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Kamikazes Work Their Magic II

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Kathy and Jim, our new neighbors, helped us break in our new Jacuzzi last weekend and I was lucky enough to apply my erotic massage therapy techniques to Kathy?s beautiful body and finish her off by totally fucking her brains out! Out back Jim and my wife Cindy explored heated sex in our new Jacuzzi. Cindy has been glowing since experiencing her first ever 10? cock?with Jim working that enormous member of his in all of Cindy?s bodily cavities all night! Last week Kathy mentioned to me that due to her workload at the hospital she may need a massage like that every week! Well?the following Thursday she called me on my cell and said she mentioned her erotic massage to a couple of her friends at the hospital and they wanted to know where to sign up! I talked to Cindy and she suggested a Kamikaze/Jacuzzi/Massage party Saturday night, but felt it only fair that everyone bring a spouse or a date to make it fun for everyone!

I called Kathy back at the hospital on Friday and told her about the plans and she said she was getting wet just thinking about it and hoped her patients wouldn?t notice the wet spot forming on her uniform pants between her legs? this visualization was sending a massive amount of blood to my cock and I was totally hard in seconds! She said both of the nurses she was inviting were gorgeous and worked in the physical therapy department at the hospital. She also said would ask them to bring over another portable massage table to add to the evenings fun! Kathy then offered to bring the hors d'oeuvres and Coronas if I would provide my world famous Kamikazes! I said consider it done!

The doorbell rang at 7 pm Saturday night and Cindy and I both opened the door to meet and greet our guests. As Jim and Kathy entered they introduced us to the other two couples Brad and Nicole and John and Stacy. Brad was about 6?2 and was clearly a jock with a nice build. Nicole was a gorgeous fair skinned, slightly freckled, redhead who had the body of an aerobics instructor! One of my fantasies was being with a wild red head and it looked like I may finally get my wish! John and Stacy was an exotic looking black couple. John was a dark chocolate body builder type, about 6?4 with the body of a Greek God and Stacy could have doubled for Mariah Carey! HOT! HOT! HOT! My thoughts drifted to one of my wife?s fantasies of getting thoroughly fucked all night by a big black cock and I?m sure Cindy was thinking the same as I noticed her checking out John?s huge package accented by his tight fitting jeans.

I pulled out my two quart Tupperware pitcher with a locking top and started shaking up a double batch of Kamikazes to get the party magic started! We each downed a couple of shots to get into the party mood and stood around the kitchen getting to know one another. It was interesting how we all kind of paired off to flirt with each others partners?John and Cindy, Jim and Stacy, Brad and Kathy and Nicole and myself. After downing a couple of more shots we iced a couple of buckets of Corona?s and headed for the Jacuzzi. Kathy must have passed the word about no bathing suits because everyone quickly stripped down naked and eased into the warm bubbly water.

The guys got in first, with cocks already standing at attention, followed by the ladies who were already dripping wet in anticipation! The eight of us were a tight squeeze so the ladies slid onto each of the guys laps. Cindy headed straight for John, Kathy moved onto Brad, Stacy wiggled onto Jim?s lap and Nicole onto mine. There was no question this was going to be a night to remember! Immediately I used my index finger to sensuously begin connecting the dots on Nicole?s gorgeous body going from one beautiful freckle to another then softly using my palms to circle her nipples as she wiggled further up my lap until she was up against my rock hard cock. Looking around at the other couples everyone was having fun exploring their new partners for the evening.

The underwater activity heated up as we began exploring every erogenous zone of the partner we were with. Evidently the girls had a plan before getting in the tub to get the lions roaring as they suddenly all slid forward almost in unison and turned to their partners and started playing with their partner?s balls and then wrapping their hands around their rock hard cocks and pulling them up like periscopes out of the water and orally fucking them. You could tell the visual and oral sensations were driving us guys crazy as one after the other of us exploded shooting streams of hot cum in our partner?s open mouth. The girls turned and group kissed in the middle exchanging their partner?s cum with each of the others then slid back onto our laps.

We all grabbed a beer and I poured each of us another kamikaze shot and we all toasted to the Kamikaze God! Nichole and Stacy said ?hey how about that massage now??so Jim and I took the girls inside and set up the other table near mine in our spare room leaving Brad, Kathy, John and Cindy to play water sports in the Jacuzzi. I flicked on the black light, turned on the water feature and put on some soothing music to get the mood set. Jim said ?hey I?ve never given a massage before? I said ?no problemo? just follow my lead.? Nicole and Stacy dropped their towels and laid naked face down on the tables. Jim and I oiled up our hands and we started by slowly circling their temples to relieve their stress then slowly working down to their neck and shoulders. The more we touched and visualized these gorgeous contrasting bodies the harder we got. We worked slowly down their backs working every muscle then moved to the arms and hands. We worked the hands first with our palms and then used our mouths to suck on their fingers and our tongues to lick sensuously between each finger on each hand delivering the desired effect. We now noticed the girls? love juices were starting to flow and drip onto the sheets as they moaned for more.

