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broken rules

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another of our first,this time my(john's cousins and one of there wives)

before sally and I (john) started out on MFMs,FMFs,and swops, we laid down some ground rules, not in any order but it was, no relations, no friends, no oral, no sex without the other present, and always tell each other what they felt, we broke all of these as we progressed,

this is the story of sally,me and my cousin colin, nearly every friday night for a few years we three with colin's wife cyntha would meet up either at our house or at theirs depending in which direction we were going, we would drink and dance and tell jokes,we suspected that we could have had a swopping session with them only I said I didn't fancy cyntha,(she was very attractive and I could never give a reason but it was there), sally said a long time ago that she wouldn't mind having colin but I told her about our ground rules, so basically she gave up on the idea, to cut a story short, one friday night colin came to call on us for our usual friday get together and he brought his younger brother donald (don) and his wife june, so off we go to the pub/club for the night out, again we drank and danced, I was dancing with june most of the evening while sally took it in turn with colin and don, june was caressing my back and of course I was doing the same,( I did fancy june,tall,blonde, and a great body)

every now and then I would glance over to where sally was dancing, colin was alway trying to guide sally over near the wall and I could see his hands going all over her body, and when she was dancing with don he was doing the same, a little later,sally and I were dancing and sally whispered that my cousins were getting her aroused a little, I asked what she wanted to do, sally said "lets just wait and see what developes" shortly afterwards I saw june and don dancing june was doing most of the talking and don was just nodding his head, well the interval came, don and I went up to the bar to get a round in, and when I turned around I saw colin's hand caressing sally's knee,(june had gone to the ladies), don was talking to me in a low voice, he said "he and june were into swopping and were I and sally into thing's like that" I said "we never thought about it" (big lie) and left it at that for the time being, (I wondered how this was going to turn out)

when we were all seated again the talk turn to sex innuendo's,and of course the drink was taking effect, all were becoming bolder, the dance band started again so back to the dance floor we went,(of course one guy had to sit it out), more and more people were now up and dancing so june and I used our hands on each other then june asked me if I wanted her that night, I asked about don and colin, june said that both of them had had her at the same time and if I was up for it she said "take a close look at those three,don and colin would have her there and then if they could" I pretended a little and said I would find out what sally thought, june said " when sally goes to the ladies if I like she would asked her if she was game" somehow I managed to tell sally what was going to happen in the ladies and to string it along, (this was told to me much later), june had mentioned it to sally, and sally told her she didn't know what I would say, june told her, "I think john would go for it,he wants me" she said, anyway back to dancing and sneaky feeling's up under the table the last hour went by, so at 11.30PM we left the club to walk home, sally was walking in front of june and I with don on one side and colin on the other, june and I were snuggled up close together,arms wrapped around each other and getting as much bare flesh as possible, I could see don and colin's arms and hands lifting sally's blouse and skirt up, I and june had a good view of sally's bottom and the bare flesh at the top of her stockings,(this happened when ever the street lights were dimmer) as we neared our house we all seperated slightly so as not to let the neighbours see anything, once we were indoors, sally put some light music on while I opened up the drinks cabinate and poured the drinks, as in the club we were soon up and dancing but now free from other people's eyes the caresses got stronger and more intense, I had got june's shirt off and had started to slide her skirt down over her hips,june had matching bra and panties light green in colour, don and colin had undressed sally down to her bra and panties,and her suspender belt which was red, her skirt and blouse was already thrown back over the settee,don was slipping her panties down past her knee's (sally had four hands undressing her so of course she was being stripped much quicker than june), sally had by now taken of colin's shirt and had her hands feeling for the clip at the top of his trousers and his zip, june had already taken of my shirt, and now with trebling hands I undid her bra and pulled it over her arms and onto the floor, what fucking great breast she had,brown nipples that stood out and the size of her breast was in men's terms just over a hand full,leaning down I took her right nipple in my mouth and started to let my tongue rotate around on it, the nipple harden a little bit more and my hands went down and started to take her panties off, (now this next part may seem confusing as my eyes were going from what I was doing to where sally was,)

