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I set up her 1st MFM

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So here we are, after several months of discussion & role-play of inviting another man into our bedroom Kathryn has finally agreed that the time is right for this fantasy to become a reality? The details will go as follows, I will be the one selecting the gentleman for our 1st mfm encounter. After the selection has been made and date set, Kathryn will go out with the girls for a night of drinking & dancing (being that these are the nights when our role-play usually goes to the next level. a few drinks + dancing & Kathryn turns into a complete sexual freak, doing things she would normally not do).

It?s a Saturday evening around 1:30am I meet Kevin a guy who I have been in contact with up until this point only on the internet. We sit back have a few drinks & discuss the ground rules as we await the call from Kathryn. I explain to him how no means no yet I would like to see he doing things she normally wouldn?t do unless she is taking there. He agrees that I would basically direct the action at least in the beginning with the hope that Kathryn will respond to me voice with him the way she does with her dildo during role-play.

The phone rings it?s her I give her the name of the motel and room number, asking her to let my phone ring once before she gets out of her car. A little bit of nasty talk for the sake of getting her ?in the mood? and to give Kevin a taste of what he is in store for. I have Kathryn on speaker phone telling us how she?s rubbing her pussy, how hot and moist it is in anticipation, she also goes on to say how all night long she has been thinking about pleasuring another mans cock a stranger no less in front of me.

The phone rings once then silence, Kevin takes a seat in the chair his back towards the bed so she wont be able to see him. I stand by the door, as she walks in I take her right away pulling her towards the bed, kissing her removing her clothes piece by piece till she is complete naked. I continue to kiss & touch her eventually lifting her one leg on the bed to gain access to her pussy, as in our usual I have her call out another mans name as I penetrate her with one, two now three fingers. She moans Kevin?s name, saying things like harder, faster, stretch my pussy Kevin. With that he makes he way over to us, kissing the back of her neck, back rubbing her ass & tits. My three fingers soon become two plus one of his, one of mine two of his, then Kevin?s 3 fingers pounding Kathryn as she is bent of the bed taking them from the rear. I get on the bed kissing her as she continues to tell Kevin how to pleasure her with his fingers, I give her one last kiss before asking her if she want my cock in her mouth. Yes she moans put your cock in my mount Marcus, no I whisper Kevin tell him you want his. ?Kevin, I want you in my mouth she screams? with that for the 1st time she gets to see the man I have selected for her. He takes a step back in boxer?s only standing about 6?2? 215 nice chocolate skin complexion. Kathryn doesn?t hesitate off the bed onto the floor in front of him, hi Kevin she whispers before embracing him in a kiss then sliding down to her knees eyes focused on me taking his cock into her mouth? I sit back and watch him enjoying my wives mouth as she gives him the type of BJ I yearn for, the kind she only gives while a little tipsy and after I've fingered her real good. I begin to get a little vocal the way we do during role-play, take his cock baby, yea there you go. Just watching her eyes meet mine as for the 1st time since our marriage she is pleasuring another man, I?m close Kevin says & she doesn?t slow down not at al just the opposite faster deeper strokes till he tightens and unloads in her mouth (something I rarely get, but discussed how much I would want to see her do with another man) ahh yea Kevin says, get it all baby, Kathryn listens and sucks him clean.

They move to the bed with no hesitation she gets on all fours, Kevin mounting her from behind soon the room is filled with her moans of pleasure, mixed with the sound of sex & his balls slapping her ass. Then when I make my move to the bed kissing my beautiful wife as she can hardly kiss me back in-between his thrusts and her breaths. How does it feel hun, great she screams, don?t tell me tell Kevin ?omg Kevin you fell great inside of me. What does Kathryn I ask, ?his cock? she replies. ? his black cock inside my white pussy feels so great!? with that Kevin then begins to get vocal with her, ?you like my cock don?t you?, ?yes, yes? Kathryn screams ?tell Marcus, tell him how good I feel inside of you?. ?Oh baby his cock feels soo good inside of me, thank-you?. By now I am also naked standing in front of her cock in her mouth as Kevin continues to pound her from the rear till he is close to cuming. I pull myself from her mouth as ask her to tell Kevin that she wants him in her mouth again. ?Kevin come put your big black cock in my mouth and let me swallow your hot cum again? with that we switch positions, me in her just fucked pussy, him in her mouth receiving an incredible bj from my wife. Kevin now more vocal then ever,? yea Kathryn take my cock, suck it baby, you know you want my blk seed again don?t you? she moans in pleasure and nods her head. Then he explodes once more into her awaiting mouth soon I explode inside of her as well filling her from both ends?

Kevin thanks her and me then is on his way. Her and I just lie in bed embracing each other enjoying the moment, when she asks me ? can I go out with the girls again next Saturday?? with a huge smile I answer of course but next time I will be here alone. She looks at me slightly confused; yes I said I want you to bring the man of your choice home, teasing him the entire evening then finally taking him here in front of me. She smiles we kiss and in the back of both of our minds calculate that there?s only about 144 more hours till we get to do this again?

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