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A long Weekend In Luarderdale

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This all happened a few years ago while on a long weekend get away to Ft Lauderdale. We booked a beautiful ocean view room on the beach for a weekend of sun and fun. After checking in late that afternoon, I put on my swim trunks and told my wife I was heading to the pool. She said she wanted to freshen up and would meet me at the tiki bar. After a quick dip in the pool I went to the bar and ordered a couple of margarita?s.

At least thirty minutes had past, so I started to walk back to our room when I noticed another tiki bar around the corner and my wife was sitting there talking to a gentleman. When I walked up she asked how my swim was and then introduced me to James, a good looking casually dressed black man from Jamaica.

My wife is a real looker and I noticed how fresh and sexy she looked in her bright yellow loose fitting top and a short colorful summer wrap she bought just for this trip.

It caught my and James eye at the same time when my wife gently leaned over to fix the strap on her sandal. Her right breast was completely exposed for us to view. When she sat back up I was about to reach out and pull her top back because the material was so loose and sheer she couldn?t tell it remained open. For some reason I didn?t and found it amusing watching her chatting away exposing herself, while watching James stealing looks at my wife?s breast.

After a few margarita?s I could tell we were all enjoying our conversation and the better view of my wife?s tits as she hurls her arms around when she talks. All of a sudden she starts to get up to go to the ladies room and slips from her chair. As we reach out to catch her, she reaches to catch herself too, and her hand lands directly onto James crotch! She said Oh my God I?m so sorry with embarrassment and a flushed face... I walked her to the ladies room, she giggled and said she thought James had a hard on when she accidently touched it and was to embarrassed to go back. I said don?t worry honey. He probably enjoyed it anyway. She looked at me funny when I told her he probably got excited stealing looks at your tits through your lovely loose top.. She said does my breast show. I said every time you lean over or move your arms around they spill out a bit. She apologized to me and said she wasn?t trying to tease him and wouldn?t let that happen again. In fact she was about to go up and change tops when-----

(Let me break for a moment and explain something... We had some bedroom talk one night. I asked her, if another guy made a pass at her would she consider flirting back for some sexy fun? Of course not, she said. I said I thought it would be kind of fun to watch my wife tease another man. She said your crazy! LOL... But after talking about it on several occasions and drumming up some wild fantasies, she kind of got turned on thinking about it and said maybe someday)

Back to the story.....I said it?s a little late for that now and I??m sure he don?t mind getting a peak of those beautiful tits of yours anyway. She blushed and I knew she was a bit embarrassed but I know she likes it when a man looks at her. I knew she had just the wright amount of drinks to mention that it must of turned him on looking at your breasts. I said go ahead and tease him a bit and let him have a better view of your beautiful tits. He seems like a nice guy and we?re out of town to have some fun anyway. She said you?ve got to be kidding and in the same sentence said. What if he comes on to me. (I immediately detected some interest here and a chance for an interesting scenario)... Just see how worked up you can get him and take it as far as you like! I?ll not let anything happen you don?t want to. She giggled and said he was cute and it might be fun as long as I was sure I was ok with it. Then she said, what if he touches me? Well you?ve already touched his crotch! You know he has a hard on from looking at your breasts. I think it would be hot to watch you flirt with both of us and let us get a better look at your breasts. Maybe I?ll even sneak in a little fondling in front of him and get you all worked up for later tonight. She stood there a moment, I could tell her wheels were spinning.. She smiled and said ok but not to let it go to far. I said ok.

I didn?t tell her, but I was just as nervous as she was.

When we got back to the bar James had us another round of drinks ready and immediately started to apologize for the situation that had just happened. (His erection) My wife stopped him from talking and said don?t worry about it, and she was flattered that she gave him such good feelings. Then giggled a bit before saying she was impressed with what felt like a pretty good sized chunk of manhood he was packing! God I thought I was going to die when she said that... He tried to apologize to me to, but I let him know that everything was fine I?m just getting her in the mood for a fun night when we get back to our room. He chuckled, agreed and said enough said. We all raised our glasses and toasted to a fun evening. It was getting late by now and the bar tender called last call twenty minutes ago. We noticed we were the only ones left in the tiki bar by this time. I asked the bartender to sell us one more round before he left. He said this one was on the house and to please turn the stools up on the bar when we left. This tiki bar was secluded at the far end of the resort and quite private.

