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incumming mgmtbusted

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it had been a long time since mrs super had set foot on her hubby's golf course. tons of memories came flooding back, smoking weed with carrie in the parking lot, that hottie lewis she used to tease at the turnshack, the hot lil snob that worked in the pro shop, that teased her, and the vain manager who talked about fucking every cart girl who was employed. she had worked there and hooked up with the super in the turnshack, on the bridge, and a few other very interesting spots, like the nest :) mmmm the nest...eventually marrying, anyway, after she quit, she worried for awhile that he would find another girl all too willing to be his new work fuck buddy, his sex drive is insatiable. she knew he could knock some off anytime and never miss it at home. but she was a woman on a mission this evening, wearing the shorts he used to love for her to wear to work. she had kept herself up pretty well for 40, shapely tanned legs, big bubble ass, athletic build with perky lil tits that get rock hard nipples when excited. her pulse quickened as she approached the turnshack 1/2 across the course, the cool air blew her hair back in the cart, these new electric ones were sooo much better than those old noisy gas hogs she used to have to sputter around in, lucky bitches! topping the hill, she could see his cart parked at the shack, her insides began to melt as she thought of him, she touched her hot crotch and slid a finger inside the leg of her shorts to tease her wet place.

hopping out of the cart, she approached the door, hahaha, it still sticks open...the next site she saw stopped her in her tracks; mr super with his shorts on the floor, fucking the shit out of this gorgeous, shapely brunette dog style, with some waif red head spread on the freezer geting finger fucked by the brunette! since the two had their backs turned and the redheads eyes were closed she was able to duck back before being spotted. she stood there with her head against the wood of the wall taking in what she'd just seen. after standing there a couple minutes, listening to the moans and ahhhhs, and delighted giggles of the two girls fucking her husband, a sound made her nearly jump out of her skin... "sorry you had to find out this way" brett said. he was a sweet lil guy who worked there & had been by the supers' house on more than one occasion for bbq. about 25, not much bigger than she was, 'wirey' is how some would describe him, no fat on him at all, but well defined muscles. his hands were rough with callouses as he stroked her shoulder in support. her head was down, he couldn't see her face "yeah, its something to see alright" she muttered. he put his hand under her chin and gently raised her face upward, "well fuck him, he's an asshole, 2timing someone as beautiful and nice as you" her jaw dropped open, he had always been so very polite and almost shy when she was around, even putting his shirt back on when she came up unexpectedly. to hear him talk about mr super that way over her was something. then she was hit with inspiration "lets make things even then" she whispered and tip toed up the short distance to brush her lips on his. both had their eyes open and locked on the others. wow, this is intense, she thought, almost like a first kiss! slowly and gently he slid his arms around her waist and pulled her to him, they closed their eyes as she put her arms up around his neck. the kiss started out slow and soft, then changed and became something else, something hot, and naughty, she was going to show this kid a time he would not forget. she moved from his mouth down his neck, grinding her hips against his growing bulge, raking her nails down his back, under his shirt, getting really hot and aroused & arousing was just what was going on in bretts pants, he was sporting a full blown hard on now, and eventho it wasn't as thick as mr super, it was long as she reached down to free it from his khakis. "oh my God" he breathed into her hair as he kissed her forehead, "i never expected this i swear..."; "shhhh", she whispered, "it's ok" man, she liked playing the cougar role. she took his head into her mouth and licked the tip, his whole body shook with pleasure, his hands had dropped to his sides, she took one and put it into her hair, his long dick jerked in her open mouth, feeling her head motion as she licked up and down his shaft. her next action took him by surprise, she pulled his shorts up as she stood, and said "now its time to go in". she grabbed his hand before he could protest and stepped inside, just to see 'the money shot' both girls on their knees, mouthes wide open, catching her husbands cum. the redhead jumped up, looking white as a ghost, grabbed her clothes, head down muttering about getting home, and nearly ran out of there. the brazen slut brunette slowly arose, and at least had the decency to wipe her mouth. the shirt laying on the freezer read 'Kim-food & beverage manager'.

"so, you are the 'kim' whose name i keep hearing at home huh" mrs super said coolly as she approached the girl standing naked except for a red thong. "i am, and you must be mrs super" she replied uneasily. "sorry to barge in unexpectedly, but i wanted to taste your pussy fresh, instead of dried on my husbands cock after he comes home" mrs super said as she flipped the long locks of hair from infront of kimmys breast. "i was wondering if you were gonna make it or not sweetie" mr super said, then turned & looked toward brett, "so where the fuck did you come from?" brett was still trying to process why mrs super wasn't climbing kimmys ass!? "she knew dumbass!" mr super answered the puzzled look on bretts face..."we're swingers, i would never betray my wife" he said. poor brett, standing there jaw and fly open, in stunned silence. "i saw you guys one night and started to watch, and when i know you are meeting i stay late, and tonight i got here and found her outside watching too". "you catch on quick kid, purred kimmy, and btw i didn't know and i don't appreciate being kept in the dark" her gaze was leveled at mr. super. "you got your dick, now shut up and lick my wifes pussy, i know its good n wet right about now...i'll even say please". with that remark, things got back into full swing, pun be continued

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