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Hubby Watches Wife Get Banged

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Mandingo Club

My wife and I have always had an unusually active and imaginative sex life. We have tried most of the kinkier side of things that most horny couples would try. But as the years passed and her enthusiasm waned, things slowly became tamer (much to my dismay). Although every once in a while, we will rent a porno, fantasize a bit and let loose. One night in particular, we were watching a TV show on one of the porn channels about a Male Escort Service called The Mandingo Club. It was a club that basically catered to those who like black men, and according to the show we had watched, it was quite popular with married couples where the woman fantasizes about being with a black man and the husband likes to watch. There was a very hot interracial scene where a black man was ravaging a white wife, and the husband was watching from the corner of the room. I noticed that my wife was very into this scene and getting quite aroused. I asked her if she thought that she might like to try that some day? She told me that it was a very real fantasy but didn’t think she could ever actually go through with it. She asked me what I thought of the idea, and asked if I thought I could handle seeing her with someone else. I told her that as long as it was all about us, and we were doing it to enhance our own sex life, that I must admit that it would be a real turn on to watch my lovely wife getting boned by someone else, knowing she was doing for me. We both agreed that sometimes fantasies are better left as fantasies, but…if the “perfect” opportunity ever came up that it would be kind of cool to try.

Well, time went on, and we found ourselves on holiday in Florida one year, just the two of us. One night after partying in a local bar, we had decided to go back to our room and have some fun. We had fooled around in the cab a bit on the way there and by the time we arrived we were quite turned on. We got up to the room and I poured us a nightcap. We were a little hungry so we decided to order a pizza to go with our nightcap. I opened the phone book and the first page it opened to was in the adult entertainment section of the yellow pages. I saw an ad for the “Mandingo Club” and started to laugh. I asked my wife if she remembered that show we saw on the TV a while back about the club, and she replied, “How could I forget that one!” I told her that there was an ad for it here and it was just around the corner! We chuckled at the fact that the phone book actually almost fell open to the page and we joked that maybe it was a sign. I asked if that still turned her on?

She said, “Well, of course. Isn’t it most white women’s secret fantasy?” I said that it’s not too far from here and maybe we should give them a call and check it out. She jokingly replied with an evil grin, “Wouldn’t that be a blast, to get my brains fucked out while you watch, then you can have sloppy seconds.” Geez, I didn’t expect that response! But it did turn me on to hear her let loose a little and talk like that. I always like it when she is a little drunk and uninhibited.

Now I must admit, up until now, I thought she was joking, but I realized she was somewhat serious, and the opportunity of a lifetime was there for the taking if I wanted. So I nervously said, “Why don’t we stop talking about our fantasies and once and for all actually live one out”. Being drunk enough (and braver than normal), she agreed to at least check it out. So we decided to say fuck the pizza, and discussed the ground rules, if it were to happen. We had decided that if either of us got too uncomfortable we would have a safe word and it would be over right then, no questions asked. We had also decided to keep the more kinky stuff to ourselves. So after a couple of drinks and lots of talk we finally got up our nerve and I made the call. They were very professional and asked what we were looking for. I explained that we were a white couple and were looking for a good-looking black man to come over and “date” my beautiful wife while I watched. I explained that it was our first time and we were somewhat nervous and didn’t know what to expect. They assured me that there was nothing to worry about, the majority of the calls they get were from white couples looking to experience the same thing. And he assured me that this was their specialty. We gave them the address of our hotel and hung up. Well it seemed that there was no turning back now. My wife went into the bathroom and got herself somewhat dolled up. I sat and had a drink and nervously second-guessed our decision.

