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after high school

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A little before noon LeAnn was looking out the window watching Scott as he made a dive from the board; his long supple body glistened as he pushed himself up to the bank of the pool where he sat for a couple of minutes. His naked bronze body was gleaming in the sun; then he got up and lay down on one of the lounge chairs. LeAnn had to grin as she watched him walk to the chair, the way his limp 18-year-old-peter gently moved back and forth.

It seemed like only yesterday when he had asked her to look at the pimple on his 12-year-old peter; he has really grown during the past three or four years. The fact that he was only eighteen probably had a lot to do with the seductive feelings she was experiencing right at that moment; Doris was absolutely captivated by Scott’s tool and she would probably be playing with him for several more years, whenever the chance came up, and that stimulated the feelings in her mind too. If she didn’t take advantage of him now she felt that she would loose out since he was gearing up to leave for college in just a few more days and she was tempted.

As she stood there looking out the kitchen window she wondered ‘should I.’ She then caressed her nipples and felt the warmth move all the way down to her pelvic area where it tingled a bit; here it was almost noon and she wanted to have again; she casually walked out to the pool and settled on the cement, next Scott.

“The sun is really nice today isn’t it?” she asked as she placed her hand on his tool, gently caressing it.

“Yeah, it really is Mom; boy, hasn’t this been a terrific weekend; and you and Doris have been really great about all of this sex stuff, both of you have been super nice to both of us,” he leaned over and kissed her on the cheek and put his hand on her breast, playing with a nipple. He now had a full hard on because of her hand and the way it was playing with his tool, not to mention the feeling of her tit as he played with it.

“Well, let’s go back inside Scott, I want to talk to you about something,” she told him as she got up and headed for the house. Inside she went straight for the master bedroom and she glanced back to make sure Scott was following, and he was, just like a good little boy.

“What is it Mom?” he was wondering if something was wrong; when they got there he sat cross-legged on the bed watching her with a questioning look on his face.

“I want to tell you about Mandy’s mother Barbara, remember talking about that at the bowling alley?” asked LeAnn.

“Oh yeah, I sure do.” He was now remembering the way Mandy had come on to him at the bowling alley and he cocked his head over, wondering what the story was going to be like.

“Well, when I was in the tenth grade I double dated with Barbara several times. She was dating John and I was heavily involved with your Daddy.”

“What happened?” he asked, and his tool was beginning to get hard again, anticipating a good story about how they had fucked in the 10th grade.

“Daddy had taken my blouse and my bra off and was sucking on my breasts; I had gotten his tool out of his pants and was in the process of playing with him; when I looked up John and Barbara were looking at us and her eyes were as big as saucers. I wiggled Daddy’s dick at her and she grinned really big; then she reached over the seat and put her hand on his tool.

“John didn’t exactly like the idea of Barbara playing with Daddy and the next thing I knew he had Barbara completely naked. I kind of nudged your Daddy and motioned for him to look at them.”

“We both raised up and looked over the seat and John was nibbling on her pleasure button; she had a tremendous climax, in fact I thought she would get us in trouble because she screamed so loud while we were parked in the car.”

“Scott, I’m going to call Barbara in a little while, after we snack on lunch, and ask her to come down for coffee or something. When she gets here you ask if Mandy is home and if she is you go on down there and visit with her, okay?” she smiled at him tenderly.

“That sounds like a great idea, but we are going to eat first right?” he asked. “I have got to let my heart rest for awhile after what you told me, and this will be just right.

“Sure, if you want to, and Scott I enjoy all of this sex just as much as you and Marci do baby Now, let’s rest for a little while before you go down to visit with Mandy.”

Fifteen minutes later, after a short rest LeAnn got up.

“Now let’s go get a sandwich or something to fill us up and give us a chance to settle down a little more. It’s almost noon so we have plenty of time; is this rinky-dink plan okay with you darling?” she asked him.

“That sounds just great,” he told her and he couldn’t believe that he felt like taking a nap, but maybe that would change if they ate a little lunch. His body was churning with tension and he was very happy about what was happening; it would be great to go visit with Mandy after they finished lunch.

13 Scott was a little apprehensive as he knocked on Mandy’s door; she was a year older, but they had graduated together from high school; and this would be the first time he had actually been alone with her. He wondered if she would follow through with the insinuation she had made at the bowling alley.

When she opened the door, a big smile covered Mandy’s face. “Hi Scott, come on in, I’m glad you came over.” She stood aside and allowed just enough room so that he had to rub his arm on her breasts as he went through the door.

