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Bull breeding

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As I am sitting here writing this story, my wife of 15 years lay in our marital bed with the cum of her most recent lover leak from her well used pussy and ass. It has been many years since i finally convinced her to take on a lover and now she can no have enough.

Let me explain how all this began. My wife and I began dating in college. She was the blond haired beauty, shy and unaware of the sexuality she possessed. She was always the smart one. Always getting the best grades. I met her in a modern social study class. From the very first class I knew that she was the one woman for me. Making her believe that was another story. After the first week of class i would make it a ritual to ask her out for the upcoming weekend on Monday. She of course would turn me down. I would ask again at the end of the week always vowing to get her to say yes. Right before spring break, instead of the usual no she said maybe. My heart skipped a beat right then and there. The week after spring break she finally said yes. But only for dinner and then she was going back to her dorm room to study. I almost died of anticipation waiting for for the appointed time to meet her for dinner. All through dinner I could hardly remember what she said, I was so awestruck by her beauty. Afterwards as I walked her back to her dormitory I knew we would get married and told her so, making her blush. So began the courtship. Dinner on Saturday, adding lunch on Sunday. Then to short meeting during the week. By the end of the semester I was totally in love. Over the summer I would make the 2 hour drive to see her every Saturday and Sunday. During our second year we dated exclusively and got engaged that Christmas. We were married after graduation and moved to the city we live in now. I got a good paying job in the banking industry and she started at the local hospital. Three years later we had or first child. After which Lisa did not return to work. I made more than enough money and she wanted to remain with our daughter. While at work Lisa began to exercise at home, then joined a gym and finally with my permission and prodding hired a personal trainer. within weeks her efforts began to show. She lost the weight she had gained. Toned the rest of her body and the became the stunning beauty that i know now. At 5' 6" she was always striking but now she was unbelievable. After a year of working out the only area she was displeased with was her breasts. Initially fearful of my reaction of her request for breast implants she was relieved that i was all for it. She went from a nice C cup to a large D. With our daughter now 2 we went out a vacation by ourselves. We traveled to a small island paradise. We sunned nude, she dressed very sexy, showing off her new breasts and stunning body. It was here that the seeds for the rest of our life was laid. At dinner we meet a couple that would open our eyes to a world we could not imagine. I always knew that men looked at my wife and was proud to know she came home with me. Our sex life was always hot and satisfying. At dinner we talked to Mark and Allyson talked openly of their adventures. Both tame and sexual. What what most interesting was the reaction from Lisa. She was totally taken in with Mark. He was tall, atleast 6'4", very fit with huge arms and very black. His wife Allyson was a very small woman, maybe 5' even, and probably weighed at best 100 pounds. But with large very round breasts. Mark was a breast man and he found Lisa's breasts perfect. After dinner we were invited to their room for a drink and the use of the hot tub. We stopped by our room and got our swimsuits and went to their room. We all got a drink, changed and went to the hot tub. Lisa's suit was small, almost to small for her enlarged tits. But Allyson's was a sight to see. Two little triangles that became transparant in water. Her dark nipples stood out at attention and looked to be atleast a inch long. We drank and talked until late at night. The stories that they told had us so hot we fucked until morning. We meet M and A for lunch and then relaxed at the pool. We meet again for dinner the to their room again. This time in the hot tub A made a point to sit near me and M near L. the drinks we drank were was stronger this night and before I knew it I could feel A start to rub my thigh. Soon after her hand was on my throbbing cock. As she did this I could see M doing th same to Lisa. I could also tell that Lisa was very aroused. Her eyes were glazed, her nipples very hard and her breathing ragged and fast. With a nod from me Mark began to finger Lisa and soon she had a small orgasm. A was now openly rubbing my cock and then removed her suit. Knowing that we were going to do something we never talked about or for that matter Lisa never even thought about we moved to the bedroom. A and I on one side and Mark and Lisa on the other. As A started to suck my cock, I watched Mark begin to work on Lisa. He first removed her suit, then began to kiss her neck and down to her breasts. He sucked on one then the other. I form experience knew that she could cum from having them sucked on. Lisa then orgasmed for the second time. M then proceeded to lick, suck and finger her very wet pussy. After then he raised up and removed his suit. It was then that both Lisa and I gasped. His cock was huge. Not just long, maybe 11 inches but so thick that Lisa's hand could not wrap around it. now i am no slouch in this department at a little over 8 but not nearly as thick as M. Mark was so gentle though. He made sure that as the head went in he only moved a little in at a time until the whole thing was buried in her pussy touching places that I never could. Lisa had been with 2 other men including me but this was a experience that she never had. Mark wsa fucking he like no one ever. It had been 7 years since she had another man. Mark had fucked her for over 15 minutes and he ws still going strong. Lisa had now had atleast 5 small orgasms and 3 very powerful ones. I on the other hand was completely awestruck. The contrast between her skin and his coal black was amazing. He was so powerful and was pounding her into the bed. I had A from behind so that i could watch what was going on. And i could not remember being this turned on in years. After having a huge orgasm myself i rested and watched M pound Lisa. A had crawled up and now was sucking on Lisa huge and rock hard