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How I Became A Hotwife

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How I Became A Hotwife By Susie Hornblower

Let me say right off that this story is absolutely true. This is definitely NOT fiction and there's nothing fake in the words that follow. It actually describes how I became a hot wife for my darling husband. Since becoming a hot wife we've had many sexual adventures together. This story is about how it all started.

First of all I'm a very attractive 45-year-old woman (just ask my husband or the dozens of men I've fucked in the last year or so). I'm 5' 4", and weigh 125 lbs. I have long thick black hair down past the middle of my back. I have a very cute face; tastefully tanned white skin, a nice set of "C+" tits, a well-proportioned ass, and strong shapely legs because I'm a marathon runner. I'm also very sexually submissive and I'll do just about anything for my husband because I love him so much.

My husband is a handsome black man that stands 6'2" tall, and weighs 200 lbs. He has long athletic legs, a toned body and the best looking ass a man can have. In fact, his ass is the best feature on his hot body (second only to his beautiful black cock). He regularly works out because he says he wants to look good for me all the time. Isn't that sweet of him?

We've been married for over 15 years and we've lived in Phoenix, Arizona for about the last eight. Starting around four years ago, whenever we had sex we would fantasize about me fucking other men. I would lay on my back with my legs spread wide as he pumped his stiff dick into me and fantasized about how much he wanted me to be fucked by two or more guys at the same time while he watched. In response, I would tell him about the men I fucked before we were married. He would get really excited hearing me describe how their cocks felt as they where shoved deep into my hole before finally cumming in my pussy and mouth.

To make things more interesting, I soon started dressing as sexy as possible by wearing high heels, short skirts, panty hose with no panties, and either halter tops or see through blouses with no bra. I would dress like this when we went out to restaurants or dance clubs. Usually we would go together, but sometimes we would pretend that we didn't know each other and he would stand in the shadows and watch me flirt with the men trying to pick me up. I had a lot of guys wanting to do all sorts of nasty things to me, but I never let any of them touch me.

At the end of each night out, I would meet my husband back at home so I could tell him about what the men wanted me to do. Before long we would be fucking like rabid dogs while talking about me getting gangbanged by the men from the club who desperately wanted to fuck me.

One Friday evening my husband asked if I was willing to go to a nearby sex club that night. He had asked me several times before but I always told him "No." But by now I was curious to see if he was really serious about allowing me to have sex with other men. After four years of fantasizing, my objections were finally overcome and I was ready to experience a new twist in our sex lives! On this particular day I caught him completely off guard by answering "Yes!"

After he picked himself up off of the floor we began planning our night out. First I wanted him to take me to a bar. After all, the only man who had the pleasure of getting between my legs for over 15 years was my husband! If I was going to be fucked by strange cock then I wanted to loosen up with a few drinks first.

Next we decided how I would dress to advertise the fact that I wanted as much male attention as possible. My husband loves it when I wear black to compliment my long silky black hair, so that meant a tight fitting black dress that barely covered my pussy and ass with a plunging neckline that brandished plenty of cleavage for all to see. Underneath was bare skin with no stockings, no panties, no bra, and no inhibitions! To finish off the outfit I wore black open toe four-inch heels to give my body a tall slender sexy look. Satisfied with my gothic sex slave appearance the stage was now set and we were off to start a new life of sexual adventure.

My husband took me to a bar not far from the sex club and we had a few drinks while listening to the jukebox. Actually, I had more than just a few drinks. I was so nervous about what I was going to do I got positively wasted. After a couple of hours and while I was still able to walk under my own power, my husband asked if I was ready to hit the club. I meekly nodded "yes" and followed him out to the car. My pussy was on fire with excitement!

By now I was feeling so horny that the only thing on my mind was fucking my husband right then and there in the parking lot. As we walked to the car I kept grabbing his marvelous ass and grinding his cock into my crotch. It was all he could do to keep from tripping over me! He finally managed to get me into the passenger seat and as soon as he got in from the drivers side I immediately leaned over and tried to "liberate" his cock so I could suck it because I wanted his meat really bad!

