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wifes first college guys

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Wife’s first college guys I’m not much of a writer, so forgive me, but this is the best I can relate it, At leas the most I can remember.

I asked my wife if she would be interested in another play session. Lately, we have been having 3ways, every few months or so. But this time, I had planned on sharing her with two guys!

So, I asked to wear this really sexy / slutty outfit to meet them at a hotel, but there was no way she said, she said she was not going to wear it out, but would change when we got there. Well, one thing led to another and we were running about an half hour late.

So when I tried to find the parking garage I got lost, by a block and had to call the guy, Thankfully I did that, because they had giving up on us as a no show an were leaving. But when I called they turned around to meet us.

So we sat in our car an chatted for the next ten or so minutes. And somehow got into the topic of college degree’s. My wife made the comment, I got two bachelors, and I replied “ Honey that’s why we are here, so you CAN have two bachelors”, and with that we started laughing. Well, after a bit one of the guys pulls up and gets out, I get out an we light chat, and he calls the other guy. So, wifey gets into the car, and him an Iare standing there light chatting. Kinda funny, light chatting cause we both know what we really want. After a bit his buddy shows up and my wife says let’s go. So my wife walks with the newest guy and I an the other one follow.

When we finally get into the hotel room, I break the ice a bit with some fun chat and set up a laptop with a disk full of 3way and hot wife pics on slideshow. Next I set up some music to listen to, while wifey is light chatting with our new college guys.

Next I offer her, and everyone a beer to relax – but you can feel the tension, or awkwardness in the air, kind of like, what next. So, my wife speaks up and says, “Would you like to see my outfit?” and the guys reply eagerly, why yes, please. She heads into the bathroom to change, and I tell them, I love this outfit she brought, it makes her look, well, delicious.

After a few minutes, she comes out of the bathroom, wearing that awesome dress. Totally HOT. No ands or ifs about it. Killer heels, short, tight, black with lots of cleavage – just perfect.

She sits down on the bed, there are two beds in this hotel room, with one of the guys, and the other guy on the other bed and I sit in the desk chair. 3way pics playing on the laptop, blues music on the speakers we brought a drink. After a moment, my wife says, well, I guess I have to get things started, and she leans over to lightly kiss guy1. Once I know she is going for the gold, I get up and go to the closet, and get naked, hell I want to be able to stroke and watch. When I walk back fully naked, I think it really broke the ice, so to speak, cause guy2 starts to get naked. My sexy wife is lap-grinding guy1 on the first bed. I sit n start lightly stroking, guy2 comes to me an asks, why are you not joining in?

I reply, cause I get so hard watching her enjoy herself, and I will have her after you two do.

Guy 2 joins guy1 on the bed, and they are fingering and kissing her – while she is sucking guy1s cock. Seeing my wife in the middle of two young bulls, enjoying herself, made me so hard. So I started taking a few pics with the digital camera. I hear my wife, moaning now, from the dueling attention of four hands. Guys two is fingering her good, guy1 is still getting his cock sucked, but now leaning over wifey and sucking on guy2s cock. After a few minutes I go over to see how wifey is doing, and I pull her hair back a bit, and see sweat forming on her neck. I lean in and suck on her neck a bit and whisper to her, hey baby, god I love you, how bout a beer break, she nodes yes, and I tell the two guys, hey, we don’t have to rush anything, lets give her a break, and take a beer break.

So, I get wifey a nice cold drink, and we all sit back, an laugh a bit. Now we are on next round, guy1 starts eating out wifey and guy2 is getting his cock sucked. I’m sitting an stroking taking pics. I get in and lean down to start licking her nipples and rubbing her body, randomly all over her body.

Guy1 lies back on the bed and wifey straddles his body, lowering herself down onto his cock. Now she starts rocking backn forth while leaning forward enough so he can lick n suck on her titties. Guy2 is sitting on other bed stroking an watching, so I ask may I? He replies, please do, I kneel down in front of him and take him into my mouth. I start to suck a bit and move up and down his shaft, and I hear my wife moaning and groaning. Not being able to take it, I release his cock and look at my wife, all hunched down grinding on guy1s cock. I move over to the bed, and lay down so I can lick her ass as she is fucking guy1. I lick all the way down to his shaft and down to his balls. I lick them lightly then move up and stick my toung into wifeys ass. Next I lube up my finger and slide it into her ass, feeling his cock, pistoning in and out of her. Now she is really groaning and moaning. I pull my finger out and grab his cock, an as she rides up a bit, I pull it out, and take it into my mouth for a bit. Next I move to wifeys freshly fucked pussy and place my mouth on top of it and suck and lick and rub my face all over it, as much as I can, considering the position I am in. Now wifey moves to kneel and suck on guy1s cock again and guy2 moves behind her to fuck her. I start licking her toes and legs as she is split roasted between these two college young bulls. God is it hot to watch an join in and have my woman enjoying herself.

After a while guy2 is cumming and filling his comdom. As he pulls out, I move behind my wife and start sucking on her freshly fucked pussy, for all I am worth. Lapping and licking, sucking and tonguing as much of her as I can. Very, very sexy sight, indeed.

The room has a sex smell to it now. Exhausted and well spent, my wife dismounts the cock and we all take a break. Guy1 says its getting late, so wifey and I start to pack up, and I replace all of our stuff into our travel bag. We have one more drink before shaking hands and leaving the hotel room with guy1.

We are all smiling and laughing, due to the great time we all just had. We get into the parking garage and wifey gives him a kiss, I shake his hand and tell him to send us an email. On our way home wifey and I chat about how excited we both were. And when we get home is when I lay her on our bed and start to lick and suck and fuck her for all I can with all the lust an love I have.

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