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the neighbor needs my help pt7

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If you read part 1 Thru 6 of (the neighbor needs my help)

Lynns Birthday Present ? The Next Morning

The next morning I woke to hear talking in the kitchen. I got up put on a robe when I walked in to the kitchen Joan and Chuck were having coffee they asked if Lynn was ok. I told them that she was still asleep. I asked them how they slept. They said great that they folded out the sofa bed and crashed. Joan said she was going to check on Lynn to be sure that she was ok. Joan had a long T shirt on but nothing else. Chuck was wearing his boxers but no shirt. I asked if he was ok with all this and he said that he had been in to swinging for about 10 years and he introduced Joan to it. I told him how Joan and I had got started. He said that she had told him the whole story and that he was ok with us all playing with each other. Chuck said you have a really super hot wife there. I told him that this is all new to us that it was never like this before but that I loved new her. He said that Lynn had asked him while they were dancing last night if he had ever had sex with another man before. He said that she wanted him to fuck me in the ass for her. He said that he told her yes and had anal sex with one guy before. She told him that would make her birthday wish complete. I told him that I was not sure about it but would try just for her. It had been a while since Joan had left so I told Chuck lets go see just what is going on. As we got to the bedroom the door was closed I knocked and they said come in. When we open the door Lynn was sitting on Joans face. Joan is playing with herself they were both going wild. I asked them what is going on here. Joan said that she just wanted some girl cum and knew that we would want to join them. Lynn said that she was way to sore for either one of our big cocks so this was all she could handle. I told Lynn that Chuck had told me what she wanted him to do. They both started laughing. Joan said that Chuck told her last night. Joan told us that she had told him last night about the time she fucked my ass with the strap on. We all decided to go town for some brunch there is a nice place that Lynn and I usual go. I told the girls that they could only wear one piece of clothing knowing that it would have to be a dress with nothing else. They said ok but that we could only wear two. The girls both found long dresses that Lynn kept there. Chuck took off his boxers pulled on his Pants and shirt. I put jeans on with a button up shirt. We drove to town with everyone behaving themselves. As we ate we talked about what to do next but nothing about last night. The girls drank a whole bottle of champagne already and had a pretty good buzz going. Lynn said that she wanted to take Chuck for a boat ride on the lake. It was late summer now but still warm but not many people were around this time of year. On the way back to the house Lynn said she wanted us all to ride naked in the boat. She said that when Rick and her did that she almost came just bouncing along. Joan said that she had never been naked outdoors before. Chuck said it is kind of a real turn on knowing that you might get caught. I told her lets start with are bathing suits on that after we were out on the lake if no one else was there we could all get naked. They had brought their bathing suits to use in the hot tub but we all know that did not happen. We went to the dock got in the boat and headed out. As we went Joan said to Lynn so did you enjoy your birthday present last night. Lynn said that is was better then she could of ever thought but that after this weekend that she wanted to scale back for a while so her and I could get reconnected. Chuck and Joan both told her if she needed them to just call she smiled and said oh I will. Once we got out on the lake is was pretty empty so the girls took off their tops as boat bounced so did their tits. As we went out a little more the girls got it the open bow in the front of the boat they both slid down the bottoms of their suits. They laid down a couple of large towels then got down on their backs legs spread facing us. I told Chuck that in the side of his seat there was some oil to get it and oil them down. He got the oil and I stopped the boat I just sat there watching him drip the oil down on them. They started rubbing each others bodies they told Chuck to drop his suit and join them. He did they were tag teaming his cock and had him rock hard in no time. Joan said that she wanted to get fucked right there in the middle of the lake. I told her if she did that she would have to jump it the water afterwards to rise off. She felt the water it was cold but she said that she really wanted to fuck so be it. As her and Chuck fucked Lynn came back to where I was sitting and pulled off my suit she said that she wanted the same deal and could I help her with it. I asked her I thought you were to sore she said I am but that she got all horny watching them and thinking about when her and Rick were up here. I laid her back in the seat and finger her she was already wet plus the oil was now running down her twat. I slide in pretty easy she said please go slow. It did not take long for Chuck or I to cum. Joan asked do I really have to get in the water I told her yes but that we all were going to. It was cold at first but then we were all holding each other kissing each other. My cock almost disappeared from being so cold. We got out and wrap ourselves in towels. Lynn said lets finish the ride because she wanted to get back. She wanted to see Chuck fuck my ass. We put our suits back on and rode around for a hour or so then put the boat back and headed for the house. We all took quick showers to get the lake off us. Chuck said that he was a party one time and saw what he called a train were everyone is lined up having sex in a line. Lynn said that sounds like fun maybe we can try that. Joan told us that she had brought her strap on with her just in case it was needed. Joan said lets all have anal. Lynn said that she wanted to fuck my ass first with it so Joan helped her put it on. She fucked me to get me ready for Chuck. When she had enough of teasing me she cleaned the strap on up. As Lynn was lubing up Joans ass she told that she wanted me to fuck her ass while Chuck fucked mine. I got the lube and poured it all over her ass then handed it to Chuck so he could lube me up. Lynn inserted the fake cock in Joans ass with no problem. Next I started to slide my cock in Lynn she told me to go slow because she was still sore. When I had most of my cock in her I started to hump her it was shoving her into Joans. Next Chuck was easing his monster cock into my ass. It was so muck bigger then the strap on was but he was going slow. As he pushed a little more we would all push forward. After a while and so taking it easy Chuck was buried in my ass. I would have never thought it would feel so good to have a guys cock that deep in my ass. Everybody seamed to be enjoying them self Joan was loving the ass fucking she was getting. Lynn said her ass was handling my cock ok now. I was able to enjoy Chucks cock. We went for a while then Chuck said he was going to cum. I could feel him swell and then he let it fly I had never felt anything so awesome it felt like it was going to come out my mouth. When he was done he pulled out but I was not ready to cum yet. He just sat there watching. When I was ready I told Lynn when I shove all the way in to bury the strap on in Joan. I shot a huge load in Lynn then pulled out Chuck said Lynn can I give your sweet ass a try. She said I do not think I can handle that monster but if you promised to be easy ok. He climbed up behind her as he started to insert the head in to her she said no you are just to big but you can fuck my pussy. He slide right with her already soaked. Joan pulled away from Lynn and told me to come fuck her ass with the real thing I was only about half soft so I slide right in. Joan and I turned around so the girls could kiss what a sight if I had only set up the camcorder. Joan was pounded her ass against me I could feel the cum rising and filled her ass about the same time Chuck came in Lynn. Lynn said that she wanted to taste Chucks big dick one last time so she took him deep and cleaned all her cum from his cock. It was getting late so we all cleaned up got dressed. Joan and Chuck gave Lynn a big huge and kiss then told her they hoped that she got all that she wanted for her birthday. She told them that she got a lot more then that. After they left Lynn told me that she was not sure that she would be just happy with one cock anymore. I told her that we could always join the swinger lifestyle if that was what she wanted. As we drove home we did not talk about what had happened but just small talk. I keep thing to myself if I should bring up getting together with Sandy and her new friends. I also wonder about if she would be ok with what happened with Laura and me. What I would give to fuck all three of them at the same time. Maybe someday I will be lucky enough. Hopefully there will be a part 8


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