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Hole in the wall

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My wife and I used to play around some and one thing that she always liked was to be watched.I always told her that I loved watching her take a shower.She said to me one day that it would be cool if I could watch her without her knowledge.And my mind was always wondering how I could make it work.

A lil about the wife.She is 5'2" 120lbs long dark hair and very dark eys.34b and very nicely trimmed.

Well one day I had to do some work on the heater pipes and I had to tear part of the wall out in the spare bedroom.Once it was out I got to thinking about it and realized the bathtub was right on the other side of the wall I just tore out.I went to the tub and got to looking and found the shower caddie was against the wall and i marked the wall and removed the caddie and poked a small hole in the wall.I wnet back to the bed room and got down to look and it was pretty much perfect.So I did some touch up work on the hole and then replaced the caddie.

I was watching tv on day and Lynnsaid she was going to take a shower,I waited a few minutes and went into the spare room and took the panel down that was against the wall,(with the shower running she could not hear me).I got down and looked and it was at perfect hieght.Her pussy was in clear view,and if i moved just a bit I could also see her tits.

As I was watching her soap up her body I thought what the hell I might as well wack one off,so I took my pants off and got back to looking and when I did she was all soaped up and was gently rubbing her pussy.I got hard instantly.Here was my wife masterbating for me and she didn't even know it.I watched as she rubbed faster and faster and was also sliding her other hand up and down the crack of her ass.It did not take me long to loose me load and I watched and she finnally got herself off.

Just as she was cumming I thought I heard her say something but couldn't make it out.I later found out it was a friend of ours who's name she was saying.So hear I am watching my wife masterbate while she is thinking of someone else.I never told her about the hole and I watched her many times.

One day I went to help a friend move some stuff and he picked me up and I told her I would call her when I wanted her to come pick me up.

Well my buddy's truck broke down so we decided to move the stuff another time.I was just about to call lynn when he told me that he would just drop me back off.I got back home and when I called for lynn she did not answer.I looked out back and no sign of her,so I figured she was in the shower.

Well instead of me letting her know I was home I went to the spare room to watch her instead.As I was removing the panel I thought I heard something and figured she was playing with herself again.As I got down and looked thru the hole what I saw blew me away.There was my wife on her knees with a cock in her mouth,wow what a sight that I was not expecting.Me there with cock in hand got one of the best shows one could ask for.I watched as she licked his cock from tip to balls and then took the whole thing in her mouth.It wasn't hugh but a lil bigger that mine.She had his balls in one hand as she stroked him with the other till he started cumming,some hit her in the face and she took it in her mouth and I watched as she swallowed the rest .

Till this time I still did not know who this guy was untill lynn stood up and said mark will you please fuck me now.Mark ok who is mark,well when he got down to lick her pussy first i realized mark was one of our daughter's friends.So here is my wife of 22 yrs in the shower with a kid some 20 yrs younger than her.I watched as mark licked her and lynn just pulled his head in tight till she came all over his face.Mark looked up at lynn and said "ok now I can fuck you".Mark stood up and lynn bent over and reached between her legs and took ahold of his cock and guided it right into her pussy and he went all the way in on the first push.As mark was fucking her lynn would look back and say thing like "this is why I like fucking never go soft".So now I know that this is not the first time for them.Mark was fucking her harder and faster and lynn was pretty much screamming at him to fill her pussy with his cum.All at once mark stiffened up and I heard lynn say "oh yes baby thats it fill me up with your cum,oh god it feels so warm".

When mark pulled out lynn turned around and took his ccok right in her mouth and cleaned both of their juices off his cock.I watched as they washed each other's bodies and as lynn was washing his cock it got hard again and he wanted to do it again but lynn told him that I would soon be calling and that he had to go.They got out and I figured they dried each other off and even thought I could not see them any more I could hear now without the shower running and I heard slurping sounds and then I heard lynn say"thats all for now you gotta go".Mark told her that he just can't get enough of her.

Luckly I had my phone on vib when lynn called and said she was going to run to the store and wanted to know if she should pick me up.I told her no that jim was just gonna drop me off so she didn't have to worry about it.

