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Years ago sometime after Mary and I got married I became acquainted with a deliciously beautiful black woman. At the time my wife was working at a shoe factory putting soles on boots. She worked with this beauty named DIXIE. That wasn't her real name but that's what she went by. She had a son born out of wedlock and lived from paycheck to paycheck. On numerous occasions when I would pick my wife up after work (I was working nights and we had only one car) Dixie would come out with her and I took her to her residence to save her bus fare. This sort of created a bond and we three became friends. Later my wife changed jobs, as did I, and we moved to a nearby city. My wife and Dixie kept in touch. One day we got in the mail an invitation to her wedding.

We went and were surprised to see that we were the only white folks there. I had served in the Navy with blacks, worked with them, and even had a few friends that were black. But I had never been in a crowd of celebrators and party goers like that before. Her son was about 3 yrs. old and he was there. My wife was so glad to see her again and she gave me a welcome kiss and hug I'll never forget. We were very happy for her and met her husband who was a graduate engineer from Purdue University. He was also very light skinned, about the same complexion as a caucasion with a heavy tan. She really needed what he could provide, Love, Security, and a Daddy for her son. Holiday cards came and went with the holidays and we moved again.

Years went by and somehow or another the letters and cards got fewer and further between. Then my wife really got to looking for her, as we were deeply involved in genealogy. We knew their last name, and last mail address. The name was Robertson. They no longer lived in that city. To make matters worse with a name like Robertson, first name James you can imagine how many we ran into. We tried to look up relatives she might have had, but no matter what we tried we ran into a stone wall.

Now we are actively keeping in touch with old and new friends thru commections in SLS. Sometimes we get mail from males that are looking for an easy piece of ass. Next time it's from really good people who live in Maine or Deleware, a long way from Central Texas....Sometimes I just read the really good fuck stroies that are posted here on SLS.. Then sometimes I just scan page after page of swingers who are on "Who's On". I stop at those that sound interesting or who have really good pix posted. I hate those pix that they take of themselves in a mirror and you can see the reflection of the flash.

My wife sometimes bitches about the time I spend on the PC. When you're retired and it's raining like hell outside what the fuck else is there to do.

One day I stop at an ad that has not too good a picture posted of a black couple. Their posted name is JIMMYDIX. I call my wife in to my inner sanctum PC room and say take a look at this. Her eyes get wide and she says are you thinking what I'm thinking. You bet your sweet as I am, I reply. They are on line and their CHAT box is blinking. I click on IM for a chat and eventually it connects. Sometimes it take forever for people to respond to IM. I type in "Hey James, how's everything in Indiana"..I wait and wait and wait and about to hang up he responds with "who the hell are you"...I ask him if he and his lovely wife are from Indiana. He says I don't know if I should tell you that or not. I write back you tell your lovely wife that Chuck will gladly pick her up at the shoe factory and take her home anytime.....She's not here right now, he replies....Then I say you're adopted son should be about 25 right now, right. Then I sit and wait and wait. Finally he says she just came in. Then I wait and wait. I guess he's showing her the text between us. He finally says she has tears in her eyes and when can we meet and have lunch. My wife is all choked up and just knows we have finally located her long lost girlfriend from the shoe factory. We chat and realize we only live about 20miles away. We make a date for tomorrow at Denny's

My wife is all excited. I remind her that they are swingers and it wouldn't surprise me if that isn't on their mind right now. We had never swung with blacks, but we've been invited a number of times. There was always something about one or the other of them that made us back off. I would love to see Mary getting fucked by a clean, down to earth black man. We just haven't met him yet. Dixie is no problem, I would have screwed her years ago. I wonder what she looks like today????????

We were at Denny's on time and they were sitting in the lobby waiting for us. Needless to say the two women started bawling again. The hostess took us to our table and we just started getting acquainted again going over the years past. Dixie said she found our picture on SLS and said we've matured but haven't really changed a whole lot....I looked at her and said you are ravishing and more beautiful than I could have imagined. I looked at him and said are you the same guy that was at that wedding reception, because you are one handsome man. He got up, hugged me, and said no one has ever said that to him, especially another man.

Then after raking all the coals over the fire that we could rake, we finally brought up SLS and what a coincidence seeing their ad and picture. He says they've been swinging for about 10 years, but mostly with white people. They have some good black swinging friends, but not as many as whites. He says the white's answer their ad more often. Then he asks the about you guys.......Well, a lot longer than you, but on a very selective basis. We tell him about some of our adventures with the veterans from the VA. They look intrigued....She says they've never ever been to a house that was full of swingers as we have. I said that I might introduce them to a few at a shindig at our house.

