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Annes first time

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I was laid off from my job several months ago. My husband, John, has a good job so he suggested that I take some time off and enjoy the summer. I must admit that I really enjoyed having all of this time to myself. I found that I had plenty of time to take care of the house also had more than enough time to do what ever I pleased. One day I was surfing the internet and I came across an adult dating site. I was surprised to find that most of the postings were from married couples trying to spice up their sex lives. There was also a magazine section that had stories that were written by subscribers. Most of the stories were fairly well written and all of them were about different sexual escapades. These stories really turned me on and I started spending a good part of my day reading and fantasizing about taking part in some of these escapades. Many of the stories were about average couples just like us. It seems the more I read the stronger my fantasies became. I was horny all of the time. When we made love I would find my mind drifting as I fantasized about one scenario or another. On night I surprised John with a porn video. It was an orgy video about a group of married couples who would get together. The movie made us both hot. Afterwards he asked me if I wanted to try something like that. I just laughed and said “Of course not” but I don’t think he believed me.

One day, when I was really horny, I decided to put a profile up on the site. I posted us as a couple but I explained in my profile that I was just a curious housewife trying to find out more about this lifestyle. I did not have any pictures but that did not seem to matter. In no time the emails started pouring in. Many of the emails were crude but one was exceptionally well written it was from a guy named Dave. Dave explained that he was experienced in the lifestyle and he would be more than happy to answer any questions that I may have. From his profile I knew that Dave was a single black man about my age. Even though I knew we shouldn’t, we started writing back and forth. His emails were always well written and explicit. I would ask a question and he would answer with a story about an experience he had. His stories always made me horny. I would answer with fantasies of my own after a few emails he even had me describe my pussy to him. I knew I was crossing the line but I did not want to stop. We moved quickly from emails to instant messenger. We were getting very explicit and I would bring myself off as we wrote back and forth. I even described to him what I was doing as I played with myself.

One day, he sent me a picture of him with a beautiful white woman. She was on her back with her legs in the air and Dave was rubbing the tip of his cock up and down the length of her shaved slit. His cock had to be about 10 inches long and extremely thick. He told me that the picture was taken by her husband the night before. I must admit that this picture really turned me on and I told him that it was hot. I told him that I wished that I had some pictures to share with him. He told me he’d be happy to take some of me so that I could post them. Now my pussy was in control. I knew that I shouldn’t, but instead of saying no, I sent him my phone number. I swear my phone rang as soon as I hit the send button. I was wishing that I had not done it but I nervously picked up the phone. We spent the rest of that afternoon having phone sex. Before it was over I had agreed to meet him for coffee the next day.

When John came home that I night I practically attacked him. I know that he was not sure what was going on but he liked the attention and told me that he loved coming home to a horny wife. We watched another movie and fucked two more times. He asked me again if I wanted to try swinging. I just laughed it off and asked “Are you sure you want a slut wife?” “As a matter of fact I think it would be sexy” he answered. “Be careful what you wish for” I replied. I wanted to tell him about my sessions with Dave but I just couldn’t. Feeling very guilty about my plans I resolved to cancel my meeting first thing in the morning.

As soon as John left for work I was on the computer. I tried to write to Dave but there was no reply. I decided that I would meet him for coffee only and I wouldn’t let it go any further than that and as a matter of fact I would end it. But……As I took my shower my mind started racing again and I began to play with myself. Feeling very horny I took my razor and shaved my pussy clean like the girl in the picture. Imagining John’s big cock parting my pussy lips masturbated just short of orgasm. Dressed casually in jeans and a t shirt with no bra, I headed out the door to meet him. I already knew where this was going to lead and decided to let things happen.

Dave was easy to spot. He was waiting for me in the coffee shop. He greeted me with a quick kiss. He was more handsome than his picture. He had a very deep voice, a nice smile and an easy laugh. I can’t remember much of the conversation and am not even sure if I drank my coffee, the next thing I remember was following him into his apartment.

