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Annies First BBC Adventure

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Annie and I have been married for over nine years. Our sex is still good, but over the time it has lost some of its excitement and intensity. While making love we have always talked about how it felt and wouldn?t it be nice to feel a big thick cock fuck her after I was done. She would always tell me that she didn?t need any more that I could give her. One night I slid my cock into her tight cunt and let it soak and started talking to her about what it might feel like with several big cock fucking her one right after another. All the time her cunt was pulsating and gripping my cock harder and harder. Finally before I even moved she started to cum thinking about it. When I started fucking her hard she came three more times before I couldn?t hold it any longer. I rolled off of her and put my hand down on her cunt and she was sopping wet. The bed under her was soaked and she said she had never cum that much.

We laid there talking and she told me she has always thought about being fucked my several men. She said her girlfriends used to talk about it when they head sleep overs and most of them all wished they live the dream. I asked her if any ever did. She said some of them did in college frat parties.

Over the next few weeks I thought about our conversation and finally asked her if she would like to join a lifestyle club on the net or even attend a lifestyle club located about an hour from our house. She said she was concerned about running into other people we know there. I told her it would be just as uncomfortable for them as well. I has a high profile government position and she was also concerned people would see us there that could jeopardize my position. I told her I would deal with that, but didn?t think it was a big deal.

We joined SLS and were looking through the profiles and found a man that she liked and finally said let?s see if he?ll meet us at the lifestyle club next weekend. I sent him a message and he said he would meet us. She had me tell him that she just wanted to meet him and most likely nothing would happen.

The night finally arrived and Annie, who was 5?6?, 105 lbs, 36 x 24 x 35, shoulder length strawberry blond hair, full body dark tan, beautiful legs, a tight ass and a lovely waxed cunt. When she came out of the bathroom she was wearing a tight fitting white top, with no bar, a short black tight skirt and fuck me heals. She wasn?t wearing stockings or panties. I told her she smelled so good I might eat her before we went. She slapped me and said lets go before I change my mind.

There was very little talk on the way, we were both nervous.

Upon arrival at the club we checked in at the door and the staff gave tour during which several times she stressed that NO meant NO and if we had any problems to immediately contact a staff member. The tour made us comfortable and we settled at the bar at about 9:30 PM.

After a few drinks and looking around to check everyone we started talking to different men and women that were coming to the bar for drinks. A few men asked us if we wanted to get a room and Annie politely said no. It was around 10:30 PM a handsome black man approached us and introduced himself as Bruce, the person we had talked to on SLS. He said he recognized us from the photos there. We drank and talked for a few hours about several topics. I noticed during that time Annie was playing with her hair and very nervous. Finally Bruce recommends we find an empty room. I thought Annie would say no but she shocked me when she said OK. On the way back to the room she said she had always wanted to fuck a black man too.

When we entered the room everything happened so fast. Annie took off her shirt immediately and Bruce started playing with her tits. He was rolling her nipples which were enlarged and sticking out. She dropped to her knees unbuckled and unzipped Bruce?s trousers and had them down in a flash. She hooked her fingers in his boxer shorts and pulled down his shorts. I just stood there shocked as Bruce was about 5?6? tall, very muscular and had a ten to eleven inch very thick cock. I felt I was gifted with a 7½ inch thick cock but mine was a toy compared to that monster.

Annie tried to suck his cock but could on get about half the head in her stretched mouth. She sucked on the head and licked off the pre cum off of the head. She stood up and I could see her juices running down her legs when she took off her skirt. All of us were naked and moved the action to the bed. Once on the bed Bruce started sucking Annie?s cunt and clit. She was going wild and in a short time he had her cumming all over his face. When he stood up his face was shiny with her cunt juice and his cock was rock hard. I asked him how big it was and he said eleven inches and was rubbing his cock on Annie?s cunt lip, smearing the juice all over her cunt and getting the head wet.

Then he began slowly working his cock in her. He was in about four inches and said she was really tight so he pulled back out to get more lube then started the process again and finally got it all in. He just let it soak for a bit to let her adjust to the size and finally slowly started working it in and out. I could see her hips start to rise to meet him and knew everything was ok with her. I moved up to her head and she immediately open her mouth to suck my cock. As she was sucking she was moaning around my cock and she started to cum. The orgasm lasted for several minutes. Bruce kept pumping her cunt and I took my cock out of her mouth. Annie started yelling for him to ?fuck me, fuck me harder, oh my god keep fucking me.? When she came again her eyes rolled up in her head and she was yelling but I could not understand what she was saying. Finally Bruce couldn?t hold it any linger and started cumming in her well abused wet cunt. He shot six or seven big streams in her cunt and it was leaking out around his cock and leaking down her ass to the bed. He pulled out and lay beside her.

After a few minutes Annie got up on her knees and started sucking his cock. Seeing her beautiful ass up in the air I got off the bed behind her, slid my cock in her well fucked cum filled cunt and started pumping her as hard as I could. I grabbed her hip so I could go as deep as possible. With her being so hot and his cum still in her I only lasted about 10 to 12 minutes and dropped my load into her as she started to cum again. Her cunt milked every drop of me and as I pulled out a big puddle cum dribble out on the bed.

After Annie sucked Bruce?s cock hard she got on top, straddled him, reach down between her legs, grabbed his cock, put it in her cunt and like a good cowgirl road him for about fifteen minutes while cumming all over him and yelling ?fuck me, fuck me, make me cum.? She must have had at least four orgasms during the fuck and final he could not last any longer and dumped his load in her sloppy cunt. She fell on top of him when he was done and then rolled off of him. I put my cock at her lips and she sucked me dry in no time. Then she licked and sucked Bruce?s cock clean.

I looked at my watch and it was about 1:30 AM. We talked for a bit then decided we would call it a night. Before we left we exchanged telephone number.

When we got home I was tired but still excited and so was Annie. She told me her cunt was sore from that big cock, but it would be nice if I would fuck her in the ass. I lubed her ass and my cock, slowly slid it in and fucked her for about half hour and finally dropped a huge load of cum in her ass. She just laid there and told me to cover her, she would clean up in the morning.

While lying there Annie turned to me and asked if we could call Bruce when we get up to see if we can get together to play again. I called, but that?s another story?.

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