With a mischievous smile he gently said, "No honey. Let's wait until we get to the club." Disappointed, I restrained myself but only long enough to slip my hand under my dress and play with my own wet pussy.

Despite the alcohol I consumed at the bar I was very nervous when we arrived. After paying our entrance fee we entered the club onto the main floor. There was loud, should I say "sensual" hard driving music constantly playing in the dimly lit, smoke filled establishment. Dozens of television monitors hung from the walls with each one playing a different XXX porn movie. Scantly clad men and women of all shapes and sizes were walking around having the time of their lives.

In the middle of the room was a decent size dance floor occupied by several naked couples frolicking about like a bunch of newlyweds. The remainder of the room was dotted with four person tables and chairs with a few booth-type couch seats lining the walls. Everything about the place was designed to encourage an evening of adult fun and entertainment topped off with the scent of sweaty bodies throughout.

At first we just wandered around checking the place out. I could feel the eyes of the nasty, horny men follow me wherever I went. I noticed a room with windows and a lot of men standing around staring at what was going on inside. I inched my way through the crowd so I could see what all the excitement was about, totally leaving my husband behind.

As I made my way to the window I felt hands gently squeeze my ass every so often, then the hands would dart away as if the owners were afraid of being caught. I giggled to myself at how intimidated they were.

Peering through the glass I saw three couches against three walls of the room and a king size bed in the middle of the floor. In addition, there were two television screens positioned in opposite corners with XXX porn movies playing. About a half dozen sex hungry couples occupied the furniture and they were engaged in various sexual acts. They were sucking, fucking, licking, rubbing, and fondling each other while totally oblivious to the onlookers. Glancing around myself, I noticed that I was completely surrounded by men of all shapes and sizes - and most of them were staring directly at me. This kind of turned me on, but I decided it was time to squeeze back through the crowd and find my husband.

As I made my way back through the gauntlet of pussy hounds my ass was repeatedly squeezed and pinched by unknown assailants and I loved the sensations it gave me.

I found my husband sitting at the bar where he was finishing a drink. He had this mischievous grin on his face as I approached him.

"Did you have fun letting all those men feel you up?" he asked.

Surprised that he had seen me, I had to admit that I did. It seems he had been watching me the whole time I was buried in the crowd of men around the couple's room and he was getting off on it. That's when he proceeded to tell me he had an idea.

Grabbing me by the hand he led me down a long dark corridor to the back of the club. The corridor then widened to reveal several doorways to private rooms. Some of the rooms had windows and there were about 20 or 30 men standing around in groups rubbing their cocks through their pants as they watched the action going on behind the glass.

Without warning, my husband began kissing me right there in front of all those men. He started rubbing and squeezing my ass too. I gently closed my eyes to accept his advances as he covered my mouth with his and flitted his tongue against mine. In addition, he slowly slid his hands up my sides to cup and squeeze my breasts. Then he would slide his hands back down my sides to my waist and ass again. The feeling of his strong hands as they glided across my silky smooth dress was sending me into a state of sexual frenzy.

He did this several times and on one trip back up he grabbed the hem of my dress and slid it up over my ass! I was shocked when I realized that my husband was publicly exposing my naked body to a couple of dozen strangers in this dark dingy corridor but it truly turned me on. Naked from the waste down, I was feeling quite vulnerable and I opened my eyes slightly to peek out and see if anyone was watching. Not only were most of the men watching, but they also began crowding around us to get a better look!

To make things even more interesting, my husband hiked my dress all the way up to my armpits, above my breasts. Now I was completely naked from the neck down, except for my high-heeled shoes and a light tan. Suddenly, I felt another set of hands touching my body, then another, and another, and another. I opened my eyes all the way now and discovered my husbands smiling face. I then looked around me at the throng of horny men groping, squeezing, and touching every inch of my body, and with every passing minute they grew bolder at mobbing me.

