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About Last Night

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I just had to tell you what happened to me last night. I was supposed to go to this private party at a hotel off of 360 last night. But, I got an email from a young couple in their early 30's on SLS asking me if I was doing anything for that night. At first I told them that I was going to the party first and then afterward I would stop by. But then I figured that the party may turn out to be a bust and that I should not pass up an opportunity to play with this couple. So I IM'd the male of the couple and told him that I could be there. He told me to drop by after nine and gave me the directions and his number. It took me about 45 minutes in what was supposed to have been a 30 minute trip, I got lost ha ha.

When I finally arrived at the home I was greeted by the husband first and then I met his wife. She was wearing a silk Asian style robe. She had light brown/reddish hair. Her skin was light and creamy with tiny red freckles on her face and on her cleavage. I was instantly turned on. Her profile said that she was 5'4 and weighed about 200 pounds, although she carried the weight quite nicely. She had a very shapely figure, very nice firm legs. She was a very pretty lady. I went to the restroom first, which was right by the bedroom. When I came out, he already had the video camera rolling. Just like he said in his IM they wanted to get right down to business. She took me to the bed and sat down. She began to unbuckle my pants. I immediately felt her stroke me with her warm, soft mouth. It felt wonderful; she was one of the few women who could do that without my cock even touching her teeth. Needless to say that I was rock hard and at full length, which you know is a very respectable 7 1/2 inches. I seemed like she could suck on her my cock for hours, it was like a sweet dark chocolate Popsicle she later told me.

Finally her husband started to direct us. First he wanted us to move onto the bed. By that time we were both undressed. He told me to straddle her while she put my cock between her tits and continue to suck me off. Her creamy tits felt wonderful! She had very big, pink, and erect nipples. I began to finger her pussy. First I used my index finger. I slowly rubbed her clitoris. I could feel her moan with pleasure. Then thrust my finger deeper within her. I got a good rhythm going immediately; she was very juicy down there. As she sucked I fingered. I began to use both my index and ring finger, rubbing and thrusting, in and out. I was then directed to sample her sweet pussy. So I eagerly moved down to her lovely moist flower. I knew right away that she had conducted proper hygiene before I came over. She was fresh and clean. I could taste a faint sweetness as I began to stroke her pussy with my tongue. I knew I was in for a fight when she began to moan very loudly and grab my head hard. I felt like an Olympic swimmer struggling for air. If I were to suffocate right then and there, I would have died a very happy man. Finally her husband directed me over to the table, where he had two condoms waiting. One was a magnum, the other a regular condom. He said that they never had anyone who could wear the magnum, until now. So I put the condom on and began my work.

First we took it very slow starting with the missionary position. I built up a good strong rhythm, my stroke was very controlled. Now I like missionary as much as the next guy, but after a few minutes I needed a change of pace. So I repositioned myself, I turn my body sideways and began to stroke my cock into her pussy. Holding her right leg for balance, I continued to thrust deeper and deeper into her. I pulled my cock in and out, allowing the camera to see every inch of me go inside. After a few minutes, she needed a little water break. Apparently it was getting very hot. So she drank some water, and then took a few deep breaths. When she was ready again we moved into the doggie position. I began to stroke her gently at first. Then I was directed to stroke harder. So I grab her hips and began to pound. Her creamy white ass started to turn red as it slammed against my chocolate brown pelvis. Her husband came over and gave me a hand full of hair to grab; he said "Fuck her good and hard". So with a handful of hair, I put my other hand behind my back for support, and began my strongest stroke. We fucked like demons. We gnashed our teeth and grunted like wild animals. I could feel drool coming from the corners of my mouth, my hips were a blur.

After another exhausting couple of minutes her husband told her to climb on top of me and ride my big cock. He told me just to "Hang on and kiss your ass good bye". I saw what he meant immediately. She got on top of me, leaned forward and began to grind my dick with her pussy. She looked me in the eyes; her green eyes had a savage light within them. We both continued to grunt and gnash our teeth as she fucked me harder and harder. Finally I could not take it any more I just surrendered to her. My arms and legs felt weak. My eyes were rolling into the back of my head. I looked like a man having a seizure. Joe just wasn?t home. Her husband finally took pity on me and suggested another break.

After 5 minutes we repositioned back to doggie. But this time her husband wanted to get in on the fun. So he laid down on the bed while she began to lick and suck his balls. I began to once again stroke her from behind. Our moans began to sound like an erotic harmony trio. I began to break a sweat. I knew that my time was "cumming". I leaned forward for a tighter angle. I could feel the pre-cum begin its final journey. I politely asked if it would be alright for her to get me off with her tits. Her husband agreed. So I directed her to the pillow that had fallen to the floor. I asked if she wouldn't mind kneeling while she took my cock between her lovely tits. She did just that. And after a little lubrication, my hard black cock was sliding between her cream colored soft mountains. Her nipples were rock hard, rubbing against my stomach. I began to stroke my cock between her tits faster and faster. Her eyes were furred with concentration as she maintained a tight squeeze with her tits. I kept stroking for what almost seemed like a sweet eternity. I began to feel my juice rise. She squeezed even harder. My big black cock was sliding quickly between those soft, warm, red freckled tits. I finally exploded. My cum shot between her tits like a cannon. I was spent. She began to lick the tip of my cock, and my eyes rolled to the back of my head. Was I in heaven or hell? Did I care? Nope.

Afterward I had gotten dressed and thanked them both for a wonderful evening. He said that the battery life on the camera just ran out after I had finished. I asked them if I had passed the audition. They both laughed, and she said "We will begin filming in a few weeks, so get plenty of rest. I won't hold anything back next time". My face went pale. "She was holding back?", I asked. They both just laughed and gave each other a sly, knowing smile. I just shook my head and told them to call me whenever they needed me again. "But don't call me tonight!", I added. After we said our good byes, I drove off into the night. My mind and body were exhausted, but the moon lit night gave me enough energy to make it home.

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