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third one for the night,and still aroused and hard.amazing.with my eyes closed i re live the events of the night that landed us,myself and my wife Michelle, in our bar, with her first black cock experience going better than i have ever imagined.

i always get aroused thinking about my wife and a black 35 she is the kind of woman that gets you instantly hard.tall,big breasts,auburn hair,beautiful sexy face.when she wears heels her long legs seem to go on forever and her small nipples are perfect for the bigger than normal breasts.her butt seems to defy gravity and whatever she wears,... she will turn heads.

she loves to dress up and we fantasize a lot in bed.i first told her about my secret fantasy while she was making love to my cock.she acted like she was not that interested but i could tell she got very aroused by the suddenly lusty way in witch she was caressing my cock. her saliva was running down my shaft and i realized her mouth got instantly wet.then, she licked my lips and inserted her hot tongue in my mouth in such a way that got me instantly on the brink of an orgasm.i started thinking how to make my fantasy a reality.

then ,3 days ago when the Chippendale's came to our small town we saw an add and i asked her if she would like to go.she said sure,and i knew that she was thinking to get aroused there and then come home and have sex.she had no idea.....of what was going to happen.or so I thought.

on sat evening ,we got in the car and started driving.butterflies in my stomach and the pounding of my heart made Michelle notice my arousal.''are you OK?"she said and the slight tremble on her voice made me look at her.''yes,I said,looking at the slight shaking of her perfectly manicured fingernails,''but the real question is....are you?"before she could answer her cell rang.she quickly picked up grateful for the diversion.after a few minutes she hung up and turned to me.''that was dawn.she's at a party here in town and asked if she could crash at our place when it's over.she knows were the spare key is.''dawn is a very sexy 29 year old registered nurse single milf,and Michelle's best friend.she lives a bit out of the way so when she's tired she sleeps in our guest room.last time this happened,after the new year's eve party Michelle and dawn french kissed and had sex in our bed right next to me while I pretended to be asleep.Michelle told me she does not want me to have another woman,outside of the realm of fantasy,but that night she carefully lifted the sheet,and showed Dawn my 8 inch thick shaved muscle.SHE even allowed HER to touch it and lightly kiss it.the next day she told me of what had happened and i acted properly surprised.I still masturbate thinking of that night. around 10 pm we were there.the place was elegant and cozy and not crowded at we entered,Michelle was turning heads and watching the looks of appreciation in the lustful eyes of the male strippers got me instant butterflyes.i never seen her with another man,and the thought of seeing her with a hard muscular body on top is something that always brings me to orgasm.

as i got to a table i pulled a chair and turned to admire my she looked stunning.with an air of totally relaxed confidence she was wearing a low back jumpsuit,pink with light blue dots,and a pair of heels.her auburn hair was done up with curls coming down in a sexy way.the lipstick was" very wet ruby red",and the glint in her eyes....playful.

