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I was sitting in a dark hotel lounge, with a whiskey and coke in front of me, when she first came into the lounge. She was curvy and taller than me by a few inches and her short blond bob was in disarray from the stormy weather outside...Her hands moved down her short red skirt to straighten her clothing and as she brushed an errant strand of hair from her face, our eyes met. I smiled at her and she smiled back and slowly began to saunter over to the booth I was occupying all alone..I stood up and introduced myself and she told me her name was Vivian. I invited her to sit with me and she ordered a glass of white wine from the waitress. Conversation flowed easily between the two of us and two drinks later we realized how much we had in common...We were both divorced...both had sons...horrible luck dating..and were attending the same conference..The way she laughed and the sexy way her eyes flashed immediately attracted me. I wondered how she would look naked before me. I had thoughts of lifting up her short red skirt and feeling her moistness against my hand..Her sexy silk blouse was opened up just enough for me to be enticed by the creamy mounds peaking out from the top of her white lacy bra...I could feel wetness begin to seep between my legs as my erotic thoughts of making love to this woman unfolded...

The waitress came over and I ordered a double shot of whiskey and Vivian surprisingly ordered the same..the surprised look on my face had her laughing and she informed me that she could easily drink me under the table...I chuckled aloud and quickly agreed with that statement..I am such a lightweight and I had already had my limit...Our shots were placed before us and we both downed them in one gulp and she ordered and another round.

I was feeling a bit tipsy when Vivian slid over closer to me in the booth. She leaned over and whispered in my ear..The one sentence that she uttered had my pulse racing and my heart hammering..."do you want to fuck me?" she asked.........I looked her right in the eyes and asked your room or mine? She smiled and placed her hand on my thigh and she began to caress upwards..."does it matter" she asked? I smiled at her with my most seductive gaze and said "not at all." She continued to run her hand up my leg until she had my navy blue skirt pushed all of the way up and any passer by could see my wet and very exposed pussy...I was not wearing any panties..I find them so confining.

She slowly began to stroke the outer lips of my pussy..I could feel my wetness on her fingers smearing my own juices all over my pussy...I moaned softly and closed my eyes sinking back into the soft cushions of the booth...when I opened my eyes I noticed that we had attracted the attention of some tall handsome stranger who had been sitting at the bar...The place was deserted except for the three of us and there was a hotel waitress and bartender..It was 3 o'clock in the afternoon and obviously not a busy time for the establishment.. The stranger walked over to our table and stood before us...Vivian looked at him and smiled all of the while fingering my wet slit...he had an obvious erection protruding through the front of his pants..He began to rub his cock through the thin material of his pants...Vivian began to finger fuck me at a rapid pace...she spread her legs and the tall stranger sprung into action...he removed her red thong in one tug and he began to eat her pussy right there in the booth...By this time the waitress and bartender were well aware of our antics and had made their way over so that they could get a better view..The waitress who I had barely noticed partly due to her nondescript uniform and silly looking bun looked at us with sheer longing...I watched as she removed her bun and her hair cascaded down her back in a mass of riotous curls..she unzipped the front of her uniform and let it fall to the floor..she stood before me in the sexiest white undergarments I had ever seen...she quickly removed the rest of her clothing and begun to suck the strangers cock...the bartender looked at us in amazement and I smiled at him.....He unzipped his pants and took his cock out of his pants and it was bulging with his erection and quite large..he walked over to me and began to tease my lips with his cock before I opened my mouth and swallowed his thick cock....I began to move my mouth down the length of his shaft and he grabbed my head and begun shoving his cock down the back of my throat almost choking me with the length...he was so turned on and was unable to control his orgasm..his thick load began to slide down the back of my throat...he sat back down into the booth and continued to watch the scene in front of him.

Vivian stood up and removed first her clothing...and then mine...she began kissing and stroking me from my neck down to my breasts and then she began to greedily lap and lick my very wet pussy...while finger fucking me at the same time...the handsome stranger who had been having his cock sucked by the very luscious waitress stood up and entered Vivian from behind while the waitress came over to the table and straddled my face with her pussy....I eagerly licked and stroked and sucked her clit...I could feel my orgasm building as Vivian alternated between sucking my clit and licking very hard on my swollen folds of flesh....I could not stand it any longer and I moaned aloud as my orgasm peaked...the vibrations from my mouth pushed the sexy waitress over the edge and her body began to shake as her own orgasm hit her....she slowly lifted herself off of my face and sat into the lap of the this point I decided to lay the delectable Miss Vivian down and give her a good tongue lashing...I positioned her legs over my shoulder and I lifted her ass up until her pussy was at the same level as my mouth...I tongue fucked her sweet hole and sucked on her clit she was bucking my face pussy was so wet I could feel my own juices running down my leg...all of the sudden I felt myself pushed forward as the stranger bent me over and entered me from took me a minute to adjust to his rather large cock...I felt myself stretch to accommodate his size..I was so wet that soon his cock was slipping in and out with no problems whatsoever..Vivian began to squeal with delight as her orgasm overtook her...she came with a flood of liquids drenching my face and chest and dripping onto the table..who would have known that the sexy lady was a squirter...she smiled with impish she saw her orgasm glistening on my lips she sat up and kissed me and began to lick her own cum off of my lips...the stranger began teasing my ass with his fingers...inserting them and withdrawing them...he was driving me crazy with desire....I felt the walls of my pussy contract around his hard cock as another orgasm rocked through me...He removed his finger from my ass and replaced it with his cock in one thrust..he began to pump my ass hard and harder...he let out a load moan and emptied his hot load in my tight ass...I laid on top of Vivian I was so weak...and rested my head on her breast for a few minutes..when I opened my eyes there were at least 15 other hotel guests who were in various stages of undress with bewildered looks upon their faces...and when the stranger and waitress and bartender began to make introductions I felt my face flame with embarrassment...not only had I willingly cavorted in public and participated in group sex...I had fucked and sucked two men whose names I did not know...and ate out a waitress....oh well I guess you only live once....

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