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tina and i are an early 40's couple, married twenty years, physically fit, and in the lifestyle about six years.

we were invited to enjoy memorial day with our neighbor, joan. she told us that her divorced friend, fran, and her married friend, cindy, would be there. joan said if we didn't want to spend the day with three "old" ladies, she would understand. joan is widowed, 50, and a beautiful women. fran is a little younger and a real sexpot. cindy is a quiet lady, also about 50. we have met her husband, but he stays pretty much to himself. cindy spends alot of time with joan. i told tina i thought something "nasty" was going on, but she told me it was my overactive imagination.

memorial day rolled around and the ladies were all looking good. we had appetizers, drank a little, soaked up the sun, and really enjoyed each others company. it was after about 2 hours that i noticed cindy's necklace. it was an apple with a bite taken out of it. tina and i have the same necklaces. we wear them to swingers conventions and swing vacations as do some of our friends. i mentioned the necklace to tina, again she pointed to my overactive imagination.

when it was time to grill i headed into our house to get my grilling utensils. cindy asked if i needed help, to which i said sure. when we got to the back door i asked her about the necklace. she answered that she liked flying to new york and taking a bite out of the big apple meant she knew how to have a good time. i got the things together, and excused myself. i went upstairs and got our necklaces, brought them down and showed them to cindy. the look on her face!! she got red and stammered that we have good taste. we returned to the party. the steaks were great, the wine was flowing, and everone was having a GREAT time.

after dinner we went back to the pool area. i jumped in and was hanging on the side of the inground pool, enjoying four beautiful women. cindy announced to all " joan, did you know your neighbors were swingers?" you could have heard a pin drop. "yea, they have necklaces just like the three of us". tina was in shock, i on the other hand realized real quick that the three of the were in the lifestyle. how else would she make the connection, and why would the three of them have the same necklace? tina was stammering, but i told her to relax.

after about thirty seconds of looks, smiles, and giggles joan slid into the pool and kissed me very passionately. that was followed by fran stripping out of her clothing and joining us. she helped joan out of her clothes in the shallow end of the pool. i waded up to them and removed my shirt as the ladies tugged at my shorts. tina and cindy were becoming better friends. tina is not bi, but it was obvious that cindy was and tina seemed alright with it. they were undressed in a matter of moments. they kissed and caressed each other, but my attention was being called for in the pool. i moved joan to a seat on the edge of the pool and licked her breasts. i made sure they got plenty of attention. i had her put her feet on the edge of the pool and spread her legs as i plunged face first into her pussy. i was in heaven!! fran was fondling my balls, i was hard as a rock and ready to explode.

we decided to move the party into the house. once inside tina and i were treated to an evening of sexual delight. licking, sucking, and fucking were the order of the evening. tina had her first bi experience. i didn't think i would ever see her go down on a women, but she did. she and tina were wrapped up in a sixty nine that i had only seen in porno movies!! i was on my back with fran riding my cock and joan sitting on my face. i reached up to play with joans tits only to find frans hands there. after a few minutes i asked the ladies if they wanted to change positions. i had joan on all fours and started to pound away at her pussy, while fran played with my balls. fran then positioned herself in front of joan. joan started to eat her pussy.

cindy was now sitting on tinas face. tina was eating pussy like a pro and cindy was telling her just that. i pulled out of joan before cumming and told joan and fran to enjoy each other. i turned my attention to cindy's mouth. she was getting her pussy sucked by my wife as she sucked my dick. again, before i exploded i withdrew. they went back to the sixty nine position as did fran and joan. four women eating each other is a beautiful sight to behold.

after all the ladies had a number of orgasms, they turned their attention to me. i was laying on my back while they each took turns riding me. joan was first and she rode herself to orgasm, followed by tina, then fran. all had orgasms. cindy said "your turn". she got on all fours and told me to unload in her pussy. i had held off much too long. in a matter of two minutes i let go with a load of hot cum. as we caught our breath, i could feel wetness dripping down cindy's thigh. i started to soften, and removed my cock from cindy's wet snatch. i felt great and told the ladies so. joan told me to relax because the night was young.

within a half an hour joan was playing with my now hardening cock, fondling my balls, and telling me that she had wanted to fuck me since we moved in. this all was an incredible turn on for me. i mounted her and lifted her long legs up in the air. we fucked fast, slow, hard, soft. whatever she wanted. she lowered her legs and brought them together, squeezing my cock for all it was worth. i came for the second time that evening. it was glorious. i lay half exhausted on our neighbor.

as i rolled off of joan, fran said that she needed fucked and wanted some cum. i asked to take a break. she agreed, saying she wanted to spend the night at our house. i looked at tina and she nodded approval. joan said that tina can stay with her and cindy. my mind started to work overtime. happily, tina agreed.

about ten o'clock, fran and i went to our house, telling my wife and our two friends not to do anything we wouldn't do. we all laughed.

inside our TV room, fran was all over me, dropping to her knees to suck my cock. i was rigid in minutes. we went to the loft and fell into bed. for the next hour we performed orally. she then said she wanted fucked from behind. i inserted my cock in her hot pussy and slowly fucked her. she reached between her legs and massaged my balls. i could feel my orgasm building and asked her if she wanted me to hold off. she answered "no", give me your cum". within a minute i deposited a load for the third time that night. exhausted we fell into each others arms. she made me promise whoever woke up first was to stimulate the other, as she wanted another load.

i drifted off to sleep wondering what tina was doing. maybe she will fill in the details tomorrow.

i now have a standing "date" with joan when tina works late or goes out of town. i also have told our new friends to call anytime. i will always remember this memorial day!!!

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