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More from My Hubby Loans Me

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If you read my first installment you are aware that my hubby and I, after a few years of swinging, found it very erotically stimulateing for us to go into a bar and have me get picked up and used sexually and returned to Hubby in the bar. We did this about once a month or so, for about a year and always found it heightened our sex llfe a lot.

We evolved from both of us going into the bar and him watching to having me drive alone to the bar and enter, with Joe having arrived at the bar before I got there and having a few of the "repeat men" actually keep me all night and return me to our home with Joe waiting to see just how used and abused my body was and fuck me while I described what "they" had done with me. Once we did this while the guy who I had been with all night stood and watched! After 3-4 of these sessions Jou said I felt "looser" to him than I had, and to remind you Joe is a 5'11" white man with a very nice 8" erection and a better than average circumference. Truth be told by then I now longer was the least apprenhensive about getting 10-11 inch black cocks in any of my 3 fuck holes, as most every man refered to them as.

Well, in the spring of 07 we decided to take a vacation to Jamica for 3 nights. I took a revealing bikini and a bottom cover up and sandles in my carry on purse so that when we arrived I could go to the ladies room and change and go join Joe waiting in line to check in. We I came out of the ladies room to walk across the open air lobbya tall young black man walked passed , looking me up and down with a smile on his face and said quielty "very nice" as he walked past. I found Joe at the counter registering us and he looked at me a grinned knowingly. As he finished a staff person came buy to offer us a rum punch which we started to drink as we walked to our room with another staff person bringing our. We had sex, took a nap, and went to the beach for a couple hours of sun and sand before returning to our room to get cleaned up and dressed for dinner. Since the place we werre staying was child free, I plenty of makeup a thong and push up bra with pads to give my 34B chest some cleavage. I had a dress from Fredericks that was knee length, slit almost to my waist on both sides and a tight , sleveless top, in a bright flower print. 4 Inch FM sandles completed my look and I loved the stares I got as much as Joe did , as we entered the restruant and all night. After dinner we went to one of the 3 bars at our hotel, and Joe got me some "Appleton Reserve" rum on the rocks and one for himself. We sat at the bar and drank and a band was playing and we left our bar seats and went to dance. When we returned the guy that had looked me upo and down coming out of the womens room off the lobby that morning, was sitting at the seat next to ours at the bar. He introuced himself and we chatted, he bought a round, and then Joe did, and that was when He ask both of us if he could dance with me. Joe said sure if Amanda wants to and I smiled first a Joe and then at the guy and said I would be delighted. I was having fun dancing showing off my full leggs in the slit dress I had worn and got the guys attention, as well as Joe's appreciative smile from the bar. The up tempo tune ended and a slow one began and the guy pulled me to him so that I felt his growing erection pressed against my tummy. He ask if my hubby minded the way we were dancing and and when I told him I was certain he was enjoying watching it, his hand at the back of my waist dropped to my ass, and he said how about now? I said lets go ask Joe, so we walked off the dance floor over to our bar seats and the first thing Joe said was"why did you stop dancing and feeling her ass'? Well, the conversation went quickly to wheather or not Joe wanted to be in the room and watch himfuck me, which was a yes, and so we wald out of the bar to our room with his big hands all over me, while Joe walked just behind us and watched the couples that were walking in the opposite direction.

When we got to our door he told me to take my dress off and hand it to Joe, which I did and stood there in my bra and thong as the guy ask Joe If I could fuck his 12" black prick or had I ever had anything that size and color. Joe told him yes to both questions, unlocked our door, and we all walked inside. Joe walked into the room and turned to see him tell me to get on my knees and suck his black prick, with our room door standing open! As I did he ask Joe how he liked his white slut wife sucking black dick in public like this and Joe ofcourse said he loved it. Well my bra and thong were soon off and this guy was loosening my vagina with 3 of his fingers and then 4, before he started working his huge back cock into me. I was being stretched like never before when his head poped in and I ask if I could have some lube, and Joe got him the tube of Astro glide and I putt it all over his massive erection. Than I was on my back whith him holding my leggs wide apart and I hed that cock as it entered me and began to resize my vagina. He was half way in me when he paused and said watch closely Joe and he burried the whole thing in myt cunt in one thrust! I screamed loud and long, never having been so torn inside. He backed way out and then plunged again in a slow pace while I quit screeming and began moaning. The pace picked up and I was getting the most fantastic fucking I had ever had as he pounded and pounded my abused cunt. He pulled out, leaving my cunt gapeing, red and swollen, and jacked off all over my face and chest. As he dressed, with me laying on the bed completly a "sex vegetable" he ask Joe if I was his slut white wife for black cock only, or was I his whore and did He need to pay Joe for fucking me.! Joe thanked him for using me like he did, assured him that I loved it as did he, and that no I was not his whore so no money need change hands. He said godby and left. Joe ran me a hot bath so I could soak and then fucked me for the second time that day while we relived the evening.

By noon or so the next day we were on the beach, seated in lounge chairs with me toplass in my bikini bottom. After some time had passed Joe went to cool off in the watere and I turned over to get sun on my back when I noticed a shadow on my face. It was "jim" from the night before, and he ask how I was "feeling" stareing at my vagina covered in the thin bikini bottom, and where was Joe because he wanted to talk to him. I pointed as Joe was coming out of the ocean, and Jim walked across the sand to meet him. They chatted for a few minutes and then walked the rest of the way back to me. Jim said Joe likes the idea of you coming with me now and I will bring you back to him in the bar we met in last night around 9:00 PM. I smiled and looked at Joe and ask him if he was up for this and he asured me it was great with him. I stood, toplass, Jim handed me a rolled towel to hang around my neck as the only coverage for my breasts. He thanked Joe again and off Jim and I went, with me thinking of 8 hours with his huge prick!.

Well He fucked me silly, used my ass for the first time and after I recovered, took me shopping. We had my hair and makeup done and it was more "whorish" than I had ever done for myself, and bought me an outfit that was a top with capped sleeves, bare below my bust, and a micro mini bottom and clear plastic paltforms, about 6 inches high and beads and earings.

Thats how I looked when we walked in to the bar a bit after 9:00 PM to find Joe. We had a drink and talked and Jim told Joe that I wanted to spend the night with him and his brother, if that was ok, and they would be sure to get me back for our 11:00 AM departure time. OMG what a night, with 2 huge black pricks. I came so much and was so thoroughly fucked so many times I could't keep count.

They gave me a nice sweat suit to return in for my flight home and when we met in the lobby they told Joe I was the best white slut they had fucked in years! Standing there in the lobby, with my cunt and ass bothe gapeing open under my clothes, we said good by and departed for the air port. On the flight home I told Joe I wanted to come back next spring, and that I had Jim's e-mail to let him know when we would be back.

More to cum!!!!


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