we sat down and after the necessary drink order we turned our eyes towards the stage where a guy named "Apollo" was supposed to be next.when he appeared, Michelle stopped breathing for a few seconds. Apollo,was a beautiful black male,muscular and glistening in the light,with a tight white short, almost coming undone under the weight of his package.he was completely shaved,from the top of his head to the soles of his feet,and his face was very ....sexual,with a dazzling array of perfectly sculpted features.he noticed Michelle immediately and he did his routine looking at her Michelle was so entranced that she completely missed the arrival of our drinks. suddenly, she snapped out and looked at me with shy eyes.''it's ok honey,i would want to do him to if i would be you'' i said trying to sound reassuring.she just smiled,shook her head and turned her attention back at the stage while sipping her mojito.i took a 5 dollar bill of the table and handed it to her:"they work for tips you know" i said and handed it to her.she looked at the money for a few seconds debating in her head,then nodded,got up with the money in her hand,and started walking towards the stage.the nipples of her breasts were erect under the very thin low plunge/naked back jumpsuit,and seeing Apollo's approving eyes i congratulated myself,again,for convincing her not to wear a bra.he met her at the edge off the stage and after a few seconds of dancing,dropped on his knees and pulled his short so she can insert the money.i realized he pulled a lot more than it was necessary to make sure she got a good look.he then kissed her hand and pulled her gently and softly nibbled at her ear while saying " thank you" she came back,sat down and gulped her mojito."i want to get tipsy tonight she said,while looking around at the dancers mingling with the crowd." That....can be arranged " i said and walked to the bar.i ordered two tequilas and two more mojitos and as i started towards the table i noticed one of the dancers talking to Michelle.I turned back towards the bar asking for another glass with ice water.while the barmaid was preparing it ,i watched the table.the guy,who looked like Julian Rios, ( Michelle's preferred porn star) ,was sitting on the corner of the table,bent forward whispering in her ear.his bulge,trapped inside the satin tight short he was wearing,was resting innocently on the bare skin between her boobs,not covered by the low plunge jumpsuit.he took her hand and pressed on top of his tight muscle while whispering in her ear.she offered only token resistance,then she laughed and blushed.after he left i came back to the table." You're enjoying yourself i see" i said with a smirk on my face." Well,that was Julian Rios from please bang my wife."she said with a smirk of her own," what are the odds?" She continued." He's on a three month tour with the Chippendale's. He also said he would love to have me in the series",she said while her eyes were following him." of course he would" i said,and handed her the drinks.she emptied both tequillas then told me"tonight i will fuck your brains better keep that viagra that Shane gave you, handy. "I just smiled.when Apollo finished he came over and introduced himself.he offered to give Michelle a dance but she refused .she never took dances...not in public.i asked her if she would be open to the idea of a private show at the house and she said " why not?"not really knowing how determined i was. as the night went on,at one point, i approached Apollo and invited him to our house to give Michelle a private dance.if more much for the better.he accepted immediately...i guess he's had this happen before.... and i went back to the table and casually told Michelle that Apollo will come home with us to give her a private dance.she smiled with a playful glint of understanding and said with innocence:"are you sure you WANT to do this?"i said" more than anything "."OK,but I will not have sex with him"."of course",I said. her silence told me of her acceptance.the tequilla worked it's magic.a while latter,while ordering more drinks at the bar,I noticed Julian sitting next to me.Michelle's attention was concentrated at the stage were a girl was getting her bachelorette show.I turned to Julian:"you are my wife's preferred star.would u like to come to our house for a nightcap?if more happens that's fine with me"."I thought you'll never ask,he said."I've been watching her all night.I was just about to propose you the same thing."outstanding."I want to surprise her,I said,"we will live here shortly.this is the address.back door will be open.Apollo is coming too.give us about 45 minutes and then come."he said:"cool.when u live I'll hit the shower.I'll bring some tequilla too."

Smart guy.

Twenty minutes latter ,in our bar room at home, Michelle was getting her private dance.'rude boy' by Rihanna was playing and a black light ,the only source of illumination. Apollo's performance so far with the bulging white shorts left Michelle breathing first she was confident she could resist temptation but when his cock was finally out... her eyes were glued to it.i have a big cock but his was bigger.and was lightly touching the pink jumpsuit, resting on the breast.her hands were to her sides ,not daring to move.his pelvis was gyrating with the music six inches from her face,and his semi erect muscle was rubbing up and down her chest.she looked at me,looking for approval before taking things a bit further."as far as you dare,honey",i said while sipping a captain Morgan on the rocks while sitting on a bar stool by the window.from there i had an excellent view of the her hand slowly started to caress his cock, i knew that she decided to be daring, the only question was, daring. suddenly,she moved forward and planted a quick kiss on his ABS,her lipstick leaving a wet sexy outline of her

her fingers,lightly explored his body,until they brushed against the top of his penis and ,a line of sticky liquid formed in the air.i could feel the sexual tension in the room reaching new heights when ,she almost unconsciously,licked her finger.that was the moment when she surrendered her inhibitions and decided to make my fantasy a reality.