My wife and I had developed a signal that told me if she was interested or not when we met someone like this at a public place. If she reached under the table and rubbed my leg and cock it meant okay with me. If she just bumped me with her knee on mine it meant NO WAY. Now I want to tell you, this was one helluva nice looking black man. You could tell he was as clean as a bar of ivory soap, and so was she. We told them about our favorite bar and meeting place, the "Rendezvous" and some of the developments that took place there. He asked if we'd ever seen black folks there. Oh yes indeed, there's people coming and going from all walks of life. One of the musicians on the small combo is black, he's a favorite, and he plays a wicked saxaphone. Why do you ask?????? Because I'd like to treat y'all to a nice evening to take the edge off a hectic day. Now don't say no, we can afford it, I have a very good position with an engineering firm that builds bridges. Hey, if you say so I'm all for it, let's go. I suggest Mary ride with him and Dixie can ride with me, that way we can't get lost on the way over.

On the way I ask Dixie if they have any more children. No, she said, he can't he got into some gas in Viet Nam and it made him sterile. You mean he's a veteran........Does he go to the VA in Temple.......No,he thinks he gets better care at a private hospital. I'll talk to him about that, I say.. We finally get there and they park next to us. Mary walks in next to him, and Dixie next to me. I ask the waitress for our favorite table over in the dark corner and she obliges us. Needless to say, a lot of eyes followed us in. The table is round and no matter where you sit you're not necessarily next to your partner. I like it that way.

He asks me if they serve good Marguiritas, and I ask him is a pigs ass pork. You better believe they do. Now I don't know about Dixie, but Mary is ready to do a strip tease after about three. So our drinks arrive, we have the same knowing waitress who gives me that "what the hell is going on" look and smiles. The ceiling light with the mirrors starts turning, the house lights are dimmed, and the combo starts to play their first set. James looks at me and says you guys have good taste. You're our kind of people.

There's a group sitting at a table across the floor from us. It appears our friends, the "hunks" are there with some females. I tell Mary, she says which one. The two with the black shirts on, they haven't spotted us yet. Oh yeah she says.. Then James looks at me inquisitively. I tell him there's two guys there that we've partied with on several occasions.. We also tell him about Rob and Laurie who know how to arrange a party. I told him don't be surprised if those two don't come and ask if it's okay to dance with our ladies...Hell he says, dancing does no harm. I said it can do a lot of good though. Those two are built like Shetland ponies and know how to make a lady aware of it. He just smiles, and says a little competition can go a long way. Dixie says , HONEY, careful now. I caught on to that in a hurry. I think James has something to be proud of too.

I ask Dixie to dance and she accepts. She has a lovely body with beautiful not too large titties. But her ass is something else. She has that typical negro ass that catches all eyes. I purposely dance close to our friends table and say hello to them. There are other prople at their table but not enough females for all of them. Then I wonder if the women are with the "hunks" or what. I see that James is dancing with Mary very conserfively. I asked Dixie what she meant when she told James, careful now. Oh she says, if Mary dances with him enough she'll frind out and tell you. Oh, oh, I'm now beginning to guess what we can expect.

Another round comes to our table and the waitress points to the "hunks". I tell James our two friends have sent us this round. He looks over and waves to them..A little while later Charles comes over and says it's nice to see you. He gets a good eyeful of Dixie as well. I'm telling you, she's gorgious. I introduce him to James and Dixie and say they're friends of ours from Indiana. He asks James if it's OK if he dances with his wife. Be my guest says James. Charles goes back to his table and you see him and Bob talking up a storm. The music starts again and here they come, both of them. The ladies at their table are getting up and dancing with someone else from that table. Charles is dancing with Dixie and Bob with Mary. God only know what they're saying to these two women of ours. I tell James a little bit about some of our parties, how wild they get, and these two will practically fuck your ole lady on the dance floor if it's crowded enough. James says, you know that has been one of my fantasies for a long time. What........Seeing Dixie get almost r*ped in public. Well, it won't be r*pe, but the next thing to it. Hey James, look at Bob, he's already got his hand inside the waistband of Mary's skirt and is massaging her ass. In another hour here she'll be hotter than a firecracker. I ask, how bout Dixie.....Does she like that kind of forwardness He says, why don't you dance again with her and find out.

