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Customer Service to the extreme

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I have some amazing stories from my wild experiences, so I will tell you my best one to date!

First, about me: I am 33, Black, hung with 10 very thick inches... I used to work in an adult video store in the midwest, back when most of the personal sites online were free- because most swingers were still placing ads in special magazines or adult stores. The store I worked in had a wall of notecards where couples\singles would post their ads and responders had to give notes to me and I placed them in the 'mail box' for the poster. Plus- we had an 'adult arcade' with gloryholes for people that wanted to have immediate\anonymous fun. I will admit whenever business allowed, I released my sexual buildup while on the job. Being behind that counter everyday, seeing who posted the notes and who they played with in the booths, I got a good idea of how to read people and understand who was freaky and who wasn't. I also got more than a few offers from customers.

Now- on to the story...

One particularly uneventful evening, a new customer paid the store a visit. She was a very tall, shy, redheaded BBW. Something about her told me to be more interactive than I normally behave with customers. I said hello and invited her to explore the store and ask any questions that come to mind- something I never did before. Almost immediately, she replied that she didn't even know where to begin to look. I offered to give her a tour of the store and she smiled and accepted.

I started by showing her the bargain video section at the front of the store, then lingerie area- which lead to the sex toys. I decided to test the waters a little by giving a small lecture on the differences in sex toys: penetration, stimulation, undulation, gimmick, and novelty, etc. I could sense that she was slightly shocked by my forwardness, but also becoming aroused in her mannerisms and questioning of the items on display. Good...

Next, I showed her the magazine section- where the personal ads happened to be posted. I explained the purpose of the ads, then promptly drew her attention to the video rental section. I pointed out the different genres of videos and made sure to save the interracial\big black dick videos for the last part of my tour. After that, we 'just happened' to be standing directly in front of the arcade\gloryhole area. Of course, she curiously asked what that area was for. I explained that this is where people like to engage in adult fun while on premises. I showed her the individual booths and even told her about some of the escapades I had 'witnessed' going on back there. She smiled an obviously intrigued grin and asked if she could take her time looking through the store.

I was sure that my tour had encouraged her to open up a little, but I couldn't tell if I had struck the RIGHT nerve in her. I went back to the counter and tried not to watch her as she went through the video section. After selecting a video [I didn't see from which genre], she went to the toy section. I read a weekly magazine and kept my head\eyes down, trying not to intimidate her with my presence. She eventually made her way to the counter with her items and handed them to me for purchasing.

I tried to act unaffected as I rang-up the Interracial\BBW\BBC video and 8" black dildo. I simply smiled and said "I am jealous; at least someone will be having fun tonight!" She smiled, paid, and then headed out the door. I assumed that my plan failed. I was very wrong!

I settled back into work expecting a long night ahead, but I wasn't bored for long. About 15 minutes after she left, the customer called the store to ask me a question. "Did you really mean what you said? About being jealous and all?", she asked. "What do you mean?! Of course! A sexy lady going home with a video and a toy- yes, I wish I was going to be there to join in!", I replied.

She laughed a little and then asked if the store was busy. I told her that no one was there and that I might have to close the store early. She said she was going to get something to eat at a fast-food joint and offered to get me something. I declined the offer, but she insisted that she would bring me something to eat. A little while later, she appeared with the food in hand and a big smile on her face.

I should probably explain what she was wearing at this time, so you can understand the events that are about to unfold. She had on a neon\lime full body dress that almost appeared to be spandex, but was not hugging her very tightly. I didn't think to look for pantie-lines before, but it was obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra- since her nipples were CLEARLY standing erect in front of me. She asked me in a very sultry, bold tone- "have you ever gone back in those booths?"

I confessed that I had been back there one or two times for reasons 'other than work'. She asked me to show them to her again. I smiled and lead her back to the area, joking that this is starting to become an interesting night. When I showed her the area previously, I did not take her into the booths. This time, I walked into the first booth and showed her the neatly designed hole in the wall that separated one booth from the adjoining one. I then showed her the video monitor and explained how the operation worked: close the booth door, put money in the machine, and a video will play. I told her that some people cover the hole with the attachments provided, or left them open to allow others to watch or 'join' on the fun. She smiled a wicked little smile and said she might like being watched sometime.

I could sense that I was ALMOST at the point of no return, but I needed to make sure! I mentioned that I had to get back to the counter just in case a customer came in and she gave me a playful pout. "Hmmm..., I could always just lock the door, you know."- I joked. She said "That wouldn't be a bad idea." I swiftly moved to the front door and locked the store, changed the sign to closed, and headed back to the booths. I was surprised to see that she had shut her door. I went to the next booth and saw that she left the hole uncovered. The light from the video was just enough for me to see that she had lifted her dress and exposed her pantie-less pussy for me to see while she played with her clit.

I unzipped and pulled out my cock to place through the hole. I heard her say 'Oh My!' as she reached out and started to stroke my dick. Soon, I felt her tongue on the thick head, tasting me. She attempted to suck me into her mouth, but my thickness prevented her from getting more than about 3 inches into her mouth. After a few minutes of gentle sucking, it was obvious I was close to blowing. That's when she pulled back. She asked if I wanted to cum in her pussy. "Sure, if you want it!" She put her ass up to the hole: a NICE, THICK bubble butt. I reached through and checked her pussy with my middle finger- it was DEFINITELY tight, but more than wet enough for me...

I started sliding my dick up and down her pussy and I could feel her pushing back, trying to get me. I started to slide my dick in slow and easy; I heard her gasp and moan a little as I kept up the pressure. When I sensed she was good and ready, I dug in deep and begun fucking her through the wall, unloading a HUGE wad in her pussy and stayed there until my dick stopped throbbing, then slowly pulled out. I heard her sigh on the other side of the wall.

I never saw her again after she left, but I wonder if I 'bred' her... I think that is what started my breeding fantasies.

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