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my mom fuck three police men part 6

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continue from part 5

after three days having sex with Ha while her mom was out of town. I got addicted to sex. Been three weeks already since i last fucked her, i got bore with masturbate, i want to tuck her but dont know how, during class i asked her when will her mom out of town again, she told me will be for a while, but she could not wait that long, she told me to come to her house after taking care the cows, there was a private place by the end of her back yard(her family has big 15 arces lands). I went to the place at 8pm and was waiting for her 30 minutes, i almost left, but i heard somebody walking to my way, because too dark, i could not see her, but i hear her voice ask is that was me, i told her yes, she excuse because late, she told me that her mom long time friend visit so she must prepaid the dinner. Ha brought some food for me too, i told her i want to try her pussy before food, we start right away, i was so hurny for sex, I fucked her so hard and long, she put her underwear in her mouth to stop her moan(she was very noisy girl), we worry if somebody hear our moan. I used all the techinc that Mr Tu and office Ky used to fuck my mom, to fuck Ha, she got so wet,she cum many times, she asked me how did i know all these position, I told her stop asking, just do whatever i told, after fucking her a while, she cum many times, i got tired, so i lie down on my back, and ask her so seat on my cock, she was surprised, but i told do quick, when she ride on my cock less then minutes she cum a lot, so wet , all the cum ran down to my balls, my ass, to floor, she squrized my cock so tight, make me cum, was so imazing.

after eating a little food she brought, with, she told me that she need to return inside otherwise her mom will ask where did she go for so long, i told her let me fuck one more time, and will cum very quick this time. Ha was very good girl, she always do everything i told her. I did fuck her so long again,she was begging me to cum quickly, i told her shut up, otherwise i will fuck for all night, and she was so late so i told her that will walk with her to the house before i going home, I did not believe what i heard when we walked very close to Ha house, we heard somebody moan inside thehouse, Ha told me to stop walking and then she told me that she think her mom may having sex, I asked her "wih whom?", because i know at that time her dat still with my mom. Ha told me she not sure, but she think her mom having sex with the visitor, we both walk very slowly to the house, Ha was right, throught the back door kitchen we saw her mom was fucking by that guy by doggy style. Ha told me let keep quiet and watching them. The man fucking Ha's mom is very short guy, i can tell that his pennis is not big, after fucking doggy style for a while they chang position, she start sucking him(maybe his cock getting soft), while he fingering her pussy. then suddenly she stand up and walk to the cabinet, try to find something, when she come back i saw she gave to the man the big cucumber, she told him to put the cumcumber in the glass off beer, with ice, then take out and put in her pussy, she start moan lounder, i start stroking my cock because get so hard, but Ha next to me she droped the food container on the floor, the inox spoon and folk head the stone floor make noise, i was so scared and almost run, but the people inside yell "who outthere", i did not said any word, but Ha said "this me Ha, im sorry interupt you", the mom got mad and said " where did you go for that long, i thought you stay with friend for tonight", Ha said "sorry Mom and uncle, im really sorry", the man said "dont worry, please dont tell your dad", Ha said "no, i will not", the mom said "ok, you go upstair and sleep, class tomorrow", Ha said " I have Tim with me here, we both been watching you", I was hide under the windown was that they did not see me, but when i heard Ha said that i move my head up, the man got so scary, he ran over pick up his underwear, and yell at the mom "who is that My Lai boy?" (My lai mean im half american), many people work for communist government discriminate me because my father is American. I usually very respect Ms Tu(Ha mom) because she gave me the job, but that night, i did not care she there, i walked inside the house and told the man, who i am, i told him that i take care cow for the family and i also boyfriend of Ha, and i ask him anything wrong with that? I told him that Mr Tu gave me this job, and if he think that im not good for my job i will let Mr Tu know. Both Ms Tu and the man got so scared, i saw their faces change the color, Ms Tu come to put her hand on my back while she still naked, and told me that "no, dont got mad, Mr Thinh, just dont know who you are, everybody need to relax, will be fine, it ok for you to date my daughter...", I feel something strange in my body when Ms Tu keep moving her hand up and down my back, she look very sexsy, a little fat, but nice big tits, my hand on her back start move up and down to, i said "oh, thanks so much Ms Tu for let me dating your daughter, I will not let your husband know what i saw today, actually Ha and I just had sex outside before we come here", when i said that my cock get so hard, three of them look at my short and they can tell that my cock moving. then i said "oh, and thank you for the good show, the cucumber is very cool, Ms Tu you so creative" than i smile at her, and my hand hold her tigher, she 1 feet shorter than me. Ha said "yes, mom where do you learn these things?, can you teach me sometimes?", Ms Tu smile and said " you both shut up, you guys too young to start sex, I still virgin when i was 24" and the Mr Thinh said " I did not fuck girl until i married at 28, and how old are you young boy?", he turn to talk with me , his face more friendly this time, he already wear underwear but not not pan or shirt, i saw he and Ms Tu stear at my short many times, the more they look the more make me horny, i want to take off my short to show them my big cock, but im still nervous i was waiting for one of them suggest me to do that. I think Ha get jealous at her mom still holding me, she reach my hand and said " Tim let go upstair, let them finishing their job", Mr Thinh said"no, no we finished, you can stay" then he turn and pick up his pant, i said "Mr think, you need to fish your job, i dont want Ms Tu got mad at me, she may fired me, i dont want to lost my job, right Ms Tu?" than i turn to smile with ms Tu "i saw that cucumber make you so wet" Ms Tu slap my butt, and said " you are bad boy, you make me more horny now", i told her "go a head and finish, i dont tell anybody if you let me watch", Ha said "me too, i want to watch" i almost forgot Ha, i just only concentrate on Ms Tu, somehow her body makeme want to fuck her, but when i heard Ha voice, i start use my another hand hold Ha tigher and said" oh, we can let them watch us too, what do you think Ha?", i fell so horny and excited, I was almost 14 year old, stand there with the hard on, one hand hold naked mom and another hand holding the daughter. Nobody said anyword,neither yes or no, we just look at each other smile, than i move first, is start kissing Ha, and moving my hand to her breast start touching her, Ha push down my short, i turn my head and saw both of them still stand watch us, i told them "you both need to do to, you cant just watching", Ms Tu move to Mr thinh, start take of his underwear and sucking his small dick, that night i was control the hold party, i told everybody what to do, Ms Tu really enjoy im fucking her while i eating her daughter pussy, Mr Thinh could not do much, i think i saw him cum only one time and not much, the rest of his job is licking pussy and put the cucumber in mom and daughter pussy. I made him suck my cock too, he said no at first, but ms Tu told him so he did, seem like he enjoy it though. We must fished early because Ms Tu said that her husband will be home soon, before i left i told Ms Tu that i want to fuck her more someday, because that night i just cum in her only one time, the rest went to her daugher pussy. she smile at me before i left, Ha was in the bathroom when i left, so she does not know.

