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Biker Ride

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Biker Ride

One Friday afternoon a few months ago a guy I have met in a chat room on the net from up north came down for Bike week that was going on in Daytona Beach Florida (It?s a big motorcycle rally they have every year incase you didn?t know)

We have been talking for a long time and decided it would be fun to get together for some bedroom fun before while he was visiting Florida.

He was a big black guy about 6?3 and 220 pounds from New York and from his pictures looked the part of a hard-core biker.

I guess that?s what turn me on about him, he was something a little different and that?s just what I felt I needed at the time.

He called me about 10am and said he would be in Jacksonville (where I live) about noon so I told him how to get to the mall near my house (I never bring anyone here till I check them out first) so about 11:30 he called, I called my hubby who was at work and told him my plans as I always do and then headed for the mall, my pussy was already starting to get wet in anticipation.

We were to meet in the food court near the back doors, he wasn?t hard to find, he looked just like his pics (Thank God) when he got up to greet me I saw just how big he really was, not fat but like a big black football player, that kind of big.

He was a good 8? taller then I am and had a nice face, he had told me before he was 46 but he really didn?t look over 40.

When I walked up to him and looked into his eyes and he mine, without saying a word he took me in his arms and kissed me like we were old lovers that had been apart for years, and what amazed me was I kissed him back the same way, my pussy was soaked now.

Needless to say we didn?t waste time hanging around the mall talking, we had gotten to know each other over the net well enough to know what we both wanted anyway.

So we left his truck and bike there at the mall and drove my van the short distance to my home, we were both so horny by that time I could have done him in the back seat of the van, (witch I have used for quickies now and then, it?s the main reason I bought a van in the first place) but I really wanted room to play so I settled for feeling the big bulge in his jeans and hearing about his trip down.

As soon as we got in the door of the house and I shut it he took me in his big black arms and started kissing me wildly, pushing me against the door and feeling me up all over as I rubbed that big hard bulge.

He ran his big hand between my legs feeling my soaked shorts needing them into my hot pussy, he still had me penned against the door as he took both hands and pulled off my top.

He took my still bra covered tits in his hands pushed them up and started kissing them all over and biting at my bra, then slowly sank to his knees and slid his hands around behind me while he nestled his head between my tits and undid my bra.

I ran my fingers through his long thick black kinky hair and moved my tits from side to side slowly as he uncovered them never letting his face lose contact with my chest, he slowly pulled my bra free letting it drop it the floor then taking both my now bare tits in his hands stated sucking and licking them all over, my nipples were rock hard, I kissed the top of his head and told him how really good what he was doing felt and how hot his black skin looked on my white tits.

He sucked and licked my tits till I started squirming around telling him I wanted to go to the bedroom now, sure baby he told me but first he wanted me naked, so still on his knees he undid my shorts, then taking my hips in his hands and turned me around so I was facing the door, he slowly pulled down my shorts, kissing every inch of my ass as he uncovered it.

I moaned as he pushed a big black finger into my wet white pussy as my shorts dropped to the floor and I stepped out of them so I could spread my legs and give him clear access to me. He told me to bend over a little so my ass was in his face, I held on to the doorknob as he spread my ass checks and shoved his hot tongue deep into my tight hole.

I jumped at first because I wasn?t expecting this, but it felt so good I didn?t say anything, after a bet all I could really do is moan anyway, when he stated fingering my wet pussy as he licked I almost went in orbit.

I started pleading with him to take me to the bedroom and fuck me, and that I would do anything he wanted, and at that point I would have too.

You?re letting me fuck your tight white ass baby aren?t you he said in the kind of voice that let me know he had all the cards and if I wanted to play it was going to be by his rules.

I said, baby you can have me anyway you want, just get me to the fucking bedroom and fuck me with that big black dick before I explode and do it now damn you!

Lead the way honey he said as he got up from his knees, I grabbed him by the hand and pulled him down the hall, not stopping to pick up my things, I wanted his black cock bad and I wanted it then!

I couldn?t get him down the hall and into the bedroom fast enough, I was horny as hell and I wanted him between my legs as fast as I could get him there.

We started kissing and acting like a couple of horny school kids, I practically tore his clothes off him as we got in the room, I undid his belt and he unzipped his pants, I slid my hand down and around his throbbing cock and was not disappointed to feel how long and fat it was.

