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Dating Samantha

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Dating Samantha

After Samantha and I had been dating for a while, and I really knew her lusts, wants, & needs ? I told her I had a special treat waiting for her but we had to take a little drive. Knowing what a special lady Samantha is, She, loving to be used and degraded. I had her dress like a wonderfully nasty whore/slave, just how I love to see her done up. She just looks so sexy in a see through blouse with no bra. Collar for her necklace, and a short short mini dress with no underwear and her naked white legs and feet adorned with spike high heels. When I have her dress like that she knows she?s was going to be the center of attention. She wanted to know where I was going to take her but I just told her it was a surprise and she?d just have to wait,, but that she would remember this night for a long long time...

I know it teased her, as I told her she was to do all I said, and to be an obedient slave and not to talk at all. When I told her that she knew it was going to be nasty as her nipples stood erect and she played with her wet pussy all the way there as we drove?

When we arrived I had taken her to downtown L.A deep in the heart of Black Man Town. She kind of looked at me like I don?t know about this. I told her to relax that I knew these men and I used to supply them with women. As Samantha stepped from the car I clipped the leash on her collar and lead her into a very seedy nigger bar. The place was full of nothing but black men. Several saw us walk in and nodded to me, as again I knew them. I proceeded to parade Samantha around as white candy for the black bastards. I knew them seeing a slutty white whore being paraded on a leash would ignite their native lusts. Some even said look at that white trash bitch. Samantha, being the girl I love, just gave them a look of *Come get me.* teasing them even more?

I sat her on the bar stool next to me and pounded a couple of drinks. I had her drink a stiff drink as well as I knew what was to come, and she?d need to be relaxed and loose. When I felt she was ready,, and more so the men as they had all been staring at her since she walked in. I pulled her by her leash and paraded her in front of the black bastards one last time, then invited them to step out the back door into the alley. They all knew what kind of women I supplied and we damn near emptied out the bar as all wanted a piece of this white trash whore?.

Once in the dark alley we could smell piss from drunken niggers and the many over flowing garbage cans that lined the alley. I was going to enjoy watching this and knew Samantha would absolutely love me for this as well? Especially for the way she enjoyed, or should I say *Loved Being Used.*? I pulled a garbage can to the middle of the alley and pulled Samantha by the leash and made her bend over the garbage can. Once in position bent over the can, Samantha heard many nigger zippers opening as she waited to be fucked and used. The first nigger stepped up and lifted Samantha?s short skirt up over her ass as he said, ?No underwear, What a nasty lil bitch.? as he took his already hard cock in hand, lined it up with Samantha?s already wet cunt and drove it deep into her. Samantha squealed as she clung to the rim of the trash can. I whipped her over the back as I told her to shut up and not say a word. As I said she needed to be loose for the pounding that was ahead of her. The niggers gathered round watching their friend fuck Sam?s pussy hard as her head and curls bobbed to every hard nigger pounding stroke into her cunt?

As it got started, another nigger stepped around the trash can and grabbed Samantha by the hair lifting her head hanging his massive black tool inches from her face. He said to her, ?Look at you, you white trash whore.? ?Look?in all pretty bent over a trash can.? Then in a rough voice he said, ?Open your mouth you cum dump pig.? I saw Samantha get a slutty smirk just before she opened her mouth for the nigger. He then shoved his big black veined cock straight down her throat mercilessly throat fucking her as he held her by her pretty curly hair?.

It didn?t take long with Samantha being bucked back and forth by nigger dick that the one in her cunt let loose a massive load. Sam could feel his black cock pulsing as it filled her pussy full of nigger jizz. As he came in her I could see the look on Sam?s face, she loved it. When he finished he stepped back and another nigger dick took his place.. Again Samantha was bucked back and forth bent over the trash can. Forced to take nigger cock mercilessly deep in both ends. As the new one pile drove her cunt it was shoving the other veiney black dick deep down her throat. This set the nigger in her mouth off and he let loose a huge wad and all of us could her Sam gulping as she tried to drink it. As the nigger was cumming, he kept throat fucking her causing sperm to squirt from the sides of her mouth, which ran and dripping from her chin. But that just added to the black carnage as the nigger stepped back and another took his place fucking Sam?s mouth just as hard.

Almost immediately after seeing Sam drooling nigger sperm and then continuing to be mouth fucked, the one fucking her cunt was about to shoot his wad to. Holding her hips and drove his big black dick just as deep as he could saying, ?Take it you nigga lovin bitch.? He then blew his big gooey was deep into her cunt. He continued to pump her pussy hard as his wad mixed with the first niggers and oozed out running down the inside of her thighs. More and more niggers took their turn on Samantha and she was fast becoming a nigger cum dump as she clung to the rim of the garbage can taking big black veiney cock after big black veiney cock at both ends?