In total silence, except for a few moans escaping from me and from some of the horn dogs groping me, fingers from every direction were prying their way into every opening in my body. My pussy tingled as I shifted my weight and leaned back into the crowd in complete submission.

Seeing my lustful surrender, the men were all over me in a flash and before I knew it they were feeling me up in every way imaginable and it was getting me hotter by the second. I allowed them to squeeze and suck my tits as well as slide their fingers in and out of my pussy and ass while my husband stood there watching as he jerked off his own raging hard on.

I was leaning back against some man's hairy chest with my eyes closed while he squeezed my tits from behind and ground his cock against my ass when I felt more dicks rubbing against my thighs. Looking down I saw a half dozen or so naked cocks pointed in my direction. I reached out and grabbed a cock in each hand and began jerking them off. By now I'd worked up a pretty good sweat and I tried to jerk off as many men as possible as they pushed and shoved each other to get closer to me. I really enjoyed being the center of attention! At least two men had a finger or two up my ass and two or three men were finger fucking my pussy while two other men each had one of my tits in their mouths.

It was a huge mass of hot horny guys all climbing on top of each other trying to get off on my petite little white skinned body. I had never had so much cock at one time in my entire life. I felt like a total slut and I loved it! Most of all, I loved the reaction of my husband as he watched my writhing body surrender to the wonton desires of the lust filled crowd.

It wasn't long before I had an explosive orgasm from all of the fondling I received from these total strangers. I didn't know who they were, and I didn't care. All I knew was that I was enjoying the role of being a hot wife for my husband and having the time of my life with so many men. A loud moan escaped from my lips as my hips bucked and my legs trembled from the waves of ecstasy that rippled through my body.

After recovering from my orgasm and dislodging all the fingers from my pussy and ass, my husband led me by the hand back down the dark corridor to the main floor of the club. I was still feeling quite horny as we sat on a couch off to the side of the room and watched naked women dance on the dance floor. I hiked up my dress, spread my legs and began fondling my wet pussy for any man passing by to see. The smell of my own juices was turning me on again. Two nearby men immediately noticed and asked if they could join in. I said, "Yes!"

The first man approached me, unzipped his pants, and out popped a beautiful hard cock. When he sat down next to me I could she he had about seven inches and after he slipped on a condom, I leaned over to devour his throbbing man meat while the second man started licking my well-lubed pussy. The man in my mouth shoved his cock down my throat and after a few pumps he exploded in a powerful orgasm. I felt the cum gush from his prick and splash against the tip of the rubber as he bucked up and down against my face.

Finished with my task, I leaned back on the couch as the second man continued licking my wet pussy. I could feel his hungry lips sucking hard on my clit and causing my juices to smear all over his face. Meanwhile, quite a few spectators had gathered to check us out, and a nearby woman became so aroused that she started fondling her breasts as she watched my performance. I asked her if she was enjoying herself. "Fuck yes!" she responded.

I never felt so hot and horny as I did that night. I could see my husband stroking his rock hard cock as he watched me enjoy the attention of these total strangers. I could tell that he was excited about me being his little bitch that night! Soon I had my second orgasm and it was nearly as intense as the first when I was fondled in the back of the club.

After that second incredible experience I was feeling tired but still very horny and wanted to go on, so my husband and I decided to check out the couple's room. Making our way through the crowd of pussy hungry men gathered around the viewing window, we peaked through the barred doors to see couples eating each other, women sucking cock and men jerking themselves off over their female partners. I eagerly signaled to my husband that I wanted to go inside.