‘Wow,’ he was thinking, ‘she is even better than he had expected. Her 5’5” body looked wonderful in a tank top, short shorts, and no bra!’ She had already gotten his attention as he walked inside the house.

“I’ve really been hoping you would come over Scott, and you hit it just right, because my Mom just left,” she told him as she followed him into the living room.

“I know,” he told her, “she is up at my house talking to my mother. I asked her if you were here and told her I was coming up here to visit. She sure is a good looking woman Mandy, and you look a lot like her.” He sat down next to her on the couch, so close that they were almost touching.

“I was afraid you were angry with me when we talked last Saturday,” she said. Almost casually, she placed her hand on Scott’s bare leg, slightly squeezing, and very close to the head of his dick, which was just inside his shorts leg, almost peeking out.

The instant the edge of her hand touched his tool it began to get harder, and it was beginning to inch down past the edge of his shorts; it was now peeking out from the edge and he could see the tip barely poking out from his shorts when he glanced down at it.

He leaned back a little on the couch and placed his arm around her shoulder, allowing his fingers to touch her bare shoulder. He was wondering what Marci was doing right now, because he knew she wanted to play with Johns tool in the worst way; however, Marci wasn’t here, and Mandy was. It would be great if he could be in the middle of having sex with Mandy while Marcy was doing the same thing with John who would have the honor of being the second man to ease his tool inside of the secret recesses of his sister’s pussy.

“No, I wasn’t mad, I was just irritated that I had to leave right then since my mother was driving up to get me, and I wanted to stay and talk with you,” he told her. He let his hand slip down and very carefully gripped her shoulder, pulling her closer with ever so delicate a touch.

She allowed her body to move against his, and she could feel the head of his dick touching the edge of her hand; she turned just right so that he could kiss her and she ran her tongue into his mouth telling him that she was to was excited and wanted to continue what they were doing.

Scott, instantly decided to go for it; he placed his hand inside her tank top, caressing the nipple, rolling it between his finger and thumb, marveling at how quickly it got hard. He took her hand and placed it right on his tool, giving her a good feel as it got harder.

“Ohhhh, your tool feels so good Scott,” she almost whispered to him.

“Just a minute,” he told her, and reached down and unzipped his shorts and pulled his dick out of his pants and it was throbbing, waving back and forth; it was pretty obvious that this was not the first time she had held a boy’s peter in her hand.

“Come on, let’s go to my bedroom,” she told him and she took him by the hand and led him out of the living room.

Quickly he was on his feet and he could hardly wait to see her naked; pulling his hand away, he raised her tank top and dropped it right there in the hall, then he pushed his shorts down and almost stumbled while trying to get his feet untangled while Mandy was pulling his shirt over his head at the same time. That left him standing there naked. She marveled at his lithesome body and moved her hands over his bare chest, feeling the hair and his nipples.

Without any hesitation, he lowered Mandy’s shorts, and that let him see her lush enticing patch of hair covering her playpen; the color was a very light brown, almost amber, and was nearly silky fine. ‘Golly,’ he was thinking, ‘this is really nice.’

She felt his fingers touching her velvety pelvic area and she threw her arms around him, drawing herself very close to him; her tall body melded to his and her breasts touched his upper chest. She was indeed a tall girl and very sexy to look at.

It was a real surprise that he was not right beside her when she lay on the bed, but he was moving between her legs and his hands were on the bed and all the way down at her waist; she couldn’t imagine what he was fixing to do as he inched further backward and moving between her legs.

After all the practice he had gone through during the past three days, Scott knew exactly what he was doing; deliberately he flicked his tongue all around her belly button, finally inserting it, then sucking gently on the navel.

Mandy was astonished; she had gone to bed with several boys during the past year, but not once had anyone kissed her belly this way. ‘It was a very different sensation and was really delightful,’ she was thinking.

Delicately Scott darted his tongue in and out, moving from the belly button down to the beginning of her lovely pubic hair; he flicked his tongue all through it, and moved on down her inner thigh flicking his wet tongue against her leg. When he got to her knee, he started back up and moved his tongue all through her pubic hair again as he moved his mouth to the other leg, and kissed all the way down to her other knee; then he moved back up to her pussy flicking his tongue against her leg all the way. This time he moved his mouth from the top to the bottom of her magic portal, and when he moved his tongue inside the magic lips where he searched for the sex nub that he knew to be there.

“Ohhhh, you are incredible Scott, oh, oh, please, don’t stop what you are doing,” she told him as she unconsciously began rotate her pelvic area against his lips and she had a look of wonder on her lovely face as she moved her head back and forth on the pillow.

