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The term HOT WIFE refers to a married woman who has sex with men other than her spouse, with the husband’s consent. In most cases the husband takes a vicarious pleasure in arranging dates for his wife and then watching, hearing and knowing about his wife’s adventures. Husbands may take part by engaging in threesomes with their wife and her male acquaintance or by taking turns pleasuring his wife. Each man would immediately take over from the other man as soon as his orgasm is reached, in effect one man is recovering while the other is actively having sex with his wife. In this way, the wife has continuous intercourse and is particularly satisfying for a woman who can achieve multiple orgasms.

BBC is a term for Big Black Cock. After experiencing intercourse with a man who is well endowed, many women come to prefer it. Thus the phrase, Once you go black; you won’t go back. Although some white men are well-endowed, many black men’s cocks are between 8 and 12 inches, most with wide girth. This size fills the vagina completely and is very stimulating for most women.

My wife has had a well endowed black man before and it was apparent that she enjoyed the experience immensely. I know that she has had many sexual experiences, most of them at my insistence, some not that has led her to become a very good lover. With every fuck session, a new trick is learned. Besides I love to fuck her just after another man dropped his load of cum in her. As her husband, I am stimulated in seeing her have sex with other men and enjoy being intimately involved as a threesome or group experience. I find my self visualizing the past events and planning new ones. Her preference for large black cock does not intimidate me as I enjoy fucking her stretched out cunt and I rather enjoy setting up dates for her. I would consider My wife a HOT WIFE who prefers BBC.

Once at the swinger club, a white couple that was there put on one of their personal movies. It involved the woman doing two black studs in a hotel room. Most other action took place on a couch where she did them both, with the two alternating between her pussy and mouth. It was real turn on to watch the movie and then see the woman sitting there at the table. I often have fantasies about that and put My wife in that position so I placed an ad looking for two big black cocks to please her as I was filming it. I got a response from a 40 year old black stud with a 9 inch cock that loves to fuck pussy, ass and face. He told us that he had been swinging with couples for nine years and prefers doing middle aged white women with their husbands. He did not want any long term relationships, just a good fuck once in a while. I told him he certainly met the criteria and we would be in touch. On the site, there was recommendation from a 50year old Hispanic couple, whose wife he did him in March of 2009 that said he was a perfect gentleman and performed sexually beyond their expectations. In fact, their ad now reads that she only wants BBC. I thought this could be a problem for me, as my wife may deny access to her pussy if it not big and black, but I was willing to take a chance as I love the thought of my wife getting fucked by a 9 inch black cock over and over. If I can capture this on tape, we could watch it every time we fucked and it would be everlasting. Although, I am not adverse to her seeking out other BBC with me there.

Anyways, I decided to get a room at a local casino and tell my wife it was for a sexy night for us. I like the thought of a little sleezy, so I booked a room at the Stratosphere and did not tell her about our new friend. The hotel is in a neighborhood known for prostitution and I thought that would just make the night better. We left for the night and got our room, a nice room with a king bed overlooking the strip. Upon arrival, my wife changed into a slutty outfit and we went to dinner in the hotel. After we had dinner, we gambled and had a few drinks and I suggested that she looked very hot tonight. We had a few more drinks at the bar where I had previously set up a meeting with our black stud. The bar had some booths at the rear and dimly lit. It was about 11pm and I excused myself to go to the restroom, leaving my wife at the table alone. The black stud approached her and asked if she was alone and wanted company. She replied she was waiting for her husband and he commented how hot she looked. He engaged in some small talk, as I took an extraordinary amount of time away. I watched from the doorway of the bar as he spoke with her. As I returned, he introduced himself and complimented on how hot of a wife I had and offered to buy a round of drinks. With that, I invited him to join us for a drink, with My wife looking sort of funny at me but not disagreeing Well one drink led to another and pretty soon My wife was feeling no pain, and neither was I. I told him we had a room upstairs and invited him up for a drink. My wife looked at me and I think she sensed that I wanted her to fuck this guy. Knowing from the past, she knew I would not let a coincidence pass us up, besides I think she was attracted to the stud.

