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jennys surprise

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On this particular evening Jenny was headed to her boyfriend Dave?s apartment. It was a pleasantly warm out so she had decided to make the short walk. On the way over Jenny thought about the conversation she had had with Dave earlier. He had told her he was planning a surprise for her. Jenny wondered what he could be planning and why he asked her to wear a skirt although she knew he was really turned on by the way she looked in a skirt he never asked for anything like that before. Nevertheless she really liked Dave and she wanted to take their relationship to the next level and was hoping that was part of Dave?s intentions for the evening so she was more than happy to honor the request. Jenny?s thoughts were cut short she had arrived and she was excited to see her man and find out their plans for the night. She opened the door and was very surprised to see Dave and his two buddies Mike and Jim she was also surprised that they were all drinking and she would not be spending the evening alone with Dave. The men commented on how great Jenny looked and although she smiled when she said thank you to them she was not happy and pulled Dave into his bedroom. After a short conversation Dave had assured her that his guests were leaving and that she should have a couple of drinks with them until they went. Dave was mixing Jenny?s drinks for her and they were strong but that was not unusual for them. After a couple of drinks Jenny was starting to wonder when they guys were going to go. Before she had the chance to pull Dave aside again he was bringing her another drink when he leaned down to hand it to her he whispered in her ear ?Jenny you look amazing tonight, I want to watch you suck Mike and Jim?s cocks? he then took his seat as if nothing was even said. Jenny was dumbfounded this was out of nowhere she even wondered if she was hearing things. She had never done anything like that before but was getting turned on at the thought. Now with the drinks kicking in and Jenny really liking Dave and wanting to make him happy she was considering it. So Jenny asks Dave to help her in the kitchen and she asks if he was serious, he tells her it would really turn him on if she was comfortable. Jenny says she will think about it. When she returns to the gathering she is looking closer at the men . Dave is tall 6? 4? with a lean build he has short dark hair and brown eyes. She likes his height because she is tall herself at 5? 10? and she doesn?t have to feel awkward wearing heels on her shoes around him. Jenny is a red head with fair skin and a thin build. Jenny also likes Dave?s penis it was a good size at 7? with decent thickness, it always got her off. She was getting turned on now thinking about Dave?s dick but now she turned her attn to Jim as he was next in line on the couch there was nothing remarkable about him but he was not unattractive either. He was a tall black man with short hair but Jenny had remembered that Dave had told her that Jim was in amazing shape and worked out all the time but she couldn?t tell through his loose fitting clothing. Last was Mike he was easily the shortest of the three she wondered if he was even as tall as her and also didn?t seem to be in as good of shape as the other two very much just the average guy until Jenny noticed he was wearing sweat pants and the outline of something special. Mike?s cock was every bit as big as Dave?s but it was completely limp and now she was noticing her wetness. This was now enough to bring her over the edge and Jenny excused herself to the bathroom she decided that she was going to do this and removed her panties and headed back to the group. She sat back in her seat next to Dave faced more toward the men making sure to flash them her now pantiless crotch. It was definitely turning her on watching them try to steal glances without her or Dave seeing them and she also noticed Mike?s big cock was getting hard. It was now time to make her move and she decided to be bold about it she walked over and sat between the two of them and without saying a word she pulled the biggest cock she had ever seen out of Mike?s pants leaned over and tried to put as much of it in her mouth as possible while sliding her ass toward Jim as a physical invite for him to touch. Mike almost panicked looking at Dave in fright but Dave gave his friends a nod and an approving look. Jenny licked and sucked and tried as hard as she could to fit all of Mike in her mouth but as she moved her head back she noticed he was about the size of her fore arm now she was wondering what it would be like to fuck him and if she could even fit him in. Jim was behind her alternating between rubbing her clit and putting his fingers in her dripping wet pussy while he had a firm grasp of her ass with her other hand. She was extremely turned on now and got on the floor on her knees and turned toward Jim he got the signal and stood in front of her she unbuckled his belt while he removed his shirt. She looked up at his six pack abs and bulging pecs while she undid his jeans and dropped them to the floor. Fixated on his torso she was smacked in the face with his cock now she is pleasantly surprised by this too. Jim is not much longer than Dave maybe 8? but he is the thickness of a beer can so thick she can?t even fit more than the head in her mouth. Meanwhile Mike had stripped and slid underneath of her licking feverishly at her clit it was making it very hard for her to concentrate on the task at hand but she must?ve been doing a good enough job as Jim grabs her by the head and cums filling her mouth as a physical reaction she swallows his large load. Jenny hopes that Dave wont be mad and then remembers that she had forgotten all about Dave when Jim releases her head and sits back on the couch she looks over for her man she sees him sitting in the same spot he was when she started with his cock in his hand stroking it slowly he smiles back at her. Jenny stands up and walks over and gets on all fours next to him she has decided its his turn and she is gonna give him the blowjob of a lifetime but as she starts to put him in her mouth she notices a cock pushing on her now throbbing pussy before she can decide if she should stop him mike is halfway in her. She feels about as full as when Dave is in her and she is on the brink of cumming but wants to hold off so she decides to concentrate on Daves blowjob but keeps noticing that Mike would take it out a lil and then put more in she feels fuller and fuller she cant believe it just keeps coming then she finally feels his pelvis meet her body and she cannot believe he is all the way in her. Mike is fucking her hard now and his tempo is in rhythm with her taking Dave deep into her throat she is gagging but cant help wanting more and she cums loudly but muffled as she cannot take the cock out of her mouth just keeps getting forced down on it. It?s Daves turn now and he groans as he cant control himself any longer and cums straight down her throat. With with everyone else cumming Mike can no longer last and pushes in as deep as he can and fills jenny with his own cum and much to her surprise the deep thrusting and throbbing of his cock sets her off again. Once her euphoria wheres off Jenny is a lil disappointed as she realizes she has already used up her new toys. Jim says ?don?t I get a ride? as he laughs and she notices he is at full attention again she perks right up as good as Mike felt in her she cannot wait to feel this extra girth. She walks over to him on the couch she straddles him and lowers herself very slowly onto him she lets herself adjust to him while she kisses him. Its nice for her to have some one on one attention and she starts to rock back and forth on his cock while she passionately kisses his neck and pinches and pulls her nipples. Jim has two firm handfuls of her ass and this really turns her on she leans back and he licks and sucks her nipples. The show they are putting on for the other guys has done its job and Dave is the first one hard again and he moves towards her gently pushes her forward and puts his cock in her ass. With their combined thickness in her she comes instantly and this is the most intense orgasm sending wave after wave of pleasure through her body she is so engrossed by her orgasm she does not even notice when both men cum inside of her she doesn?t notice until they go limp inside of her. Jenny is tired now from all of this action but does not want to disappoint her new friend and his giant cock so she lays back and lets him have his way with her. He slips his length into her and this time he takes his time taking it all the way out and then putting it in as deep as possible. Jenny cant believe it she is about to cum again she has never cum so much in her life when she finishes she just lies back and enjoys the fucking and it isn?t long before Mike announces he is about to cum and to everyone?s surprise she says she wants it in her mouth as he is the only one she hasn?t tasted yet. Mike takes himself to the brink and pulls himself out of her and surprising him again she gets on her knees and opens her mouth Mike tries to fulfill her request but gets cum all over her face and chest. Dave brings her a towel to clean up and then They all collapse together on the couch a fitting end to a surprising night

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