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Her sweet taste of Chocolate

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The evening was going well as Christine and I were having a blast out on the town. The alcohol was starting to effect us both, but the hot dancing seemed to keep us alive and strong. This was the second party we attended where freedom of sexual _expression was both encouraged and expected, and I was enjoying show boating my beautiful wife in public when I noticed there were a couple of very attractive African American men who were paying real close attention to every detail. This made my heart skip as I immediately knew what had to be done. Christine had her eyes closed with her head tilted back on my shoulder as she ground her luscious ass into my crotch, keeping time to the music. I quickly undid her top fully exposing her white breasts to our onlookers, and beckoned for them to come and get it. I saw them turn to each other and say something and then a second later they were both dancing seductively in front of my wife.

1. Christine liked this kind of attention and quickly focused her sexual dancing to her new audience, and I am quite sure she blushed when she gave me a glance as her ass was now grinding into one of the strangers. I moved myself into her front and he and I pretended to fuck my wife right there on the dance floor. She blushed again, and I knew she could feel his hard cock pushing against her ass, and she only blushed because she knew that I knew she was loving it. After a few minutes of serious grinding, he stepped aside and allowed his buddy to take over. It was like the three of us men were communicating perfectly without saying a word. They knew they were welcome with me, and were more than eager to make this a great night for her. He wasted no time pressing his body firmly against her and slid his hand around her front and began to massage her breast as he gently began to kiss the back of her neck. Little did he know that what he was doing was causing quite a disturbance between her legs, and even though the music was loud and booming, I still heard her moan with pleasure.

I have often wondered what it would be like to see my beautiful wife with dark skin fondling her body, and here I was living a fantasy, and it was incredible! His hands began to kneed and fondle her breasts and then slide down into her crotch right before my very eyes, and to see her hands caressing his arms and to follow his every movement, I was unsure if she was guiding him between her legs, or just going with it. Quite frankly, I did not care. I was getting so turned on that it was happening in the first place none of that mattered. I beckoned the other to take my place in front of her, and when she opened her eyes, I could tell she was surprised and pleased at the same time. A quick glance in my direction to make sure I was still there was all the confirmation she needed, as she melted away at the hands fondling her. I watched as her hands were guided to each cock. I looked around and no one was even paying any attention to what was happening as bodies were everywhere on the dance floor dancing and showing body parts. My eyes refocused on the hot activity centered around my lovely wife, as she was enjoying one hand behind her stroking one cock, and looking down at her other hand as she was gripping his cock tight through his trousers. Just then she glanced my way and gave me that hungry look and her devilish grin, and began to grind her body down his body, shifting her hand up and down hard against his cock, and once down, opened her mouth and I could see her clearly shape his jeans perfectly around his cock, and then mash her face against him as she teasingly closed her mouth around his hard member. She came back up his body still stroking his cock, and the look on his face made her smile and blush, cause she knew he wanted her to do more than just tease....and the fluid trickling down her inner legs reminded her that she wanted more too.

I was afraid as the fast beat music had started to end, that she would be too tired to continue, but to my surprise they lowered the lights even more and began to play a slow erotic tune. The guys did not ease up as they sensed they about had her where they wanted, and one glance in my direction, and a quick smile and nod from me, they turned her around and switched. These guys had that look in their eyes. It was the look of pure determination, and they were working as a team to insure their success. Now facing her new partner, she wanted to make sure he was not neglected in any way as she quickly allowed her hand to be guided down the front of his loose fitting pants. I watched eagerly as she stroked his cock the best she could, while her other partner nibbled her neck and ears. She was completely in a sexual trance and found herself only aware of one thing, if either of them was to touch her steaming hot pussy right now, she knew she would explode. His cock felt rock hard, thick, and yet slick, as she gently slid her fingers up and down what she thought had to be at least nine inches of mass. As she looked up into his brown eyes, she felt her top open totally exposing her breasts, and her heart beat frantically as he lowered his mouth to her nipple and began to suck intensely. She felt her skirt lift completely from the back and she thought for a moment that she should push it back down, but between the alcohol, the feel of this thick cock now firmly in her grasp, and the quick hand that was gently caressing her ass, she allowed herself to be taken to this next level. Her mind swirled as he worked his magic tongue on each of her breasts, and she realized now that she was jacking him off feverishly as fingers slid into her soaked pussy. Her mind went blank as she felt herself jolt and cum uncontrollably.

