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An Erotic Adventure, an Interracial story

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An Erotic Adventure

Part 3

BY; Chocolate lover739

It is a nice morning and I have started my drive to Atlanta and my thoughts are many as I think about seeing my friends that I have not seen in a while as well as meeting new people. I am extremely nervous not knowing if things will go well. My thoughts drift off to the sexy man that I know I am going to meet before the end of the day wondering just how this is going play out. Upon arriving my friends and I head out to lunch and to catch up since it has been awhile that we have seen one another. After arriving back at our hotel I elect to stay there while they go off to the airport to pick up other people that will be joining us for the weekend this includes the man that has my every thought. Now my friends that are here for the weekend are in the lifestyle as well so this weekend is to be a lifestyle event for us to enjoy the sexual company of each other, this should turn out to be very exciting for everyone. I choose to rest on the bed while they have gone off to pick up the late comers and before doing this I quickly log on to my computer so I can look at the pictures of the man that I desire sexually so much. This quick look of these pictures starts my mind going into many different directions and I find my self back in my fantasy world sharing my body with this man enjoying his touch and his kisses until I can not wait any longer and I ask him to please fuck me, I want to feel your dick deep in my wet pussy, I want to feel you moving in and out going deep, teasing me to the point that I am cumin all over the black dick that has taken me to the explode point. My fantasy world has been put back on hold as my friends arrive back.

As my friends are entering the room I am in a complete trance in so much fear of what can happen at this point. I am with in seconds to meeting this man I want so badly, as he enters the room I experience a warm feeling all through my body and I am almost to the point that I cannot speak. Trying not to let my feeling show I greet everyone and look at him for the first time knowing that this is going to be so hot. He is much more sexier in person that I ever dreamed he would be his eyes are so warm and inviting and when he speaks I loose my breath my feel a tingle and desire to reach out and show him how badly I want to explore every inch of that wonderful body. Not knowing the thoughts that he is having or even if he is interested in playing with me this weekend.

The ladies are going out to dinner and the we are going to meet the guys at a club later for drinks and dancing which should be a great ice breaker but all the time I am trying to come up with a reason to skip dinner and stay at the hotel to venture into a meeting and a conversation with my new friend, not being able to do this I head to dinner. During dinner I try not to let it be seen that my thoughts are somewhere else and not here with the group of people that I am with, secretly hoping that dinner will end soon.

With dinner over we head out to the club to meet the guys and upon walking in I see him and damn I get a rush of warmth all through by body and desire again to begin to kiss this mans body, touch him and give my self to him any way that he wishes to take me. In the presence of him I loose all reality and I just want him to take me and to make me his not even knowing at this time if he is even interested in me at all. As our eyes meet and looking into his I fell a huge rush of sexual energy between the two of us and I began to wonder when I am going to have this man, knowing that when he takes me into his arms that I will be his to do with as he pleases, I so wish that this moment could be private and not in a group play setting that it might happen in. I know at the first touch that I receive from him I am going to loose all control and the passion will erupt and it will be as if no one else is around. Knowing that this could have an effect on the weekend I begin to get nervous all over. The club is a fun time but it is time to head back to the hotel and I am like a school girl on a first date I cannot think, I want him so bad and not knowing if this will happen is killing me. Well as my luck would have it there is a small amount of drama to this night as happens when you get this many friends together one always feels as if they are the one being left out and the night is not going well after we arrive back at the hotel. People begin to get up set and there is a small blow up and we all group off, with one of my friends evening leaving the hotel not telling us where he is going. Trying to ease the tension another female in the group and one male and my self begin to play in the bedroom we are having a good time the three of us when walks in C and two of the other ladies and they also begin to play as well. I am playing with my friends all the while watching him play with the ladies on the other bed wanting to join in and whisk him away to another room and have him all to my self. His body is so hot and I get into playing due to knowing that he is watching me play with this female hoping that this will increase his desire to have me and I will get my time with him. After what feels like hours of playing we head off to bed for some much needed sleep, and as in the past nights I share the most wonderful sexual experience in my dreams with this god like man letting him take me to point that were unknown to me. As all hot erotic dreams must end I awake to start the new day, I find my self joining my friends in the living room discussing the events of the evening and what is going on for the day. The drama of the night before has an effect on the morning and you could cut the tension with a knife at this point I feel a need to escape this because when I awoke I was craving the touch and hardness of my new friend, I wanted to be exploring his body and have him explore mine as well but knowing in this large of a group that was not going to happen the way that I wanted. So I head off to get a shower and see if I can get my day off to a good start. After a few minutes alone in the shower I revived and am feeling like it is going to be a good day, I hear a knock on the bathroom door thinking it is one of the girls needing to come in for something I say come in and much to my surprise I look around the curtain and there he stands looking down at me asking if he can join me, you see I am a petite lady only standing 5’2” and this man is 6’2” looking up I say yes please do, this is sending a sensation running all thru my body waiting on his touch. I fell the same sensation now talking about it as I did that moment I can feel the tingle run thru my body making me wet wanting his hands to touch my body. As I stand there in the shower watching him undress I am wanting to touch him and touch my self at the same time I need to have him touch me and send the juices of my passion thru my body so I can begin to show him I desire him and want him to make me his to have me give my self in every that he asks of me. With his first touch to my body a wave of electric shock went from my head to my toes making me open to him and the erotic moment that was at hand. As we explored each other in the shower I knew this was going to unforgettable sex at its best and I knew then that I would have his man many more times and each time would be hotter and better than the time before, we moved out of the shower onto the bathroom floor not able to pull our bodies apart, I am waiting for him to enter me with the dick that I have in hand to ease the throbbing that I am feeling form the excitement of the moment, he gently but hungrily kisses me and turns me around bending me over to enter my dripping wet pussy, the minute that he stepped in the shower I got wet to the point of dripping as I am now rethinking the events of the moment. As that hard dick slipped into my pussy I lost my self in the moment and began to flow with his movements enjoying the feel of his hard dick within my hot wet pussy that had been craving the chocolate dick for weeks, his touch made me weak and I wanted to tell him to take me and make me his but I could not speak the words due to the passion on the moment. As he fucked me in the bathroom that morning hitting the spots that sent me over the top I was in pure erotic heaven and was working with him for us both to reach that peak at the same moment. Upon reaching the peak of sexual fulfillment and as the two of us were ready to explode I felt like this was the first of many moments like this that we would share, and it was much more than I ever dreamed it would be. I now have my self to the point as I was that morning in Atlanta, I have a tingling feeling running thru my body to my pussy that has become as wet this morning as it was the in the bathroom with him about to take me and capture my soul as his.

End of part 3.

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