He let his pants and underwear drop to the floor and stepped out of them as I pulled his shirt off, I had not yet looked at his cock but was looking into his eyes to see if he wanted me as bad as I wanted him, I pushed him back onto the end of the bed and he laid back pulling a pillow under his head so he could watch me, it was my turn to go to my knees, he opened his legs so I could kneel between them, and I knelt down taking my first real look at that hot cock.

He had a very nice looking cock, I have had much bigger and smaller but this was just the size I liked in my mouth, small enough to give good head to and big enough give me a good fucking.

I sled my thumbs and forefingers palms down around the base of his cock, then starting at the base I slowly kissed and licked my way around and up to the big head, running my tongue around the rum of the hard purplish head and thru the slit, then I capped my mouth over the head and slowly sank over his big black cock letting my teeth barely rub over it as I worked my wet tongue around and sucked.

I sucked all of his 9? cock in and heard him moaning as I started to move my head up and down, I felt his hands on the top of my head and a sudden up thrust that choked me a bet but I quickly recovered and let him start fucking my mouth.

My Aunt tough me to mouth fuck years ago and my Uncle made sure I got plenty of practice; I have been told I?m very good and I just love doing it.

He was giving me a lot of tasty pre cum witch usually means the guy will be a good cummer, so when he was ready to pop I wanted him to cum in my mouth and just hoped he was as long lasting and as good of cummer as he clamed to be.

At that point I got kind of wild, really began bobbing my head up and down sucking wildly on his big cock, I really wanted to make him cum and I was enjoying hell out of it and in a little while he started breathing hard and I knew he was close, when he did cum it was a good one, lots of it and really thick just the way I like it and it had a nice taste (Hay it?s a woman thing ok), I won?t get to graphic and just say it was very nice.

I cleaned him up really good and true to his word as he had told me he didn?t get really soft, just about haft, still something I could work with.

We both got onto the bed and started kissing and feeling each other allover, I was on my side and he pushed me over onto my back and started kissing my lips and started working down my neck and over my tits that he played with and sucked a bet before he kissed his way down my tummy and to my open legs, but he didn?t stop there he continued down one leg to my feet kissing my toes where he switched to the other foot kissing his way back up the other leg moving between them with his body.

When he got almost to my pussy he stopped and got on his knees and lifted my legs onto his big shoulders and picked my ass up and pushed a pillow under it, he let me down and slid back in-between my legs wrapping his arms around them.

I felt his hot tongue plunge deep into my wet pussy, probing in and out and all over, It felt so good, he sucked and licked making me even wetter then I already was he ate my pussy till I though I would cum all over his face when, I felt one of his arms move and a long hard finger slide deep into my hungry wet pussy.

Slowly he pushed it in and pulled it out covering it with my wetness as he licked at the same time, I knew what would come next and wanted it, I love to have my ass fingered. (My uncle never fucked my ass but both he and my aunt fingered it almost every time we played, one reason I like it so much I guess)

I felt his wet finger probing around my ass and then he found my tight little hole and pushed it in a bet and worked it around till he could get more in, I have to admit he was gentler then some of my lovers have been.

He licked my pussy and fingered my ass till I came hard all over his fingers, he had three in my ass when I came, and damn it felt good. We lay there for a bet then he get up and told me to roll over so he could fuck my purity white ass, he had a nice big hard on again and we were both ready for him to use it.

Before I rolled all the way over I took him by the hand and pulled him and that hard black cock to my mouth where I sucked it in and licked it all over. He put his hand on the back of my head gliding my mouth, I had told him I love to give head and I wasn?t kidding, when he starting pumping my mouth again I knew it was time to fuck so I started getting his cock really wet, then when it was dripping with my wetness I let him have what he wanted and I wanted him to take so bad.

I laid down on the pillow, my ass was ready, he spread my checks and I felt the big head of his wet cock pushing on my tight ass hole and slowly entering it, I started to cry as I always do when I get ass fucked because it hurts so much at first because my pussy and ass are so tight, I had warned him this would happened and not to let it bother him if I let him get that far, (yes even after all the fucking and big cocks I?ve had) Lucky the pain only last a short time and the good feelings far out ways that.

He slowly started fucking my white ass and the pain was quickly replace by that good feeling I get when I ass fuck, there?s nothing like the feeling I get when a big black cock is deep in my ass.

