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my mom fuck three police menpart 5

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continue from part 4

I did not continue story in the last two months(since Nov 01, 2009) because after finding out i wrote this story my mom have been begging me dont write. she worry that someday my step father read this story then will not respect her anymore. but i promise her that i will changed all the names of people in the story.....

after the short arguement, my mom agree to let young officer watching Mr Tu making love with my mom. AS normal Mr Tu start kissing my mom then he slowly take off all her clothes, he lick all over her body from ears, neck, legs...

my mom close her eyes and moan litle. When he know her pussy getting wet, he put his fingers in there i can her the sound. I saw officer Ky open his zip and start stroking his cock. i was so suprised, because his cock smaller than Mr Tu's cock. Officer Ky taller, more mascular, he look very sexsy so i thought his cock will very big, but look small. Mr Tu turn look back and saw officer Ky stroking, he told Ky take off all clothes and move closer so can see how he lick my mom pussy, The first time i saw three naked people together, my cock get so hard, but i could not cum, might be i did not know how to strok....

That night officer Ky tried three things, he lick my mom pussy, he let me mom suck him, and he fuck my mom, but Mr Tu told him to cum outside mom pussy. They left later than usual.

Mr Tu and officer Ky visit my house almost 3 times per week. Sometimes i skeep the show, but watch them most of the time.

Until one day was my birthday, I turn 10 years old, My mom give me money to go to the restaurant with my uncle to have nice dinner. I came home little late, before walk into the house i heard my mom cry, but when i walk in she stop, i saw only Mr Tu but not officer Ky. My mom told me to go bed early for school next day. then Mr Tu also want leave, i knew something happen that why he does not want to have sex with my mom.

The next day when i came back from school. My mom already pack all clothes and everything, she told me that we need to move to back to Saigon. I cried and dont want to move. I told her i want to know why? she said she will explain for me later but she dont have time we must move quickly. From our house we had to walk 4 miles to the bus station. the bus only go every two hours. We were waiting at the bus station, 40 more minute for the next bus. We saw officer Ky come, he did not wear police uniform. My mom told me to watch suit case, she and Ky go outsite station talking, they did not want other people in the bus station heard the story. When they came back my mom told me that Officer Ky will go with us but we dont go to Saigon, just go to smaller city near our city. I did not know why but i feel better. Some how i feel more comfortable with officer Ky then Mr Tu. He is 9 year older than me, very shy guy, he smile with me many times, sometimes he offer me to let him help with homework,

Three of us arried to the small city, we got the small motel room, in the eve, officer Ky told mom and I sleep on the bed, and he sleep on the floor. about mid night , my mom check on me if i already sleep, I pertain sleeping, my eye closed, but i still awase. I heard my mom slowly move to the floor with officer Ky. They hold each other , kissing, my mom start cried a little bid. Now i understand the whole story, my mom get pregnance, Mr Tu want my mom to have abortion. but officer Ky does not. They dont know who is the father..... Officer Ky also cried. I heard my mom said she does not want to live any more, She beg officer Ky, if she died can he help Tim(this is my new name, dont want to put real name here). Ky hold her tighter, and told her dont do that, everything will be ok, that he love my mom, then they both kisssing...then they took of clothes and makeing love, i was nervous , i wonder how come she have pregnance but still having sex, worry if harm the baby....., but i was curious because they very close to me, i start open my eyes and watch them. I did not know that officer Ky saw my eyes open, he told me in the next day. He asked me if i mad at him, I told him no, i dont, but i love my mom i dont want him to do anything harm her. He promise me that he will not, he will do everything protect her. He asked me if i have gf, i told him that some girls in school like me but i dont like them, I asked him how old were him when he start dating girl, he told me that he never had gf before, he was virgin until meet my mom. i asked him if he masterbate, he said yet, a lot, but not start until he was 17 Mr Tu show him how to do that. Then he ask me if i do, I told him i have not done but if he can help me. He said yet, we need to do quickly before my mom get back from store. Ky and I took out our cock, he said wow you have big cock for 10 year old boy. He said "I bet your father must have very big one too", i told him i never met my father. then we both watch each other stroking cock, after a while, i saw his cum a lot, but i could not cum, he told me let he help, and ask me to think about fucking a girl, concentrate on it, he stroke very fast but i could not cum, then he said let he suck if i dont mind, i told him he can do anything he want, so he sucked me very deep, he move his touge...i finally cum, but i did not know that was cum, i just feel something so imaging, something just moved out of my body, i wish i can see it, but all inside his throat.

he told me that i cum already, i ask him again for sure that was cum. he smile, we cleaning, because time my mom get home.