she lowered her head and planted a light kiss on the little glob of sticky liquid,on the tip of his black,now fully erect,love muscle,licking it off while watching me straight in the eyes .my obvious excitement ,told her is OK to go further and she gently started sucking Apollo's cock,kissing it and lightly biting it.she let out a sigh when his hands went under the jumpsuit and started fondling those magnificent breasts.i got up to get a drink leaving the room.when i got back all remaining inhibitions were gone.she was naked,except the high heels,on top of him, her head going down like a piston between his parted legs.with the short gone,his package was out in all it,s glory and she had her lips and tongue leaving wet patches on it.soon,that black cock started glistening with wetness,her lips stretched around it.she was twisting and turning her body,feeling him with her breasts,while his dick was fully in her mouth.she let go his cock for a few seconds,looked at me with glazed,lusty eyes than turned,and started to lick and bite her way up his muscular body.when she got to his ear she whispered"i had an orgasm while i was sucking your big black cock...amazing.'.than she licked her way down back to his black cock.she stroke it a few times, watching the blob of liquid cumming out, and then started to lick on it.more and more of his black cock was disappearing in my wife's mouth.

he was trying to pull out,but she would not let go.he finally exploded in her mouth ,and white cum,was running down his shaft after escaping her lips.the black light only accentuated the contrast of the thick surreal white sperm running down her breasts and his balls.she never stopped.his cock as hard as ever,was bulging under her caressing and kissing.

they moved into a 69 and for the next 10 minutes explored each other with their tongues. Michelle's hands were feeling his muscles and she was moaning in time with his tongue and finger penetrating her pussy. Michelle got up took Apollo by the hand and sat him on a stool by the bar.she parted his legs,put his hands behind his head,pushed his body back until his spine was resting against the bar,and with a mischievous look in her eyes said to him:"i know you want to fuck me really bad but i want to suck that big black cock of yours some's the biggest dick i ever had".she started dancing and touching her body, occasionally brushing against him.Apollo dared not move,mesmerized by the enticing and very arousing way,this milf,completely naked,except for high heels,was behaving.never taking his eyes off her,he spoke:"your wife is very hot.I will fuck her until she begs me to stop.this can not get any better."if he only knew......she walked to the stripping pole,did a few moves,than,in one fluid,feline walk she came back to his cock.Michelle stopped in front of him,spread her legs, and bent over until his black cock VANISHED in her mouth.her tits were bouncing against his groin every time his black ,hard as steel shaft got totally enveloped by her warm, wet,lips.her eyes were closed,and she was totally overtaken by lust.from were I sat,naked now and stroking my cock,I had a perfect view. Her heels,firmly planted legs straight,red fingernails digging carefully in his tight leg muscles. Movement next to me snapped me out of my bliss.i looked and next to me i saw dawn ,watching with rapt attention, touching her perfect chest and licking her lips."how long you been here?"I asked in a low voice."long enough to know I want some of that",she replied walking towards Michelle's pussy she was dressed to kill high heel boots,short tight charcoal pencil skirt and a white shirt,open now,exposing her tanned breasts.she got on her knees and started licking Michelle's pussy juice that was running down her legs.then,her open mouth covered the pussy,and started to lick and suck.Michelle had no idea!!!!!.she thought it was me,joining in.more movement to my right.Julian is sitting there,naked,stroking lightly his huge hard on."I got to give it to you,he can I fuck that tight pussy?"."be my guest I said.dawn turns,sees Julian approaching and with a look of awe in her eyes,makes room.without stopping,in one fluid motion,Julian penetrates my wife's inviting wet pussy all the way,while he grabs her hair and pushes her head even lower on Apollo's cock.she knew right away that was not my cock but she was trapped between the two huge cocks.eyes now open she looked around seeing the two new two hunks .dawn, was still keeled,sucking on Julian's balls while he was pounding Michele.she went back to engulfing Apollo's cock,while looking straight in my eyes.she touched dawn with her hand and pointed in my direction.dawn smiled and started to come towards me on all fours,like a panther.she started teasing me with her tongue then suddenly took me in her mouth.dawn was sucking my cock while watching my wife getting double teamed!!!the look of total ecstasy on my face made Michelle feel hotter than ever.she started pushing back on Julian's cock ,holding him the same time she lifted her head and thrust her tongue in Apollo's mouth forcefully.her tongue found his and she french kissed him with lust while stroking his cock.they came at the same time,Julian's sperm flowing out like white lava,while Apollo covered my wife's chest and neck in was to much for me and i exploded inside dawn's mouth.what a night!!!but was not over!!!we all took showers and relaxed a bit.i was the last one i got back to the bar room,the party was on again as if it never stopped.thank god for viagra!!!Michelle and dawn were front to front with the stripping pole between them,yes we have a stripping pole,with the guys behind them ,dancing kissing and touching.the girls had dressed up a bit after the shower i saw.they both done pumps and Michelle's satin short robes,both white. Apollo was behind my wife and he turned her towards him.his shaft,now erect again(wow that's a big cock),pushing against her pussy."it's my turn,he said and taking her hand lead her to a bear rug we have in a corner.he put her on her back,spread her long legs until her pussy was popping out and finally he penetrated her and his cock was instantly wet.he settled into a rithm and she followed .Apollo was fucking my wife....what a sight.i could see the outline of that huge snake working it's way in and moving inside her.he was fucking her gently at first and her hands were on his he increased the intensity, and power, her hands migrated to his waist and then his buttocks.her eyes were open and full of lust.the look of his body pushing that black shaft into her...apparently made her very lusty. she turned to her knees with him behind her,and beckoned Julian to her . .Apollo was fucking her from behind powerfully and she used his thrusts to suck Julian's cock.she was watching me watching,and she was giving me a show.her ass was pushing back against his six pack and she was arching her back like a porn star .the white satin robe was long gone,and her body was naked again.