The combo takes a break and the two ladies look all flustered. They decide to go to the lady's room together. I tell James that if all goes as in the past in the powder room, Mary will have either flushed her panties or put them in her purse. You're kiddin' me he says. Well , when they come out ask Dixie if Mary has her panty's on. I will, he says with a big smile. The music starts and James dances with Dixie and I dance with Mary. Mary tells me that Bob and Charles want to party again. I have no doubt about that. I saw him with his hand on your ass. Oh God, that made me hot, she says. I pushed my boner against her and said it made me hot too. I asked her if the "hunks" were here with those women. No, they're the other guys wives, and they're not swingers. Then I asked her if she'd like to get together with James. Yes, I sure would. It would be my first black and he's a real winner. Would you like to fuck Dixie she asks. In a New York minute I would. Well, James tells me that she thinks a lot of you too.

It's getting a little later in the evening and we decide to leave when the combo takes it's next break. Suddenly Charles and Bob are at our table and want another dance. While they're out there dancing James confirms what I said. Mary has flushed her cotton panty's. The best part is, so has Dixie. You can tell on Mary when she's flushed, it's not so easy on Dixie with her dark skin. Now both Charles and Bob have their hands under the waistbands on bare asses as they dance. Oh man, they're gonna have lover's nuts tonight.

I ask James if he and Dixie would like to spend the night at our house, or if they had some other commitment. If you have the room, it's just fine by us, I think. I'll have to ask Dixie. The dance ends and the "hunks" bring our women back. We finish our drinks and get up to leave. The "hunks" sit there with there mouth wide open as we wave Tata to them.. Again Mary rides with james, and Dixie with me. I get home first, open the garage door as James pulls in behind me in the drive.. Dixie and I have kissed a couple of times on the way home. In the house everybody heads for the john and empty our bladders and freshen up. It's obvious that Mary has done more than just kiss James. Her lipstick is smeared, her hair is tossled, and he has a huge tent in his slacks.

We're all a little tipsy but we sip on a cold glass of wine. We're sitting at the table in our underware and I look at James and tell him to be gentle with Mary. This is her first time with a black and I want it to be memorable. Then he asks if we'll be in seperate rooms or together on the same bed. We have a king-size bed and if you'd like we'll go to that. That's just fine he says, Dixie likes it that way. So we go to the bedroom, I light a few scented candles , put romantic music on the stereo,. and dim all lights. Both lady's are in the middle and James and I on either side of them. I help Dixie take off what little she has on and I'm dumbfounded at the beauty of her body. Her titties sag a little but for cryin' out loud she's in her fifties and looks thirty. She crawls up on the bed and I glance over at my sweet wife with her first black lover. Then I see what he meant about competition earlier in the evening. He has a cock that is only mentioned in fuck stories or shown on porno movies. Mary is sitting on the edge of the bed, he's standing in front of her, and being about 6'2 his dick is right in front of her face. She turns and looks at me, I say go ahead honey, enjoy yourself.

She then wraps what she can of both hands around it licks the pre-cum off it. Dixie whispers to me, I'd like to watch this for a while, OK. We lay down on the bed with me behind her as my cock crawls up the crack of her ass. She's as wet as she can be. She then turns her head toward me and says she's bi and don't get mad if she starts to hug Mary a little. She's been wanting to hug her all night. She thinks Mary is the most gorgeous woman she has seen in a long time. She knew in her younger years at the shoe factory what Mary would develop into.

Now Mary is slurping on James cock. It's way too big for much of it to go into her mouth. James is reaching down and fondling her titties. She has about six inches in her mouth and gags. He says to her that what she's doing is wonderful..Then Dixie slides over, my cock slips out of her crotch, and she puts her arms around Mary, kisses her on her ear and neck, fondles her titties, and then lowers her hand to her crotch. I'm now at the foot of the bed watching one of the most erotic sights I've ever seen. Mary has his balls in one hand, the other hand circling his cock as far as it will reach, and she has about five or six inches in her mouth. Then he says you'll have to stop honey, I don't want to come this way and I'm very close. He pushes her onto her back with her legs over the edge and starts to suck on her titties. Dixie bends over her and they kiss and kiss and kiss. Suddenly with no warning except for heavy breathing and moaning and grunting she has an orgasm. James just lowers himself to her pussy and starts liking, sucking, fingering her g-spot and she cums again. Please she says, I can't take much more of that. About this time i have Dixie backed up to me again and I enter her pussy.I think to myself this pussy feels like all pussy. It's all good, somes just better than others.

