me and said in a husky voice ?Nice big black cock?.

Next outing Connie and I met with James, who was even more handsome than David, wearing a suit and tie. He sat with Connie and I but focused primarily on me. Connie tried to put her moves on him but he politely offered to stick to the birthday surprise for now and would entertain another encounter with Connie if all were comfortable doing so. His hand roamed under the table too and while talking with us coyly slid his hand between my legs to slightly touch the crotch of my wet panties. I wanted this guy right there and then. He pulled away when Connie gave him the written plans and shortly thereafter offered to walk us to our car. Since it was still daylight out I felt nervous when he wrapped his arm around me to give me a hot kiss. I was afraid someone I knew might see me kissing a black man and tell my husband. I tried not to show my nervousness but he knew and said he would be careful to not let us get caught.

The big night came and Patrick brought an arm chair into the upstairs guest bedroom arranging everything for the big show. The video camera was set up, we dimmed the lighting but not too much to make the video. I placed some scented candles in the room and fitted the bed with clean sheets and pillow only?no blankets or cover ups. Patrick had cut some ropes for securing his arms and legs to the chair. I fixed a batch of Margaritas and set out some munchies for snacks. What Patrick didn?t know was the script for the men outlined how they were to tie him up, gagging his mouth with a handkerchief and what all we would be doing sexually in front of my husband. Another surprise was that I got another camera from Connie to have two videos of the evening.

Timing was perfect for the two black men to arrive at our front door. They were both in dark suits and ties. Patrick gave a surprising gasp when he saw that the two men I picked were black. I leaned over to me, kissed me and said ?Happy Birthday indeed?. I gave a self serving grin, a wink back to him and promptly introduced David and James to my husband and ushered them into the living room to pour the Margs and have a chat.

Mostly small talk at first but as soon as Patrick asked about the evening the men took that as the cue to move into action per my plan. David and James stood and handcuffed Patrick as I ran to start the video cameras. Then we led him to the chair in the guest room where they him in place for me to take off his shoes and then pulled Patrick?s pants and underwear off. He was naked from the waist down. He was secured to the chair and the handkerchief was placed across his mouth. With Patrick bound and gagged we were ready to have some interracial sexual fun in full view of the cameras and my husband.

The men took off their coats and loosened ties as I unfastened first one belt and then the other. Then I unzipped one fly then the other. I directed the men to get naked as I bent over to kiss my husband?s forehead and tease his chubby cock with my hand. I glanced back to see that my men for the evening we still disrobing so I knelt down and started sucking on Patrick. He was moaning and ready to finish but I stopped to be a better hostess to our guests. I stood in front of my bound hubby to greet a black man on either side of me. Kissing one then the other and running my hands over their black chests. arms and buttocks. They were working together to take my clothes off so I slid my hands down to grasp a black cock in each hand. They were both husky and they each had a full scrotum so I made sure to touch and play with every inch of each man in full view of my husband.

The last piece of clothing to be removed were my panties and I positioned a man to stand on either side of me as I sat on the edge of the bed closest to Patrick?s view. I sucked one big black cock while I stroked the other and then switched to make sure neither man missed any attention. They were playing with my nipples and holding the back of my head as I had each of them in my mouth. ?It?s time to eat some pussy? was said by one and agreed to by the other as I was latterly pick up and moved to the middle of the bed. David crawled up the position his cock next to my face so I sucked him into my mouth and gave him some intense sucking and tongue action. I felt James spread my legs to move in and blow onto my pussy. His fingers spread my lips as he continued to blow on my crotch. It was erotic. His tongue found its way between my lips and worked around to find my clit just as a finger pushed into me. I was having trouble focusing on sucking David but I somehow managed to think about both things happening at the same time. . .

I looked to see how Patrick was doing bound in his chair. He was getting an eyeful as the way we were positioned gave him a clear view of everything both men were doing with me. Once black cock was in my mouth and the other man?s tongue was licking me while he finger fucked my hole. David noticed that I gave Patrick the look and suggested that he and James trade places. Then James stopped briefly to give me a kiss as the men quickly moved me and repositioned them selves to allow for the cameras and Patrick to catch the action. I took James into my mouth to give his cock the suck and tongue service David had just received and felt David kissing his way up my thigh till his mouth came in contact with my wet pussy. He wasted no time with a finger inside me and stroked it in and out. I couldn?t tell and didn?t care who was playing with my nipples but I think each man had one and they were both driving me crazy.