Apollo turned her on her back and started to fuck her powerfully, her breasts jumping in tune.her hands were all over his dark and muscular body and her tongue was on his camera was taking some awesome pictures,i was sure.she rolled and got on top and started sliding up and down his cock,while Julian stood with his cock ready,in front of her,stocking it. dawn took me by the hand and lead me to the bedroom upstairs:"Michelle told me to take you upstairs.she wants to be ...alone with those two for a while.i'm supposed to entertain you."i had no problem with that and soon i was on my back in the bed,with dawn mounted on top pushing herself firmly and slowly up and down my dick.our tongues were licking each other and the sounds coming from the bar made everything even wife was getting fucked hard and i could hear it:"oh yeah,two cocks mmmmm".dawn started whispering by my ear:you hear that?Apollo and Julian are pounding your wife.she told me she wants both in her pussy at the same time."i instantly came again while dawn continued handling my cock with her pussy and french kissed me. exhausted,i fell asleep.i wake up about forty minutes later to the sound of two cars leaving the driveway.dawn and Michelle were next to me,one on each side,exchanging tongue kisses around my cock.i closed my eyes back.why spoil a good thing right?i started listening at the whispered conversation,interrupted by kisses and licks:"oh i loved the way his huge dick felt,and when Julian stretched me even,it felt so good to have both of them in at the same time...their lusty looks,..their tight bodies...mmmmm" "i know,Michelle,that felt good.after entertaining your husband,i thought i had enough but seeing you,your pumps in the air long legs stretched, taking that huge black cock,and than seeing Julian pushing in....i could see those cocks moving throught you...fucking like a pro....i had to try it really let go after Gabriel left.we really used those boys."

"yeah...mmmm their cum tasted so good especially off your body dawn,kissing you and getting covered in sperm felt marvelous...Apollo's brother and his friends showed up just in time...

"oh yeah,,i wanted to beg him to stop but i had two cocks in my mouth all the time,Michelle remembered with lusty eyes,i lost it completely....and the cum....mmmm...the cum....

my cock exploded again adding to the overpowering love smell that the cum of the men, left on their bodies.they giggled and continued their love making.i smiled myself drifting back to sleep,congratulating myself for installing the hidden camera in the bar the previous evening......

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