Scott shifted his mouth very slowly though, moving his tongue back to her jolly button, flicked it back and forth; then he took it between his lips and started sucking in a gentle persistent way and he flicked his tongue across it every now and then, moving back and forth.

Back down the street LeAnn was sitting across the kitchen table from Barbara, and she was just starting the story about what the kids had done this weekend. By the time, she finished the story Barbara was leaning over the table looking LeAnn right in the eye.

“Was Doris pretty excited about getting to fuck an eighteen-year-old boy?” she asked LeAnn. Her hand was shaking slightly and the ice in her drink rattled a little as she stared intently at LeAnn.

“Oh yes and she did it with him again this morning and told me it was even better than the first time,” LeAnn told her.

“It really sounds like your kids had a fun weekend; I wonder what he and Mandy are doing right now?” she muttered.

“Well, I don’t know, but Mandy is older than Scott is Barbara, so do you think she might be taking advantage of him?” LeAnn grinned at her neighbor.

“Well, I don’t know for sure, but I’m going back to see, and if she is, I might take advantage of him too.” Barbara finished her drink and stood up.

“Barbara, if you do decide to take advantage of my little boy, you might really be surprised,” LeAnn told her, “because he really knows what to do to please a woman and I want you to tell me all about it and give me your thoughts before this afternoon is over, will you do that?” she asked as she grinned.

When Mandy’s mother returned home she didn’t slam the door as she walked inside, she gently closed it; then on the way to the bedrooms, she wasn’t surprised to find Mandy’s tank top on the floor of the hall, and all the other clothes the two had dropped. She slowed her pace and eased on to Mandy’s door, which was open and she stopped and leaned on the doorframe, weak because of what she saw.

“Eeeee, aaahhhh, oh Scott,” cried Mandy as she clamped her legs around his head; she had never been aroused this way before, and she felt just like a rubber band that was about to snap from the tension.

Scott reached up to take one nipple and began to massage it; then he inserted his tongue and twirled it around her sex nub, flicking it back and forth. With a swift and alert movement, he encircled her pearl with his lips and began sucking on it again with gentle soothing movements while flicking his tongue across the tip of it.

He was aware of the spasmodic jerk that Mandy made; he continued to caress her with his lips and it was apparent that she was going to reach a climax because her hips were forcefully moving in sequence with his sucking motion as he flicked his tongue back and forth on her pearl.

Both Mandy and Scott were completely unaware that Mandys mother had been standing in the doorway for the last few minutes.

Barbara was absolutely amazed that this good-looking boy was so adept at making love, and she stood there enthralled and almost unconscious that her own pussy was beginning to moisten as she watched her daughter’s obvious delight with what he was doing to her.

Scott’s tool was gleaming as he lay on the bed between Mandy’s legs, which she clamped around him, while her hands fondled his head.

The next thing Barbara realized she was stepping out of her shoes and began stripping her clothes off. At age 31 she was still just as pretty as Mandy and her luscious body was every bit the equal of her daughters’ body; they often used each other’s bras when there was a supply shortage. They had not really been on the best of terms for the last 18 months while Mandy fucked the boys at school, and she was unsure how this was going to affect that situation as she moved toward the bed.

Mandy completely lost control of herself and she clamped her legs around his head so hard that it almost hurt him. “Ughhh, oh, oh, eeeeahhhh, ugh, oh, oh, eeeee!” she screamed as she bucked her hips in an uncontrollable frenzy as she slapped her hands on the bed.

Very carefully Barbara slid onto the bed between Scott’s legs and took his young peter into her mouth, relishing the taste of his preliminary cum; he is not only looked good he tasted good too, and he was only eighteen; this was so exciting she could hardly contain herself as she ran her tongue and lips around the head of his throbbing tool.

Scott jerked and he knew he couldn’t take too much of that sucking or he would cum himself, and he wanted to play with Mandy in the worst way; however, it would be nice to do the same thing with her mother too, if that was who was doing such a good job on his throbbing peter.

By reaching back, he was able to feel Barbara’s breasts and they felt splendid but he couldn’t see them so he turned and took Barbara into his arms kissing her and feeling her playpen of happiness at the same time.

“Scott do it to me baby,” Mandy was moving her head back and forth on the pillow and her hands were slapping the bed in anticipation of his tool moving into her palace of pleasure.

As much as he hated to turn loose of Barbara, he did, and got between Mandy’s legs and placed his dick inside her pussy, pushing it all the way in; Mandy arched her back with pleasure while feeling his tool slide inside of her; he certainly felt good to as he started sliding back out of the entrance to her magic portal. This was going to be simply fantastic.

