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the wife and girlfreinds after drinking

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The night I picked up The Wife and Her Girlfriends after drinking

My wife Lisa and I have been married for 35 years. She still as hot as the day we married. She is 5/9 155lbs with 38DD and nice shaved pussy and a sweet ass. She was always shy about dressing sexy until a few years ago. She usual goes out after work with her girlfriends on Fridays. Every once and a while one of us husbands has to go pick them up and drive them home. By the time she gets home I have already gone to bed. I have notice that a few times when she came home that she is pretty horny. If we have sex she is always wet.

Last week I got the call to come and get her and 2 of her friends Deb and Sue let me tell you I have always wanted to do both of them. Deb is 45 Redhead with huge tits and nice large ass. Sue is 50 and just the opposite Blonde with small tits and tight bum. When I got to the bar they were all pretty wasted so I got there stuff together and got them to our car. Lisa had on a nice dress. Deb had on a skirt with button up blouse. Sue had on Sweater with dress pants. They had just come from work so they were dressed very nice but not what you would wear out for the night.

I got them in the car and started driving towards Sues house which is about 30 minutes away. As I drove I could hear gigging in the back so I adjusted the mirrior and was shocked to see Sue and Deb kissing. I poked Lisa and said look back there. She turned around and leaned over the seat telling them hey I want some of that. I just about came in my pants. She reached back and kissed Deb as she did her dress rode up in the back. I could see that she did not have any underwear on. I reach over and started rubbing her ass she was pushing back into my hand so I stuck a finger in her she was soaked. When I looked back in the mirror Sue was pulling Debs top off she had on a little lace bra which was only holding the very bottom of her tits they must have been 40DD or larger I could see her whole nipple they were hard as rocks. Lisa told me to turn the car around because we were going back to our house. So I drove back to our house by then Sue had sucked on Debs tits and I had fingered Lisa to a large wet Orgasm thank god for leather seats. I got them into the house Deb still had her top and bra off. They said hey Tom how about you fix us some drinks. I asked what they wanted and went to the kitchen to make the drinks. Deb came walking in still topless I almost dropped the bottle she walked right up to me and asked if I liked her tits. I could barely answer they were so perfect. She reached out and rubbed my cock over my pants. I did not have any underwear on so she could feel how hard I was. There was already some precum on my Pants. She told me that Lisa had told her how large I was and she had always hoped to see it. She undid my pants and they dropped to the floor she said wow can I touch it I told her that Lisa might walk in anytime. She said I do not think so. I asked her want she meant and she told me to come with her. As we got close to the living room I could here moaning. As I looked around the corner I saw Lisa and Sue naked Lisa was spread eagle on the couch with Sues face buried in her pussy. Lisa had her eyes closed rubbing her tits with a huge smile on her face. She was the one moaning. Deb grabbed my cock from behind and pulled me back to the kitchen. She told me that she wanted to see if she could fit the whole thing down her throat. My head was spinning by my wife getting eaten by her friend and the other wanting to give me a blow job. So we went back to the kitchen and I told her to get the rest of the way undressed. When she pulled down her Skirt she did not have any panties on just like Lisa. I asked her if she always went without them and she told me that Lisa and her had took them off at the bar once they started to get buzzed. She also was shaved bare just like Lisa her lips were a little smaller but her clit was swollen and proud. I slide my hands down her front while she kneeled and took me in her mouth. I played with her huge tits and nipples. 1 reached down and played with her clit she was so wet so I slide my finger in her and she moaned around my cock. She could really suck cock and had me ready to blow in minutes. I told her to get up on the counter because I wanted to repay her for her great work. As she climbed up on the counter I got my first look at her ass as she spread her legs and I stared licking all around her no touching her clit she told me to quit teasing and get with it. I had her squirming in no time she almost jumped off the counter when I suck her love button into my mouth it was just like a small dick. As I slipped my finger in her she told me to stick my whole hand in her. She was soaked so I worked more fingers in until my whole hand was in her with very little trouble. She said that she always has huge orgasms that way and loved it. I was now banging her pretty hard she had my whole fist and about 4 inches of arm up her pussy she started to squirt there was cum everywhere. I pulled my arm out and suck my face in her pussy she grabbed my head with both hands and forced it in so hard I could hardly breathe. She was fucking my face like there was no tomorrow. I pulled away and got first close look at her sweet pucker little hole it was soaked so I rubbed my finger over it. She said oh yes stick it in please I slide my finger all the way in and started to fuck her ass she was screaming YES Oh God YES as I did I looked over and saw Lisa and Sue watching us. Lisa said no wonder we never got our drinks she walked over and took my cock in her mouth. I was stunned that Lisa was not mad she just took me deep. As she did I felt a wet finger playing with my ass it was Sue I looked back and she just smiled she eased her finger in to my ass causing me to shoot my load in Lisas mouth she took it all. Then she told Sue to come and share with her. Deb said Lisa I just had to see that cock that you always brag about. Deb said it is as big as you said. They all looked at me and started laughing I must have a strange look on my face by then.

