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I Had to Pay For My First Time Going Black

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My name is Karen the better half of the marriage known as James and Karen. I had a four day business conference to attend for my work. When I returned my husband James was helping me unpack and found a note in my bag. ?What can you tell me about this?? He asked holding the note up for me to read. I turned pale and read the note. My mouth gaped wider with each word. ?I guess there is nothing to do but tell the truth? I replied. ?I?m all ears? is all hw said as he sat back on the edge of the bed to hear the story. ?First I need another drink? as I headed for the bar and returned quickly to the bed room, took a big drink, then a large breath and started in on the story.

Mike had come on to me. He was one of the members of the research group I was in for the program. He was tall, about 5 years younger than we are, handsome and then I paused before saying?..and he?s black. ?You had an affair with a black man at the business conference?? he asked angrily. I nodded then took another drink before going into more of the facts of the situation leading to being seduced. I asked if he?d ever forgive me for being unfaithful and having sex with another man. Half way through I started sobbing, saying things about didn?t know what came over me, I had never done it before and how I was feeling so ashamed.

There were too many emotions in the room and he chose to shut up and let me stew for a few minutes while he poured a cocktail and think about it. He returned up stairs to find me crying in my robe sitting on the edge of the bed. He sat beside me put my arm around me and told me we would work it all out. I wrapped my arms around him and said ?I?ll do anything you want to make it up to you? He told me to calm down and suggested I get into the hot tub where we could have a quiet moment to ourselves.

We headed for the hot tub to get naked into the hot water. We don?t allow bathing suits in the hot tub because of the ph factor of the water. He sat with his drink on the side of the tub and started another conversation. He went through how he thought it was a selfish act on my part having all the fun and him sitting in the dark. He claimed that he understood how it was one of my fantasies to be with a black man, that it takes two to tango and when ?found out? I did not try to hide it but rather admitted to it right away. He then went on to say that maybe he should have some fantasy come true. I blurted out ?Anything, anything at all Honey I will make it up to you. As many fantasies as you like?.

Next morning he presented me with a list of fantasies. He wanted some very special things and I was involved in each of them. I agreed to go along with anything so he started explaining some of his desires. As a couple we would explore sex with others. I agreed saying ?You mean like swingers or wife swappers, right?? He nodded to the affirmative and said that he?d like to begin with a visit with Mike, my black lover. I turned pale again started to resist, but he told me he wanted the three of us to meet together and if he?s willing he wanted to watch the two of us give a repeat sexual performance.

I agreed so now I was on a mission to call Mike to see if he would meet with us for a peaceful get together and much to her surprise he agreed so we set a date for a Friday evening at tavern we know of half way between our homes. James helped pick out my wardrobe and made sure it was as sexy as possible. I was to wear my tight short skirt, sheer blouse with a low neckline, high heels and a thong but no bra which actually made me look hot but not quite like a hooker. When the big night came we checked into a hotel near the tavern so we didn?t have to drive home after drinking and we could use the room for privacy. In the room we got dressed for the meeting with Mike. He was already sitting at a circular booth when we arrived.

We met pleasantly enough and he immediately apologized to James for the seduction at the seminar. James told him to relax and have a cocktail and let us all get to know one another. I slid around to be in the middle of the back of the booth and Mike and James sat on either side of me, we ordered drinks and started off with small talk. Since Mike was married and his wife didn?t know and wouldn?t understand about the seminar, he wanting to keep in just between us. We agreed and told him we had a way to assure our silence. He could come back to our room and the two men would have sex with me as a 3 some. It was obvious that it was not what he expected to hear. He looked at me, I smiled, reached over to take his hand and pull in below the table to my thigh. Then I said ?I promised my husband that I?d have a 3sume and I want it to be with you?. I scooted over toward him and it was easy to tell that my hand was rubbing his crotch under the table. He agreed so we paid our tab and left for the room.

In the room James unbuttoned my blouse and helped me out of it then placed it neatly on a hangar. As we turned around Mike was on the edge of one of the bed with his shoes off while I positioned myself to stand between his legs as he un fastened my skirt and helped me step out of it. James took the skirt and dr*ped it onto a hanger next to the blouse. Mike immediately started sucking my nipples and running his fingers under the straps of my thong. I was trying to undo Mike?s shirt amongst all the attention I was getting. As Mike sat up straight to get his shirt off I pushed him onto his back on the bed and started working on his belt and pants till they were off. Next I tugged at his underwear and tossed them next to his pants.

Mike was naked and half erect, still on his back when I figured that I should waste no time going for his cock. In my hands I stroked it and took it into my mouth to tease it. Soon it was at full attention and impressive. James moved in behind me to slowly slide my thing down my legs to assure me that he was okay with my continuing.

I sucked on Mike for awhile then Mike directed me to get into a 69 position with me on top. James watched us pleasing each other as he took off his clothes. James then retrieved the digital camera from our bag and began taking some action shots. He tried to avoid Mikes face but my face with a black cock in my mouth was fair game. James too was now erect as well from tall the erotic atmosphere in the room.

I broke off of Mike to come on all fours on the bed to where James was standing and suck on his manhood. Mike needed no invitation to spin around and crawl on his back till his face was under my pussy. I wrapped one arm around my husbands waist and held his cock with the other because I was being pleased by Mikes tongue. Not long and I Karen got off, panting, shaking, and moaning. I let go of my husband?s cock to push Mike?s head out from between my legs.

I caught my breath and began to suck on James cock again. Mike repositioned to slap his big black cock on my ass since I was still on all fours. Spreading my cheeks he slid himself into my vagina. Slowly he pushed his cock in my wet pussy and withdraw, then a little deeper then withdraw again and deeper yet till she started moaning again. He held my hips and pushed in and out gaining pace with each stoke. Soon he was fucking me with hard fast thrusts that made me suck my husband even harder at first but then took control of me to stop giving oral attention and focus on being fucked by Mike?s big black cock. Another orgasm came over me and after some enjoyment of the moment I again stopped him as he needed to catch my breath.

I lay on the pillow on my side all smiles in my freshly fucked state of glee. ?It?s my husband?s turn? I said to Mike so I motioned for James to come to me on the bed. I took my hand and guided him to assume the missionary position into me. Wrapping my legs around him as his cock went into me I whispered ?Fuck me Honey till you cum, I want to feel you cum in me?? I pulled my legs higher so his strokes went deeper into me. His balls exploded and he sent all his seed into my wet pussy. I held him tight and holding him there whispering again ?I love you?.

Rolling off we saw Mike sitting on the other bed, he had been taking our picture. I thanked him for thinking of that for us. I then spoke up saying ?We still have Mike to satisfy before sending him home?. Mike smiled and said that he liked the way I sucked his cock. I said ?Then a blow job it is, Honey! Get your self into a comfortable position and I can make that happen for you?. On his back with two pillows under his head, I got down between his legs and began kissing; licking, sucking and teasing Mike?s big black cock. Working up to a frenzy with my mouth I was soon pumping him as if to mouth-fuck him. James continued taking pictures. Mike started showing signs of succumbing to my oral actions. I sensed it and began teasing his balls with the fingers of one hand while the other rubbed his chest and belly. He let go with his load. I stayed right on him swallowing every drop and not stopping till he was empty. We had a drink and Mike soon dressed and left for home. I asked my husband if that was what I had in mind. Yes but that was the first fantasy and just the beginning of our new adventure.

I did not protest but felt like we were taking our relationship to a new level and I was enjoying the ride.

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