We kissed as soon as we walked through the door. He pulled my t shirt over my head. My nipples hardened as he began to suck on them and I could feel his hands unbuttoning my jeans and his fingers quickly found their way inside of my panties. I let out a moan as they found my wet slit. He pulled my jeans and panties down as one and I stepped out of them when they reached the floor. I now stood before him naked. “Very nice, you’re a sexy woman! “ He said as he took me in his arms and gave me a deep kiss. His hands were exploring my body, rubbing my ass and caressing my swollen vulva. As he kissed me I reached down and felt his erect cock. He had already unbuckled his pants and my hand was quickly inside of his shorts. He felt so big. I could not even get my fingers around his shaft. Squatting in front of him I lowered his pants and under shorts. Out popped the biggest cock that I had ever seen. I started kissing and sucking this monster like a woman possessed. I was barely ale to get the tip past my lips but I sucked and stroked for all I was worth. Soon he was groaning and fucking my face as I sucked. Dave warned me that he was about to cum. I sucked harder and with a groan he filled my mouth with several huge spurts of his thick semen. I swallowed as much as I could. I milked him with my mouth for a minute. He then pulled me up and gave me a deep kiss. I nearly came as we swapped his cum back and forth with our tongues.

Dave led me to the bedroom and laid me down on his king sized bed. Lying next to me he began kissing his way down my body. I opened my legs wide when he reached my cunt. He teased me for several seconds kissing around it. I bucked my hips trying to get him to touch me. Finally I felt his hot breath on my pussy and groaned as his tongue found my clit. My hands found the back of his head as I pushed his face down on my steaming slit. I came with a squirt and I could hear him licking and swallowing my juices. Giving me no time to rest, he climbed on top of me. I could taste my own pussy juices as we kissed. I felt the head of his erect cock at my opening. I adjusted my hips just a little and moaned as the tip of his cock penetrated me. Slowly he pushed himself forward allowing me to adjust to his size. I could feel him stretching me. I have never had any thing so big entering me. He stopped when he was about halfway in. I started to buck my hips attempting to prod him on. “Ohhhh, Ohhhh, fuck me, fuck my cunt” I cried as he inched his way in. Finally he was all of the way in. I could feel his balls against my butt. I have never felt so full. I started to buck my hips again and Dave started inching in and out of me. It did,’t take long for my first orgasm. I came hard and squirted my juices all over his balls. Dave then started working back and forth faster and faster. I came again as he fucked me like a jack hammer. “Oh fuck me with your big black cock” I was moaning. “That’s it, fuck me, and fuck my white cunt”. Dave’s face started to contort and his rhythm slowed. “Oh yes fill me with your seed, I want it” I cried as I felt him spasm inside of me filling me with his thick cum. The thought of his cock shooting inside of me brought me over the edge again and Dave collapsed on top of me. I milked him with my pussy as his cock slowly shrank inside of me. He fell out with a plop and I could feel his juices running down my ass.

Dave lay on his back as I worked my way down and started to clean his now flaccid tool with my mouth. He maneuvered me into a 69 and his cock started to grow hard again as he licked his juices from my pussy. When he was hard again he rolled me onto my belly and fucked me from behind. I came again as he worked my clit with his fingers. He then stiffened and shot another load deep inside of me.

I stayed most of the day and he fucked me two more times. Dave showed me pictures of some of the couples and women he has been with. Then I let him take some pictures of me. I have been going over his apartment several times a week since. Although I did not tell John about our first meetings, eventually I told him that I wanted to try a threesome. He asked me if I had anyone in mind and I told him that I had been writing to a guy named Dave. John got extremely horny and told me it was ok to set it up. Dave and John get along fine and we have had several threesomes with Dave since. John has been encouraging me to do more. Dave said that he’d like to introduce me to a couple of his friends and John gave the go ahead. This Friday I am going to have my first gangbang. I can’t wait!

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