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lorna comes to visit

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you come down at the start of summer for your visit. the 1st day we show you around the farm and the house, with the flight and everything you arent up to anything real fun so that night we just all snuggle together in our king size bed. after the kids get up and gone to school you and crystal go shopping for a bit, return with 2 new swimsuits that leaves little to the imagination. when ya'll get home we go swimming in the pool, start by racing each other, doing laps,eventually get to playing grab ass and sswimsuits come off. we start playing pretty good when we hear a knock on pool door. you and crystal swim and hide at side of pool, i look at the door and see its our neighbor from down the road looking miserable. i wave him in as you and crystal throw daggers at me with your eyes he comes in i introduce you and him, then i ask whats wrong, he says he just went home found his fiancee in bed with another ya'll are still glaring at me for having him talk while you were nude. i ask him whats going to happen now, he says he doesnt know says she said it was just one last fling, tell him then he needs to have one also. comes back with i dont know, every1 around here knows me and the only lady i had been with was her. i come back well not every1 around here knows you he says who. as the light begins to glow in your head if looks could kill i wouldve been dead. well come swimming then i say, i dont have a suit he say, neithe r do we i pop back. so he starts pulling boots, shirt off then his pants and lol and behold he doesnt wear underwear. you and crystal just look at me and then him, he looks at you 2 and ask are you ok with this, as he is hard from looking at 2 beautiful ladies and is longer but thinner than me you say oh yes, so as he climbs in the pool we go back to playing grab ass with the exception of me and him grabbing each other. as we get to playing we al get horny then he lifts you onto the pool wal and i lift crystal, we both go to eating your pussies as if we were starving, you and crystal are moaning and as you can kissing each other as we lick, bite, nibble your clits with fingers trading pussies as our mouths stay where they are. the pool room echoes with your moans and the screams as you both cum one then the other, we trade ladies, i shove my hard cock into your pussy and he suprises crysatl by easing into her ass, but as she is leaking wet and so excited she is enjoying it. i htrust harder and faster b4 sssllloowwiing to tease you by just barely thrusting but still buried deep, crystal looks over says she hates that when i do that to her, you agree. as i slam back into you and going faster and faster and harder, he is doing the same with crystal. you start saying im gonna cum 1st minute later so does crystal but both start cumming same time, as you finish your orgasms me and james( the neighbor) trade places. i take crystals pussy and he takes your ass. and we start thrusting immediatly. as we get closer and closer to the edge, ya'll are egging us on as you are starting to cum again as well, wrapping your legs around us, oohh shit as i start cummin g and my throbbing sets crysatl off. he keeps going for a few min then he starts grunting and moaning, as he burys himself in you ass you keep quite by kissing crystal as you cum. we all go to jacuzzi to soak for a few minutes when he says i need to go home, but ask how long you will be here,1 week you say as ex has kids that long. ok i may just have to come over again and ask mike for advice he says with a wink. while you are there he comes over and we have fun almost everyday together and sometimes just us and sometimes just you and him or all 4 again. the end of the week he says i will keep the wedding but we will go to counsling b4 the wedding this week we have been talking she said that part of the reason was she was my 1st and when we got married she would not cheat and wanted a last guy, i wasnt experienced, but had gotten lots better in the last week somehow last night. glad that we could help we say inison but now you need to get back to your fiancee. that night as we were still tired and somewhat sated (and with a early flight) we 3 just cuddled again. the next moring we get up have a quickie for the trip home and say good bye at athe airport. we will have to get togthter again someday.

the end?

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