I moved over to the shelf and chose my raspberry flavored oil; then as I peaked out the back window I could see that the water sports in the Jacuzzi were well underway. Cindy was bouncing up and down on John?s enormous black cock and Kathy was leaning over the side getting pounded in the ass by Brad! I shared the oil with Jim and we started to work on our partner?s beautiful asses, first working one cheek then the other then both in a circular motion and then down the crack of their asses and finishing in their soaking wet pussies. We moved up and down each thigh dragging our fingers through their love canal with every pass. Stacy and Nichole?s breathing quicken and they both started shaking and arching their backs as we simultaneously brought them both to earth shaking orgasms. We gently spread their legs then moved forward and used our tongues to devour their sweet cum juices and gently circle and flick their clit with our tongues. The girls moaned OH FUCK! in unison and were both racked with a second orgasm even more powerful than the first!

Jim was an excellent student and continued to follow my lead as we moved down to kneed each girl?s calf muscles and use the heel of our hands to work the bottom of their feet. We picked up each foot and worked their toes with our mouths and flicked our tongues between each toe. Stacy and Nicole moaned that they must be in heaven! Even though they specialized in physical therapy and were skilled in massage therapy, they couldn?t believe that a couple of guys without any formal training were literally rocking their world!

Almost as if it was choreographed Stacy and Nicole rolled onto their sides and reached out for our cocks, feathering our balls with their fingers, and licking and sucking the head of our growing cocks; Nicole?s long red hair flicked around my cock and balls as she sank deeper and deeper onto my shaft. I looked over at Stacy and she had Jim?s 10 inches all the way down her throat and was licking at the top of Jim?s ball sack with her tongue...was this possible??? My god that girl had turned a simple blow job into a work of art! I gasp and tears came to my eyes as Nicole plunged her head all the way down on my cock and came back up twisting her head, sucking, dragging and clamping her lips around my cock then immediately plunging all the way home again and repeating the process time and time again! Holy shit! This was a technique I had NEVER experienced before and after just a couple of minutes of this I exploded just as she deep throated my cock and I planted my seed deep in her esophagus. Rather than coming back up she stayed all the way down as I shot ribbon after ribbon of hot cum directly into her stomach!

Just then Jim started to shake as Stacy sped up the pace plunging all the way down on his shaft until he wretched and shot his first explosion of cum in her mouth. He then pulled his cock all the way out and shot stream after stream of hot cum all over her tits and stomach creating his own massage lotion for her front! The girls rolled over on their backs scooted down on the table and we removed the head pieces from the massage tables and put silk pillows under their heads. Jim quickly started working in his cum that he had blown onto Stacy?s tits and stomach...and unbelievably my dick was getting hard again just watching this hot action! I said to myself this guy is a quick study and knows how to create a few erotic massage moves of his own! We played with their tits for a while using our oiled palms and at the same time we circled their clits with our tongues then sucked them into our mouths and plunged our tongues deep into their soaking pussies lapping up their sweet juices. Nicole and Stacy started bucking in a continuous orgasm for what seemed like 10 minutes as we followed the same pattern faster and faster until they could take no more!

I brought out the hot wet towels and we cleaned the girls up so we could join our wives and husbands in the Jacuzzi. Stacy said ?sorry to disappoint you guys? by we aren?t going anywhere until you fuck us hard, deep and fast in our pussies and then in our asses! We slid up onto the table dragging our growing cocks all the way up Stacy and Nicole?s legs then rubbed our cocks playfully up and down their love canals before plunging them to the hilt in their juicy pussies. We gave it to them hard, deep and fast, and it was then that I realized that Nicole was a squirter as she sent shower after shower of cum juice on my belly and cock. Nicole?s pussy muscles finally released my cock and I pulled out spun her around into a doggie position and used her cum juice as a lubricant to moisten her tender rosebud and then sank my cock deep inside her ass. Jim, being the good student that he was, did the same with Stacy. You would think we had jackhammers tied to our asses as hard and fast as we pounded those girls? asses. Within minutes we all exploded in ecstasy as our bodies were rocked with massive orgasms and we collapsed in a heap. After about five minutes of laying there we finally stirred and decided to take a group shower before joining our spouses in the Jacuzzi.

After lathering up each other in the shower we rinsed and dried off and I mixed another pitcher of Kamikazes and we all headed for the Jacuzzi. As we rounded the side of the house we could hear Cindy crying out FUCK ME! OH GOD, FUUUUUCK ME! I got a visual of Cindy on top of Brad moving up and down as John was pounding his enormous black cock deep in Cindy?s ass! Cindy had always wanted a DP and now she was finally realizing her dream! Kathy was straddling Brad?s face in front of Cindy, getting her pussy eaten while the boys fucked the shit out of Cindy! We decided to watch from the wings until they all finally exploded in a massive orgasm! We then joined them in the Jacuzzi and I poured us each another Kamikaze and we all toasted to a great fucking evening with new friends! Gotta Love that Kamikaze Magic!

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