They said lets have those drinks now. As I made the drinks they filled me in on all of this. It seams that a couple of years ago they all went to a pleasure party and had way to much to drink that all of them got naked and started playing with each testing with all the toys and each other. Lisa said that Deb picked up a huge black dildo and shoved it up her pussy. Lisa said she was a little scared after seeing it. Deb told her it just takes getting use too so she lubed it up and stuffed it in Lisa. She said that being filled with it felt so great. They all stated sucking and fucking each other with all the toys. They have been playing together ever since. They also told me that when Deb or Sues husbands have picked them up that they ended up fucking the guy just like they planned on doing me. They said when they were done with me that I would not be able to get it up for days. I told them I will just have to see that. We each had another drink and then Lisa said lets go up the bedroom and have some real fun.

We all headed up to the master bedroom I let them all walk in front of me this was the first time I had really seen Sues naked bum it was nicer then I had thought it was a sweet round bubble butt with a little tiny brown eye. I just wanted to throw her down on the steps spread her cheeks and stick my tongue up it.

They told me to get on my back in the center of the bed and not to move. They started kissing and fingering each other. They asked Lisa to get all her toys. She has a pretty good collection. Now I know why Lisa always wants to buy them. Lisa was the first to come and lay next to me. Deb told Sue to suck my cock because she had not yet. As she did Deb took one of Lisa Dildos and stated to push it in to Sue as she did she pushed her so that my whole cock was in her tiny mouth. I was surprised that she could take it all. Lisa came and sat on my face she was dripping wet so I licked and sucked like it was going to be my last time. She was telling Deb to Fuck Sue harder which made Sue moan on my cock until she could not take anymore. She fell forward on top of me. As she did Deb rammed the dildo in hard and Sue came. Lisa climbed off my face which was covered in cum Deb came and started licking my face this was new to me. Deb and I started kissing she stuck her tongue down my throat. Lisa was now between Debs legs eating her wildly. Sue was sucking on Lisa tits and I was trying to get a finger in Sues Ass god she was tight she keep pulling away. Deb said that she wanted to ride my cock which of course was now rock hard again. She got some lube and lubes herself up now she is squirming all over the head of my cock then slowly lowers herself down inch by inch. Sue is now climbing onto my face her lips were swollen and bright red I stuck my tongue in as far as I could the whole time Deb is pounding the fuck out of my cock. Lisa is now pinching my nipples then lends down and bites one. Deb tells Lisa to go get the strap on because she wants to see her lube it up real good and fuck me in the ass with it. I guess that Lisa had told them that I loved to have my ass fucked. I said only if I get to fuck Deb in the ass at the same time. Just then Sue began tremble, shiver and go into spasm as she screamed aloud with the intensity of her orgasm. Lisa put on the strap on and Sue lubed it up. Sue said that she wanted to just watch us fuck so she sat on the loveseat. Deb bent over the edge of the bed and I smeared lube on her fabulous poop shoot and greased up my cock which was still hard since I had not came while fucking Sue. When Sue was ready I slide up her ass without much trouble. I think she must have done this a few times. Lisa got behind me and started to shove the fake cock up my ass she worked it in until she could massage my prostrate this will usual make me cum without her touching my cock. I was not sure how long I would last. Deb was screaming for me to fuck her harder so Lisa started to bang me which of course shoved me deeper into Deb. I could not take any more and came in Debs ass. Deb was screaming yes oh yes fill my ass with that cum. Lisa pulled me back from Debs ass and told Deb to clean me up now. Lisa had never sucked my cock after being in her ass so this was a real treat Deb licked like she was eating an ice cream cone. I looked over and Sue was fingering herself and moaning. Sue said that she wanted to try a DP I told her that she might have a hard time taking me in her ass. She said that she still wanted to try so Deb put on the strap on and lay on her back. Lisa gave Sue a quick lick and set her on top of the fake cock then pushed her down taking the whole thing. Lisa came up to me and asked if I was having a good time. What could I say I kissed her and told her that I think IT must be dreaming? I grabbed onto Sues firm ass cheeks and held her tight as I worked on her ass. I began with one finger then two fingers. Sues juices were flowing so I took her pussy juice and lubricated her asshole with her natural moistness. My finger was teasing her asshole I caught her off guard when I inserted a third finger all the way. She said that she had never had anything up there before. As I worked her cute ass I thought about how just a short time a go I was following her up the stairs hoping to just get to lick her sweet hole. Now I was going to fuck it hard. Sue starts to push herself back on to my cock. My large head starts to slip in slowly as it does Sue is moving in circles as the head works its way in. Sue is already moaning how good it feels she starts to work more and more in until she has about 3 inches in. She tells Lisa to come more lube on my cock because it is starting to hurt a little. Lisa coats my cock with lube then rubs a handful on Sues ass and in her hole. Sue pushes back and works about half my cock in. She says that feels a lot better and easier. I could hear the slurping of the lube and her tight little hole. Sue has now worked all my cock in her. She is saying she never felt so full. Lisa was in front of her playing with her tits and sucking her nipples. Sue was now able to take all of me with no trouble as she did she was cumming non stop. I told her to lean all the way forward on top of Deb. Now they were rubbing their tits together. When she did her ass was sticking right up in the air I reached down and smacked one cheek then the other. I could feel my next load on its way so I rammed in one more time and filled her ass with one massive load it was the most I had shot in a long while. She just keep milking me for more then she had the most thundering climax and just dropped down on top of Deb and was not moving or saying anything. I think she may have blacked out for a moment.

