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A night of breaking rules

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An Erotic night that the wife forgot all our rules!

We are a late 30?s couple that has been married for 18 years and have been in the swing lifestyle for to years. The wife ?J? is 5?8? tall, long legged, blue eyes and dirty blonde with a set of 36c?s and an athletic build. We have two simple rules with the life style #1 we both play or no one plays, #2 we only play in separate rooms with couples/ singles we have both played with before in a same room. This story is based on a wild erotic night at swing club one night.

We arrived at the club at about 7:30 pm, the club is a great on premise club we have been to several times. When we walked in I right away noticed two other couples we knew from trips before and I also notice two well dress single black men checking my wife out. I knew before we got to the club that my wife would get some looks the way she was dressed, she had on a white lose fitting deep V cut top with no bra, high heels, and a skirt that came to just above her knees, and the skirt had two zippers on the front one up the front of each leg that un-zipped right to the top of her thigh but just low enough that it covered her woman hood. So we get registered and go to the bar and get a drink. Once we got our drinks we sat at a high table with high bar stools with several of our friends and stated to chat and see who all else was there we knew. Before we knew it we had 6 other couples sitting and talking with us. For about an hour we chatted and joked around and had a good time. The whole time we were chatting I noticed my wife flirt with one of the new couples at our table.

The flirting was nothing I wasn?t used to her doing, she is one who loves to tease and flirt. I started to think this is going to be a great night the way it is starting out. I made sure to watch her without her noticing that I was looking and watching. The guy she was flirting with was not someone I figured would get too far with her, not her type in my opinion. After a bit she came over to me and asked me to go get her another drink, so off to the bar I went. On the way to the bar I noticed the two black men standing at the bar looking my wife?s way and didn?t really give it much of a thought other than think I bet they are checking her out again.

As I am waiting at the bar for our drinks the music final came on for dancing. When I turned with the drinks I noticed that my wife was up dancing with the guy she had been flirting with and also noticed another new couple at the table. I walked back to the table and sat so I could look out over the dance floor and watch my wife have fun dancing. I also introduced myself to the new couple and we stated talking and having some fun watching the others in the club. After a couple of songs my wife and the guy came back to the table, she grabbed her drink and sat at the end of the table with the guy she was dancing with and started to flirt with the new couples guy at the table across from me. The flirt went on with both guys for about 45 min and she headed to the bar for another drink and I followed her up.

At the bar she said the guy she was dancing with and his wife are brand new to the life style and ask that since she was sitting next to me that I make her feel welcome but not to put any moves on her since they are new. I agreed that I would be a gentleman and would ask her for a dance or two. As we headed back to the table I noticed that the two black men had seated themselves at a table close to the end where my wife had been sitting. Once back at the table I stuck up a conversation with the new guys wife like I had agreed to with my wife, we talked and talked and talked, the whole time I had one eye fixed on my wife with out her noticing. As I talked to the woman I noticed my wife was straddling and sitting on her husband?s leg, which was a surprise to me with the fact that she was still flirting with the other new guy that sat at our table. As I talked and she flirted I noticed that both her zippers had managed some how to be un-zipped as high as they would go and that her husband?s hand had disappeared under her skirt! I knew what he was doing! He was getting a nice feel in! This went on for a good 15 to 20 minutes, then I noticed a very familiar look on my wife?s face! She was squirting right at the table in public to my surprise! I acted as though I did not notice and saw a big smile come over her face as she flirted with the other guy. At that point the guy sitting next to me asked me a question so I turned to answer him but kept my head just turned enough to see my wife out of the corner of my eye. As I answered his question I saw her stand up between the two guys and look my way to make sure I wasn?t looking as she lifted the front of her skirt to show them both she had indeed squirted. As she showed them she smiled and let the other new guy touch her down there to see just how wet she really was. I was really surprised at how she was acting. She had never been this open before in public with people we had just met.

After the squirting she got back out on the dance floor with the guy for a slow dance. I just watched and started to wonder why I had to be a gentleman with his wife with the way he was going after my wife, but I held to my agreement with my wife and asked her to dance. After our dance we sat back down and the guy?s wife struck up a conversation with one of the other guys at the table so I went off to the bathroom for a pit stop.