The conversation started to lean more to a sexual nature and my wife was letting her breasts become very visible to the both of us now. I noticed as we talked that she was casually touching James on his inner thigh and kind of rubbing a bit. I'm thinking the alcohol was affecting her quite nicely now... I could tell he was getting hard as hell from the huge bulge in his pants. I started to run my hand up and down my wife?s inner thigh gradually sliding the soft material of her dress up enough so that James could get a peek of my wife?s beautiful shaved pussy. She looked at me with a hot passionate smile and said, kiss me honey. I kissed her deeply and she started to suck on my tongue. I looked out of the corner of my eye and seen that she had placed her hand closer to the huge bulge in James pants. She released my tongue and smiled. James has now placed his hand on my wife?s inner thigh and was gently trying to work his way up close to her pussy. She looked at me smiled, closed her eyes and leaned her head back...Everyone hands were roaming around not for sure where they should go just yet. My wife parted her legs just enough to give us a hint of an invitation to closer her wet pussy. I go so turned on knowing that my wife was letting this black man get so close to her pussy!.. I leaned over and pulled her top down just enough to expose her breast fully and I began sucking one of her firm and erect nipples. She rolled her head back again and moaned. She inched her hand over and onto James bulge and was rubbing it through his pants. (How far was she going to take this)?.. I felt her quiver and breathing heavily as James slid his smooth fingers up my wife?s thigh and flicker the outer edges of her pulsating pussy. As she kept her head leaned back with her eyes closed. I motioned for James to get a feel of all my wife?s exposed pussy. I reached up with both hands and cupped her face to let her know that it was James fingers and hand fondling exciting her wet pussy. I gave her another deep tongue kiss. She gave out a pleasant moan. James then moved up and took one of my wife?s stiff nipples into his mouth and was giving a mouth massage. She was tugging and pulling at his cock trying to get a better feel. So I pulled out my hard cock and placed her hand on it. Without hesitation she began stroking it gently and then looked James straight in the eye and said. Why don?t you pull out that big cock of yours. I want to see just how big it really is. (I could tell she's over the edge now and if he does their's no turning back!) I was so turned on to hear her talk like this to another man. James stood up beside her and looked at me. I said go ahead James, she wants to see it. He unzipped his pants and my wife reached over and unbuckled and pulled them down and that?s when this huge black monster of a cock came into full view. My wife gasped when his massive cock unfolded right in front of her face. She said Oh My God! Reached out and tapped the head of his cock with her fingers as if she was petting it. James and I continued taking turns sucking her tits and finger fucking her. She was getting soaking wet and shaking with spasms. James huge cock kept dangling in front of her and she finally reached out and gently srared stoking his cock... She could barely get her hand halfway around it!..... James let out a moan, Ahaaaa and my wife looked at me with eyes wide open in disbelief. I asked her if she was ok and her voice trembled when she said I don?t know. I can?t believe we're doing this. She kept whispering to me that it was so big! I never really thought I would ever see my wife jacking off another mans cock right in front of me! James stood up closer to her so she could have it right in front of her face. I was finger fucking my wife?s pulsating wet pussy. She started jacking him off faster and faster staring directly at his swollen cock. If he would of cum then and there she would of slung is cum all over her face. She looked at me and said I?m so fucking hot and couldn?t believe she was jacking him off in front of me like this.... What do you want me to do honey? We shouldn?t go any further than this guys. Oh god what are we doing?....

