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Revenge is a dish best served HOT! This is based on a true happening to me, before I was either married or involved in the lifestyle. Back in my college days of the early eighties, in California.

Katrina and Mike were both friends of mine all throughout college. Katrina was a stunning woman of Spanish decent with long flowing black hair and at 5?7? she had a sexy body. Fairly big boobs 36D she always love showing them off. Mike was always a bit of a dog, the typical football player type who thought every woman show be in love with him. I knew for years that he fooled around on Katrina, I guess thinking why not we aren?t married or anything. He even went so far as to start hitting on Debbie which was Katrina?s roommate and really was a huge slut. She was known as easy because really anybody could fuck her with little to know effort. One day that Katrina was supposed to be working, she left early because she wasn?t feeling well. Arriving home she heard moans and sighs coming from Debbie?s room. Thinking nothing of it, because Debbie was well known to bring guys home, she went to her room and ran a bath. Her bathroom shared a common wall with Debbie?s bedroom and her bed was placed against the wall. Katrina could hear Debbie being fucked and moaning but the guy she could only hear muffles of talk. She heard him talking dirty to her calling her names which she herself always enjoyed, but Mike never did that for her. As she continued to listen she heard them finishing up with large hard banging on the wall. She got out of the tub slipped on her robe and decided it was time to get some juice and rest. As she left her door she walked directly into Debbie who was nude and Mike directly behind her. His cock still soaking with Debbie?s juices all over it, needless to say one and all were shocked and a fight ensued between the girls and of course Mike being slammed by Katrina.

I got a phone call later that evening from Katrina and between the crying and such she finally broke down and asked if she could come spend the night with me. Now, we were always the very best of friends. We considered each other almost like bother and sister; I always of course had naughty thoughts of her, but knew that no matter what, it was never going to happen. However, given all of the events of the day, I couldn?t but help to wonder what my night would be like as she drove over to my apartment. But of course it was more the bother sister thing, we talked she cried and finally early in the morning hours drifted off to sleep. I awoke to the phone ringing and it was Mike looking for her, I told him that she was here and when I woke her she began to yell that she didn?t want to speak to him at all! I let him know this and assured him that I would keep an eye on her and make sure she was alright. He thanked me and seemed to be very concerned about her well being. Katrina spent the day of course talking and crying and crying and talking, I am not sure but she didn?t seem to be shocked that Debbie did what she did but I am sure she was totally upset about Mike. She confessed that Mike was her first and that the only reason she even started having sex with him, was because she believed that they would be married after graduation. Since she came over without a change of clothes she asked to take a shower and perhaps borrow a shirt of mine to wear. I gave her one of my t shirts and as she showered I made us both something to eat. She came out just as breakfast was finished and I could just make out the red panties she was wearing, but she was kind enough to leave off her bra. Her hard nipples pressed against the white cloth and I could see how firm her boobs really were. We sat and ate and talked some more about everything. She told me she wished she could show Mike how it felt, to have the one person he loves being fucked by another guy. That even if she told him he would never believe she did it, he think she was just making it up to hurt him. I said in of course a joking manner that I could video tape it for her kind of like a porno movie. She was so naïve that she confessed she never seen a porn flick, that she heard of them, but was always taught only trashy girls went in for that sort of thing. Then she boldly asked me if I had one, I told her well DUH, I am a single guy of course I do. She wanted to see one, so being the host I was I put one in the VCR and let her watch it. It was like most in those days, rather graphic; this particular one had a white girl, doing a gang thing with four guys, one of which was black. I excused myself to shower, but really I was trying to leave the room before she saw how much of a stiff cock I had going on and to get some relieve my self in the shower. I must have been in the shower longer than I thought, because when I came back to the living room the tape was already over. Katrina was sitting there, with this big smile on her face. I asked her what she thought of the movie. She said it was different and that it gave her an idea about how to get even with Mike for cheating on her. She told me she was going to ask me something, and that no matter what it can?t change our friendship. I assured her it wouldn?t, but I had no idea what she had in mind.

Jake she said ?What would you think if I wanted to do that?? ?Do what I said?? Katrina ?Make a movie like that one I just saw?. I could only snicker a little as my mind raced with visions of seeing her nude could finally come true. ?Are you serious? I question her. ?Sure why not? she said ? I want to show Mike that two can play at that game? I was shocked that she even thought about all of this and couldn?t help but feel I had something to do with it, since I showed her, her very first porn movie. I couldn?t help but wonder if it been two girls if she feel the same way. Then I came back to the conversation at hand ?You?re serious about this aren?t you? I asked? ?Yeah? she said ?I really want to give him some of his own medicine? So we sat down and formed out a plan about what to do and made a list of guys that I would approach that she was attracted to as well as could cause the most effect to Mike. We decided that this was going to take sometime and that it being the weekend I couldn?t get access to the camera since it was at school. So we set a date and she told me that she wasn?t going to either speak to Mike or Debbie, but she would make sure she got even with them both. For the next few days I got together with the guys that she wanted to get involved in all of this. One was a guy name Steve who Debbie had a huge crush on, but Katrina knew wouldn?t touch her, because of her easy reputation. We also decided that having this filmed at my apartment would be the best and that she Katrina needed to get rather loose before doing this.