I was in the living room when lynn got back home and she came in and sat down on my lap and asked me how my day was.Well not as eventfull as yours I told her.She looked at me with this strange look.I said stand up and come with me.I took her to the spare room and I told her that I wanted to show her something.The panel was still off and she thought I was showing her the pipes that I had been working on.I told her to get down on the floor and when she did I told her to look at the wall.Lynn saw the hole and got close to look thru it and could see the shower and then she asked me when I put that there.I told her a couple days ago and then I told her that I got back home at 11 this morning and she just turned red and said I guess you saw the whole show then.I told her I saw everything.I asked her how long she has been fucking mark and she told me that they have been doing it for a couple weeks now she thought that I knew.I told her not until today.

Lynn then told me that there were two other's,brian and bill,they are both teammates of marks.Lynn told me that brian is buitl alot like me and that bill is much bigger.I said oh yeah how big?She then said well he is a linebacker and he is black.Lynn then asked if I was upset and I told her not and I wouldn't be just as long as I got to keep my hole in the wall and got to watch her.Lynn asked me if I wanted another show tomorrow,hell yes was my answer.

Well the next day I was going to go golfing and lynn asked what time I would be home and I told her sometime around 3.She told me to call when I was on my way.I called at 2:30 and told her I was leaving and headed home,she told me that she would be in the shower when i got there.When I got home I went straight to the spare room and got undressed and got down to look and there was lynn sucking on the biggest blackest cock that I have ever seen.This kid had to be at least 11" long and as big around as my forearm.Lynn was trying to swallow as much of him as she could.Her lips and mouth were streached as wide as I have ever seen.She told bill that she wanted his first load in her mouth so that he would last longer while he was fucking her.And the was what he needed to hear to set him off and he started cumming all over her face and she quickly shoved his cock back in her mouth and swallow the rest of his cum.

Lynn stood up and while she was stroking that big black cock she asked bill if he would ever fuck her in front of her husband and bill's answer was "in your old man wants to see this big black cock tear up that white married pussy then he would be more than happy to".Lynn said thats good cause he is watching us right now.And when we are done in here we are going to the bedroom and we are going to fuck our brains out.Lynn bent over and with some trouble bill finnally got the head of his cock in her pussy.Lynn let out a loud gasp and then a deep moan as bill slid more and more of that black cock into her.He started fucking her so hard I thought that he was going to shove her right thru the wall.After about ten minutes bill told her that he was about ready to cum and fill that white married pussy,lynn just told him to fill her up.After he came he pulled out and lynn stayed bent over and I could see all that cum just oozing out of her pussy.

Lynn shut the water off and they got out and started drying off when I heard her say come on lets go to the bedroom.I waited for a couple minutes then I heard lynn call for me to come watch this young black cock fuck the hell outta her.When I walked into the bedroom bill was flat on his back and lynn was above him and guiding his cock into her pussy.After the head was in she just slammed herself down all the way on that cock and screammed that "it's so big and it feels so good".

Bill looked up at me and asked me if I liked watching his black cock fucking my wife,I told him was was an awesome sight seeing that black cock in her.Lynn was bouncing up and down and was cumming again and again.Bill told her that he wanted on top and they switched and bill put her legs over his sholders and drove his cock in her in one thrust and started fucking her like a mad man and lynn was say oh god oh god yes yes oh yes dont stop fucking me.Bill pounded her for about another ten minutes and them he started filling her pussy with his cum and when he was done he pulled out and moved up and told lynn to clean his cock off.Lynn just opened up and licked him clean.Bill asked her if she liked his black cock and she looked up and said no,I love your black cock.

Lynn looked at me and ask how I liked it,I told her that I loved it and I love her.I watched lynn with bill mark and brian many times and just the other night lynn asked me if I would like to watch her doing all three of them at the same time.I told her I can't wait.She told me not to make any plans next weekend.All weekend.

Lynn is not the only one I have got to in the shower,I got to see two of my daughters friends but that and the foursome are for another story.

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