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breaking the rule

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she wore a tight black mini and a black halter top, with stilettos. He had on her favorite white linen button up, she called it his pirate shirt, it wasn't billowy, but showed off his tanned, rugged good looks, and smile. He had a moustach and goatee framing thick suckable lips.

After donning her 'cum get me for single males' bracelet, they weaved their way thru all the bulging pant fronts and hard nipples toward the dance floor tables.. all the sexy people were out. music thumping, people smiling and dancing, hey...the shadow box!

After a few hot dances and a couple cold shots they went to have a smoke. She made eye contact and tweaked the nipple on the ample breast of a sexy brunette at the next table. The music could still be heard, but only as a muted bass line, enough to wiggle and grind on his hardening cock. He spun her around with a playful shove toward an empty ashtray. A strapping lad was watching the couple from about 5 feet she began rubbing between her legs, looking at her man, as he watched her. The young man began to rub his own charged up erection, and politely asked, never taking his eyes off her, " do u mind if she sits in my lap?" "no, ask her.." the words were barely out of his mouth before she was wiggling her big, tight ass in the bucks waiting lap. His hands were on her hips, down between her leps, slipped in a finger oh so quickly to find her wetness. she moaned and grinded a little further back on hardness.

She pulled away and finished her cigarette with more assurance than she felt, damn, he was hot. Her mans eyes were bright slits, mmmm, its good to see a little lite of jealousy, she thought wickedly.

Back at the table a sexy minx dressed in white asked her to the shadow box, lead the way baby she smiled and headed toward the box. once inside her hubby was hot on their heels, this was one of the sexiest women in the place, he at least wanted to watch his wife enjoy her. At the same time, a friend also came in, too overwhelmed, our lil white laden bunny fled. maybe next time, so he settled for some hot sucking from his woman. mmmmmm, her favorite passtime, when not riding him.

After a few more dances and a bikini contest, she was getting pretty antsy for some hard sex...she gave him a knowing glance and grabbed her jacket and the keys. He rose and they started toward the door, only to be sidetracted by the lusious brunett she had tweaked earlier. The taller brunette took her hand as they headed toward the semi private play area. As they entered her smoke 'buddy' exited the smoke room. She smiled and incicated him to join the trio. The husband stood in front of the couch as the girls unbuttoned his pants and slid them to the floor. His erect cock poked at the fly of his boxers threatening to break the small button there. "huah" the brunette half gasped as she freed his hard member from its restraint. Thick head, hard shaved shaft. thick thick dick. She immediately downed his dick, and gagged herself trying to throat it, his hands were on both the front and back of her neck, feeling the bulge as she struggled to accomodate the sizable contents.

His wife bent at the waist and shoved her ass toward the single guy and he needed no further invitation. He was quickly out of his pants and positioning behind her round, bumping ass. Her fingers were making little circles on the brunetts wet pussy, she'd slide a finger in just enough to hear her moan around his dick, then pull back. DD the brunette had had enough! She meant to ride this stallion! She poised herself above the 8 incher and started the process of getting all that shoved inside her waiting. wet. wanton pussy.

He pulled his wife's lips to his and then to the bobbing brunette, for a sexy hard fucking kiss. "i am going to suck this kid a minute and let u enjoy her" she purred in his ear..."ok, but you know the rule, NO kissing" he warned sternly, she simply grinned and walked toward the pantless man. She began to suck him, and dropped her ass til she was on her knees in front of him. She took his hand and placed it in her hair to make him control her, he was so green, just right cougar meat. She slowly raised up, circling his nipples with her tongue, making sure to glance at her husband as she did, he was watching, alright, with his eyes glinted slits, she wondered if he was enjoying the big breasted woman bouncing on his dick, she sure looked like she was enjoying it! "I can do anything i want to you, but i can't kiss you", she breathed onto his lips, a fraction, from touching. She fondled his erect cock, jacking him as she lightly kissed his neck and slid her hand up and behind his neck, again glancing at her husband. His hands were cupping the large breasts in front of his face, licking them massaging the tanned mounds. Licking them and sucking, never breaking the gaze from his wife. Just then, she pulled the young mans face down and devoured his surprised lips. She knew what was coming, and knew she better enjoy it. She nibbled the lips, licked and sucked them, eyes closed, for a very sexy thorough kiss. Her husband suddenly half stood, holding the brunette's ass to steady her and grabbing his wife's hair and pulling her withing a hairs breadth of his mouth. His eyes were staring down at her red parted lips as she bit her lower lip in mock innocence, batting her eyes sweetly. "no kissing" he barked. He pulled his hips away from the brunettes twat, and pushed his wife's face onto his juicy dick. She licked and lapped the cream until he was ready for another round, the brunette dropped back down to her knees as the girls toyed with his erection. holding it for the other, spitting and giggling like guilty horney sluts. As she began to really suck him hard, popping the end, he grabbed her head and skull fucked her for just a second, she thought he was going to cum, but he pulled back at the last second. He looked to the guy standing behind her, still watching the exchanges, stroking a stiff dick and obviously wanting back in, and said " after you get done with her cunt, punish her for me...fuck her ass, til she cums in my hand" Her husband said cooly. The younger guy, caught on to the game, and half smiled, "oh i will, i will" he said, repositioning behind the mans wife. The brunette was shuddering atop her husband, rocked by the orgasm she'd had, the wife helped bring it on, by slamming the girls hips harder onto the already hard fucking she was giving him. Her husband took his wife's lips again in a hard kiss that gave a hint of what was to cum. she backed up to recieve the young cock, squeezing it with her pussy, as he slid in and out, getting harder and wetter, just as he could feel her start toward an orgasm, he jerked out and slammed into her tight ass! "ahhh!!" was her throaty reponse, her mouth was back around her husband dick, so the ass cock took her by surprise, an icing in the middle of a cake, good surprise. She had always wanted to try this. Her husband was handling the brunettes mouth on his cock, as the first waves of her orgasm began, he slid his hand down her body to her dripping wet pussy, slid in his fingers and began to stroke her gspot as only he knew how. The orgasm she had was the most intense she had ever had. Her pussy throbbed around her husbands fingers, her ass throbbed around the dick that was still thrusting toward climax. He jerked his dick out, in time to spill pearle colored drops onto the dragonfly tatoo on her lower back. Her shoulders slumped as she put her head on her husband shoulder, spent. The brunette kissed him on the head and turned her attention to the man, cleaning the juice off his dick. "Poor sweetie", she breathed into her husbands ear, as she righted her clothes; "no orgasm"

"The nights not over for you, i still have to punish you at home....NO KISSING!" he spanked her ass as they walked out of the club, before pulling her hand to his lips for a tender kiss ...

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