When she came out, I almost fell over. She had dressed very skimpy in a sexy little nightie and looked hot. She came over, sat on my knee and kissed me. She told me that she loved me dearly and made me promise that no matter what, nothing could ever change between us. She assured me that this was all about us, and that it was “only” a sexual adventure. We kissed passionately and eagerly waited, what seemed like the longest twenty minutes ever. Then a knock came to the door, we both jumped as if a gun went off in the room. I opened the door and there stood a very clean cut, nicely dressed black man. He had an average build and was strikingly handsome. He introduced himself as a representative of the Mandingo club and asked if we had called for a date. I said, “Yes we did,” and invited him in. We shook hands and he introduced himself as Joe, my wife introduced herself, “Nina,” she nervously said. He smiled, kissed her hand, and gave her a bottle of wine. “A present for the lovely lady,” he said. We were obviously impressed at the classy touch, and instantly started feeling a little more at ease. We invited him in to come and sit down and offered him a drink, which he accepted. We sat around and chewed the fat for a bit, getting to know each other a little. I could tell that Nina was quite nervous but at the same time I could sense the sexual tension in the air. The two of them had sat at the table in the corner of the room with me sitting on the bed. We found out that Joe was actually one of the owner’s of the club, and liked to go out on the odd date himself. He said that he usually went out on “first timers”, as it was a turn on for him and he also liked to make sure the experience was a positive one for the new couple. His confidence had really got our interest peeked. Nina had asked him what exactly it was that he had that would make it such a great experience. To which he replied, “I guess you will just have to find that out for yourselves, wont you.”

“Interesting.” Nina cooed.

He then told her to first pretend that her husband is not here at all, and he requested that I move my chair to the corner of the room and became as invisible as possible. I quietly got up and moved my chair into a dark corner.

Sensing that the timing was now right, Joe put his drink down, came over to Nina, bent over her and kissed her. I could tell that she was nervous, as she tentatively returned the kiss. I could see their mouths open up and I could tell his tongue was probing her mouth.

He then pulled away and asked if she was all right with things, and she nervously said, “Oh Yeah.”

“Well then, there’s no point wasting any more time,” he exclaimed and he led Nina by the hand over to the bed. He pulled her toward him and they kissed again, now more passionately. I could see his thick lips engulfing hers and I watched as his hand caressed her back and her sexy bum. His skin was very black and the contrast with her white skin was quite extreme. My mind was racing now, I couldn’t help wonder if we were doing the right thing. I mean, here was a strange man kissing my wife passionately, and she was enjoying every minute of it, and, I was sitting watching, and letting it happen! “What were we doing?” I thought, “What were we thinking?!”

He then sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled her between his legs (she was still standing). They resumed their passionate necking, I watched as their mouths opened wide and he shoved his tongue deep in her mouth, exploring every inch. They were getting quite aroused now; her face was flushed and quite wet with saliva. I could see his hand slowly working it’s way up her blouse to her breasts. He massaged and kneaded her perky breasts through her bra for a bit. He finally said, “I need better access to these”, as he pulled her top up over her head. She was wearing her sexiest red bra and looked really hot. He wasted no time in finding the clasp, quickly unsnapping it letting it slowly fall open, revealing the most beautiful breasts you could imagine as he took off her bra one strap at a time. I could tell he was enjoying the view immensely, I mean, even after 2 kids, her breasts are still perfect. He then kissed them each gently before taking one nipple in his mouth and gently sucking it. He alternated between both breasts, sucking and nibbling her tender nipples while his hands made their way down her torso to her panties. He attempted to slide her panties off when she pulled away a bit and said, “Hey, wait a minute fella, fair is fair! It’s your turn to show off the goods before you get my whole package”.

