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A Husband's Fantasy

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You lay there, on the bed, that sexy body completely bared. A silk scarf around your eyes as a blindfold. Arms stretched over your head, a set of handcuffs securing your wrists to the brass head rail. Your legs spread wide, matching scarves to the one covering your eyes around your ankles, likewise securing them to the bedposts. Your body shivering a little, nervous, making your stomach quiver and those sweet, incredible, raspberry-sized nipples stand so hard and taut.

You feel my lips on yours, then your cheek, finally your ear. ?Relax and enjoy baby?, I whisper, before standing and starting the video camera.

You feel the bed settle from their weight as they move to you. You start to say ?please no?, but it?s cut off with their first touch to your body. Their lips wrapping around your nipples, suckling gently in and out, pulling the hard nubs in and against their teeth again and again. Occasionally they bite just a little, enough to get your attention as they stretch your nipples playfully.

Your back arches, legs straining, soft gasps coming from you as you feel the third mouth against your pussy. A low, soft ?mmmmmmmmmmm? escapes your lips as his press to yours, so glistening wet. His tongue begins those slow, soft, gentle, deep laps inside you, tasting you. The slight stubble on his upper lip rasping gently at your clit.

Watching, moving around the room with the video camera, my cock so hard, loving seeing you pleasured like this.

All three of their mouths, their hands on you. Suckling and licking and nibbling and kissing and stroking and pinching. Your moans deepen, your body writhes as you struggle at the bonds, your juices flow so freely.

The one between your legs presses the already-lubed vibe to the hot, tight, puckered star of your ass. Sucking at your clit firmly as he presses it into you slowly, gently. You try to fight him, but he doesn?t let you, just so gradually filling your ass with the small fake cock as his head bobs up and down, his lips pulling and stretching your clit and the flesh that surrounds it.

You?ve not noticed, but the two who were toying with your nipples have moved to kneel beside your head. Your first conception that your nipples aren?t being stimulated is when you feel their cocks on you. One lying across your lips, the other across your throat. Both hard, long, thick, and so hot.

You can?t help yourself, your mouth opens and you begin sucking the first offered to you greedily, hungrily. Feeling his hand on your head, lifting it as he starts rocking his hips slowly, fucking your mouth the way you like ? pushing in until you just barely start to gag, then pulling out until only the head?s inside your mouth, again and again.

The other lifting his cock occasionally, stroking it, using the head to smack at your nipple. You gasp and suck harder each time you feel your body used like that. Driving your hips and pussy up into the mouth of the one between your legs as they use you like a slut, their whore for the day.

A rhythm develops. The one between your legs relaxing his sucking of your clit each time he plunges the fake cock into your sweet, sweet ass; then sucking firmly each time he pulls it completely out. Repeating this pattern of thrusting deep and hard into you, toying with your clit, making you moan around the cocks in your mouth. The two at your head taking turns, grasping fistfuls of your hair and pulling your head back and forth from cock to cock every few strokes. Their free hands grasping and pinching and twisting your nipples the way you love. Their shafts glistening with your saliva, your body completely theirs to use as they wish.

The thrusting of all three starts to deepen, grow firmer and harder and faster as they sense your first orgasm building. The one you?re currently sucking brings it on as he looks at me, at the camera, moaning ?god you?ve got an amazing cocksucker here, man.?

You scream around the cock in your mouth, the lips and teeth so tight and hard around your clit, the vibe a blur as it pistons in and out of your sweet, sweet ass. Your body spasms, jerks, every muscle tense as it rips through you. Your juices gush from your pussy, their pussy now, every sense in your body on fire as you cum so hard, so deep, so long.

You collapse back to the bed, barely noticing that you no longer have a cock in your mouth, yet your mouth still hanging open hungrily, waiting to be used. You feel the vibe pulled slowly from your ass, the scarves at your ankles loosened and freed.

Two of them lift you, turn you over, lowering you onto the one laying on his back. His cock grasped steadily, lining it up and letting you settle your sopping-wet cunt down onto him, not stopping until you feel his full, heavy balls against you. You just lay there, arms still bound to the head rail, feeling that cock stretch you, fill you. Your tits against his chest as yours heave from the pleasure.

