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blindfolded and

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You are sitting on a chair in front of a big open fire. You are blinfolded and your hands are tied behind your back. You are wearing your leather jacket Me and a couple are playing a game. We kiss you lightly on the lips. You have to guess who it is. When you are wrong I open a button of your jacket. After 5 goes your jacket is fully open. You are wearing nothing underneath. Your nipples are already hard and erect. The game when you guess wrong one of us suck and gently bite your nipples for 10 seconds, then 15 then 20. The kisses are getting longer and more intense. You are moaning and your breathing is heavy. I move between your legs .... or is it me ! The other 2 maul on your 40DD tits and nipples. You come long and hard... the game continues.....

Your hands are untied. Your big tits are lightly caressed. You are hot again. You mount me. Just before you come your blindfold slips and you see you are been ridden by a young black guy. Too late !! After 4 more thrusts you have a massive organism. You look for me and the girl is giving me a blow job. I come.....

"The black guy is at my tits again. Jesus it feels good !!!!. He asks for a blow job. I say no. Do anything else to me !! The wife leaves the room and returns with a box. She opens the box and puts clips on my nipples. Wires go from the clips to the box. The black guy asks for a blow job again. No !!! The switch is thrown. Electricity flows through my nipples. What pain and pleasure together !! My nipples are standing up like stalks. Again I say no.... more electricity..pain.. unbelieveable pleasure.. I think I will have an organism just from the electricity ..l the black guy moves behind me. Jesus what now !! Oh no he wants my arse !!!!!! I say no please don't ... I will give you a blow job. He says too late. He reaches around and grabs hold of my tits. He says can I have your arse.. I say no. He squeeses my tits as hard as he can again and again. His nails are digging into my flesh. This is too painfull.... can't take any more.. I scream out to him to take my arse... he rams his dick into my arse... oh jesus this is killing me... he slowly moves in and out.. the pain subsides and the pleasure takes over. in and out slowly.. jesus this is terrific.. You move between my legs and start playing with my clit with your tongue. The wife tales the clips off and sucks my nipples.. what pleasure......... I have an unbelievable organism as the black guy comes in my arse... you then ride the arse off the black girl as I squeese your nipples. You come in no time........"

Later ...

"I am bent over the chair backwards and blindfolded again. The clips are back on my nipples. I have to guess if it is your dick or the black guys dick inside me. When I am wrong the wife throws the switch and the electricity flows through me. Jesus the pleasure is unbearable... I feel one finger enter my arse then two.... Jesus hear we go again ... one of your dicks now enters my arse slowly.. in and out ...then I can feel somebody under me and the second dick enters my vigina.. two inside me now.. first time.. my god how good is this.. the blindfold is taken off. You are in my vigina and the black guy is in my arse... you both increase your rythem... the wife takes the clips off and pulls my nipples as hard as she can. I cry out. Oh jesus so painful but great. On hearing my cry you both increase your rythem again. both in and out together.. you are killing me. Wife squees my two nipples as hard as she can. I scream out....... both of you start to pound and out.. oh sweet jesus I going to come...I have a massive organism as first you and then the black guy come inside me. You are both finished thank god... as I am so sore.... what an experience !!!!!!!!"

The wife brings me upstais and runs a bath for me. I get into the bath and she washs me slowly... I am exhausted but I still feel hot and horney. She sponges my nipples and they become hard again... she reaches down and inserts one finger and then two into me. This is great.... she starts to work on my vigina. She puts her small hand into me fully and starts to ride me with her hand.. I am so horney I push up and down on her hand.... I come again..jesus so quickly..... my god what a day of riding and fucking... I will have to stay in bed for at least a week !!!! (if I am let!)

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