On the way up in the elevator, my wife entered and then the black stud. I went to the controls and punched in our floor. I turned and noticed, he took the liberty of putting his arm around my wife and then dropping it to her ass where continued rubbing it as they talked. my wife did not object and as the elevator came to our floor, I got out and then the two of them exited, he with his arm around my wife’s waist. As I fiddled with key card, I noticed he was rubbing her ass once again and she was smiling at him. Once in the room, the conversation led to sex as he told her guys would pay a lot of money to fuck her and she should consider working as a prostitute. My wife was red faced and just smiled as we all continued to drink. I had taken the moment to turn on some music just as we entered the room. As we were drinking, our friend asked my wife and me if we would like to get high producing a couple of marijuana joints from his pocket. We lit one up and passed it around and then did the other one. Our friend asked My wife to dance to a slow song and grabbed her close rubbing her body and pressing his cock into her. She accepted his advances and reached down and grabbed his cock through his pants. Looking at me for approval, I said we all need to get more comfortable. I turned out the lights so only the lights of the strip lit the room through the open shades.

I sat down in the side chair and the two of them sat on edge of the bed and began to kiss. My wife unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock, moving to the floor, got on her knees in front of him and began to suck his cock while she looked directly at me. As she did, I moved over and helped him remove my wife’s dress with her remaining in her high heels and fish net thigh high stockings only. She knelt in front of this stranger, having met him only an hour before and brought his 9 inch cock to life. His very black cock was disappearing into my white wife’s mouth. I stripped off my clothes as well and sat there taking in the view. We all three were now very nude and he put my wife on the bed and began to eat her out. I took the advantage to kneel on the bed by her head and place my cock into her mouth. Then he moved up and placed his cock into her pussy and fucked her white cunt with his black cock ramming it in her hole for about 20 minutes. He then rolled her over and began to try to put his cock into her ass. I supplied some lube and told him to fuck the shit out of her, which he entered and buried his 9 inch prick into her ass, with her moaning the whole way. As he climbed off of her, I entered her pussy for a fucking of my own as she took his load in her mouth, with his cum dripping from her lips. She then gave him another blow job bringing him back to life. Once back, he took my place and they fucked for another 20 minutes. The whole time I had placed the camera strategically and in the night mode where it could capture the action and all the sounds. I moved up to her mouth and she sucked me off as they fucked. This time he came inside of her, I moved to her pussy and fucked her again. I loved the feeling of fucking a well stretched pussy especially after it was just drenched with warm cum. I added my load of cum to his and then we laid there on the bed. My wife laid back with her legs spread wide and cum dripping out onto the bed.

We all had a drink and rested for a while and then my wife reached over and began to suck him off again, bringing him to life for a third time. He took her to the side chair and placed it in front of the floor to ceiling window and placed her ass up over the back of the chair and began to fuck her white cunt. He told me to turn the lights on so that the people on the street could watch her getting fucked. my wife moaned as I turned on the light and the room lit up brightly. I walked over to the chair and placed my cock into her mouth. He continued ramming his cock into her, pulling all the way out and then reentering her each time as she sucked me off. After about another 20 minutes he and I came in my wife. My wife announced that she had cum 12 times in front of the window.

He said he had to leave as it was 4 in the morning now. He told my wife that he had a couple of friends, also black that would love to fuck her. She insisted on sharing our phone numbers and make a date for the following weekend He said his friends have larger cocks and he told My wife she should brink a lot of lube.

My wife and I fucked one more time before drifting off to sleep. In the morning, we went down for breakfast and noticed how my wife was looking our black waiter over as he poured our drinks. I asked her if she wanted him and she stated that she would not mind me setting a date up for her with him in the future.

I believe I created a BBC lady, which I am ok with. My wife has instead in advertising her preference with an ankle bracelet that has BBC on it. We only search for couples and singles of color now.

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