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It was almost 4 PM that Friday afternoon when I got home. Sally, my wife, and I had planned this trip to Reno for almost a month. We were excited and anxious to get on the road. We hadn’t had a vacation in over a year. Even though this would be only a short four day get a way, we needed the time away to relax. We had both worked many hours without taking a break and we really needed one.

We had a prepaid room reservation at the Nugget for three nights. That way our room would be held and we could arrive any time that night. It was only a two and a half our drive there so we would arrive no later that 8 PM. I had the car packed and ready to go by five. The children we sent to their grandparents for the time we were going to be away. All we had left to do was lock up and leave.

It had been a hot day, almost a hundred degrees. I had on my shorts and a light tee shirt. Sally was wearing the new outfit she bought for the trip. A new pair of white shorts and a pink sleeveless top made her look younger than her 37 years.

The top was low cut in the front. When Sally bent over, you could see almost her entire tit and a good nipple shot. She looked great for age, and I couldn’t wait to get there and fuck her brains out.

The drive there was beginning to get boring. I asked Sally if she felt like flashing any truckers. Something we had only did a couple of time in the past. I figured she would think I was just joking around. We hadn’t done something like that in years! She looked me straight in the eye and asked if I really wanted her to lower herself and have her do some thing like that.

I told Sally even though she was 37 she sometimes acted like she was a 137.years old. I didn’t mean anything by that statement, only that once in a while we both need to cut loose. Besides, Sally knows how turned on I get when guys check her out. I really love it when she teases a little and shows some tit. We continued with the discussion for about another twenty miles when we came to the Gold Run Rest Stop.

Sally said she needed to use the restroom so I pulled in and parked as close as I could to the bathrooms. Sally got out and walked to the restrooms and I walked around a little and had a smoke. About 10 minutes later when she came back to the car she asked me if I saw the carload of college guys checking her out when she left the restroom.

I didn’t lie, I wasn’t looking and I hadn’t seen them. I told her again it didn’t surprise me that they would. She looked really hot in her pink top and her new shorts, especially as she didn’t wear a bra. Her tits bounced as she walked and once in a while they would sway to the side and her nipple was visible. After Sally got in the car and we started up one of the grades she asked me if I was sure I wanted her to flask a trucker or two. Of course I said yes! Just the thought of a trucker getting a glimpse of her tits started to get me excited.

Don’t do anything you do want to do I remember telling her. I didn’t need to have her made at me all weekend telling me I made her do something she didn’t want to do herself. Sally mumbled a few words I didn’t understand, the put her seat back down a little. After doing that, she pulled the front of her top down letting both nipples show. I couldn’t help myself and reached over and gave both tits and nipples a little tweak. As I did I saw both of her nipples get hard. They came right to attention just like I knew they would.

I saw a Safeway truck ahead in the slow land struggling to get some speed up the grade. I spoke to myself wondering what would happen when I pulled along side this first truck. Sally told me the driver probably wouldn’t even notice her. She was right. He was to busy trying to get his truck up the grade to worry about looking down at cars. Sally seemed to relax a little after nothing happened on our first pass. I saw three more trucks up ahead toward to top of the grade. One was a logging truck and the other two were open flat beds with cargo tied to the beds.

I put my foot down on the gas to try and catch the last truck in line before he got to the top of the grade. I gained on him about a quarter mile before the top and pulled along side. This trucker was a younger than the Safeway driver. He kept checking out our car in his side mirror as we got closer. When we pulled up by his cab I let off the gas just a little. I saw him bent over and check out Sally as we paced his truck for about five seconds, then slowly pulled ahead. I just finished telling Sally I saw the trucker take a long look at her as we passed, when he hit his horn three times in appreciation.

When he was done leaning on his horn I asked Sally if flashing that trucker was so terribly bad. She thought it was easier than she had thought it would be. Get ready; we're coming up on another truck. This time when Sally leaned back she shocked me by removing her top completely! I didn’t think she would ever something like that. As she threw her top in the back seat I reached over and gave each tit a quick rub, just like before. She closed her eyes and placed her left arm and hand on the back of my seat. Her right hand fell into place between her legs. I could have sworn she was pressing down on her pussy as I lifted my foot from the gas and slowed down slightly.

The second trucker must have been on his CB radio and told the one ahead about the woman in the car coming up beside him. This trucker was about Sally’s age and his eyes never left his side mirror until we pulled along side. He just about fell out the driver’s window he was leaning out so far. I guess he wanted to get as good a look at Sally as possible. What he didn’t expect is to see her with her top completely off. Sally had closed her eyes so she had no idea the stare she was getting. I felt really proud and also really excited. I could not only feel my cock getting bigger, but also could now see it pressing against my pants.

I started to hit some of those little bumps that separate the lanes and quickly put my attention back on my driving as I left the flatbed trucker and started to take over the box trailer up ahead. Sally’s eyes opened as soon as I hit the first lane marker bump. She told me I had better concentrate on my driving if I was going to have her flash truckers. I said I was sorry and would drive better. I don’t think anyone would have blamed me!