Then the biggest hung nigger stepped up, and this black bastard wanted her tight little asshole. He grabbed Sam?s hips as she clung to the rim of the trash can and with one hard shove buried his huge black cock to the hilt. Sam?s squeal was muffled by the dick being shoved down her throat. The bastard who had just bruise her bowels said as he kept plunging his huge black dick deep into her ass, ?Take it you white butthole bitch.?. As Sam sucked the cock that was being rammed down her throat, and was taking the biggest one being pile drove up her now aching bowels, she had a look of concern on her face. It?s a wonder the two big black veiney cocks didn?t hit somewhere in the middle of her as her eye browse were drawn up and we could hear her cooing and muffled moaning to every throat ramming and butthole bruising stroke. The nigger in her mouth could feel her coos and muffled moans on his cock and said, ?Yeah, you feel that cock in you?re ass don?t ya bitch?? Sam whimpered a muffled, ?Hmmm, hmmmm..? and I whipped her over the back once more yelling, ?Shut up and take it.? The niggers just laughed as they continued to use her as a three hole honey?

More and more niggers stepped up taking their turns using all three of Samantha?s holes as a cum dump. They were all making lewd comments as they drain their balls in her. Nigger after niggers shot wad after wad into her three holes calling her a Filthy Bitch, White Trash Whore, and a Disgusting Pig? As the numbers of niggers that drained their balls in her climbed, So did the lewd comments?

It was beautiful seeing Samantha dressed like a cheap whore being bent over a trash can in an alley being used by a bar full of nasty niggers. It was the perfect contrast. Her lily white skin glowing in the moon light. Her butthole and cunt stretching to the hilt around nigger cock with her lips a perfect ?O? as big black veiney cocks was repeatedly shoved down her throat. I loved watching it all as she clung to the rim as the well hung niggers encircled & used her...

After I had enjoyed seeing Samantha used in this position, I pulled her off the trash can by her leash and placed her on her knees for the remaining niggers.. I wanted to make sure Samantha got her fill of nigger jizz before I enjoyed using her. I had the remaining niggers lined up as they stroked their cocks. With the niggers watching Sam?s brutal fucking bent over a trash can and then stroking as they waited to be sucked they would be ready to blow a load right as they stepped up for their turn. It worked as each one stepped up, they immediacy filled Sam?s mouth with their gooey hot nigger loads. As Samantha sucked off one big black veiney cock after another, nigger sperm was filling Sam?s mouth & stomach faster then it was draining out her sore and well fucked asshole and cunt. What a wonderful sight seeing my girl sucking off cock after big black veiney cock, taking load after load of nigger jizz and seeing her enjoying every drop. I had given her the ultimate gift of being a true white trash whore satisfying a bar full of nasty niggers?..

After the last nigger had dumped his wad in Sam?s mouth and was headed back into the bar, she and I were alone in the alley. I stepped up and hung my dick in her face. Samantha looked up at me with lusty love in her eyes. I told her to kiss the cock she loves. On her knees a complete spermy mess, she leaned forwards and began to kiss the tip of my dick as she looked up at me? After she had kissed my dick multiple times, I told her to suck is, which she did. She sucked me for all she was worth? I then stepped back as my cock slide from her mouth? She looked up at me like a sad puppy as she wanted to finish me and drink my load to. I then told her to jack my cock at her face. Samantha reached up wrapping her fingers tightly around my shaft and began to jack me off with my hard dick pointing straight at her face. It felt so good as she knows how to satisfy any cock As my climax neared I told her faster. Being the good lil slave she is, she feverishly jacked my cock at her face. Just before I came I told her to open her mouth and tilt her head back. I grabbed her by the curls on the back of her head holding her just where I wanted her. I told her I was going to cum but not to swallow it. I then blew a huge gooey load, spurt after spurt covered Sam?s face and filled her mouth. After I had given her my load and before she swallowed it, I told her to keep it in her mouth and to savor the flavor of my load. I could see the look of enjoyment as Sam tasted the bitterness of my wad. After a few moments of her savoring the taste of my load, I told her, ?Now swallow it.? I loved hearing Sam?s gulp as she then licked her lips for more? After I took Samantha home and fucked her nigger filled pussy and asshole in my bed. I fucked her hard until I was about to cum again. Then just before I came, I told her that I loved her for being the disgusting cum dump pig she was, kissed her deep on her sperm sticky lips, and dumping the last of the nights loads into her cunt, draining my balls empty. After I rolled off her and we laid there side by side, she told me no one understands her like I do and that she loved me for it?

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