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A Fantasy Cum True

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?My wife made my fantasy of watching her with a black man come true.?

It had been a busy week and I had just come off the night shift and was ready to get some rest. I arrived home around 7:00 am. I expected it to be a typical morning, my wife Laura would still be asleep and I would take my shower before quietly slipping in to bed with her and drifting off to sleep. As I got into bed my wife rolled over and gave me a kiss and asked how my night was. I told her it was ok. I like to snuggle up to her when I get into bed and rub my hands over her breasts and feel her nipples over her silk night gown. My wife has very nice tit?s. They are small and perky, and her nipples get long an hard when I rub them. As my hands made their morning pass over her lovely body, I was shocked to find her panties to be soaked with her pussy juice. I asked her what had brought on such wetness to her pussy. She replied, "I have been thinking about your fantasy and I have decided to make it come true." With that, she turned on the lamp in the bedroom and out of the closet came a black man who stood about six feet tall and had nothing on but a white pair of skin tight boxer briefs. The first thing I noticed was the amazing bulge in his boxers, now I know my wife?s panties had been soaked with anticipation She introduced me to her dark friend whom she had met while out shopping. I could not believe that this was happening!!!

After a brief introduction with my wife?s new friend Lawrence, I did not hesitate to invite him into our bed with us. Lawrence asked if he should remove his boxers, I said sure, but let Laura do it for you. He walked up to the side of the bed and she slowly pulled off the boxers , as they fell to the floor both her and I looked on with amazement at the size of his dark brown cock. I must have been 8 inches long and very thick and the head of it was very big. I couldn?t wait to see it when he was hard, nor could she. With that she looked to me for approval as she placed her hand on this monster cock. I nodded as she started to stroke his manhood. Almost immediately his cock began to grow. It must have been about 11 inches, and so thick she could not wrap her hand around it. Then with a little hesitance she lowered her lips onto the tip of his cock. She started slow and took only the head of it into her mouth. He gasped with pleasure and proceeded to slide his cock further into her mouth. To my surprise she did a great job deep throating and she eagerly wanted more and more. At this point I was rock hard seeing my wife suck this mans cock and I could not help myself but to slide my fingers into my her slippery pussy. She too moaned with pleasure. I could her the sounds of my wife sucking his cock and Lawrence moaned on and on with delight. After only 10 minutes of my wife sucking his hard cock he stated that he was going to cum. My wife began to stroke the base of his cock as she slid him out of her mouth. Up and down she stroked, faster and faster until he could not take it anymore. Squirt after squirt he came all over her face, I had never seen anyone cum as much as he had. She plopped his cock back into her mouth and caught the last few squirts as he shot them down her throat.

I asked Lawrence if he would like to taste her pussy juices and he said he would love to. I positioned my wife with her legs spread in front of him. My wife has her clitoral hood pierced and she had a nice purple barbell on that constantly brushed over her clit. He quickly lowered his head between her legs and started to lick her pussy. He complimented her purple jewelry and ran it around his tongue as he slurped on her clit. She began to moan very loudly. She stated that her pussy was on fire. I could see that her pussy lips had swollen as well as her clit. I watched as this man sucked and sucked on my wife?s pussy and I loved every minute of it. Hearing my wife moan with pleasure as she buried his face into her crotch. My wife has been known to squirt sometimes when she has an orgasm, and before we knew it she was cumming all over his face??..returning the favor as he had earlier came all over hers. This made Lawrence want to fuck her quivering hole.

After a few minutes of rest I asked my wife if she would like him to fuck her with his big dark cock. Now my wife was a little nervous because she had never had another cock in her pussy other than mine, not to mention one of this size. I assured my wife that she would do just fine. I positioned myself on the bed and asked my wife to get on top of me in the 69 position. She did so and instantly took my hard cock into her mouth. I asked Lawrence to get behind my wife so that he could enter her doggy style. I explained to him that he was going to be the first man to fuck her pussy other than me. This put a big smile onto his face. He looked very eager. Being directly below my wife?s pussy and his huge cock I would get the best view of this sexual encounter. I started out by licking my wife?s clit, she was so wet that her juices were running down my face, which was a good thing because she would need every bit of her wetness to take in this big dick. I asked Lawrence if he would mind if I helped him out by guiding his thick meat into her hole. He told me that he was fine with it. I took hold of his cock and slowly stroked it around my wife?s hot pussy. I did this for a while to prep her for what was about to happen. As I brushed the head of his cock over her swollen clit they both began to moan. I then asked my wife is she was ready to get fucked and she yelled, ?Yes, I want this hard black dick in my pussy now!!!? With that I guided his thick meat into her tight swollen vagina. I watched in amazement as his manhood spread her pussy lips like they have never been spread before. He started slow as she let out very loud yells of pleasure. At first she was only able to take about 3/4 of his dick into her but as he continued to stretch her inside she was finally able to bury all of him into her . He began to speed up and thrust after thrust my wife moaned with pleasure. Every time he would pull out just enough for me to see the head of his cock go back in to explore my wife?s love tunnel. I could see the inner folds of her pussy surface as he would pump in and out of her. Time after time, moan after moan he fucked her and buried himself balls deep inside of her. The both could not take it any longer, the came together as he gripped her hips and pulled her towards him he emptied his load deep inside of her as she squirted her juices right back out. I was covered in her juices. He pulled his monster cock only for me to see the gaping hole of where his cock had been and soon the cum began to run out of her like a mountain stream. My wife continued to suck me until I filled her mouth with my load?...???????I awoke to my wife calling my name. Are you ok babe, what?s the matter? I looked around a bit confused?then I realized I had just had the best dream in years??.my cock was rock hard now and my wife got on top and started to ride me as I told her all about my dream.

The End

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