David slyly moved a finger to tease my anus. It was something I had not experienced before. I liked it. I liked the way it felt and how it intensified my sexual urges, which were already at what I thought were at an all time high. Then the finger worked its way into my ass. I was slowly being penetrated in both holes. I gave out with a moan of pleasure which was uncontrollable in one sense and automatically became a signal for David to know I enjoyed what he as doing. Trying to focus on sucking James my clit was being licked, my pussy was being fingered fucked and David had another finger pushing into and out of my ass. It came over me with a rush of pleasure and a wave of ecstasy?I had an intense orgasm. I grabbed a hand full of sheet on the bed and held on as I could only concentrate on what was happening to me. Somehow James? cock slid out of my mouth in this pleasure attack.

Things slowed down so I could catch my breath but there was no stopping the action as David moved into position and pushed that big black cock of his into my throbbing pussy. GAWD it felt good. I turned my head to see Patrick still enthralled with the events and James standing beside the bed stroking his hard penis and waiting his turn. David pushed in and out of me, deeper and faster with each stroke till we were in a fucking frenzy. I felt David let go with his lad of cum while I had my arms and legs wrapped around him and arching myself to make my pussy meet each thrust and get the deepest into me as possible. I remarked as we slowed to a stop about shat a great fuck he was.

James pointed his finger down and made a circle with I took to mean that he wanted me to get on al fours. I made sure that Patrick could see the action and lowered myself to be on my knees and elbows with my back side fully accessible to James. He knelt behind me and pushed his manhood into to wet pussy. Grabbing my hips he pushed full in quickly and retracted slowly. He repeated with a cadence of in fast and deep and out slowly till the head of his penis was almost ready to come out of me but then quickly plunge back in making me crazy for his cock. David slid around in front of me to position his long limp cock near my face then held it to my mouth for me to suck. I opened wide to taste my juices mixed with some drops of his cum on his cock as I sucked on it.

James was commanding most of my attention as he continued his style of fucking me and carefully worked a thumb into my anus. I moaned again?I guess I like to have my ass teased and didn?t realize it till two black men gave me the experience. Then James stopped, got off the bed rustled with his clothes and returned to kneel behind me. He put his cock back inside me as I felt something cool being squirted into my butt crack. David reached around his legs to take both my hands. Now I was completely vulnerable with James holding my hips and fucking me and David holding my hands. James stopped pulled his cock out of me. He then teased me with rubbing the head of his penis up and down my well oiled butt crack stopping to stroke my anus each time when the head of it came in contact with my anus. Fear came over me as I knew what he was about to do.

I had never done this before and I was really scared and I was really excited at the same time. I let David?s cock slide out of my mouth and asked ?James, what are you doing back there?? James replied ?You know what I want. And I think you know you want it too? ?So if you just relax and give me the sign we can both enjoy the ride.? I held onto David?s hands to help brace myself and nodded my head. I felt my butt cheeks spread then the head of James? cock pushing into my ass. Slowly and shallow into me at first; it was an uncomfortable fit but not as bad as I was expecting. David quietly whispered to me to relax and let it happen. I tried to relax as each stroke became a little deeper. James raided on leg to place his foot on the mattress and get a better angle then pushed well into me. He held it in my ass and we paused as I tried to catch my bearings. About half his cock was in me and he made little strokes in and out. The lubricant was working and the fear was turning to pleasure. I even thought I wanted to fuck him back with my ass to give him pleasure. Pumping me was turning more and more into an erotic act. My pussy started to get hot and throb and I don?t know why.

I lost myself into the act and soon realized I was getting fucked by a black man on his terms and the vulnerability was adding to the excitement for me. Maybe I?m masochistic or something but I liked being the victim and enjoyed it as he fucked me faster and harder. His cock went off with a load of cum into me ass. He held him self into me as his cock throbbed with each injection of sperm. His retreat was extremely slow and he milked the last drops onto my butt crack once his full length was out of me.

David let loose his grip and James headed for the bathroom to clean up as I rolled over onto my side to let my body parts cool. I looked at Patrick, still tied to the chair and winked. He was trying to smile at me through the bandana covering his mouth. The men started getting dressed and asked if they wanted help with Patrick?s bindings but I told them I wasn?t finish with him. I threw on a robe to see the men to the front door giving each a bunch of hearty hugs and kisses and getting patted on the ass several times. They each offered to come back again and I told them I just might want to do that sometime. As they pulled out of the drive way I returned to the quest room to take the handkerchief off my husband?s mouth. I kissed him and thanked him for letting me have my fantasy as I lowered myself to give him the best blow job I had in me before letting him free of his bindings.

We get the movies out from time to time and have wild sex each time we do. Sometimes Patrick reminds me that next time it?s his turn. He wanted me to plan the surprise so I figure there?s no down side to that and I?m anticipating his birthday next month will be erotic and exciting.

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