He fucked me slow for a while and I was really getting into it when he picked up the pace and really starting fucking my ass hard, sweat was poring from both of us, I was helping as much as I could by lifting my ass to meet him, fuck me baby I moaned fuck your white slut?s ass!

The harder he fucked the more I cried out, I couldn?t help myself, come on baby I screamed at him, fuck me, cum in my ass with that beautiful black dick, I pushed up onto my elbows so he could take me at a better angel and get a deeper stroke, this felt even better to me and really good to him because in a short time he grabbed my ass and pulled it back hard, take this bitch I heard him moan as I felt him jerking and knew he was filling my ass with his hot black man?s love.

He held my ass there for a long while before letting his tight grip go allowing me to slip back onto the pillow and his cock fall free.

Mamma that was really nice I told him as he removed the pillow and I rolled over onto my back, he laid down beside me but this time his cock was limp.

We lay there for a little while cooling off and getting our strength back, I got up and went to the bathroom and got a wet cloth and sat beside him on the bed to clean him up as well as wash myself, I had cum running out of my ass and down my leg, I though about my hubby and how much he would have loved to lick me clean.

When I returned my lover had fallen asleep, I looked down at his lovely soft but still big cum covered cock and then at the wash cloth and knew this was no way to clean a black mans cock, I bent over and took it in my mouth and used my tongue and lips to lovingly clean off every drop of his black mans seeds and thought to myself how nice it would be to go get knocked up by another black man and carry his baby as I had so long ago but knew I was well pasted the baby stage in my life and just gently sucked and enjoyed this sweet black cock as he dosed.

After a little while I felt him getting hard again and then felt his big hand on the back of my head, I put my hand around his now hard cock and slowly started jacking him off in my mouth and really started sucking and licking.

It wasn?t long before he was moaning; I ran my tongue down the side of his hard cock and gently sucked his cute balls into my mouth and sucked them while I slowly jacked him off till he was ready to explode.

It was my turn to fuck him now so I got on top and slowly lowered myself down on his big hard black cock, I was plenty wet from just playing so he went deep in me with no trouble, I really wanted him and my hot pussy was ready.

It felt so good as it went all the way in as far as it could go, I moved my hips back and forth as he held my waist, I looked down at this big black man and licked my lips thinking how lucky I was to be fucking him.

I fucked him hard as I could till he couldn?t take it any longer and pulled me down to him, he had been playing with my tits and rubbing my nipples, I was really hot and just couldn?t get enough of his hot cock.

He grabbed the cheeks of my ass and pulled them apart and down while pushing his big cock up and deep into me, I started pumping him with everything I had, damn it felt good.

We fucked wildly till I couldn?t hold back any longer and started Cumming waves, I moaned, screamed and even yelled for him to fuck me harder (thank god my house is pretty sound proof} Ok you fucking white bitch he said as he rolled me off onto my back and got quickly between my legs, you want this black dick: you got it, and pushed it back in my still Cumming pussy.

Then he really started pounding my pussy, my head started getting all fuzzy and I was lost in pure lust, I wanted everything this big black guy had to give me.

When he came again he came hard, he pulled out and shot a huge load of his love all over my tummy and my tits and even got some on my face, I couldn?t believe any guy could have that much cum left after what he had already filled my ass, I have had a lot of good cummers in my time but not many like this, I was truly imprested.

He just sort of collapsed after that, my pussy was ticking, that?s what I call it after a really good fuck, it feels so, so good, I rubbed all his thick cum into my skin so hubby could lick it off when he got home as he loves to do, then rolled over and got up and got the camera and took a couple of pics for hubby so he could see who had fucked his slut wife and what he had fucked me with, I sat on the bed beside him I again licked and cleaned his fine black cock off, giving it a big kiss.

He pulled me up beside him them and we kissed and made out for a little while longer, I was deep in lust with this big black man and we were both enjoying the look and feel of our black and white bodies when I heard my alarm, I looked at the clock and it was haft past 5 and I knew my play time was up.

We kissed another long kiss and dressed, I drove him back to the mall with little small talk.

When we got back to his truck we kissed and said our goodbyes, he asked about next year, all I could say was maybe and we?ll see knowing inside hell yes baby I want that black dick again but knew I couldn?t say it, we parted then.

Then I drove home and downloaded the pics for hubby and got ready for our fun that night and my, my, did we every have fun!

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