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Catching the WifeWhat a great day

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I have written a couple of other stories on here detailing how my wife and I got started and an adventure I had, but this one was still a thrill for me but is mostly about my wife and some fun she was having.

Now to help bring you up to speed we have been swinging for about 15 years now and we have tried about everything in the book at least once. We still go to parties and play as a couple but we both have permission from each other to do what we want when we want as long as it does not interfere with family matters. Now that you all understand the situation I will get on with the story.

It started with a normal day, I left for work at a normal time and she was off to do her normal stay at home routine. My wife only works part time and has about three days a week at home to herself. This particular day turned out to be a normal day for me at work and I decided to leave a little early as I had not had any time off in a while. When I got to the house, there was a strange car parked in the driveway. I know most of my wife?s friends cars and this one I did not recognize so my interest was immediately peaked. I parked on the street and walked up to the house trying to be as quite as possible just to see what she was up too. I got through the front door and could immediately hear that my wife was talking to someone about fucking the shit out of them. I slipped off my shoes as to not make to much noise on the hard wood floors and headed to the bedroom where the sound was coming from. When I got to the bedroom the door was wide open, I guess she did not think she needed to close it since she was the only one home. I slipped into the bathroom across the hall which has a perfect view of our bedroom and made myself comfortable and out of sight so I could watch and enjoy what was happening.

My wife was completely naked and on her knees in front of a slightly short black man with the largest dick I have seen in a long time. Now I am no monster, but I can hold my own in the size department but this guy was half dick! His pants were on the floor around his ankles and he was in the process of taking off his shirt. My wife was staring at his massive dick with the biggest eyes I have ever seen. She slowly reached out and took hold of his dick at the base and started to stroke him gently. After about three strokes she leaned in and took that large black head into her mouth and started to do her best to suck his huge cock. I thought my dick was going to punch a hole in the front of my pants. These were two of my fantasies all wrapped up in one, to watch her get fucked with out her knowing I was there and for her to fuck a man with a huge dick. She was doing her best to suck him but the most she could get in her mouth was just short of half of his length. He had his head thrown back and was obviously enjoying the talents of my wife?s mouth. About that time he grabbed the sides of my wife?s head and told her ?suck that black cock, I want your husband to come home a kiss you and I want to know he is tasting my dick. I love fucking married women when there husband don?t know!? My wife did her best to increase her pace and he seemed to be really getting into it. It was not long and I saw his knees start to shake and he started to grunt as he let four or five ropes of hot cum go directly down my wife?s throat. She did her best to swallow every drop but some got out past her lips and dripped down on her tits and rolled across her hard nipples.

As he was finishing up, he pulled his partially soft dick from my wife?s mouth and reached down and helped her up. He took her over to the bed and laid her down face first on the bed with her ass and pussy stuck straight up in the air. He got behind her and bent down and took a long lick across her pussy and ass. When he did this she moaned very loudly and he asked ?which is gonna get busted first that fine pussy or that pretty little ass?? She looked back at him and said ?I don?t think I can take you in my ass!? He replied, ?Oh I am gonna get in that ass one way or another so I guess I will just bust that open first!? I was just about to make myself known and to stop him when the look on her face changed from fear to lust and she said ?Go ahead bust my ass open and then my Pussy. I just want to feel that cock in me so shut up and fuck me!? He looked a little surprised and reach down and took his cock in his hand. He rubbed the head of his dick up and down my wife?s very wet cunt several times and then wiped it around her ass. Then he lined up his dick at her tight ass hole and pushed forward her ass did not give and he lined back up and pushed forward again with a lot more force. My wife buried her face in the bed and half screamed and half moaned as the head of his dick and about half his length forcefully broke through her rectum. Before she had a chance to recover, he slammed the rest of his big black cock into her ass. She turned and looked back at him and he grinned and said ?see I told you I was gonna get in that ass.? With that he pulled back till just the head was still in her and started to fuck her ass like there was no tomorrow and she was the last woman on earth. He was pounding his dick in her and she was cuming over and over. Every time he would hit bottom it sounded like he was knocking the breath out of her, but then he would pull back and she would moan and he would slam back into her. This went on for a good ten minutes and then he pulled his dick all the way out with a pop. He looked around for something to wipe on and found one of my work shirts and started to clean his dick with it. As he was doing this I could see my wife?s ass hole was stretched and bruised. When he got done cleaning himself he got back behind her and lined up to stick his dick in her pussy. She was so wet by know that she had juices running down her legs and almost on to the floor. He did not even warn her or say a word he just lined up and stuck his whole 12 inches into her dripping pussy in one stroke. I have never seen her pussy so full or stretched so far in our 25 years together! He then began to fuck her pussy much the same way he fucked her ass only I think it was harder and faster than before. He was slamming into her with such force the bed was moving. She was loving it and I think she was in a state of constant orgasm as she never really said anything other than to grunt and moan like she does when she is cumming. After about 5 minutes of fucking her like this I saw him tense again and he threw his head back, growled and fucked her even harder for the last 8 or 10 strokes as he was emptying his balls into her pink pussy.

When he pulled out of her the biggest drop of cum I have seen slid out of her pussy and started running down her leg. He turned around and started getting his clothes, he looked at her and said ?you just stay like that for a while and let my cum soak into that pussy for your husband. I am gonna clean up and then I have got to get back to work.? With that he went in the master bathroom and I slipped out of the hall bathroom and back down stairs. I grabbed my shoes and out the door I went so he would not see my car when he left. I drove around for about 15 minutes and returned home. When I went upstairs Kim was on her side facing away from me on the bed. Still naked and still had cum running out of her pussy. Her ass hole was bruised and slightly bloody from the pounding that it took. She was asleep but I had to wake her up. I had to know what it felt like to have my dick in her pussy after James (I later found out) had fucked her with his huge black dick??????.

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