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my new condo

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My New Condo

I recently moved into a new condo and have finally started meeting people. There about 40 condos in are building a mix of older people, young familes, couples and singles. So far everyone has been very friendly and very kind. The condo's annual New Years party was coming up and everyone was invited. The invite said their would be dancing, food, and other fun activities. I thought it would be a cool way to meet my neighbors. This year the party was going to be held on the fifth floor. Our condo unit has 5 floors and 8 units per floor. I guess everyone on the floor has food in each of their condos and you check out their condos. So I was looking forward to this. A couple days before the party, one of my neighbors linda said " Are you going to the party?" I said " yes", Linda said" I think you will enjoy it, this year I am bringing my two girls Allison and Vanessa. Last year alison was sick andVaness was at her aunt's house, so they are looking to have some fun". I said " I will make sure that we all have fun" and Linda said" I bet you will and smiled and walked away". I was kind of shocked how she said it but my interest peaked in the party. A little about Linda she is 38 and her daughters Vanessa is 18 and Allison is 16. They are petite and very attractive. Linda, the mom is a redhead about 5'4 weighs about 130 and I estimate a 34c. You would never know she was 38 . Vanessa is a little taller than her mom with black hair and weights about 120, nice ass and breasts and then their is Allison who actually looks older than her sister. She is a little shorter than her mon, has the biggest boobs in the family and her ass is a litle smalle than her moms and little bigger than Vaness. She dyed herhair blond and looks very cute. I have masterbated to all of them .

Finally the day of the party has come. Other neightbors said you have to make sure you are there. The party started around 8:00 and I went to the 5th floor they had food out and everyone had their door open and was saying hi. I introduced myself to lots of people saw their house. Some people had some of theri friends over dancing among other things. One house had at least 30 High school kids dancing and grinding. Lots of adults were watching that. So I went from House to house and then saw Linda and the girls. They all looked stunning. Linda had one a tight blose and skirt and hugged me when she saw me. Vaness had on a jean skirt and tight t-shirt they showed off every inch of her. She said "Can't I Have hug". So I hugged her. And allison was wearing a white tank top no bra and tight jeans. Linda saw me looking at her and said" I told her not to wear that shirt but she insisted" Then Linda gave her a playful slap and hugged he. So I said " What party is the best" Linda said " In time they all will be" So I followed and Linda and the girls to a condo that I haven't been to yet. Linda said " I am here with my girls" and then a couple walks out with their son and daughter. The couple said maybe we should close the door and put a sign that we will be back in a hour and have a private party. So they close the door and Linda whispers in my ear, " I told you will like likethis". The couple introduces themselves. They are Robert and Marilyn. They are both in their early 40's. Their children are named Wiliam and Laurie. William is 18 and Laurie is 17. Robert is wearing jeans and a t-shirt like William. Marilyn is wearing a dress with cleavage and laurie is wearing a mini skirt and little top. So we all go sit down and Laurie and allison are sitting next to me. vanessa and william are sitting next to each other with Linda. And Robert and Marilyn are sitting there. So they ask me how I like it etc and said I recently started talking to Linda etc. I notice Allison and Laurie move a litle closer to me and from where I am sitting I can see down Lauie's shirt. She catches me looking and smiles at me. Then Robert said bluntly" Do you know what both of our familes are in to" I say " No " and Linda said" Why Don;t we just show him" and at that moment. Marilyn gets up and takes off her dress and walks over to her son William and undoes his jeans and takes his cock out. Linda then looks at vaness who goes and takes robert's cock. So I am sitting there and allison said Lauries why don;t you take off your shirt and lauries smiles and takes it off then Linda said " Allison why don't you let Jeff see your breasts since we can see your nipples through your shirt." So Allison takes off her shirt and smiles at me. Then lauries says "Mom can I suck Jeff's Cock, please... Marilyn says Yes dear" So there I am sucking on Allison's breasts and laurie is sucking my cock. I see Robert getting sucked off by by Vanessa and William getiing sucked off my marilyn and Linda walks over and gives me a kiss and says" I hope you like what we are into, I smile and nod and see Linda taking off allison's jeans" Allison stands up and says" I have to show our guest what I love" and then she gets on top of me and starts riding me. Linda sits next to me and whispers in my ear" Don;t you like fucking allie, Vanessa is next , then laurie, then Marilyn and then me. You can handle it right JEFF". So I getting ridden by Allison, Laurie is kissing me. I look over and I see Robert fucking Vanessa and Vanessa is eating Marilyn. I see Linda sucking off William. Allision is moaning and then she stops and then Lauries jumps on and starts riding me. Allison starts kissing me and says in my ear" I want you to be aprt of this after tonight" and then she sits back on the couch as marilyn comes over and starts eating her pussy. I see Robert and William fucking Linda and Vanessa watching and playing with herself. Then I hear Linda go to Vanessa your turn and they both double penetrate Vanessa. Laurie gets off and says "Mom your pussy needs to be licked. So laurie licks her mom and then I se Allison walked over to where Vanessa is geting fucked and says" I have to have some of that and says I want Jeff to be part. Linda comes over and says William why don't you let me suck your cock and fuck you. So Robert sits on the coch while Linda sucks his cock which was just in her pussy and Vanessa. Allie smiles at me and robert and says I want to suck you both first So Allie sucks Robert's cock that was just fucking his mom and sister and my cock which fucked her and Laurie. Allison takes turns on each of our cocks. She then gets on all fours and starts sucking Robert and see her nice tight little pussy and ass. I then start fucking her doggy style as she sucks Robert. I see wiliam fucking Linda and his mom sucking on his balls. Lauries and Vanessa are going at it. Then Allie stops sucking Robert and tells him to lie down. H does and she gets on tp of him, She looks at me and says" Come On Jeff, you know you want to " and I slide my cock into her ass!!!!. Robert moans and says he has to cum and squirts all over her boobs. Vanessa and laurie come over and lick it off. Marilyn says Jeff let me suck that cock she she sucks my cock that was just in Allie's ass. Then William comes all over LInda and the girls rush over to lick his cum off.... Marilyn is sucking me and lays me down and then lauries rides my face and she comes and then Linda says my turn to fuck. So she gets on top and moans jeff cum baby cum please Jeff come. Allision is kissing me the the girls are masterbating and then I say I have to cum and Linda gets off my cock and Allison stars sucking me tasting her mom's pusys on my cock and Allison says please come in my mouth please...I then Moan yes I will and cum is streaming in Allison's mouth and Vanessa comes over and gives her abig kiss tasting my cum. Linda comes over and says' Just think the party hasn't started" and then we all get dressed and open the door.

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