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Cool Clear Night in Dallas

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It is a cool clear night in Dallas. There is a white girl with an hourglass figure...large breast, rounded ass and dressed to kill...walking along a dimly lit street...She is wearing a Satin red dress that is very low cut almost exposing her voluptuous breast...a little above the knee in length with seamed black hose and 5 inch heels...She sways so gracefully and enticing as she walks the side walk.... passing many drunks, bums,and professionals along the way....the street is lined with adult book stores, porno theaters,and bars....she sees this beautifully lit store front with the most gorgeous blue light illuminating from the window....she is in awe at the color that is displayed...she is very aroused by the glow that is cast upon her....she starts to cup her breast thru her dress and slowly works them out thru the neck line...nipples hard and erect...she leans up with her back against the store window and massages her breast in a firm erotic people are passing on the side walk, they slow their pace to are starting to slow....she realizes this and this excites her even more as she loves to be watched...her cunt she realizes is becoming increasingly moist....she spreads her legs apart and arches her back as she closes her eyes while pinching and pulling her breast...she lets small moans of ecstasy escape from her ruby red lips as her tongue slowly follows the outline of her mouth....she then slides her dress up over her ass and presses her bare cheeks against the the patrons in the store a nice view of a well rounded bottom....she then removes one hand from her breast and slips it between her legs, rubbing her cunt lips....she then notices that people are starting to just stand and watch as she fingers herself while she sucks on her nipple...then she sees a large framed black man standing next to the street light across the road...dressed for a night on the town...very handsome and strong..she proceeds to turn herself around and press her titties against the window as she lays her face on the cool glass...she stands with her legs shoulder width apart and arches her back so that her rounded ass is protruding towards the man across the street...she gently wiggles her ass at him and sends a warm smile to him...she then slides down the window with her breast just far enough to reach between her legs to her wet dripping cunt... she notices the huge bulge forming in the pants of the black man....she has completely focused her attention on his responses....not noticing the small crowd that is forming around her...she continues to finger her wet pussy for a bit and then slips her dripping fingers from her cunt and erotically licks her fingers and rubs her cunt juice across her lips...she looks towards the street light and realizes the black man is no longer there...she sighs with disappointment until she notices him along the sidewalk coming towards her...her heart pounds harder and faster as he nears her...she is scared of his presence but yet desires his hands on her....she stands and pulls her dress down as he approaches her...he then orders her to turn around with her back to him...he reaches and grabs her dress and raises it to her waist....her tits exposed to everyone standing around watching...he slightly pushes against her back for her to bend over at the waist.... he grabs her ass cheeks tight and squeezes firmly...she moans with excitement..her juices start to flow from her...he releases his huge black cock and begins to fuck her pussy with it....he orders a woman that is standing in the small crowd to play with her breast...the woman approaches and grabs her titties..pulling and tugging on the nipples...the woman then goes to her knees and begins to suck the nipples...the girl notices that several of the men are caressing their cocks thru their pants while some have began to stroke their manhood out in the open...the black guy grabs her hips, pulling her towards him in a fierce way...pumping his hard black cock into her tight wet pussy....she screams and moans in pleasure...he then removes his cock and inserts it into her ass...the woman on her knees proceeds to her pussy....gently rubbing the clit before running her tongue over the cunt lips...girl moans and screams with excitement as her black friend cums inside her ass and the woman buries her tongue deep with in her pussy....she cums in waves of pure hot pleasure....many of the men standing around have now finished their loads onto the street or where ever they could find....the black man pulls the girl erect by her hair and spins her around towards him and plants a wet passionate kiss on her lips...holding her tight in his arms..the woman on the ground rises and situates herself...wiping her lips free of cum...she then turns and walks off in the shadows...while the crowd starts to break....the black man smiles pleasingly to the girl and they both redress and walk in separate directions off into the night......never to see each other again....

By Mrs. cntrycpl1969 2/2002

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