The music ended and I could tell she was very flustered so I asked if she wanted to sit down for a bit, to which she was quick to say yes. As we sat down she looked at me with those eyes and said "If you don't want this to happen we need to leave now". I just gave her a smile and kissed her quivering lips and replied "We are not going anywhere, except to the room". She gave me that nervous yet thankful look, and then we invited the two studs to our room.

I never could figure out how we would start such an event in my fantasy world, but once in the room things heated up very quickly. Christine had been near naked on the dance floor, so it took no time for these two to strip her down. I watched as these two gently maneuvered my wife in all the directions they wanted, and she just followed their commanding leads, getting turned on all over again, and feeling out of control with her desires to be taken. She moaned as her pussy began to be tasted, and her mouth opened eagerly to take her first taste of chocolate. My dream had finally come true as I watched my wife devour her chocolate stick like a starved beast, as her hips rocked into a massive explosion coating his tongue with her juices. Once she had recouped from her orgasm, she focused on sucking her delicious cock, cramming as much as she could into her mouth, while allowing her to be moved to her hands and knees. She knew what was coming next, and her body trembled as her mind wandered with the vision of getting fucked. It was not long until she felt his hands on her hips, and the massive head parting her hungry pussy lips. She spread her legs wide and bobbed her head frantically, as she felt herself stretching to accommodate this torpedo. She was so wet he slid in easily and it was not long until she had adjusted to both his width and length, and he was able to slide his massive cock in and out with ease. It was only a matter of seconds when her mouth released her meal as she screamed into another orgasm. The juices of her cum created the familiar sound of fucking and loud body slapping, as he just held on tight to her hips and continued to fuck my wife through her gushing flow. By now she was begging for him to fuck her harder, and not to stop, as she was completely gone now with nothing but raw pure sex on her mind, and nothing was going to keep her from it.

Hearing this, her other lover moved in and took his place deep inside her pussy, and really fucked her hard. I was amazed to see just how hard and fast two people could fuck, but let me tell you, my wife kept up with him in perfect stride. Her ass was now being primed by a free tongue and finger as she was being pelted full of thick hard cock. She could not believe how great it felt to have these two guys fucking her, and was more than willing to do anything they wanted. Sweat was now pouring over their bodies as they rolled her onto her back, lifted and spread her legs and resumed fucking. She was nearing yet another climax, and they focused on her for the moment to insure they succeeded in yet another. She blew so hard I thought security would come through the door from how loud she was, but with her eyes pierced shut, she let herself get fucked through her gushing waves until they finally eased up.

He pulled from her, and lifted her body on top of his. She grabbed his thick soaked dick, and guided it back into her aching pussy, and let herself sink all the way down. She was not sure how much more she could handle, but was determined to feel cum shooting into her, and she began to hump his throbbing cock with all she had left. Sensing the end was near, I brought my own cock into the game, and offered it to her. She bent down and I felt her tight ass open to accept me in a double penetration. She opened her mouth and allowed herself to get fucked in all three of her holes. In a matter of seconds we all were moving in unison thrusting our cocks in and out, and gaining in speed. I felt my wife tense up and then moan loudly over her mouthful of cock, and that was all I could handle, as I spewed my seed deep in her ass. I felt the thick cock swelling in her honey hole, and then felt the pulsing throb as shot after shot was released inside of her already once again flooding freshly fucked hole. The feeling was incredible as I could feel all three of us cumming together. I opened my eyes just in time to see the first load of thick cum launch and land on her cheek, just missing her open and hungry mouth. She quickly lunged forward and made sure the rest of his creamy filling slid down the back of her throat...........

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