When I came out of the bathroom I walked down the hall and noticed that the 4 play room doors that were open when I went in were now closed as I headed to the bar. At the bar I was waiting for my drink when the two colored guys came up and started to talk with me, they both said how hot my wife looked and one asked if it would be ok to ask her for a dance, I said sure she loves to dance. Once back at the table I told my wife about the talk at the bar and she looked their way and smiled. Right away one of them came or and asked her to dance which she agreed to. AS she was dancing the guy that had made her squirt struck up a conversation with me as we watched her dance. His whole conversation had nothing to do with what had happened earlier and I fact had nothing to do with her at all to my surprise. Once the dance was over she came back to the table and picked up again with the flirting as the two black guys went back to the bar. After about 10 minutes she leaned over to me and said I will be right back, need to go to the ladies room, and I said ok have fun with a laugh having no idea that she was really about to break our two rules. She headed off and at that point the guy?s wife asked me to dance so we got up and headed to the dance floor. As we were dancing I noticed my wife had stopped to talk with the two black guys on the way to the ladies room. As the song went on the dance floor got crowded and I lost sight of the wife and who all she was with. I danced with the guy?s wife for a good 45 minutes and forgot all about where my wife had went. She was putting some flirtatious moves on me but I kept my agreement with my wife. When we got back to the table I noticed my wife was not back yet and thought dang she has been gone for 45 min. I looked at the bar and saw the two black guys and figured she must be talking with someone. After about 10 minutes at the table the guy?s wife said have you seen my husband? I said no have you seen my wife? Just then they both appeared from the hallway to the play rooms with smiles on their faces. I just looked my wife?s way thinking she didn?t do what I think she just did. As they got to the table and sat down I noticed the wife was flirting like before but seemed a bit tired. I let on as if I knew nothing had happened know very well that she had just fucked him. Which meet she broke both rules. After several more drinks and some more dancing she asked if I was having fun. I said some but don?t think I am going to be playing tonight with his wife. She asked why, I said you asked me not too remember. She said that is right I did she said with a bit guilt.

At that point the other black guy came and asked her to dance again which she did and I headed to the bar for another drink. While I was at the bar the guy that had made her squirt and had just fucked her came up to me and started to talk with me. He said I hope you were ok with me and your wife. I looked at him with a surprised look making him think I had no idea what he was talking about. At that point the started to tell me about how he had fingered her at the table and how he could not believe he made her squirt. I answered with a you did? He said yes and then said how she asked him to go to a room which he did also. He said she was unbelievable in how she took her clothes off and gave him a BJ and the got on all fours for him to take her from behind! I said no way! She doesn?t like the doggie position! All he said was she did tonight. I looked at him in a serious way and said you know I am not real pleased about this. He was shocked and said she had said that it was all ok. Not by me I said! It would have been if someone would have asked or told me what was up. He looked surprised and apologized and headed back to the table. Even though I was really only messing with his head and wasn?t mad at him I was mad at her a bit for asking me not to play with his wife and her breaking the rules we had. As I turned and looked at the table and dance floor I noticed she had disappeared again.

Now I was mad at her cause I noticed both black guys were no were to be seen either. So I took a walk down the hall to the play rooms. As I walked the hall I noticed all the doors were shut. At that point I checked the bar; table and dance floor area again and with no surprise there was no sign of the three.

So as I was walking back down the hall I happened to look in one of the windows to one of the rooms where others could watch. To my surprise there she was, on all fours straddling one guy and one behind her! WOW it was hot to watch as these two well hung black guys took my wife while others could watch! I just stood there surprised and excited and mad all at the same time. As I watched the one guy from the bottom got up and man was he hung! 14 to 15 inches and as big around as a coke can. I couldn?t do anything but watch as the guy that was behind her got dressed and walk out right by me and said damn she was tight! As I look back in the window I see him take her and flip her over on her back with her tits bouncing and her grabbing them as she lands on her back! He them lifts her legs over his should and spreads her legs wide as he puts his cock at her pussy opening which is still a little open from the last guy. To my surprise she is say fuck me which he gladly does. As he enters and stretches her she lets out a scream like never before on top of the fact that she has never screamed before during sex. At this point others start to gather at the widow as she keeps screaming with pleasure, and all are seeing my wife?s pussy be devastated by a hung cock. This goes on for over an hour and they never change positions.

When they finish everyone claps and cheers and when she hear the applause she jumps up and gets dressed when she realizes that the room had a window. As she is getting dressed everyone goes about their way and I stand against the wall so when she turns the corner she will walk right I to me. I hear her tell the guy god thank you that was great but I just wish there had not been a window cause if my hubby saw this he is going to be pissed! I hear her open the door and say good he isn?t here. With hearing her say that I take off to the bar before she sees me. I get to the bar and after about five minutes she appears and comes right over to me. She asks did you have any fun and play time yet tonight. I look right at her and say no! But let?s see, you squirted at the table, got laid by the new guy, and just finished fucking two well hung black guys one of which made you scream for an hour. As I am telling her this I reach down and place the palm of my hand on her pussy and say at the end do you think it will be fare for me to break the rules too? She said I am sorry and let me have her tits out and finger her pussy the whole way home for the two hour ride. Once home she told me in detail about the whole night as we had the best sex we ever had. And at the end she said even after the other three guys my huge shaft filled her better and made her cum more times that night than they ever could, she was not lying because we had to change the sheets on our bed because of her Cumming so many times. We both agreed we have to have another night like that again!

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