He chuckled and said, “I like your spunk”. She then bent over and pulled his shirt over his head, exposing his muscular torso. She pulled him up beside her standing again, gave him a quick kiss and plopped herself down on the bed trading him positions. She grabbed his ass cheeks, and pulled him closer to her. She ran her nails teasingly up and down his torso and then unsnapped his pants. She looked up at him and teasingly pulled his zipper slowly down. She then very slowly and deliberately pulled his pants down and leaving him standing in his boxer shorts. I could see a hint of a bulge from them as they were very baggy, leaving everything to the imagination. The suspense was killing me. She then slowly pulled the waist of his shorts down over his hips and stopped just before she reached his cock. Teasing him, she stopped there and kissed his belly a bit before continuing her quest. She then wiggled his shorts down over his ass cheeks and let them fall down to the floor exposing his shaven, black, manhood. HOLY SHIT! He was huge! The look on her face was priceless. I don’t think she was expecting what she saw (and neither was I). His cock must have been six to eight inches soft. It hung down almost to his knee. He was uncircumcised, very thick, and being shaved, made it looked even more menacing. She paused for a minute, and nervously laughed at his size. “Wow, I don’t know.” She nervously exclaimed, looking sheepishly overwhelmed for a second. He whispered, “Don’t worry Baby, I’ll be gentle.”

“Oh what the hell,” she said as she reached up and cupped his huge balls. They were easily the size of a small gr*pefruit and totally filled her hand. She then moved her hand up and grabbed his semi flaccid cock by the base, it hung halfway down her forearm, and he wasn’t even hard yet. It was definitely like something you would see from the movies...and she was going for it! She began expertly stroking it with one hand with her other hand gently kneaded his enormous nut-sack. She then kissed up and down the shaft bringing him a bit more to life. I wondered just how big this ‘bad boy’ was going to get when it got fully erect. I could tell he was starting to get turned on more and more, he was feeling her breasts while she stroked and kissed his manhood. He pulled away for a second and stepped out of his underwear, his heavy cock now almost fully erect and sticking straight out. He must have been at least 10 inches long and the shaft was as thick as her wrist. He then put his hand on her head and pulled her toward his cock again. This time she opened her mouth wide and took in the enormous head. She grabbed the shaft at the base and started to slowly take him deep in her mouth. She went down about halfway before she slowly pulled back out exposing his length again. She went back and forth a few times getting deeper all the time. Now, my wife is an incredible cocksucker who truly loves it, and gets very turned on giving head. She has no problem deepthroating my average sized cock, but she was definitely not going to get this whole thing in her throat. I could tell she was really getting horny now, as he started to pump his hips and fuck her face. What a sight this was, to watch her expertly sucking this enormous cock. I almost came right there!

After a while, he pulled back, I could see that his cock was shiny and soaked with her saliva, and he had this crazed look in his eyes. He then took a step back and got down on his knees between her sexy legs. He pushed her down on the bed and pulled off her panties. He kissed her ankle and worked his way up to her inner thigh stopping very close to her twat. He then moved to the other leg and kissed his way up and down that leg ass well stopping just before her twat again. He placed her feet on his shoulders and began gently licking her twat. I could see her twitch a little as his tongue met her wetness. He made a muffled “Mmm” sound and pulling away for a bit, he looking up at her he said, “Wow Baby, you are really wet.”

“I love sucking cock!” she mumbled, “It gets me wet every time.”