I love the position I'm in. I'm fucking one hell of a good looking black broad who has a killer ass, and I'm watching my wife about to get her first black cock. Mary's on her back, Dixie is rubbing her tummy smearing pussy juice all over, and James is putting a pillow under her ass. He's between her legs and looks huge compared to her small frame. Her titties are beautiful with protruding nipples. She's looking intently at that cock that is as hard as steel and about two inches away from her pussy. Her pussy lips are all swolen and puffy, her clit is showing its head and James cock is slick with saliva and precum. He slowly lowers himself until the head makes contact with the juicy gates of heaven. He isn't in her yet but as soon as she felt that monster head touch her she moaned. Ohmygod, ohmygod, I can't believe this is happening. I said it's happening honey, and your in good hands..His dick is so big he's kneeling between her legs and has the head of his manhood in her pussy about an inch. I'm ever so slowly fucking Dixie from behind that I think I can hold out a long time like this.

. Dixie has some of the finest titties I've had my hands on. Her nipples are like two headlights. And she and I are both watching her husband give my wife her first black cock. Now I've seen Mary take some pretty good sized cocks so I know she's going to take a good portion of this one. This one though is a little fatter than she's accustomed to so she's going to have to relax real good. While i'm telling you all this he's sunk about four more inches in there. Her mouth is wide open as are her eyes and she's looking at the ceiling, I think. She's been quiet for a minute or two and suddenly her tummy starts to expand up and down at a rapid pace, she screams very loudly OOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HARUMPH, HARUMPHE HARUMPH in time with her tummy expanding and yells IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMMMMMMMMMMMMMM CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMING. I've never seen her do this before....She's having a TNT orgasm and it came on her just like that while she's looking at the ceiling. OOOOOOHHHHHHH she says I don't think I can take another one like that. She's still trembling and grabbing the bed sheets in knots. This has triggered Dixie and she suddenly reaches behind her and grabs my cheeks and shudder, trembles, gasps, and goes into contortions making me hang onto her so as to stay connected.

James is staying composed and now has about eight inches in her. Her thunderous orgasm has allowed his cock to go a little deeper. It appears that he may still have about four inches to go, maybe a little less. He's really not fucking her. He's letting her movements and undulations slowly pull that dick in. Pretty soon, she seems a little more relaxed and she says ohmygod don't move, I'm gonna cum again. Then Dixie leans a little and says go ahead Mary, have a good one, and she reaches under Mary's ass and fingers her anus. That did it, Mary is about to pass out in exstacy and has another thunderous rip-roaring orgasm. She's undullating in every which direction, her tummy is expanding and contracting and in all this she has taken all of James cock in her. When she calms down, nobody except me is moving as I fucking Dixie but good. James is looking down at her with his balls resting on her as and he leans over and starts to suck on one of her titties. She's trying to say something but is incoherent. After a bit she's calm enough to ask James if he's come yet. We know he hasn't and he says would you like me to.. YESSSSSSSS GIVE ME ALL YOU GOT HONEY. I WANT IT ALL AND I WANT TO FEEL IT. He tells her that he has all of it in there to the hilt. With his help she raises her head a little and says OH SHIT..........James must have been on the verge of coming for quite some time, as he raises a bit and pulls out about two inches and pushes it back in there as hard as he can and says HERE IT IS BABY, HERE IT IS, OOOOOHHHHHHHSSSSSSSHHHHHITTTTT. We can see the cheeks of his ass contracting and his breath coming in short intervals as he just keeps it tight in there and cums and cums and cums. He lets out some huge grunts and she starts moaning OHMYGO, OHMYGOD, I CAN FEEL EVERY SHOT, EVERY SHOT. OH MAN DON'T STOP.

About this time I feel Dixie trembling as she has her face buried in Mary's neck and she's having another orgasm. My brakes are no good any more and I let loose and they tell me later that they think maybe the neighbors could have heard me. I had no idea. I just fucked a remarkably beautiful woman and witnesses my wife get the fuck of all fucks. There's no way we'll ever match this one. But then I say that every time. They just seem to get better the older we get.

We finally get separated and rest a few. We take a shower, dab ourselves with foo-foo juice and go sit at the table and sip some wine.Mary is usually a little talkative after a good fuck session. This time she just seems to be thinking to herself, will this ever happen again...........



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