Realizing she was looking for direction or permission I took a chance and said, If you want to take it further I would love to watch you suck on his big black cock. She looked at me like she was scared and what was I asking her to do? I added a little spice to it when I said. Go ahead James, ask her to suck your cock. He said in a calm but firm voice. You?ve got me so horny, I would love it if you would suck my cock. Have ever sucked a black mans dick? ... She started shaking all over with desire and fear. She said no, I?ve never ever touched a black mans dick until now! Not knowing what to do for sure James helped her to her feet. As she stood up, her dress was untied and fell to the ground. She kicked it to the side and he put his hands on her shoulders gently pushing her down to a squatted position in front of his fully erect cock. He took his massive cock and tapped it on the side of her cheek. She wrapped both hands around his throbbing cock. She looked at me one more time for approval and I said go ahead honey, suck James big black cock for him. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue and licked the head of his cock in circles then wrapped her lips around the head and started sucking on his cock. James was saying Oh Fuck Yes! Suck on that cock! I was dripping pre-cum watching my wife licking and sucking this guys big black cock. I could tell she was starting to get into it. The way she held it in her hands licking up and down the long hard shaft, sucking on his swollen balls and then back to mouthing it. She looked at me and said do like watching me suck his big black cock? I said hell yes honey it looks great and it appears James likes it too! I watched as she pulled her head back with his sticky pre-cum attached to her lips and tongue looking up at the man who?s cock she had in her mouth and smiled again. She said God I feel like such a slut and giggled. I said that?s ok, get as slutty as you want honey. You look fucking hot sucking that cock!... James said, that?s wright I love it when a little white slut sucks my cock. The dirty talk seemed to get her going even more. Maybe she felt like she was someone else for the moment. I didn?t care, I just wanted to see her with that cock in her mouth and maybe more. Their?s no way she could get all that big dick in her little mouth. So she put it in as far as she could and jacked him off feverishly trying to make him feel good. It was hot as hell to hear my wife?s slurping sounds from sucking him off..... I kneeled down and began finger fucking my wife from behind while she devoured his hard and rigged cock. Her pussy was dripping with her juices down my hand. She was squeezing and trying to ride and fuck my fingers. James now had his hands on my wife?s head holding while he fucked her in her mouth with his thick cock the position she was in was gaging her a bit So I pulled her up so she could stand bent over and keep sucking his cock... I slipped behind her and placed my cock on the lips of her soaking wet pussy and began to tease and rub my cock up and down her wet slit. She stopped sucking James cock long enough to demand that I shove my cock in her and fuck her. I complied and plunged my cock in as deep as I could. Sshe moaned with James stiff shaft still in her mouth. I felt her spasm and try to back up on it to get as much as she could. I could feel her gushing all over my cock and the hot juice was running down her legs. I thrust into her several times pushing her forward on to James cock... I was getting very close to cumming. I told her I had to stop for a minute because I wasn?t ready to cum yet. She begged me not to stop that she need my cock in her now. Please put it back in!....That?s when I said why don?t you let James stick his hard cock in you and fill your hot pussy with some big black dick? She looked at me to see if I really meant it. She still had the desire to have some cock in her now. She said I don?t know ?uh? I can?t ?uh? Please!!! What should I do? It?s to big..... (I knew she was delirious with desire and was ready for anything)...... What would you think of me afterwards? I said we??ve talked and fantasized about this for a long time. Why don?t we just enjoy ourselves and think of this as a fun sexual experience? I thought she was going to cry for a minute.

I know she was searching her thoughts and wondering how in the hell she got herself into this situation.

She looked at me then looked at James and said I?m so fucking horny I can?t stand it! I said lets do something about that with a smile... James moved in closer and started rubbing his cock up and down her leg while I whispered in her ear that this will be fun and she will enjoy it. We could feel her trembling as she opened her legs for us to fondle her pussy some more. We rubbed our cock?s over her tits teasing and taunting her. She got up to sit on the edge of another table close by, so I grabbed a couple lounge cushions for her to sit and lie on. She laid back closed her eyes and opened her legs. Letting us know she was ready to be mounted. She didn?t care at this point who it was this time. James hurriedly knelt down and started to lick her pussy softly. I knew she was enjoying it when she reached down and grabbed the back of his head and started to hunch on his face. The moans started again. OH Yes, Ahaaa it feels so good! I said tell him to lick your pussy good honey. She did. She started talking like a slut! I?ve never heard her talk this way before. ?Yes? ? Lick that pussy? ? Stick your tongue in my pussy?. Oh God Yes!!! Lick It! Lick my ass, I?m So Fucking HORNY!!!... I said, go ahead honey tell him you want some of his big black cock in your hot pussy. She said I Want It! Please Give some of your cock! I want to feel that big black cock in my pussy now!... James really knew what he was doing. He has my wife begging him to fill her pussy with his cock while his face was buried in my wife?s pussy. I?ve never seen her do this before. Begging to get fucked. Come up her and fuck me now James. It sounded strange, my wife calling out another mans name to fuck her... Please give it to me!.. James stood up and wiped my wife?s cum from his face and guided his massive black staff towards my wife?s dripping wet pussy and placed the head of his blood filled cock against the swollen, hot open lips of her pussy. She cried out NO! OH GOD!!! Then the head of this enormous shaft slipped in her tight little pussy. Oh God, Oh Shit, It?s soooo fucking big! Don?t! Oh God Give It To Me!!! Oh God Easy Please! I want your cock in me. I went around behind her to look over her head for a better view. She reached up and locked her hands behind my neck to hold on and then it happened. James shoved that huge black cock in about five or six inches into the depth of my wife?s craving, soaking wet pussy. I couldn?t believe my eyes. I was watching this strange black Jamaican guy with the one of the biggest cock?s I?ve ever seen, shoving his manhood into my wife?s pussy and I was enjoying it! I?m not kidding this cock looked to be at least 11 inches long and about the thickness of? I don?t know what. It?s just fucking big! She looked up at me and tears were running down her cheeks when she said ?I love you? ?His cock feels so fucking good?! God it?s so big! It hurts. I said so you want to stop? She said NO! Please! I want to cum on his cock! OK Honey? Please let him keep fucking me! I want his cock in me please! (All I could say was take as much as you want)..