I was approaching the third trucker faster now so I let off the gas a little. I wanted to see the guy as he looked in his side mirror trying to see Sally. That really turned me on, and I caught Sally taking a look in his mirror as well. As we pulled along side his driver’s door, I decided to keep pace with him for a couple of seconds. I could no longer see what he was doing since he was higher than our car. I asked Sally to check him out and tell me what was happening. She told me he was smiling and he blew her a kiss. Sally’s nipples really got wrinkled and stood at attention after she said what the trucker had done.

We started the down the last hill leading to the final upgrade prior to Echo Summit. As far as I could see there were no more trucks ahead of us. I told Sally I was going to stop at the Echo Summit Rest Area. I had to take a piss real bad. The rest stop was the last chance before Truckee and then Reno. Sally pulled on her top and said it got dirty when she threw it in the back seat. It must have fallen on the floor. She would put on something different when I pulled off the highway.

We were at the rest stop in less than five minutes. I found a spot near the back where Sally could have some privacy when she changed. It was about a quarter mile to the bathrooms so I grabbed my smokes and started walking. At least the bathroom was fairly clean, but busy. I had to wait a couple of minutes for the people ahead of me to get done.

When I finished and came out I saw the last tractor trailer rig Sally flashed passing the restrooms and moving to the truck parking area.

From where I had parked Sally could look straight ahead and see the truck parking area. I was sure she would recognize the truck. If not the truck, she should recognize the trucker if he walked by on his way to the restrooms. I lit a smoke and decided to take a few hits and see what might happen. I lit my cigarette and out of the corner of my eye I got my first look at the driver of the last rig. He was older, almost bald, but well built. I watched him check his tires as the second trucker with the flat bed pulled in alongside the last rig.

When the second trucker got out, the other trucker was standing right there. They began to talk and they both had big smiles on their faces. I suppose they could be talking about anything, but I figured they were comparing notes on Sally. They started to move toward the restrooms and I decided to head back to the car. As they walked by one of them pointed in the direction of our car. I suppose the car wouldn’t be hard to forget since it carried a topless lady who flashed them.

I figured they had no clue as to what I looked like. Being the driver I was out of their view most all the time on the other side of the car. Instead of taking a direct route through the parking lot I elected to walk back on the sidewalk. It had a row of small trees and bushes that blocked most of the view of the parked vehicles. As I got closer I saw they both had walked up to our car and were now talking to Sally.

She had already changed into another clean top. I noticed it was also one that I had bought her. One she never would wear when we went out. The top was almost transparent with little blue and black flowers here and there. She never wore it because it made her feel self conscious. I wondered why she even brought it along, let alone put it on now. Maybe she planned on putting something over the top of it. If she had, it was too late now!

Both truckers were now at our car. Sally’s door was open and they both were standing at her door opening talking to her. Sally seemed not to mind too much, she was smiling and looked like she was enjoying herself. I thought it would be a good time to head across the parking lot and back to the car.

I got within about a hundred feet when I saw Sally point in my direction. Both of the truckers peered over the top of the car looking in my direction. Both of them quickly went back to talking to Sally. When I got to the car, Sally introduced me to David and Sammy. She said they were the last two truckers she flashed. Seeing the car they just had to stop and thank her for the show and tell her how much they both enjoyed it. They went on to tell her how pretty she was and what a nice set of tits she had.

I shook their hands and told them Sally was very conservative and never did anything like that before. I told them both that Sally probably would not have flashed any truckers at all if it wasn’t for my constant asking her to show off a little. I explained to David and Sammy that I enjoyed it when guys checked out Sally. I liked it even more if she would tease a little and flash a little cleavage or tit once in a while. They agreed there was nothing wrong with showing off your wife every once in a while. David told Sally she should try and open up more often. Guys like it when a woman is more open and playful.

Sally slid out of the passenger seat and stood up. The sun was now low in the shy since it was just past 7 PM. The sunlight shown through her top and silhouetted her tits making them really visible through the thin material of her top. She asked David if driving a truck all the time was boring, sitting in the same seat all the time. David said he could tell Sally hadn’t been in a big rig before. His was just like a mini home. He asked if she had time to look at the inside of his rig and judge for herself.

She explained to David that we had a prepaid room in Reno and therefore didn’t have any certain arrival time we had to meet. Sally looked toward me for approval. I told her to go ahead and see what it was like. I added not to do anything I wouldn’t do as they started toward the truck. David, Sally, and Sammy all walked over to his truck. Somehow she looked small compared to the size of his big rig. David opened the cab door for Sally and showed her where to put her foot in order to climb inside. I watched as Sally had some trouble getting up to the door entrance. David reached up and placed his palm under her ass. His fingers found their way between her legs as he gave her a boost up and it looked like he was pushing against her pussy lips.

I gave them a minute or so then I walked over to David’s truck. I stepped on the riser and pulled myself upward. I heard Sally say something about only if you want to. At the time it didn’t make much sense to me. When I looked through the door window into the sleeper I knew what she meant. Sally had pulled down her top strap off her right shoulder giving both Sammy and David a real close look at her tit.

