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She had really good intentions. "It's funny, I was only going to stop and help," Alicia said. "Things just went crazy, and fast," she added.

Alicia was tall, about 5-11. Long,wavy, blondish brown hair, it flowed past her shoulders. D-Cups, blue eyes, and a sparkling smile, that got her senior english students attention more than once. The 34 year old had taught at the local high school for six long years, three different principals, two different superintendents. She was an "expert" in the field of english and grammar, nearly finishing her doctorate.

Her husband was an insurance salesman, and due to hurricane Katrina, had been down south for several months, helping his company do what he could to speed up the process of getting money to its clients. "It sucks,these people need their money and fast," Brad told his wife one weekend when he was home. "And we have so dammed much red tape," he added.

Well, it was now summer in Oklahoma and hot as hell. The only thing any hotter was the temper of some of those drivers, both male and female, trying to get to their air conditioned homes, out of the heat.

Alicia had a rough day. Her computer wouldn't allow her to post her student's grades and she wasted all morning,which angered her, that,along with Brad telling her he wouldn't be home for another week, then he should,"hopefully be home for good," was how he put it.

The 34 year old beautiful teacher was nearly in tears. She never saw this big black man walk in front of her car as she was going east, and he was crossing the street. Fortunately,she was not driving fast and got stopped in time.

"You stupid bitch,you could have killed me!," Alicia heard him scream, even with windows up and the radio on. She felt bad,wanted to apologize,so she rolled down her window.

"I'm sorry. I wasn't paying attention, are you all right?," she asked the big,huge black man, who apparently was about 35-40.

"Yeah,I'm ok. You just scared the shit out of me,"he barked. "If you are sorry, you will buy me some beer to replace what I dropped and broke," he barked.

Alicia smelled no alcohol on him, and it was early in the afternoon, and in front of a quick shops so she agreed, saying,"sure,it's the least I can do."

Finding out what kind,she walked in, wearing her tight white top, shorts and sandals, that displayed her d cups very well, and of course, the black man was eye balling not only her ass as she walked, but her tits as well.

She paid for the beer, went out and handed it to him. "I am sorry, but here is your beer. You need a ride?," she offered.

"Yeah, over to Joel's. If you don't mind, and sorry if I was hateful, I had a bad day," he explained,as he got into Alicia's car.Joel's was across town, a little bar,grill,convenience store. A little out of her way,but the "least she could do" considering she could have killed him.

He introduced himself as George. "I have been out of work about three weeks,got laid off at the lock making place,"he said."Dammed Mexico is running us out of here," he added.

"Alicia,I'm Alicia, I teach english at the high school," she smiled, a little nervous, she wasn't sure why.

"Wow, all I had was old bitches when I was in school. Hell, what are you,28-29?," he asked.

"No, you are kind guessing I am that young. I am 34, soon to be 35," she smiled.

George was different. Something about him concerned her, she couldn't figure him out. It wasn't him being black. In fact, she remembered, in high school she fucked two black boys one night at a party after a foot ball game. She always laughed,because the party was at a pastor's house there in her home town.

The two chit chatted, him asking about her husband and she asked about his wife.

"Hell, the bitch left when she found out I was out of a job," he snapped. "I don't need her shit anyway," he yelled, almost at a scream, concerning Alicia just a little.

"Stop at this house right here," he demanded. "Come in with me, I need to get some things," he added, assuming(rightfully so) he had some sort of "control" over her.

Alicia didn't want to stop, but was curious, because this was a big, nice,beautiful house with a beautiful yard.

George never looked at her, just unlocked the door and flipped on a couple switches. She knew one was a light switch, and wasn't sure what the other switch was.

"Wow! This is a mansion," Alicia thought. There were some noises, what were they, as the two walked, the noises got clearer.

"Ohhhhhhhh, God, don't stop, please, don't oh God, please, don't stop,ooooooooooooh," Alicia heard plainly.

"Maybe I should wait outside," Alicia studdered.

"No,you stay with me," George said. "You hear that,don't you?," he asked.

"Yes, I-I-I do," she studdered, the voices actually were making her "tingle" just a little and she was a little "wet" down between her legs, around her shaved pussy.

"That's good, real good,"George smiled, "come this way," he ordered.

Alicia followed, as if under his spell, she couldn't run now, she didn't remember how they came in and this house was so huge.

He took her to a bedroom. Not just a bedroom, a huge,huge, bedroom, with one huge bed, and bars, chains, cuffs above it. She had never seen such a thing. It stunned her,took her breath away, and yet,she being aroused, was a little scared.

"You like it?,"George asked.

Alicia, although aroused, was scared, concerned, and failed to answer.

"I asked you a question bitch! Do you like it?,"he asked angrily the second time.

"Ugh, well, yeah," is all Alicia could studder.

"Good! Now, take off your shirt, now," he demanded.

"What? What?," Alicia asked almost angrily.

"I said, take off your shirt bitch," George snapped, angrily. "Or, I can rip it off, your choice," he added.

Alicia was now scared. No,not scared of being fucked by George,hell, it had been weeks since Brad had fucked her, and she had cheated only once in seven years of marriage, and that was a month after being married,with Brad's best man,whom she had a year before being married promised a blow job,"if you will get my car fixed where I backed into the wall," before Brad returns from school in Atlanta.

She didn't know though, if in his anger, George would kill her. She was fine with the rest.

"I-I-I- should just leave, and I-I-I- won't report anything to the police," she shuddered.

"Oh no bitch! You wouldn't have let me in your car if you didn't want some black cock. Now, take your shirt off bitch!," he demanded.

Well, Alicia knew she wanted to be fucked,although George wasn't her first choice,although by the bulge in his pants, she knew she would enjoy the feel of that huge black cock.

She pulled her top slowly over her head, and stood in just her bra and shorts and sandals.

"Kick the sandals off cunt," George demanded.

Once again, not even under alcohol, Alicia was under his spell,and kicked off her sandals.

George walked behind her and unsnapped her bra, letting it fall to the floor,letting loose her tits.

He cuffed her hands over her head, she had to be on her tip toes,now she understood why he had her kick of the sandals.

George removed her shorts and pink panties, she was now at his mercy. He massaged,carressed gently, kissed and sucked her tits.

God,he was doing a number on her. He sent shivers and waves of horniess,straight to an already,wet,shaved pussy. "God,oh God," Alicia screamed, the only words she could think of.

"It's been a while, hasn't it cunt?,George asked her,in a husky voice.

With George gently, oh God, how gently, was touching her, caressing her, it was hard for this tall beauty to answer.

"Yes,Ye-ss,a-b-o-u-t two months," she managed to say.

With that he had two fingers in her wet pussy and she about went through the ceiling.

"God, please, God," is all she could say, over and over, "God,please,God," she begged.

He removed his hands,fingers and lips, long enough to remove his clothes, showing her at least 10 inches of black cock.

George removed the cuffs and lay Alicia on the bed,cuffing her hands again, and tieing her feet to the toes of the bed and began sucking, one by one, on this gorgeous,white lady's toes,ankles and feet.

Alicia was totally his, and she loved it!

She was in a total state of submission by the time he got done eating her pussy and thrusting his huge cock into her very,very,wet, dripping pussy, causing her to scream, "oh God, fuck me, fuck me hard."

And so he did, and continues to do so on a regular basis with other black male friends of his.

After a recent encounter, she told him, "God, I started to drive on by that day, but hell, I would have missed out on the best dammed cock in the world, I love being your whore, and no one knows,not even Brad," she smiled, before being fucked by George.

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