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Hello and You Might Need a Towel

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Women can be illusive but when I want something I don?t give up. I sent her several messages and finally she responded and said, ?Let?s just meet and say hi.? The door was open.

I imagined that the contrast of her white skin against my black skin will not be the only difference. Her profile tells me that she is almost twenty years older than me. She refused to send me a picture so I?m taking a chance but then it is only a meet and greet, right?

She says that we must be discreet so we decided to meet in a parking lot. She pulled up right in front! I text her and tell her to pull around back. Obviously she is new at this. Even better!! I love a challenge!

I pull up beside her car and she steps out to greet me. She said I wouldn?t be disappointed when I saw her and she was right. I saw a beautiful blonde woman, petite and curvy wearing a sundress that exposed her beautiful breasts leaving only a little to my imagination. Her face lit up when she saw me. She liked what she saw too.

She introduced herself as Happy. She gave me a quick hug and invited me to join her in her car. I quickly walked to the passenger side and slid in beside her. My eyes couldn?t quit looking at her beautiful breasts. Her smile was telling me all I needed to know. I already knew that I wanted to get in this cougar?s panties. But then she told me that she wasn?t wearing any! I asked her to prove it and without hesitation she lifted the hem on her sundress revealing a beautiful shaved pussy. I asked if I could feel it and she willingly opened her legs. Her pussy was beautiful. My fingers reached her pussy lips and she quivered and moaned, laying her head back as her eyes looked deeply into mine. I looked at her pussy as I parted her lips seeing the most beautiful pink lining. I could already imagine burying my dick into that pink heaven. Her hand slipped over mine telling me without words that I had permission to enter her lips. As my fingers moved deeper, I found that she was already soaking wet. I put my finger into her pussy until I could find her g spot. She gasped and moaned. Her g spot was swelling with each rhythm and pulse of my finger. My other hand tugged at her clit until she climaxed and I muffled her sounds with my mouth and tongue exploring hers. Then there was silence?.. She turned to me with a wicked smile and said, ?Hi, nice to meet you.?

My dick was rock hard and she could see my 8 inches pushing and looking for escape from the shorts that held it in a bind. She reached to pull down my shorts. Her eyes looked up at me and with her sexy southern drawl she said, ?I want that!? Her tongue gently brushed by shaft. ?DAMN!? She knew exactly what to do! She took her time purposefully trying to drive me crazy. Then her warm mouth took in my engorged dick, my eyes rolled back in my head. She flicked the head of my dick with her tongue and lips and then leaned and took my whole dick in her mouth fighting her gag. I could have cum in her mouth right then but I had another plan.

My eyes scanned the parking lot. People hadn?t seemed to notice us even though it was broad daylight. I asked Happy if she would get in the back seat. She knew exactly what I wanted to do. She seemed hesitant but my dick didn?t want to take no for an answer. She was afraid because people were all around. Finally she agreed. I got out and slipped into the backseat and she crawled through the opening between the front seats. My hands slipped under her dress and cupped her beautiful round breasts. They were the most perfect tits I have ever seen. I kissed her deeply and felt her resolve melting away. I pulled up my t shirt so that her body was against my skin. We were in our own little world. And then there was a slap on the passenger window. We both jumped and pure fear was in her face. The guy standing there was a stranger to us both. She reached pulling down her dress and I opened the door slightly. The guy said he was in the 18 wheeler parked near us and had been watching us from his truck. He was going into the cafe to eat and if we wanted to use his truck we were more than welcome. We both laughed with a sign of relief. I told him thanks for the offer but we?d stay right here. He said, ?Well, then I?m going back to the truck and I?ll be watching you two. I?ll eat later!? He laughed and looked at Happy and said ?If you have any energy left when he gets through with you I?d love to have some of what he is having!? She smiled and nodded. What could she say to that?

As he walked away, we laughed. So much for being discreet! Now where were we?.

I wanted to fuck her now. The thought of being watched made it even more exciting. I pulled her into my lap facing me. She pulled away. Was she going to deny me now? Her hands slipped under the seat she placed a condom on her lap and fumbled under the seat again retrieving a towel. ?You are going to need both of these,? she said with a wicked smile. No, she wasn?t planning on denying me! She pulled herself upright and kissed me passionately then with one hand on my dick she pulled the condom wrapper to her mouth tearing it open she held the tip of the condom with one hand and rolled it down my hard black dick. She placed the towel under her ass and raised up on her knees. We both glanced toward the 18 wheeler and our friend had his window down watching us and scanning the lot as if he were our lookout. She said ?I want to ride you and put on a show for him!?

I placed my hands on Happy?s ass and guided her down onto my hard throbbing dick slowly giving it to her inch by inch. Moans filled the car. She pulled up and slid back down and again. Then after only three trips down onto my dick she exploded with a massive orgasm. She muffled the sound by pressing her mouth against my neck. My black skin was covered with sweet white cum. I put my hand to my dick and brought the sweet juice to her mouth so that she could taste her cum. Her tongue accepted my fingers as she sucked my fingers deeply into mouth as she began to ride me again. Her eyes watched the parking lot for a moment and then she laughed. I glanced where she was looking and the truck driver had opened his door was stroking his dick for her to watch. With that I began to pound her pussy to let him know that there would be none of this pussy left for him. I made Happy cum again as she said ?You?re going to make me squirt!? I said ?Do it baby!? I had never seen a woman squirt before. Then she came and a floodgate was open and her cum juices covered us both. As her pussy tightened and flooded, my dick exploded inside her. Stroke after stroke my dick came and groans of ecstasy filled her car.

Apparently I was not the only one who came because when I was able to open my eyes, we both looked at our observer. He was wiping his dick with a towel. He waved at us and retreated into the darkness of his truck.

Happy crawled out of my lap and collapsed beside me. She said in her very sexy voice again ?Nice to meet you.?

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