Lisa told us to change positions because she had not been fucked yet and was so horny. She repositioned herself to be able to place the double ended dildo between her and Debs pussies. First she penetrated Debs with one end then herself with the other as she worked it with her hand in and out of their wet pussies. This worked Sue up so much that she started to stroke and suck my dick faster and faster. I was already getting sore but was not going to tell them. Lisa was next to cum, and as she pulled that dildo from her cunt she shot her load all over Debs pussy and hand. I then went down on Lisa to lick her dripping wet cunt I just went wild sucking and licking her tight wet pussy and clit. It did not take long at all for my dick to regain its rigidity. Sue got up and straddled my face to let her swollen ass squirt my own cum all over my face and in my mouth. When she stopped she said to me I want to watch you fuck Lisa in the ass while she ate Deb. Sue grabbed my prick gave it a few strokes and placed the head at Lisas asshole. I grabbed Lisas hips and slowly pushed until the head of my cock popped in her tight puckered hole then I began to push a little more with each thrust of my hips until I was fully inside of her my balls were slapping my wifes pussy with every stroke my dick was going full bore in her ass. I knew I was close to cumming deep inside of her ass. Both Lisa and I were moaning when Lisa lifted her face from Debs crotch to say fuck my ass please fuck my ass harder please harder she said that she was going to cum when She did I was able to keep pumping until I unloaded my cum deep inside her rectum. I pulled out of her and sat back. Now my dick was going limp as my wife got up and started to suck it. I was thinking that she never did that before. I looked over in the corner and there was Deb with the double headed dildo in her pussy and ass her hand was just a burr she had her eyes closed and was almost screaming. I was now thinking how much longer they all can go when Lisa asked how I was holding up. I told her that that I was ok but was lying like hell. Lisa said that she wanted us to all cum at the same time some how. Deb climbed on to me while I was lying on my back. Lisa took one of her other dildos and stuck it in Sues pussy then took the double and shoved it up Debs asshole and into her ass. We all started to fuck each other with what ever we could until we all had our last climax of the night. Deb and Sue went to shower. Lisa told me how they had been planning this ever since she told them about the size of my cock and that I loved anal.

Hopefully there will be more to this story.

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