He could feel the wetness inside of her and it was very enticing to his mind. He then eased all of himself back into her and leaned down to take her in his arms, hugging and kissing her but not moving his dick.

“That was so nice Scott, you are the first boy to do what you just did to my jolly button and I loved the way you did it; and your tool feels so good inside of me, better than any other boy I have ever had sex with,” she murmured to him.

“You are amazing to Mandy, and do you know that I have wanted to do this with you ever since I was twelve years old,” he told her.

“Golly Scott, I didn’t even start thinking about sex until this year; how could you have wanted to do it when you were only twelve?” she wanted to know.

“Believe it Mandy, because I started jacking off that year and my tool seems to stay hard most of the time it seems like,” he told her. He started slowly moving his hips, pulling himself almost all the way out, then slowly easing it back in.

They had been fucking for over five minutes when Barbara lay down beside them on the bed again. Mandy almost jumped out of Scott’s arms she was so surprised.

“Mother, how could you; I didn’t even hear you come in?” Mandy told her.

Scott was still moving his hips in a slow steady motion, moving his tool in and out of Mandy; he didn’t pay any attention to Barbara, just kept moving his dick in and out.

Finally Mandy couldn’t stand it, because she raised her legs and clamped them around Scott and moaned each time he moved in and out.

“Golly Mandy, you have really got a great pussy,” he told her, still moving his peter steadily in and out; and he paid no attention to her mother.

“Ughhh,” exclaimed Mandy, “Scott baby, you know more than I ever expected and ohhhh this feels so good that I can barely stand it,” she half screamed.

“Aaahhhh, ugh, ugh, aaahhhh!” exclaimed Scott. He kept slamming his hips against Mandy, in and out, and faster than he had ever done it before; this was great having her Mom watch while they were having intercourse, and in the same bed with them to.

“Ahhheeeee,” screamed Mandy as she began furiously bucking her hips back and forth against Scott.

“Ugh, ughhh, oh, oh, ughhh,” groaned Scott as he continued to move his tool back and forth, but not as insistently as before; finally he collapsed onto her chest and kissed her passionately while they both began to relax. Finally, they were both completely spent after they had reached that peak of ecstasy and they were clinging to each other desperately, hugging and kissing, just experiencing the continuing spasms coursing through their bodies, clinging to each other desperately.

Suddenly Mandy felt her mother’s hand as it gently squeezed her; and she turned to look at her, starring into her eyes.

“Yes, little girl, and I’m going to play with him too, just as soon as he recovers, now I’m going to the kitchen to get us all a soft drink and I’ll be back shortly,” she smiled at her daughter as she rose from the bed and headed for the kitchen.

Forty-five minutes later, they were all three on the bed and Mandy was leaning her head on her knees as she watched Scott nibbling on her mother’s portal of joy, just like he had done for her a short time ago. She had been embarrassed earlier, but it was very stimulating watching this scene; she was still shaking every now and then, still feeling the two great climaxes that she had experienced when he had played with her just a short time ago.

Her mother had already reached her first climax and now Scott was moving his magnificent peter in and out of her portal of joy, looking right down into Barbara’s eyes with great concentration; he pushed himself all the way in and leaned over to kiss and hug her. Barbara raised her legs high and then crossed them across his back, squeezing Scott with her heels to move him further inside, thus moving his hard cock in as far as it would go, all the way to the wall of her womb. ‘Golly this was so exciting, getting to fuck a young boy,’ she was thinking as she reveled at the feeling of his peter moving in and out.

Suddenly Scott pulled himself out and moved down between her legs where he placed his lips on her pubic area again.

“What are you doing honey,” Barbara asked him as she raised her head to look at him with a pained look.

Then his lips were again nibbling on her pearl and Barbara slapped her arms and hands down on the bed. “Ohhhh gosh, Scott baby, you are so good,” and she spread her legs, giving him all the room he needed; then she moved her hips and they were desperately moving up and down, trying to get closer to his lips as this young boy sucked on her clitoris; her mind was in a state of ecstasy at what was happening once again.

“Eeeeahhh, oh, oh, ugh, eeeeahhhh,” screamed Barbara as she reached her second climax and started jerking with joy as the spasms again engulfed her body, she absolutely thought she was in another world right at that instant.

After a few minutes of hugging on her, Scott eased his tool back inside Barbara and hugged her close again, helping her through the spasms and she was clinging to him, pressing him to her; she threw her legs over him as she hugged, still shuddering in abject pleasure and joy at what LeAnn’s son had done for her.

