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Coming out of her shell

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I have been happily married for 32 years to my high school sweetheart, a sexy, passionate, intelligent, very handsome man. He has always been the more outgoing and adventurous type, while I tend to be on somewhat shy and "prudish", until I get to know you. I think of myself as "reserved", perhaps a little self-conscious. My husband flatters me constantly about my good looks and my "sexy body." He tells me he finds me very sexy and desireable even after being together all these years. We have talked about my shyness and lack of self-confidence and I know that if there is one thing my husband would like to see change, it would be for me to be more relaxed with my body and to "just have fun!"

One evening, after dinner, my hubby asked me if I would consider going to an adult only, clothing optional, resort. At first I was a little taken back by his question. I told him how uncomfortable I would be walking around naked in front of other men and women. He asked me to think about it and after several days I decided it was time to "step out of my shell." We booked a trip for 6 days at an adult, couples only resort. To my surprise, within a day or two, I had become quite comfortable with not only being topless, but also with being totally naked! I watched with curiosity other couples and the various activities going on. I know my hubby enjoyed seeing my tan, full, round 36D tits exposed for other men to see. Later, one day, we ventured over to the hot tub where many of the couples hung out as the sun went down. I noticed a couple, he black and she, white, a little younger than us, in the hot tub as well, not very far from where we were sitting. She was blonde, cute and petite and he was good looking and, I must ad=mit, very well-endowed. I did not want to stare, but my hubby caught me checking out this man's large package as it floated in the warm swirling water. I think he noticed that I was finding it difficult to keep my eyes off of his cock! He slowly worked his way towards us, his girlfriend beside him. I could feel a bit of anxiety beginning to build up in me, and my hubby nudged me and said "just relax." He introduced himself as Tony and his girlfriend as Jamie. Before long we were talking and laughing like we had known one another for years! They mentioned that this was their second time to this resort, unlike us. This being our first time, we enjoyed listening to some of their stories from prior experiences. Tony again noticed my eyes not on his face as he talked, but on his huge cock. Jamie asked me if I had ever handled a big black cock before and I shyly replied "no." She whispered to me that it would be perfectly ok with her if I touched him. Blushing, I looked at me hubby, looking for his approval. Without hesitation, he said "I've been dying to watch you handle another man's cock, especially a big black one!" I wrapped my hand around his thick semi-hard shaft. I wanted to place both hands around his thickness, but the thought that perhaps someone might be watching me, other than my husband, made me suddenly stand up and place my hands back to my side. A little embarrassed, I excused myself from the hot tub to go to our room to shower and dress for dinner. Little did I know that after I had left the hot tub, my hubby had cleverly arranged to have Tony and Jamie come up to our room later that evening. After dinner, we had decided to check out the dance club. We stayed a short while, had a few drinks, danced, and thought that since it was such a beautiful night, to take a walk and check out the hot tub to see if anyone else might be there yet. We noticed that there were several couples there already. We decided to get out of our clothes and join the other couples, and maybe we'd bump into Tony and Jamie! We went back to our room to change and, almost totally naked except for my panties, there suddenly was a knock. We opened the door and there stood Tony with only a towel wrapped around his waist, and Jamie was behind him, wearing a sexy teddy. I noticed what looked like a long pole protruding from underneath Tony's towel. He wasted no time. He dropped his towel, walked in, closing the door behind them. Jamie said "I'm just here to watch, I love to see other women have their way with Tony's big cock!" I looked at my husband's face and I could tell from the mischevious smile on his face that he was hoping to witness one of his erotic fantasies. I could see that he was already growing with excitement. I noticed his cock already bulging from under his pants. Knowing now this is exactly what he had arranged I dropped to my knees and I methodically went to work, nuzzling and licking Tony's shaved balls, gently pressing my face against them and feeling his rock hard cock lying across my forehead. I softly stroked each ball with my tongue and pulled them slowly into my mouth, feeling their roundness. I licked, sucked, and fondled Tony's balls until he started to drip. I could feel my pussy getting wet as I worked my way up along Tony's thick pulsating shaft with my lips and tongue. I slowly traced the firm ridge of his swollen head with the tip of my tongue, making him moan with pleasure. I wanted to feel his thickness in my mouth, opening wide so I could wrap my lips over the head of his shiny cock. I pushed his huge cock slowly into my mouth, as far as I could take it. He moaned again and then pulled me up so he could suck my erect nipples. He led me over to the bed and he laid down, his big black pole totally erect waiting for me to straddle and ride. I stood over him while he held his cock, inviting me to slowly lower myself down onto his throbbing piece of meat. I could feel the swollen head of his cock push against my wet pussy lips. I lowered myself further until I could not take another inch! I moaned with pleasure. I felt my husband behind me and he caressed my breasts and squeezed my nipples. I could not believe what was happening but I actually found myself lost in the moment and totally enjoying being fucked while my husband watched. We changed positions and he fucked me from behind with his thick black rod, holding onto my hips as he thrust his cock into my tight wet pussy. My husband asked me to tell Tony how I wanted him to cum. I told him I loved it when a man exploded all over my tits and my face. Tony then positioned himself in front of me while I turned and sat on the edge of the bed. I wrapped my hand around his engorged shaft and licked and sucked his cock while jerking him off. I felt a sense of power as I continued to pleasure Tony while my husband watched. Tony exploded, his big load covering my face and tits. I don't recall when they left our room but this turned out to be one of the most erotic and sensual nights that me and my husband ever had. We spent the remainder of the night making unbelievable love together. It was an experience that brought us closer and one that we will remember for a very long time.

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