The next day in school, Ha gave me small note "I cant believe you fucked both mom and daughter", i wrote back to her "because mom and daughter are horses" from that night, they both want me a lot, i tried to play game with them, one morning when i take the cows outside the barn, Ms Tu stand there and smile at me, she said "will you stay with us tonight, my husband will not be home tonight", I told her that i cant, and i will not do again, because i scared her husband, if he find out , he will kill me and my mom......she convince me that he will not find out and he not really care because he and her have not had sex for more than 4 years, she make me realise that my mom and i came to this village about that time, Mr Tu must enjoy my mom pussy more than his wife..I also feel good and laught at my self "Mr Tu you fuck my mom, so i fuck your wife and daughter"...

About my mom,not much new, still as usual, mr Tu stop by few times a week very quick sex and left, I think my mom miss officer Ky alot, i dont think she has felling for Mr Tu. Three month already since officer Ky left our village to his new better job in Ha Noi, he wrote for my mom every week, he only told my mom said hello with me but did not write anything, he always ask my mom about my school, my mom sometimes let me read letter, sometimes not, maybe some secret in there so she dont let me read. One time she ask me "what do you about officer Ky", i said "he is nice person, he a lot better than any people from the north vietname that iknow off" and i ask " why mom?", she said "just curious,because seem Ky care about you a lot", i told her i dont know.

One day when i came home from schol, mom was out, i saw new letter was open and left on the table, i saw Ky name on the envelope. Mom must in the hurry for somethings she forget, i skim the letter and know that, ky will visit us in the next week, he told her that waiting for him at the secret place at the fall by the big tree. around 12:15 pm,Feb, 19..., he told her that dont let anybody know about the date, he will have very suprised for her. after reading ,i put it back where it was. when mom home, she did not know that i already read the letter, i did not said anything and waiting for her to tell me about what ky wrote as she usually does. but this time she did not say much. Than the day before Ky come, she told me that tomorrow, she have meeting she must leave the house earlier and cant wait for me to come home, so she will prepaid the food and left on the dinner table, jsut go heard eat when come home from school, i told her that ok, i know where she goes, too bad that her meeting just little earlier than my school finish,

