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Interracial surprize

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Patrick asked if I wanted to stop by John and Ilene?s on the way home from a weekend stay at a rental cottage on the lake. We were invited but never been to their house before. They are black couple and players who we did have one encounter with them but I said that stopping by would be fine but I didn?t know if I wanted to do anything so soon after our romantic weekend together. We agreed, finished packing the car and followed directions to their house.

?Holly Shit? Patrick said as we pulled into the gated estate with a tree lined driveway going back to a three story house. We parked the car to find John in gym trunks and a sleeveless shirt coming off the basketball court in the back yard. There were three other black men on the court shooting hoops. Irene soon joined us and ushered us inside the back door to the great room with cathedral ceilings. We were handed drinks and offered a tour of the house. Who could resist, the place was a palace. Irene led the way and John stayed close by my side. He would add little comments about the house to me as we walked through the first two floors. Once on the third floor he took my hand and I noticed that Irene was now snuggled up to Patrick?s arm. She suggested that John and I go one direction and she would take Patrick the other and we?d meet downstairs after the full tour. We agreed and they disappeared down the hall.

Well ?the full tour? must have been their signal to each other. John led me to a bed room and closed the door behind us. He told me he had a little surprise for me since I was so accommodating the last time we were together. I assured him that that was alright he didn?t need to make a fuss but he insisted. He started taking my blouse off. I thought for a second of resisting but this guy is six feet six inches of black muscle and nice looking to boot so I let him have his way. Soon I was stepping out of my panties. He lifted me with one swoop to carry me to the bed and like a lamb to the slaughter I gave in to his every desire. He kissed me while I was dr*ped across his arms and then he gently put me down on the bed. From nowhere there come velvet ties extending from the headboard and he slipped my wrists into them. I was about to be a slave to his wishes and was a bit scared but I also very excited so I didn?t put up any resistance.

Then he picked up the telephone and punched two or three buttons. Someone on the other end of the phone answered and John told them ?We?re ready for you up here? Then he hung up the phone and started teasing my nipples with his tongue. First one then the other.

After a few minutes and my nipples getting enough attention to explode he placed a blindfold over my eyes. I said that I didn?t need that. ?Are you sure?, he said as there came a knock at the door. I gasped wondering what was to happen next. Here I am naked, strapped to the bed, helpless, a prisoner. John got up and let the three black men from the basketball court walk right into the room. They stood around the bed just staring at me like I was on a display till John told them that I was fresh and clean and willing and he wanted all of them to show me what fucking black men was like. They began to get out of their shorts and t-shirts and as they finished undressing they stood around the bed stroking their penises, drooling over my naked body.

Thank heavens none of their cocks were as big as John?s but all three were bigger than my husband. I started to be frightened again but quickly turned to excitement as each cock grew firm and long.

One of them came closer to put his black snake next to my mouth and I opened wide to take him in but he only rubbed the end of his cock on my lips so I kissed and licked the end of it as best as I could reach but I was restrained by my shackles. From the other side of the bed another athletic black man rubbed his cock on my nipple. The third knelt on the bed and spread my legs wide then took his hand and put two fingers into me and started slowly pushing them in and out of my wetness while the thumb on that hand kept rubbing my clit. The excitement started overtaking the fear and pleasure was rolling up my body from all the attention my pussy was getting.

I wanted to get that first man?s cock in my mouth but he was teasing me only letting me get licks and kisses. I felt the hand pull out of me and the cock on my nipple stopped. It seemed to happen all at once that my nipple was taken into one of their mouths and it was being suckled. Meanwhile, my legs were raised and spread further apart, I knew what was coming. I heard a husky voice say ?You guys each hold a leg for me.? I felt each leg being handed off to the other men. A finger and thumb spread the lips of my pussy to make way for a long hard black cock to enter me slowly and deeply. I gasped with excitement as it slid in very smoothly, but that was to be expected with as wet as I was by then.