Once inside the room, we both sat down on one of the couches that lined the walls to watch all the fucking going on around us. I saw women with their legs spread wide as their husband or boyfriend ate their wet pussies. After watching for a while I proceeded to unzip my husband's pants and pull out his hard cock. As I began swallowing his dark meat deep down into my throat, I reached back to lift my dress and expose my milky white ass for the horny men outside the room to see as they peeked through the window. Overcome with lustful desires, my husband sank back into the couch and either watched the XXX porn playing on one of the televisions or feasted on the wild live sex happening all around us as my head bobbed up and down on his stiff shaft.

Within minutes I felt a pair of warm hands rub my ass checks. Surprised, I turned around to see a petite black woman completely naked on her hands and knees on the edge of the bed facing me while her black man banged her pussy. Without missing a stroke she gently dislodged my husband's cock from my mouth by pulling me to the bed and turning me over onto my back. She then began to suck my wet clit with her beautiful full lips.

This was the first time a woman had ever touched me in a sexual way. I felt her tongue slowly move up and around my clit. It felt incredible! Soon I couldn't stand it anymore and I reached up and pulled her down to the bed, causing her man's cock to pop out of her pussy. I turned her over onto her back, climbed between her legs on my hands and knees and began licking her clit. This petite girl had an incredible erotic taste. I gingerly pulled her pussy lips apart and slid my tongue as deep into her wetness as I could. Since the huge black prick that was pounding her pussy was homeless the muscular black man naturally shoved his condom-covered cock deep into my own cunt. A strange man was finally fucking me while my husband watched!

The rhythm of the pounding I received from behind by my new black lover and the excitement I was getting from sopping up his woman's wet juices made me so weak that I nearly fell over. I was literally ready to burst with another explosive orgasm and I had to force myself to hold back from cumming.

At that moment the strange black man stopped stabbing me with his tool and the familiar feel of my husband's wonderful cock replaced the relentless pounding in my pussy. Slowly my husband inched his own fuck meat into my thoroughly used soreness. My hips moved slowly as I arched my back to shove my pussy and ass into the air to meet his thrusts. He plunged deep into the farthest corners of my cunt. The internal pressure from his intrusion was incredible but I only wanted him to fuck me harder. My former black assailant was now sucking my tits while his woman gulped down his dark cock meat.

I briefly looked up from my pussy meal to see a huge crowd watching the three of them use my body for their lustful pleasure. Unable to control myself any longer, I began to buck like a bitch in heat and started squirting cunt juice onto my husbands cock as he continued to piston his dick in and out of my love canal, forcing my female juice to overflow my pussy and run down my legs. That last orgasm caused me to collapse on the bed completely exhausted. My three lovers were now gently caressing my limp body as I recovered.

After ten or fifteen minutes I caught my breath and my husband and I finally got dressed and left the club. During the drive all we could talk about was how much fun we had at the club and how much we loved each other.

When we arrived home we immediately tore off our cloths and fucked for over an hour. He pounded his cock into my wet sore pussy harder than ever before and I begged for more!

"Fuck me! Fuck my pussy harder!" I screamed.

Each time he thrust his prick deep inside of me I would scream out how much I enjoyed being fucked by the mysterious black man at the club. I also told him how wonderful it was to have my tits, pussy, and ass pinched, squeezed, and penetrated by dozens of total strangers. The more graphic I talked the more excited he got and he would pump harder and deeper into my body.

By now I was shamelessly moaning and screaming practically at the top of my lungs when I suddenly felt his body tense. I knew he was close to busting his nut so I pushed him off of me and quickly turned around and sucked his naked cock into my mouth -- just in time for him to jackhammer what seemed like buckets of spunk down my throat! I never swallowed so much cum before in my life.

Since that first experience in the sex club my husband has shared me many times. He's very creative about finding different fantasies for us to role-play and somehow I always manage to get fucked by one, two, three or more different men each time.

I truly love the satisfaction I get from controlling so many horny men with my naked body. Next time, I'll have to tell you about my first gangbang experience when our ultimate fantasy finally came true!

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