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Where are we going today? Let’s see, how about we go camping at a secluded lake. We are checking it out and seeing what they have for families. We take Jill and Jack with us. They have their camper and we have ours. We park in adjoining spaces. There is no one else in the campground, because it is early in the season. It is cool at night and warm during the day. The campground has a hot spring located just off the road behind a privacy fence. There is not much for kids to do in the campground, so this weekend has been a waste of time so far. We have paid for the weekend and might as well stay. You and Jill make lunch and then we all go to the spring and relax.

The spring feels good. Jill and Jack are sitting next to each other and snuggling up to each other. As I watch them; Jack reaches underwater and rubbing Jack’s crotch. He whispers in her ear and the two of them leave. We are relaxing and snuggling up to each other. I slowly caress your tits though your swimsuit. You reach over and rub my crotch though my shorts. As I get hard you lean over and whisper in my ear “do you want to go to the trailer and make love to me.” I tell you why go to the trailer, there is no one around. Jill and Jack are busy in their trailer. Lets have some fun right here. With that I slide my hand into your swimsuit and rub your pussy. You look around and see that no one can see us and the only way they can get in is though a gate. I get out and lock the gate from the inside so any one coming up will have to knock or yell for the gate to be open. As I get back into the spring, you have slid down into the water so only your head is showing. I sit next to you and realize that you have removed your swimsuit. You reach over, slide off my shorts and get on top of me. As you guide me into you, I take your tits, caress and kiss them. You take your nails and run them up my back. The spring is so warm and you are so hot that it doesn’t take long before I am coming. You have just started feeling good so I put you up on the edge and suck on your clitoris and slide two fingers into you. You reach down and play with my dick trying to bring it back to life. It don’t take long before I am hard again, you are moaning and telling me to fuck you. As I slide into you; you let out a scream and come. We get cleaned up and go back to the camper. Jill and Jack are sitting out front with a smirk on. I think that they might have heard you.

We make dinner and sit around the fire as it gets late. The moon is full and it is a clear night. You and Jill go inside and change into your sleep wear. As you come outside and you are wearing a silky low cut top and matching shorts. Jill comes out wearing a sexy nightgown with lacy around the top and down the sides. It just reaches her knees. She sits down next to Jack and as I look over, I can see that she is not wearing panties. You sit next to me and lean over and say to me “go and get changed, I have set out some thing for you to wear.”

When I get inside I see that you have set out my special shorts. The pair that is tight on me. They hug my shaft, and have little hole for the head of my dick to stick out. You also set out a silk rob for me to wear. I put it on and go back out. You have moved to sit on one of your legs and I can see that you have no panties on either. Jack is looking too and I can see that he is enjoying the view. Jill leans over to him and whispers in his ear, as she dose she gives his dick a squeeze. He goes inside and changes. I take a set next to you. We are talking and laughing about stuff. Jack comes back outside; he has on silky boxers with a short robe. As he sits down next to Jill, his boxers slide open and you can see his package. He is hard and you are staring at him. Jill leans over and gives him a kiss. You lean over, kiss me and slide open my robe. You play with my dick. I look over and see Jill and Jack watching us. I nod to them and to the camper. It has gotten cold outside and with the clothes we are wearing it is not good to stay out. We go into our camper and they follow us in. I light some candles and fill up the drinks. Jill and Jack are on one couch and you are on the other. As I lean over Jill to give Jack his drink, I brush her with my dick. She rubs the tip with her hand. Jack has his foot in your crotch and is massaging your clitoris with his toe. Jill has his dick out and is stroking him. We get up and make the couches into the bed. We all lie down and Jill takes me in her mouth, I play with your pussy, you go down and suck on Jack’s dick, and he plays with Jill’s pussy. We are all playing and feeling good. Jack and I come at the same time. As we clean up, you and Jill play with each other. We are watching and getting harder the more you two play. Jill is on the bottom and you are on top of her, Jack works his way around so he is behind you and over Jill. He slides into you and Jill guides him in. I slide into Jill as you guide me and stroke her clitoris. With the both of you helping work on each other it don’t take long before the both of you are screaming and coming like crazy. I have never seen you come like that before. You collapse on top of Jill and she is gasping for breath under you. I roll you off her and switch places with Jack. As I slide into you, you let out a groan and thrust up to meet me. Jack slides into Jill and she lets out a groan. I can watch him slide into her and he is watching me slide into you. We both are pumping away and groaning with you both. Jill reaches over and slides her hand around to my ass where she runs her finger around my hole. You reach over and fondle Jack’s balls and run your nails under them. He lets out a groan and stops for a second. You slide your finger down to his butt hole and run it around it. He just about looses it right then. Jill is screaming, coming and begging him to come on her. He gets ready to come and just as he dose; you slide your finger into his hole. He comes with such force that he hits her right in the face. As he gets her a towel I am just about to come to. Jill has her finger in my hole stroking my spot. As I get ready to come she slips me out of you and makes me come all over her. She strokes my shaft and slides her head under me so she can take my balls into her mouth. I have never come that much as I did then. She is covered with Jack’s and my juices. Jill goes out and hoses off. I ask if Jack and Jill want to stay the night, which they say ok. We make up the bed and every one gets into bed, it is Jack then Jill, I am next and you are snuggles up to me. Jill is cold from the shower so we try to warm her up. She is facing Jack who is facing the wall. I am facing her and as I lie there you reach over and stroke my shaft. You get it hard and try to slide it into Jill. She realizes what is going on and arches her back so I can reach her with my shaft. Jack is snoring and dead to the world. You are stroking my balls and nibbling on my ear as I slip into her. You ask me if she is better then you. I say no one is as good as you, you are my one and only. You reach around and slide your hand between our legs, where you stroke she clitoris. She comes just as I am about to come. I try to pull out but you tell me not to. I come in her and she comes again. You reach over and give me a kiss. Then you pull her over and give her a kiss too. That makes me hard again so I turn over and slip into you. Jill and you kiss over me as I slide in you. You slowly caress her breasts and as she caresses yours too you start to come. As you come Jill slips a finger into my ass and strokes my spot so that I come too. We finish and collapse into sleep. The next morning the three of us are warn out. Jack is awake and he has a hard on. Jill reaches over and strokes him as I get up. You roll over and watch them for a while.

I am making breakfast and as the smell of food hit’s the air, you slide in next to Jack and fondle his balls as Jill strokes him. I take some hunny and drizzle it on his dick. You start to lick it off. Jill is on her knees as she strokes him. She has her ass up in the air and her pussy is just the right height that I can slip into her while I am standing. You are licking Jack and fondling his balls; I take some lotion and cover my dick with it. Jill is watching you and stroking him. I dribble some more hunny on him and spill some on to his balls. You lick it off his balls and Jill licks it off his shaft. As she does I enter her from behind. She lets out a scream and almost bites Jack. Jack is almost coming and you are rubbing his balls, Jill has him in her mouth. I am close to coming and so is he. As Jack comes, Jill slips him out of her mouth and lets you finish stroking him off. I rub her ass hole and she comes with me.

After breakfast we break down camp and get ready to go home. We are going to need a few days to recover from this trip. Just think what the holidays are going to be like.

Can it get any better?

Love your very hornie lover

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