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Made a Co-workers wish come true

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Hi everybody. I am a 24 year old gal who has a 32 yo boyfriend. Since weve been together, he has mentioned his turn on. He is turned on by my past stories, and has asked me on more than one occasion to have another guy and tell him details. I always thought this was a tad creepy but as time went on, I would see how much he would get turned on at any mention of an ex boyfriend or if a guy complimented me. I also was sketchy because I knew he did this with his ex wife and I wanted to make sure he wasnt just recycling this fantasy. After many months of talk, I decided Id perhaps try and make an educated decision if I liked this lifestyle or not.

When I drink, I get more open to suggestion. Last weekend we were settling back at the house with a bottle of wine and he started talking sexy to me. He asked what guys do I think would want a chance at me. I named a few and he liked that the list was longer than he thought. Then he brought up a coworkers name, David. Ive been in sales for 6 months and since day one, David was like my brother. We were teamed together for many functions and never thought anything about him in that regards. My boyfriend said hes still a man, and i began thinking of comments David has said to me. Always noticing my dresses and skirts, saying my man was a lucky guy and etc. My fella asked me to text David just to see where it went. So I did.

The texts quickly turned to flirting and before long I realized David was indeed, just a typical guy. My man was turned on and began touching me as I texted so the last text I sent was asking David to pick out what he wanted me to wear for our lunch date on Monday. When I woke up on Sunday there was a text back and I was shocked what he requested. All day Sunday I was debating if this was a bad move to do this with a coworker. I finally decided that I couldnt go back on my word and I would at least wear outfit, I never said anything would happen between us.

On monday I awoke and began getting dressed. Thongs, pantyhose, push up bra, low cut dress, high heels. I felt so sexy as I did makeup. i texted boyfriend a pic of me and he loved it and wished me luck. When I walked into office, Davids smile said it all. He sat next to me at morning meeting then when it came time for breakfast break, he asked to ride in my car with me. I texted bf, he said YES. Off we went. David asked if I wore EVERYTHING he asked and i said yes and he said he wanted to find out. He put his hand on my leg as i drove and started running it under my dress until he came to panties. He rubbed my pussy through the panties and left his hand on my crotch until we got to restaurant. I was wet.

Breakfast was uneventful and then he left with our manager to go to an account. Back at office he kept looking and smiling at me. It got to lunch time and he motioned for me to join him and he started walking down stairwell. It happenned so fast. When we got to desolate stairwell, he just grabbed me and we kissed hard. His tongue felt so good on mine and his hands went to my ass. I could feel his cock as we pressed against each other. I felt his hands moving and then boom, a finger under my panties and into me. I moaned into his mouth as we kissed and he continued fingering me. I was dripping. We heard door open on stairs so we got separated and left building. He walks me to my car and I ask him to jump in. I never got to text bf.

We couldnt find anywhere to go so we drove a bit and the sexual tension was uncontrollable. Been so long since I was alone with a black man. We found a abandoned trail and we parked. Felt like high school, we were all over each other. Tongues exploring, hands roaming. I was rubbing his cock, he had fingers all in my pussy. He kissed down my neck and pulled my nipples out and spent a few minutes sucking them like no one ever had before. He pulled pantyhose and thongs all the way to my knees and reached around and got a finger in my ass. I could feel my phone vibrating as I undid his zipper and got his nice black cock out. I knew it was bf texting but I was frozen by the sight of the black cock in my white hands. I had to suck it. I bent down and just took all of it in my mouth. He had one hand on my ass and another pulling my hair as I forced my throat onto his cock.

He could only take a few minutes of this and without warning, I tasted a huge stream of cum. I swallowed it all and we got ready and went back to office. When I opened phone, I had 6 texts from boyfriend asking where I was. i felt so naughty. If anyone is curious, my sls is Muffin69. Go have a peek and lemme know what you thought of my first adventure!

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