Sammy asked Sally to remove the other strap so he could see both her tits. He didn’t get that opportunity when Sally flashed him before. She only had her top pulled down showing the top half of her tits and nipples when we slowed down then passed. Sally agreed and took her other strap off her left shoulder and let her top fall to her waist. There was my “I’d never do that” wife sitting on David’s bunk with her top around her waist and too strangers checking out her tits.

David asked Sally what her tits felt like. He wanted to know if they were soft or firm and what she thought her nipples were like. I couldn’t help myself. I began to rub my cock through my pants. I found the entire scene of those three together so erotic! I just about went over the edge when Sally told Dave to feel for himself and tell her what he thought.

David reached with his right hand and took hold of Sally’s tit like a man who never felt a tit before. I couldn’t help myself. I opened the sleeper door wand went inside. I sat down across from Sally and watched in awe as David felt and caressed her tits. Watching David fondle my wife was the most erotic experience I ever imagined. I was hard as a rock and I saw David and Sammy were as well.

I asked Sally, loud enough for both David and Sammy to hear, if she had let them suck on her fine nipples. I didn’t believe I had said that, but it was too late now. If Sally got mad at me there was nothing I could do about it. The suggestion had been placed and now it was up to her. I hadn’t thought of letting either trucker suck on me, she told me, but if you want them to, David can go first.

David wasted no time in placing his lips on Sally’s tits. As he licked around her nipples, she instinctively reached down and began rubbing his cock through his pants. I had to do something. I unzipped my pants and brought my cock out for some relief. I started stroking it when Sally pulled David even tighter against her chest.

Sally began to moan. She stretched down and started stroking my cock as well as David’s, who now had his out of his pants also. David slurped and Sally moaned. I think we all three came at the same time. It’s a good thing I did. I would have burst if something hadn’t cut loose when it did. Sally kissed David on the lips when we were done, and thanked him for showing her his rig.

Next it’s your turn Sally told Sammy. He must have been pretty shy. He said he beat off watching David and her and wanted only to feel and possibly quickly suck on a tit. Sammy told us he was already 3 hours late going to Elco Nevada and would be five hours late by the time he got there as it was. He did say that he preferred that Sally put on a tank top. He wanted the pleasure associated with lifting the top up over her tits as he felt and sucked on them.

Sally didn’t want to get the new blue top dirty. She asked me to go to the car and get her white cotton tank top. I did exactly what she wanted, and quickly too. Sally slipped it on and went over to where Sammy was sitting. Sally pulled Sammy up and toward her.

I hadn’t mentioned that Sammy was black. No black man had ever touched Sally. No black man had ever felt or sucked on her tits before. I could see her nipples getting wrinkled and very hard. As Sammy got closer to her she began to take deeper and shorter breaths. She was getting really turned on playing with her first black man.

Sammy reached down to the bottom of Sally’s tank top and began to slowly pull it up toward her tits. My cock was getting hard all over again! I was 43 years old and felt like I was 19! I was watching my wife’s top pulled up by her first black man. He was about to expose her tits, feel, then suck on them as much as he desired. God, I wanted to fuck Sally right there!

The tank top finally came over Sally’s tits and Sammy cupped her right tit and forced it into his mouth. He began to suck until I thought her skin would be raw. Sally was as turned on as I’d ever seen her. While Sammy played with her tits Sally reached down and unbuttoned her shorts. She let her shorts fall to the floor.

Sally didn’t put on any underwear this afternoon when she dressed for the trip. Now she stood before he first black man in all her naked glory. I started reaching for my cock again. This was getting to be too much! I was loving it! For the first time I watched my wife actually play around with a couple of strange guys! One of them black!

Sally was really getting turned on now. Her breathing was getting faster and her hips were starting to gyrate back and forth. I had unzipped my pants and was stroking my cock again. I sat down in the chair Sammy sat in while David was with Sally. That’s when I heard Sally tell Sammy to fuck her now. It was unbelievable. Sally tore at Sammy’s pants and forced them to the floor. She put her arms around his waist and pulled him down with her on the bunk bed. Sally was on her back with Sammy on top. She grabbed at his huge cock and pulled it to her pussy lips. With her right hand she began rubbing his cock up and down her clit until she finally forced herself over his member and took him in.

It was if I was watching a vacuum suck Sammy’s cock inside Sally’s pussy lips and deep inside her. Sally was withering in pleasure with Sammy driving his cock in and out thrusting more and more every time. He finally shot his complete load inside her. They both fell into each others arms. They were both exhausted and still breathing very hard when Sammy told us he had to leave. He started to gather his cloths to dress when Sally sat up and took hold of his cock one more time. She dropped to her knees and forced him into her mouth and sucked him down her throat.

Here was my wife who didn’t like to give head, taking as black man down her throat as far as she could and loving it! Sammy finally was able to get away from Sally long enough to put on his pants and run to his truck. I heard him start his truck up while Sally was telling David the name of our hotel. She took his cell phone number down and made him promise to come by and see her before he left the Reno area.

I said to Sally the easiest way for her to keep David around would be to ride the 60 miles or so into Reno in his rig. Sally said even though she didn’t think of that idea, it was a good one. Her eyes lit up as she exclaimed last guy to Reno only gets seconds!

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