I woke to having my pager going off it was D Day, well maybe we should call it F Day since it was suppose to be all about fucking. Katrina was paging and I called her back, she told me she scored some smoke and wanted to make sure all of the guys were going to show up and do this. Thus far Steve, Jeff, Paul and Marcus were all good to do this, Marcus was the only black guy, and she knew that would make Mike nuts, since he was rather racial about blacks. I told her the guys were all suppose to be here at noon and she should get here about 12 30 no later, since they may think she would have gotten cold feet. She assured me she would show and shared that she was soaking wet from the mere thought of all the sex she was going to have to perform. Then she giggled telling me that she would see me later and I would most certainly see all of her.

At 11am my buzzer started going off and one by one the guys showed up, I already had the video camera tripod set up in the bedroom, but Katrina told me she wanted to start in the living room, giving the guys a show striping for them etc. At exactly 1230 the buzzer went off, I didn?t even ask who it was, since I knew it would be Katrina. I left the door unlocked and put the camera on my shoulder turning on the lights and camera. In a few moments she entire the door, dressed in a very short skirt and tank top on. It was apparent to all she meant business, because we were soon to find out that all she had on. She walked in and didn?t even say a single word, she just started taking off her clothes. Now like the rest I was very turned on since this was my first time to see her hot sexy body totally nude, I was impressed as each of the others. My only regret is that I wasn?t going to be enjoying her as they would. She walked down the line, giving each guy a long passionate kiss, when she got to the last one, which was Paul; she dropped to her knees and started to remove his jeans to give him a blow job. As she was working on his jeans she told the guys. ?If you want to fuck me, then get naked? I was both in shock and excited that my so called little sister was getting into it all. While she sucked down on Paul?s cock she began to stroke Steve?s standing next to her, making it even harder. Then Marcus got down on the floor and was licking her pussy. She moaned with his tongue piercing her pussy and went from Paul?s cock to sucking Steve. Jeff was standing not far away pulling his own cock towards her enjoying the show. She looked up to see this and took Steve out of her mouth and began to suck down on Jeff?s hard cock. I guess Marcus wanted head to because he got up from the floor and went to stand next to Jeff. Steve assumed Marcus former position and was licking her pussy and finger fucking her at the same time. She look towards Marcus without a word she engulfed his huge cock or as much as she could get in her mouth. Steve was fingering her out deep and fast now and Katrina was getting ready to have her first of many orgasms, she released Marcus?s cock let out a moan, which damn near caused me to come myself. Then Marcus told her ?Bitch you ain?t done, suck this cock? She immediately stuck it back in her mouth. Steve was done eating her pussy and said ?She ready to fuck? Katrina nodded her head that she was in fact ready. Without another word, Steve slid his cock into her, slowly getting her near virgin pussy. She released Marcus cock to sigh and speak ?Oh fuck that feels so good? Marcus grabbed her head and force her mouth back to is large black cock as she whimpered with pleasure of doing two cocks at once. I suggest that she might be uncomfortable and told the guys; maybe you should place her over the edge of the sofa. She blinked at me in agreement and took Marcus?s cock from her mouth. Turning to Steve she said ?Let me lay over the sofa baby? With some regret he withdrew from her. She walked over to the sofa and said okay ?Jake, what is good for you?? I told her to lie over the arm and spread her legs apart. She did so and Steve got directly behind her once again, assuming his position. She moaned again as he entire her pussy, and then she looked over her shoulder smiled and told him ?Fuck my pussy, fuck me hard and fast?! As he did as requested the other guys cheered her on, she could only moan and sigh as Steve was doing his very best to fuck her out. She would scream and Steve would talk to her asking her ?How does that cock feel? She would scream back ?It was so hard, felt so good in her pussy?. Marcus fondled her swaying tits and from time to time she attempt to suck on his cock. Only to moan as Steve fucked her harder and faster. Marcus told him to hurry up and come. ?I want this bitch? He looked down on Katrina asking her if she wanted his cock in her. She looked up ?Oh my God you know I do, I want to feel you fucking me out, with your huge black cock? I guess that got to Steve, because soon he began to yell that he was close to coming. She told him ?Come in me, fill my pussy up? Just then, he stopped and the expression on his face was one that left little doubt, he was doing just that. Katrina stopped for a moment as well, feeling him fill her pussy up with his hot come. As soon as he with drew, Marcus was ready to tap that ass as well. She looked over her shoulder seeing him behind her. She said ?Oh my God this is going to hurt? As Marcus slowly worked inside her. She gasped with each moment and spread her legs further apart to allow him more access into her wet cum filled pussy. Jeff walked up next to Marcus. ?Wow look at that big black cock sliding in her pussy, damn that?s hot? He asked Katrina ?How that big black cock felt in her? She moaned with each thrust only getting out ?Fuck, fuck oh fuck its huge? Marcus smacked her ass telling her how tight her pussy was. She screamed and said ?yes oh yes fuck me? She was tossing her long hair back and forth screaming and moaning with excitement. She yelled she was already coming and tried to stop but Marcus kept going faster and even deeper in her. I got down lower to get an excellent shot of his big black cock pounding her pussy; you could smell the sex in the air as she screamed like a wild woman. When I stood up I could see Jeff trying to feed her is cock, she just couldn?t handle that, being how she was being torn up by Marcus. ?No? she told him, ?Jack it off in my face, and come on my face? Was all she could get out!

To be continued

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