my hands were sliding june's panties off and my lips were slowly slipping down her body,going lower over her firm stomach to her pubic hair-line,(june was blonde down stair's as well) but still my tongue went lower until it was level with june's vagina, I parted the lips and my eyes saw the inside, it was a darkess pink,(sally is a lot lighter pink) and as my hands took her panties off and my tongue moved towards her vagina I glance over to see sally being laid down on our three seater settee, her thigh's wide apart and colin kneeing down and moving his mouth towards sally vagina, so I raised my self up and walked june backwards towards our two-seater settee which I gently lowered her down on to, I again glanced over and saw sally's legs go up around colin's neck and her heels press into his back, meanwhile don was kissing her fully on the mouth and playing with her breast,both don and colin were now naked and I took off my pants and trousers,then let my hands reach up and play with june's nipples, looking across don and colin had changed places and don was giving sally a licking and sally was starting to let little moans escape from her mouth, and as sally's mouth started to open colin got up and placed his penis on sally's lips and her mouth open slowly taking it all in very gently at first then as her orgasm built up her mouth was giving a fanastic blow job, all it seems that I could do was to lick june and watch sally, sally was nearing her orgasm and then she let out a loud gasp and held her breath for what seemed ages, then sally went back to a quieter breathing rhythm so I concentrated on june's cunt.

I was now licking june more powerfully with each stroke of my tongue, I brought one hand down and spreading her vagina lips, I saw and licked her clitorus, june hips were moving up and down with a little sideways twist and she was moving faster and faster, her breathing was increasing until her legs held my head in a vice-like lock and her hands was pulling a head harder and harder onto her cunt and she let out an almighty scream, after I could get my head clear from june's legs I heard sally call over to me and she said " how about going upstairs where we can be more comfortable" I called back "ok will you three take our room and June and I take one of the back rooms", sally led the way upstairs follow by colin and don, june was close behind with me being able to look up at her crotch, sally,don,and colin went in the front bedroom, sally made sure the door was left open and june and I went to the room directly opposite, I also left the door open, (our story divides for short time into two)

this is my story, june swung me around and pushed me back on the bed where she turned around and got on top of me into the 69 position, lowering her cunt down on my face and taking my cock hold and pulling the foreskin back where her tongue started licking the head, meantime I was licking and sucking her clitorus for all I was worth,(with june's thigh's around my ears I couldn't hear a thing from sally) suddenly june let out another scream as she hit another orgasm, at the same time I shot my cum directly into her mouth and as she subsided from her orgasm she proceeded to lick my cum from my cock,her cunt tasted really nice, I think its an aquired taste, to me its lovely, june rolled off me and I turned around and lay along side her, our arms going all around each other and our hands moving over the sensitive parts of our bodies until we were ready and this time it was going to be full penetration, june lay on her back and while she was in the missonary position I rolled on top of her and my cock went in with ease, before to long june had another strong orgasm and I spent the last lot of cum into her with a big grunt like we men do, we both shuddered for a while then rolling off we engulted each other with our arms and nodded off for a quick nap, Saly's story dictated to me as close as possible-- after (sally) went into the bedroom, first I was on all fours on the bed, don had his cock in my mouth and he would take it out to my lips then shove it back in while colin had got behind me and was fucking me doggie fashion, to start off with they were fucking my mouth and cunt both pushing at the same time, it nearly made me choke but shortly they were fucking me in unison, colin made me cum but I couldn't scream because my mouth was full of don's cock, colin withdrew and changed places with don, now I was sucking colin's cock smothered with his cum and mind and don was pounding me in my cunt, colin's cock was getting harder by the second and starting to fill my mouth to fullness, I soon found myself coming to another gigantic orgasm and again my scream was stifled by colin's cock, don kept fucking me and colin was still fucking my mouth and I was having fucking great orgasms after another, when don shoved his cock deep inside me and I cold feel his spunk shooting out from his throbbing cock and deep in me, at about the same time colin let loose with stream of his cum into my mouth, we all lay on the bed to get our breath back, every thing was quiet for a while then john and june came in, we all sat on the bed for a while, each asked if there was any regets, everyone said how good it was and could we do it again sometime, of course the answer was too true or something like that, back together story---- after the other three left, sally and I said it was great, we had all three again a few times and also had colin on his own, here is a short version of one/sorry more, colin called in one sunday afternoon and we started to have a threesome,we were all stripped off when all of a suddenly colin asked if he could eat a mars bar,both of us thought he was diabetic so we said ok, colin unwrapped the mars bar and put it in his mouth then he got sally to open her thigh's and he went down on her and pushed the bar right in her vagina, he then ate and licked the mars bar from her vagina, it took so long that sally had quite a few orgasms from that alone, of course we had straight sex as well, so we broke nearly all of our ground rules that night, no regets from either of us jodlad

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