He starts rocking under you slowly; not thrusting, but just moving his cock inside you, massaging your velvet-soft and so-wet inner walls with his shaft, making it jump and throb inside you. You feel another cock at your lips; you can?t help yourself, so slutty you feel, sucking at the offered meat like a whore, taking it as deep in your throat as you can.

You barely notice as the third moves behind you, straddling your hips and spreading your cheeks gently. Your moans around the cock in your mouth turn to almost-screams, as you feel that thick, spongy-soft, plum-sized head start to press at your ring. The one below you lifts your chest a little, pressing your full, heavy tits together to lick and suck and bite and stretch your nipples.

The one at your head gripping your hair, fucking your mouth with slow, deep, firm strokes. Each time going a little deeper as you work to relax. You gasp, your body shudders from head to toe as you feel the ring around the base of the head slip past your asshole. He stops, just letting you get used to it for a moment.

All three smile as the burning pain in your ass starts to turn to pleasure, signaled by the way you start moving your hips, slurping greedily at the cock in your mouth. All three tighten their grip on you: the one at your head twining his fingers into your hair, pulling it a little; the one under you squeezing your tits together and biting firmly at your nipples; the one behind grasping your hips, pulling them back against him as he plunges his cock deep into your tight little ass in one hard thrust.

So lost in them. Their slut. Their whore. Held tight in their control.

Another rhythm develops. All three bucking their hips simultaneously so all three of your holes are filled at the same time; all three holes vacated and empty at the same time. You let go, giving your body completely to them now.

Your throat finally relaxing to let the head of the cock fucking your mouth slip past. Your pussy throbbing and squeezing at the cock pistoning up and into you. Your sweet whore ass gripping the cock that fills it again and again and again; feeling the slim membrane of flesh between the two cocks so close together squeezed and massaged so incredibly. Your clit grinding down against the coarse, kinky hair of the man in your cunt.

No words now, just the sounds of your moans and theirs mixing. The wet, slapping sounds of your bodies colliding again and again. Feeling all three cocks filling you at once, all three sets of balls bouncing against you.




Taking you.

Using you.

Your body reacting unconsciously, not even knowing its coming until you feel that burning/tickling at the pit of your stomach. Sensing theirs impending from the way their balls grow tighter, harder; the way their thrusts begin to come almost savage.

Their cocks swelling, their grips on you tightening. Your throat taking the cock deep over and over. Your pussy so swollen and tender, sloppy-wet. Your abused ass stretched out around the cock filling it.

I still move around the room, catching every motion, every pounding thrust on video, from every angle. Close-ups of the both your holes stretched to their limit by the cocks filling them. Excellent shots of your drool running from the corner of your mouth as he fucks your face. Wide angles of all four bodies moving together with such ferocity that it actually makes the bed scoot a little across the floor.

The one in your mouth is the first, his whole body tensing as he pulls back until only the so-sensitive head of his cock?s in your lips. His stomach muscles rippling as he pumps his cum into your mouth, watching you try to swallow (your first time) even as you moan and scream from the assault on your ass and pussy.

The other two follow closely behind, so close it?s hard to know which was first. You cry out as they erupt together, the cock slipping from your mouth so that the last few spurts splatter against your cheeks, your chin.

Behind you, getting the shot of their cocks throbbing and spasming inside you. Your second orgasm rips through you as you feel their hot, thick, sticky cum filling your cunt and ass together. Your head swims, your breaths come ragged; your heart slams in your chest. Watching as their cum fills you, then seeps out around their cocks, pooling under you on the bed.

Your rhythms slow as the four of you start to come down slowly, gradually. You lay sandwiched between the two, the still semi-hard cock of the one at your face still dragging at your cheek.

I reach up to pull the blindfold off of you, watching your eyes as they focus. Seeing you come to realize that you?re seeing the dark, smooth, sweat-sheened skin of the black man under you, the ebony cock at your lips, how you glance back over your shoulder into the smiling face of the third black man behind you.

?Oh god? you moan, your body shuddering with your third orgasm of the day, albeit smaller. I lean down, lips soft to your ear, whispering, ?Just thought I?d mention that I specifically picked guys who can keep going all day and night, baby.?

Smiling as I see the grin of pure pleasure pass over your face.

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