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When we first arrived there was only one other car there. We pulled in to the cleared area about 50 feet from the oasis and noticed the other parked car and the woman lounging in a chaise lounge, basking naked in the sun. It was my wife?s first time there and she felt a bit arkward. I was thinking to myself, ? this is perfect? only a couple and not the usual collection of bi guys looking for a cock or two to suck?. We parked, gathered our ice chest and towels, and made our way to the private oasis in the middle of the desert of the Imperial Valley on BLM land. Inside the oasis, which is totally surrounded by tall palm trees and scrub bushes, we situated our belongings on the bench, stripped off our clothing, set up candles for lighting after the sun went down and entered the warmish waters of the natural spring.

We sat, sipped wine and talked. After several glasses of wine the slender but plain-faced woman entered the pool and said hi. She was Rosie and her husband had gone off for a nude hike through the sage brush. She said that they had been married for 5 years and were close but not attached at the hip. We sat and wondered what that meant when her husband, Sam joined us. We made small talk of the beauty of the oasis, of the setting sun and of the insignificance of humans and their part in nature. As the last minutes of daylight lasted, I stood up, revealed my semi-erect cock and started lighting candles which I had placed in five spots around the pond. When I ventured over closer to the couple, Rosie said, ? Is it just me, or are you getting hard when you come over by us?? I was flabbergasted. ?Uh Uh no, I?m just always semi-hard. ??I can?t believe I just said that?-- My wife, Rosie and Sam all just laughed. I quickly sat down under the water next to my sexy wife. As it got darker, my hands crept over to her crotch and found her pussy submerged under the water. We were all under about 15? of water. The water was just up to the beginnings of the curves of the women?s breasts. The more I played with my wife?s pussy, the more emboldened she became. Now my very conservative wife reached over and started to play with my hard cock under the water. The conversation had long ago ceased , as Rosie and Sam were similarly engaged.

As we slowly became more and more aggressive in our play until finally Sam stood up exposing his thick 8? hard cut dick. We both turned and stared at the glistening, stiff, full cock staring out at us. He was unfazed by our looks because he was on a mission. He pulled Rosie to her feet and pulled her five steps to the other side of the small pond, where there was a wooden ledge built somewhat like a dock. He sat on the ledge, pushed Rosie to her knees, and pulled her face to his dick. She eagerly gobbled him down. Now my wife and I had not a lot of experience with this kind of play and we too moved over to the other side to watch. She was an expert cocksucker. She seemed to have no gag reflex at all. She eagerly swallowed his full dick to the balls and repeated the action with rapid speed. Now I know women who can swallow a big dick but usually it?s accompanied by a little gagging and certainly not down repeatedly with the speed of masturbation. He asked us, ?she?s good huh?? I said hell yeah. And then we both scooted closer until out knees were touching her thigh. She continued and I was wondering how it was that he had not exploded down her throat already. She eventually stopped the rapid bobbing and then started licking his shaft up and down and circling his hairless balls. We were both transfixed. The scene was sooooo hot!

She smiled at us and pulled his dick (making him follow down the wooden ledge) right over to us. As she sat sucking his dick she continued making eye contact with us. She suddenly pulled his dick out of her mouth and leaned it toward us and said, ?Want some??

No I don?t know what my wife of 7 years was thinking or even if she was thinking at all, but she got to her knees and leaned over and took him into her mouth. I squeezed in between my wife?s body and Rosie?s so I could watch more closely. She gobbled him up, but nowhere near as expertly as Rosie had. She really only got about 4inches of his cock in her mouth, but I didn?t see anything in her face that looked like she felt inferior about it. She was all into her own lust. I was transfixed watching that big dick glistening with her spit and my wife?s almost desperate motions to give and take enjoyment from that big stick. Then again out of nowhere, she pulled the dick from her mouth and pointed it at me and demanded, ?You suck it too?

Other than an occasional pillow talk fantasy, where she would say that it would make her so hot to see me and another guy 69ing, I had never seriously considered doing another guy. All I can say is that I didn?t hestitate. I lunged forward and swallowed as much as I could. The sensation of having a soft yet hard penis in my mouth was exciting. It was so taboo. It was so different and so sensual. I worked my mouth back and forth, up and down that shaft. I took it out and squeezed it until a little bead of pre-cum formed on the tip just at the pee-hole. I flicked my tongue over to it and licked it right off into my mouth. It?s sweet/salty flavor was enticing and I quickly swallowed his shaft again.

While I was learning the pleasures of my first dick, Rosie had scooted over behind my wife and I. She snuggled in close behind my wife and reached around with both hands. One hand went for one of the wife?s breasts and the other went underwater to her puss. My wife just slumped back into Rosie?s hands. I was trying to master the art of deep-throating but kept gagging and coming up for air. I would watch my wife enjoying Rosie?s touch. As she was leaning back into her embrace, she turned her head and kissed Rosie. At first just a long sensuous kiss then it turned into mouth fucking with each other?s tongues. I went back to working on the man meat in front of me. After tasting the pre-cum and watching the women?s show, I wanted to see if I could make him cum. I returned to what I could do. Slowly taking him in about 5 inches at a time and pulling off of him. As I would take him in, I would suck strongly, but as I withdrew off his dick, I would relax the suction and apply only enough pressure to softly caress this thick sensitive dick. I was craving to taste his cum. It got all fucked up in my head and I was feeling desperate to make him cum. It was like if I didn?t make him cum I wasn?t man enough. The wife had assigned me the task of sucking his dick which was surprisingly erotic but now I had to make him cum and taste his essence. I continued to suck and pull and eventually I sensed him tensing up, so I sucked him in one more time and felt the first spurt in the back of my throat. It made me want to cough but I softly pulled off of him and aimed him at the two women. He squirted long ropes over the two women and they turned and watched the rest of his show and then licked themselves clean of his jism.

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