He then dove back in and went back to work on her juicy twat. She was now squirming quite a bit under his expert tongue. I could see him reach down and give his cock a few strokes every once in a while to keep it hard. I could see his head swirling around in circles, he was devouring her and she loved it. Her hips were now wiggling around and I could tell that she was nearing an orgasm. He then stuck his tongue deeply into her twat and ‘tongue fucked’ her. She squealed in delight, she was now totally oblivious, and right into this as she got even closer to Cumming. He then zeroed in on her clit, she let out another squeal and started to buck her hips as her orgasm welled up inside of her. Boy was he in for a surprise! You see, my wife has the ability to squirt when she cums, and usually her best ones are when she is being eaten. I was almost Cumming myself, sitting over in the corner and watching. She tensed up, grabbed his head, and she cried out with an inhuman, guttural noise, grinding her pussy into his face. The first wave of orgasm hit and she exploded on his face, surprising him. She writhed on the bed as she came again over and over, he just hung on to her hips and continued what he was doing until she was finally finished and slumped on the bed. he pulled away from her and I could see his face was soaked with her love juice. He had this kind of stunned look on his face, as he probably never ran into one like this before. . She just lay there twitching and trying to recover from such a big cum. “Wow, that was surprising,” he exclaimed as he wiped off his sopping face. He then climbed onto the bed and kissed her deeply, He manoeuvred himself on top of her, and lifted her legs way up in the air. He was up on his knees a bit and was rubbing his manhood all over her soaking twat, teasing her. I now moved to the end of the bed so I could see the action between their legs. I watched as he probed his massive head around the entrance to her twat, trying to find the hole. She reached down between them and grabbed his cock and guided him. I watched as he slowly pushed against her. When the large head finally pushed it’s way into her she squealed, and her hands instantly pushed against his hips to slow him down, while she adjusted to his size. Once she was comfortable, he gave another steady push and went deeper into her tight twat. After he was about half way in, he started to pull out and I could see her tight inner lips being pulled out, it was like her twat was almost turning inside out. He pulled out far enough until just the head was in. He then thrusted in again, deeper yet and she grunted and clawed his ass cheeks. I watched as he picked up the pace now, thrusting deeply, but still not all the way. She was now getting used to his size and I could see her hips rise to greet his every thrust as he went deeper every time. After a few minutes of this he pulled his massive prick out of her with a plop. He turned her over on her knees at and got behind her doggy style. I could see her twat gaping wide and loose now. He then grabbed her hips and thrust into her very quickly, she squealed loudly from the surprise and slapped her hand on the bed, “Fuck!”, she screamed. He set up his pace very hard and deliberate, and I could hear the slapping noises as his torso met her ass. She was totally delirious now, her hands clenched with a fistful of sheets and biting the pillow, moaning and grunting very loudly. I watched in amazement as he royally fucked my wife steady like this for quite some time. She must have cum 5 times. I could see that they were both soaked with her juices now and she was wet almost to her knees! Finally, I could see him tense up as he began to cum deep in her twat. He seemed to cum forever, and he filled her pussy with his seed to the point of overflowing. I watched it drip down her leg. They were both twitching in the aftermath of their orgasm, it was quite a sight. When he finally pulled his now flaccid cock out of her, she moaned and laid face down on the bed, totally exhausted. He went into the bathroom to clean up. She lay there panting and delirious for quite some time. I moved in and looked between her legs. She was a mess! Her twat was swollen and gaping. It was oozing and covered in cum. She obviously just got the fucking of her life. ‘Our friend’ came out of the bathroom and got himself dressed. He kissed her good bye on the cheek, and told her that he had a great time and he hoped it was as good for ‘us’ as it was for him. He shook my hand, grabbed his money off the bedside, and left the room.

I asked her how she was doing. She said with a worn out smile, “Oh My God, That was fantastic! How are you doing, Honey, did you enjoy it?”

I answered, “Oh Yeah, I’m totally turned on!”

She smiled and cooed; “I have one more fantasy I need filled, by you, are you up for it?” she teased.

“Of Course, anything for you, right now”, I panted.

“Now, I need you to lick me while its full of his cum”, she somewhat nervously demanded.

How could I say no?! I climbed into bed beside her and we kissed passionately for a bit.

She looked in my eyes and said reassuringly , “That was all for you, Baby.” I melted, knowing that she did that just for me. I worked my way down to her well-used twat and dove in. I had never gone down on a ‘used’ pussy before, and I must admit, it was really turning me on! She was totally soaked and gooey, and his cum was everywhere. He must have shot one heck of a big load! It was funny, but I loved eating her and ‘cleaning her up’ after she had been well fucked. She quickly came all over my face in no time at all. She was really enjoying her man eating her right after she had fucked someone else. I moved up and kissed her again, letting her taste the mixture of juices on my face. My cock quickly found her sloppy twat and I dove in. Man, was she loose, and totally used! I buried it to the hilt and proceeded to pound my cock in and out of her, making really wet, sloppy sounds with every thrust. I kept up a rapid pace until I unloaded probably my biggest load ever into her already full twat. It was an absolutely fantastic experience for the both of us.

Needless to say, we made mad, passionate love all night…

The End

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