James started the pumping action in my wife?s pussy and she was starting to get into a fucking rhythm with him... She spread her legs open higher and farther apart letting him in deeper and deeper. She was now enjoying it even more now that the muscles in and around her pussy relaxed and was able to accept the plunging motions of his huge cock. She let go of my neck and grabbed the edge of the table so that she could hold on and push back onto his throbbing cock as he pushed it in deeper. I held her head up so she could see James?s black cock thrusting in and out of her... She screamed Oh Fuck Yes! Fuck Me! I began to wonder how much what used to be my innocent and somewhat shy wife could take. I asked James to take it easy. I think she??s had enough. That?s when she cried out NO! Give It To Me! Fuck Me Harder.... God it hurts! Oh my god it feels so fucking good. She was half crying while saying all this... She started bucking and humping on James cock wildy and said Oh my god I?m going to cum!!! Fuck!! Fuck Me, God Damn It! Oh God, Oh Yesssssss. I could hear the slushing sounds of her cum as James began pounding her harder!...?I?M CUMMING? ?I?M FUCKING CUMMING?!!! I could see her cum splurging out each time he rammed his cock back into her...It looked like he was shoving the full length of his cock into my wife! I could hear his ball slapping her ass as he pumped her hard and deep! She reached up and dug her nails into his back pulling as much of his black cock in her as she could stand. She screamed out so loud I thought the whole resort was going to wake up... Fuck me harder I want to feel your hot cum in my pussy! (Damn, I?ve created an animal, I thought). She has never acted this way. She was fucking him wildly taking the full length of this monster cock. Oh Fuck! Fuck me. Cum in my hot fucking pussy. Give me all that big black cock. Fuck, Fuck, Fuck! James was pumping away in her pussy and said Shit I??m Almost Ready To Cum! I felt so left out watching him fuck her like she?s never been fucked before. But all at the same time I was so turned on watching my wife begging this guy to fuck her like their was no tomorrow with his huge thick tool... To think, only a few hours ago my shy and seemingly innocent wife wouldn?t of even of considered doing something like this for real. Now she?s begging him to pump her full of his cum!... James let out a growling moan and said I?m Cumming! I?m Cumming in your hot white pussy! Ride that black cock you little white slut! I was thinking, only if I had a video camera to share this with her later. She screamed out again I?m cumming too! Oh God it feels good. Your cum feels so hot, give it to me! They were fucking each other so hard, churning their hot cum together. I felt a bit jealous, but knowing that she was enjoying it made me feel thrilled at the same time.

James started to relax a bit and then pulled his cock out of my wife?s pussy and the cum was gushing out of her stretched and battered hole. Her legs weak, she collapsed back on the table. I asked her if she was ok... She couldn?t even speak, just nodded her head ok. I said wow, that was some of the wildest fucking I?ve ever seen. She winked her eye, smiled at me and got up. To my surprise she quickly knelt down and started licking the remaining cum from James softening cock. She said I feel so fucking slutty right now, bring me your cock honey. I want to suck you both. She was sucking on my cock and jacking James off. He started getting partially hard again. It didn?t take long for her to get me to the point of cumming. It me think when she was sucking the last bit of cum from James cock because she usually don?t like cum in her mouth. But it sure looked hot with his cum around her lips. I told her I was ready to cum so not to surprise her, she kept sucking and let me shoot my hot load into her mouth! My juice ran down her chin and dripped onto her tits. She used her tongue to move my cum around the shaft of my cock. I was so hard It felt like the head of my cock was going to burst! I thought I would never quit cumming. It?s the most cum I?ve ever shot!...After she finished me, she looked up at James and said now it?s your turn. I want to thank you for the good time you gave me. She started stroking his semi-hard cock with her hands and mouth, sucking it hard and deep. James reached down and helped by jacking off his dick in my wife?s mouth. She was sucking and trying to take his cock to the back of her throat when James said you better stop before I cum in your mouth. She looked up at me quickly and smiled. I said go ahead if you want to. I knew then she wanted him to cum in her mouth... She jacked him off so fast, I could barely see her had moving back and forth and James said here it comes! Oh God Yes, Suck that black cock you little cock sucking slut. I watched as he filled my wife?s mouth with his load of hot and sticky cum. I was shocked when I seen her swallow a couple of times! (I didn?t ask and she didn?t tell)? It was dripping from her mouth and he was giving her a real cum bath! She rubbed his cock all over her face and chest drenching herself in his thick milky semen. Licking and cleaning up his cock with her tongue. She said thanks and wanted to know if we can all get together again before we had to leave?.......

I??ll tell the rest of this one later!

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