nips. Mark was now beginning to have long hammering strokes and nearing a orgasm on his own. It was about then that i had realized that in all of the fun Lisa had forgot to insert her diaphragm. Before I could say a word, Mark grunted and began to empty his balls into Lisa. I watched as his balls twitched and send rope after rope of black baby making sauce into her unprotected pussy. there was so much that it came out around his massive cock and rand down her ass. After becoming soft he withdrew from Lisa and i could see a river of cum run out of her. I moved up and kissed her and held her. After cleaning up and thanking M and A we went to our room and proceeded to fuck til late the next day. I added atleast 6 deposits of my sperm into her. We flew home and to our relief her period started later that week. We knew that we had come close to a mistake but also knew that we had opened. Pandora's box. We had the greatest sex of our lvies after that. About 6 weeks later after the glow had worn off we began to talk of the experiences we had with M and A. i knew secretly Lisa wanted to do more and I wanted to also. One night after a very hot session we talked about finding a couple to experience swapping again. With my position in the bank and community we could not chance meeting anyone here. After some searching we placed a ad and then meet another couple about 3 hours away. Like Mark and Allyson they a interracial couple and he was well built and very well hung. Susan and her husband Charles were both striking. Charles was over 6 feet tall, about 250 pounds and while not as buff as Mark he was solid. Susan was a tall woman, about my height at 5'11 but she was as toned as Lisa with firm breasts. Not as big as Lisa's but she had a ass that was to die for. rock solid and flexed so well when she walked. We made plans to meet in a hotel about half way for us both. We meet in the bar and had a drink. We both knew they were the perfect couple and we proceeded to the room. Lisa and Charles started to undress each other. Form previous chats I knew that Susan and I both liked to watch so we sat on the couch and rubbed ourselves as Charles went to business. He started by rubbing and sucking on her nipples. then proceeded to her already wet pussy. He licked her even better than Mark. After several big orgasms he moved up to her pussy. It was now that i got a good look at his cock. It was unbelievably huge, over 12 inches and thicker than Lisa forearm. i did not think that he could get that monster in her. He started to rub the gigantic head up and down then somehow wedged it in. He moved about 3 inches in then pulled almost out then moved tin again. It ws then he asked her if she was ready. She lustfully nodded yes. He then pulled almost out and slammed the whole thing in until his balls rested on her perfect ass. Lisa's eyes slammed shut and her mouth hung open but without a sound coming out. Charles rested for a moment then slowly pulled out and slammed into her again. The whole bed shook with each thrust and Lisa grunted with each one. After about 6 strokes she cummed, then cummed again. She began to cum almost constantly. getting wetter and wetter with each orgasm. Charles grabbed her legs and threw them over his shoulders and began to pound Lisa without stoppiong. He then flipped her over and grabbed his monster cock and slammed it back into her from behind. I knew that Lisa liked to have her long blond hair pulled during this type os sex and Charles must have sensed this too. he grabbed her hair and made her beg for his cock. then after about 10 minutes he made her beg for his cum. During a chat i ahd told Charles that Lisa would have her diaphragm in and to unload his cum into her. After what seemed like a hour his ass tensed up and he pumped his seed into her. When he pulled out it ran down her leg. I got up threw my pants off and slid my steel hard cock into her. She was so loose and filled with his cum that i could hardly feel her but it did not matter. i was so hot that after 5 strokes i added my cum to his. We stayed with Susan and Charles all night. I fucked Susan several times and we awoke in the other bed several times to watch Charles fuck Lisa over and over again. In total he fucked her and cum in her atleast 10 times. We left in the morning and stopped several times to fuck on the way home. Lisa was so sore after this that i could not fuck her for almost a week. About a month later that after a long session that Lisa told me that she ws pregnant. It was several days later that she confessed to me that secretly she did not use her protection and that Charles could be the father. 9 months later we had a son, a black son. by this time I had gotten a promotion and moved to a large east coast city. Lisa insisted that we name him Charles after his father. I raised him like he was my own. This was the beginning of our adventure. Lisa was hooked on black cock and i was happy to provide it. i was not submissive and we still enjoyed a active sex life. But Lisa was hooked and it was a itch she needed scratched every so often. We agreed that she could have as much as she wanted, but i always knew about it and mostly was there to watch it. After our son turned 4 we decided that another child was due. i had always wanted to have a large family and Lisa was happy to provide that to me. there was no question that it was going to be with another black man. But this time we knew that bull breeding was the way we wanted it. But this time we wanted to do something that was special. We decided that we did not want to know who was the father. We also thought that it ws too hard to meet a number of men seperatly so so it was decided to have them all at once. We planned out her cycle and looking about 3 months ahead it fell on a weekend. With the right planning i found 5 black men that fit what we wanted. She wanted them big, black and built. What she didnt know was that i found a special one that not only was big and black but had simply the biggest black pole that i had ever seen. I meet him online and when he showed me pictures i wanted to meet him in person jsut to be sure of his size. I meet him at a local bar and while I am not gay, we went into the bathroom and i held it myself. Even with my large hands it was quite frankly like a log. He said it measured 14 inches long and atlest 7 inches round. He was perfect for her surprise. And what a surprise it would be.....

To be continued.

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