Finally, she settled down and relaxed. “Scott, I haven’t been this excited since I was in high school; you are absolutely marvelous; and you are a much better lover than the guys I screwed back when I was in school, and then she started moving her hips gently to let him know that she was ready for him to start doing it again.

‘If she could reach another climax this day would be something that she never dreamed of and would never forget either,’ she was thinking.

Scott began moving his hips back and forth, letting his dick slide in and out of Mandy’s mother. As he looked her in the eye it amazed him that she was just as good looking and that her whole body was just as fine as Doris’s wonderful body, and it thrilled him that Mandy was right there on the bed, watching closely as he and her mother made joyous love.

Mandy was engrossed as she watched his tool slide in and out of her mother. She was also somewhat surprised that her mother was now working on her third climax and was really enjoying herself; there was no question about that. ‘He’s only eighteen years old and is absolutely the best boy she had ever gone to bed with,’ Mandy decided as she watched them closely.

“Oh, oh, Scott honey, I’m almost there again, ohhhh, oh, ahhheeee,” she screamed while she hunched furiously, urging her body to climb higher and higher.

“I am too,” shouted Scott. “Ughhh, uh, ohhhh, aaahhhh!” he hollered as he reached his climax, moving himself against Mandy’s mother, finally he was worn down; they both collapsed, hugging tightly, and Scott reached over to pull Mandy down with them to enjoy these last shudders of joy that were coursing through their bodies; he continued to shudder violently but reached over to drop his arm around Mandy, pulling her closer, as his body began to retreat from the tremendous peak he had reached. Slowly he turned his head to look at Mandy and winked at her.

Mandy moved to gently kiss his lips and lay back down beside them. She had already decided that she was going to know Scott a lot better from now on.

“Okay you two, I’ve got to get dressed and go back to LeAnn and report to her. She has demanded to know what I have done and I’m going to give her a full report,” said Barbara.

As he walked into the kitchen, the telephone rang.

“Hello,” said Barbara.

“I’m waiting on the report you said you would give me,” LeAnn said.

“Please make me a drink because I’m on the way over there,” she said as she hung up.

As they sat across the kitchen table looking at each other, Barbara picked up her drink and took a sip.

“LeAnn when I got back to the house I eased inside carefully so that I wouldn’t disturb anything that was going on. When I saw their clothes on the hallway floor I carefully walked down to Mandys room and stood in the doorway as I watched your son bring her to a tremendous climax. The longer I watched them the hotter I got, and finally I got naked and took Scotts cock into my mouth while he was nibbling on Mandy. He then turned around, took me in his arms, hugged, and kissed me and he told me that he would be with me next but he couldn’t stand any more of my sucking on him since it would mess him up with Mandy. Then he turned back and fucked my daughter to give her a second climax while I watched in awe.”

“Did he do it right?” LeAnn asked.

“Did he do it right! My god LeAnn, my daughter was ecstatic,” said Barbara.

“I wonder then why it took so long for you to get back her to report to me. I just couldn’t imagine what was happening at your house.”

“Well that’s not all I have to tell you LeAnn and you will not believe what I’m going to tell you either,” said Barbara.

“Barbara would you like for me to freshen up your drink? You seem a little nervous my friend.”

“Yes please,” Barbara drummed her fingers on the table as she sat there trying to think about the best way to tell LeAnn what had happened next.

“There you are Barbara; now what’s bothering you?” she asked.

“LeAnn, I have to ask you this question; did you teach Scott all he knows about sex and how to do it?”

“Barbara, my little boy is now out of high school and will be going to Austin shortly to finish his education. He was still a virgin up until last week. Now, do you remember Doris, the red headed girl we palled around with in high school?”

“I sure do─ What about her?” she asked.

“Doris and her husband, who fucked you in high school, are still good friends, in fact, better than good friends. Anyway, she is the one who took Scott to bed last Saturday night and taught him what to do with her own body. She told me later that he is really a good fuck, and just yesterday, she fucked him again and then told me he did it much better than he did Saturday night. While they were doing that I was in the living room fucking John, who is a much better fuck now than he was in high school; but I think you liked the way he did it back then.”

“I sure do remember John, and if he is better now I would really like to fuck him,” said Barbara.

“Well, I feel sure that could be arranged if you really feel that way,” LeAnn told her.

“I would also like to talk to Doris; LeAnn, your son just got through giving me three climaxes in a row, and my daughter was sitting on the bed watching everything he did for me. She seems to be impressed with him too. That is why it took as long as it did, because I had to wait for him to recover after fucking Mandy. We three had a nice visit while he told us about fucking Amy this past weekend and then Doris this morning, before he arrived at my house this afternoon.”

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