In the morning when i was in class, i could not study, i keep curious why Ky dont come directly to our house instead of go to the moutain far away, about 5 miles from our house, and my mom have to walk all that long. i know the location but i dont know exaclty where is the big tree, I decide to follow her. Itold my teacher that I got so much head arch, i need to go home 15 minute earlier, when i got home, hide from the back yard, when i saw mom walk out the house, i follow her. The first time since we move to this village i saw mom make up, and wear very nice clothes, she look 10 years younger than her age, very sexsy...... she walk very fast, i just ran to ket up her. i must keep the distance far enough so she could not recognize me.

when she get to the big tree at the fall as Ky mention in the letter, it really far, I think they both met here before for sex during the day time,so Mr Tu did not know. Because she know exactly the location. when she stand on the big flat stone close to the tree, there are two men, wearing police uniform walk out from behind the tree, from little far i thought one of them was Ky, but Ky not that tall, they talk something but i could not hear, so i move around to location nearer so i can heard and see clear. I hear one of the guy told her that Ky could not come, his plan change but Ky want them to bring give to mom and me., than they give the big suit case to mom, i saw mom's face change, very disappointed, and she said she cant accept the gilf, she ask them bring back to the sender. and she if nothing else she want to leave. Than both of them laught, and said "come out loser", i saw Ky ran out from the fall, he hide down there, Ky look more handsome, his skin look lighter, gain little weight, new hair cut, he look better when he was here. They both ran to each other, i fell so happy for mom, i think my mom in love. they both kissing.....holding touching... they totally forget other two police men stood by them....after that Ky introduce his two body friends to mom, and they all carry all staff to the beach, they put platis on the floor, i saw a lot food, beers..... they eating, drinking, laughing, i was so hungry, thirsty.....i wish they give me some. i saw they try to make my mom drink beer,she first said no, but after awhile she start drink, because they did not brink juice ,

i saw two other police men took off their clothes, only boxers and jump in the water swiming., Ky and mom start kissing again, than other guys from the water call them to joint swim with them, my mom said she does not bring clothes with her, mom told Ky go a head enjoy with his friends, she can wait while cleaning a little bit for all the food. Than Ky took off his clothes only the boxes left he almost jum to the wather, but Hai, one of the officer,another one name Ba, said you dont need to wear that , let her use your boxer, then ky said that was good idea, he just took of his boxer and stand there naked and hand over the boxer to my mom and ask her to change. My mom took of her clothes and wear Ky's boxer than jomp to the water with them. They all have fun, from where i stand i could not heard their conversation, somehow they all end up naked with no clothes on. they all kissing my mom, her mouth,her pussy, her breast, oh my god, look so sexsy when they play like that, I saw the sun lay on my mom body,her niples got arouse so big, three police men, use their hands to float mom on the water, KY eating her pusssy, Hai sucking her niple,Ba kisiing her, licking her ears, neck.... after a while, i can tell she moan a lot, than the carry her body back to the place that have food beer, they drinking again. , they make my mom suck them all three cocks, three cock get so hard on, they took turn to fuck mom, i saw Ba fuck first, than he took out his cock and told ky fuck ,, Ba ran to get the glass than come back and said that "everybody need to come in this glass, if any of us cum inside her will be looser than must drink this cum", Hai said " you are crazy, i dont want to drink your cum", Ba "you should try, you will like it"....after 5 minutes Ky said he want to cum, then Ba move the glass near him andKy took his cock out from mom pussy and load all the cum inside the glass, he cum a lot, he must did not masturbate for a while to have that much cum., after that hai take turn fuck and cum in glass, same with Ba, they all control good, nobody cum inside mom.Ba said so now mom must drink because they all win, mom said no , everybody must drink, than Ba said, not enough for 4 people, he put two eggs(both white and york), sugar, some beer, than he mix the full glass, they all drank......

it was 4pm i need to go back home before, i did cum two times during the watching. even very thirsty, hungry, my cock stil very hard. My mom got home around 7pm, i asked where did she go, she smill and said just met some friend.

the next day when i came home from school, Ky already there, he was helping mom cook some food, i did not see other two police men, i almost ask him where are his friends but i stop right away,and ask if he come here by himself or with anybody. ...

Ky and i walk outside the yard and talk little bit, he bought me many gifl, he said that he so much worry about mom and i, but he glad that we both doing fine. I ask him if he love my mom or just use her for sex, i told him what i saw at the fall today, that he bring his friends to fuck my mom as prostitute...., i said in tear, he hug me and apology, he said that he was wrong, but that was my mom ask him to do that, he said that these two guys are one is his boyfriend and one is his best friend. he said that he is bi, i did not know what is bi mean at that time but he explain that he like both man and woman, he told me that he in love with me, but he dont dare to tell me..... will talk more about this in another chapper.

to be continue I have girlfriend, her mom, her dad suck me

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