My mom got back to the motel, she look tired, just lie down, Ky and I went out by soup for her. I asked him when my mom going to have baby? Ky was started, he asked me how did i know, i told him i heard their convasation last night. He told me dont tell anybody when we got back to our province, he told me that that morning my mom just came back from the doctor, she just had abortion.......

We return back to our village and live like normal. I missed two days in class, all my friend asked me where did i go for two days, i told them that i was sick. but i feel so different, more mature, i want to try to fuck these girls who seat on frond of me, one of them is daughter of Mr Tu. I masterbate almost two times a days, i think my cock grow quicker, i have more public hair, my voice changed to. I have not talked to officer Ky since we got back to the village, because he only visit in the eve after work, and Mr tu there with him all the time. They did not had sex with mom for more than a week.

Only me have more fun, i recieved few gift from officer Ky, he bought clothes, books.. for me., I start calling him uncle Ky.

he told me dont tell anybody about what he and i did that day, he said that people will think bad about us.....

On Friday night, Mr Tu and uncle Ky came earlier, they told my mom that Ky going to move to the capital in Ha Noi, the friend of Ky's father(Hung) work for Vice president of Vietnam. Mr Tu, Mr Hung and Ky' father were best friend in army during the war. before die, he asked Mr Hung and Mr Tu to take care of his only son (Ky).

I cried when heard that uncle Ky will leave us, he told me that he sorry , but he will try the best to visit us often. This is the best job that he dream about...

My family so much different since Ky left. Mr Tu still come to fuck my mom few times per week. I know that he fuck around all single mom in the village, she came to mom more because she very hot and experience compare to other women in the village. The whole village hating him, he took lands from many families that have husband/father/son used to work for south vietnam before 1975. His family very rich, they live in the big house, car..... but he and wife are very cheap people.

I work for them, take care cows, sometimes cleaning the house, moving staff but they paid very low, only the daughter, who go school with me, she gave me food sometimes, her name is Ha, Ha is not beautiful, but she very sexsy, big breask, thick lip, big ass. She usually hand around with me when i working there, by the cow house, sometimes she touch my bug from behind when i work in her house. Before, i did not like it, i think she is bad girl.but since I start masterbate, sometimes i dream about fucking her. I was waiting for that opportunity come. One day when i saw she come of her house and walk to the cow house, she did not see me, I stand behind the cow, took of my pans, and stroking my cock,while my eyes closed.

I heard her walking closer, closer, when she very close to me she stop, i know that she enjoy watching. I finish my masturbate with big load on the grass, than i open my eyes, i saw she smile, her hands touching her niple. I told her that im so sorry i did not know she were there......she smile and said she really enjoy,she want to see more, she really want to have sex with me. she fall in love with me since we move to same class that why she told her parents to hire me work for them.

I told her that i really appreciate her, but i think not good idea, if her parents know about she date with me i will be in trouble.

because before still talking about my father is American, and her family is communist. ...

she told me that shedoes not care, she just want to be with me. than she asked me if i ever fuck woman before, i told her no, she said that she never fucked before, but she saw her mom with other guys, make her so horny. She ask me the following weekend her mom will out of town for 3 days, i should come and stay with her because her dad not home until midnight.

I told her i will, but im very nervous and dont want her get trouble. she smile, and told me worry to much.

I was so supprised because Ha has a lot experience, she only two years older than me, but she know everything, I told her that i dont believe this was her first time with man. her pussy is not tight, her niple ... even i dont know much about woman but i can see that these things have been used a lot. anyway, I dont that would be better for me, because she can teach me a lot. I dont know how manytimes did i cum during that three days with Ha. she was so hight sex drive, she never stop asking for cock.

to be continue, I will fuck ha's mom....

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