When the cock teaser looked back to see how well I was getting pumped his cock came within reach and I sucked it into my mouth to give him as good as I was getting down below. He must have liked it because he gave out a ?MMMMMMMM, That?s a good little Bitch, suck my rope? Soon he indicated to the others that he wanted some pussy. The pumping into my wet box was growing more intense. It felt soooo gooood. Then he shot his wad and pumping slowed down and he pulled out. The voice came from man between my legs saying ?Rotate? They all three pulled back and repositioned themselves around me. The man who just finished inside me came up to offer himself to my mouth. I tasted my juices on the cock as I sucked the last few wads of cum from him.

I was penetrated again as if to be taken by the man in a violent effort to screw my brains out. He slammed himself into me and rammed his cock in so forcefully like a man ready to finish but he went on with a heavy ramming till he emptied himself into me. It caught me off guard and my hips couldn?t keep up with his pace, I was being taken by him and there was nothing I could do but lie there and be fucked. It felt great.

That left one more man to do me just like the other two took their pleasure. He spoke only once ?Roll her over? is all he said. They un-strapped me but one of the men took both my wrists and sat at the head of the bed holding my hands on either side if his legs. I was starring at his husky just spent cock in the middle of my face. As I took it into my mouth my hips were raised from behind. I felt the third man put the head of his long black snake into me, not stopping till the full length was in but good and then he held it there for a moment.

?Hand me that KY? he spoke to the idle man. I heard the cap snap open behind me, I then felt the cool lubricant squirt between the cheeks of my ass, and his cock was rubbed up and down my butt crack. I knew what was coming. I tried to relax and intentionally breathe slowly.

I found myself pushing back toward him as he slid himself into my ass. This was not my first time for anal, but it was the largest penis to take me in the back door and I might mention it ended up being my best anal encounter to date. I was enjoying the penetration and oddly discovered that the man I was sucking had gone slowly limp and fell from my mouth. He let go of my hands and moved from in front of me. I slid a hand between my legs finding some balls slapping my backside and began to gently touch them in an effort to hasten his climax. With both his hands now squeezing my hips he steadied himself and the thrusts came faster and deeper. All I could think of was how much I wanted him to come in my ass. Some girls don?t go for anal sex but I like it and the feeling I get from being a man?s toy. To be his for his pleasure?.and subsequently mine too. One deep plunge and I felt him ungulate with shots of sperm filling my body, a few more strokes and a slower pace till he was empty and I was full.

He pulled out of me and I collapsed on the bed like a wet dish rag. As I laid there the men gathered clothing and left the room. I curled up hugging the pillow and pulling a sheet up over myself. I was exhausted, very freshly fucked, finely fucked and repeatedly fucked. I had never had that much sexual attention in one setting ever?I liked it. I had dreamt of gang-bangs but never had the nerve or opportunity to be the focus of one. That and I had no idea what it might really be like to have that much attention at once.

John came into the room naked, with his clothes over one arm. ?Are you all right?? he asked. ?Oh Yes, I?m very all right. But very worn out? I replied. He laughed which started me laughing. He told me that Ilene had taken him into another bedroom and told him of what John had in store for me. Then the two of them had some wild sex with each other. We joked about not planning to do any partying when we visited but it all got out of hand. My husband helped me get up and lead me to the bathroom where he joined me for a quiet shower. Once we collected ourselves, we went down stairs only to find John and Ilene watching TV. The other men had left. I found this odd till I noticed that the program was my recent gangbang adventure in the upstairs bedroom.

?Honey, you?re in the movies? Patrick said with a smile. John said, ?I made a copy for you to take home if you like? as he handed me a Disc with a typed label on case ?Cyndi?s Black Party?. The very first thing I thought of was reliving the event in front of the TV at home. The room had been wired with cameras and microphones.

We I thanked him; we visited for a while and then Patrick and I excused ourselves to continue the drive home. Whenever we watch it now, I crave cock attention in all three, my mouth, my pussy and my back door. It has become a real ice breaker for seducing a new couple into wife swapping.

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